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Teen Wolf: Sabotage Episode 1

Darkness. Daniel couldn’t see a thing as he walked through the woods. He was stumbling home through the dark forests of Beacon Hills after a long night partying. The trees around Daniel seemed to be moving and out of focus, but he put that down to the high amounts of alcohol he’d consumed. Stubborn as anything, he’d refused a lift from his friend. Crackle. He heard a sound behind him, and turned his head – nothing in sight. He carried on walking, before he heard a twig snap. In a flash, he saw a shadowed figure running. Daniel began to panic. He took out his phone and started calling his mate Liam. The shadowed figure was getting closer, and closer.

“Liam, help me, oh my god help me” he slurred into his phone, worried.

“Daniel, hey, what’s up?” he heard Liam reply through the phone. His question remained unanswered, until he heard the screams of Daniel. The phone dropped to the floor, followed by the slump of his now lifeless body.

Also starring Linden Ashby, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Ryan Kelley and Susan Walters.

“So I was thinking we could have a movie night tomorrow, invite Malia and Lydia round, I could finally get you watching Star Wars” Stiles Stilinski rambled as he drove his jeep towards the woods of Beacon Hills.

“I guess it’s been a long time coming, although let’s not pretend you want me and Malia there” Scott McCall smiled. The two of them had just finished high school for good and college was beckoning after the summer. They planned to make the most of their time together before they parted ways to study at different colleges, although Stiles’ mind was now pre-occupied with Lydia.

“Now now Scott, let’s not jump to any conclusions. Not that I’m saying you’re wrong” Stiles was humorous in his reply, trying to ignore the topic.

“This body…what do you think did it? Scott pondered. They’d overheard a message from the police about a body in the woods, and naturally, they just had to investigate.

“I don’t know. Maybe for once it’s not supernatural” Stiles replied.

“When are things ever that simple?” Scott joked.

In the forest, Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Parrish were inspecting the body that was found. They were able to identify it as Daniel Perkins, a sophomore year Beacon Hills High School.

“They look like claw marks” Parrish observed, “Do you think we need to call them?”

“I don’t think we have much choice” Stilinski sighed.

Meanwhile, an 18 year old lad arrived at Chris Argent’s flat. He wore a scarf around his neck despite it being summertime, and he had a rucksack packed full of stuff over his shoulders. He pressed on the doorbell in anticipation. The door clicked open and Argent stood in front of him.

“Isaac!” he exclaimed.

“Did you miss me?” Isaac smiled.

The jeep pulled up at the crime scene with a huge screech. Sheriff Stilinski ran up to greet his son.

“How did you get here so fast?” he asked.

“We were kinda already on our way” Stiles replied sheepishly.

“Were you listening to confidential police matters again?” Stilinski questioned as he grabbed Stiles by the ear.

“Err, definitely not. Absolutely not” lied Stiles.

“This is a serious incident, a murder investigation in fact” Stilinski was annoyed.

“Sheriff” Parrish called for his boss. Stilinski let go of Stiles and walked over. Stiles breathed a sigh of relief. However, when Stilinski walked back a minute later, the relief turned to worry.

“We just found Daniel’s phone, buried under some leaves. The last person he called…” Stilinski tailed off as he held the phone out, in a sealed bag to protect evidence, to Scott and Stiles.

“Liam!” Scott panicked.

“Lydia honey, your friend’s here” Natalie Martin shouted up to her daughter.

“Who is it?” Lydia shouted back down.

“It’s me” a voice said. It was Malia, peeping round the door.

“Come in” Lydia smiled, “What’s up?” Malia looked glum.

“You’re all gonna be having a great summer, and I’ve got summer school” Malia sighed.

“That’s not so bad, it’s better than being held back at high school for another year. I’ll help you catch up. What’s really the matter?” Lydia queried. She could tell Malia was holding back.

“So what’s the deal with you and Stiles?” Malia switched topics.

“Erm, it’s complicated. But I guess we’re giving it a shot” Lydia was coy as she admitted this to Malia. Malia grinned, knowing it had been a long time coming.

“Are you going out on a date soon?” she continued to pry.

“Stop it!” Lydia blushed, “We’ve not discussed anything yet. Besides, you’ll have to try harder if you’re going to change the subject.”

“Now who’s changing the subject?”

“Sweetie, I’ve been through enough emotional catastrophes to realise when someone’s not telling me something” Lydia was sympathetic. Malia sat silent for a moment, finding the right words.

“Peter” Malia reluctantly admitted, much quieter now, “He’s trying to reach out, trying to be a father to me after all.”

“What’s so bad about that?”

“Aside from the fact he’s a murderous psychopath?”

“Fair point” Lydia replied. The two sat in awkward silence for a second – Lydia stumped for what to suggest.

“Malia, I…” Lydia was cut off by the buzz of both their phones vibrating – a message from Scott, telling them to meet at the animal clinic.

Isaac left his giant suitcase in the hallway, before slinging his rucksack down on the floor and taking a seat on Argent’s sofa.

“Why are you here Isaac?” Argent asked, sitting opposite.

“Am I not welcome? I could just leave” Isaac retaliated.

“No, you know you’re welcome, but I don’t get why you thought you’d drop by and see me instead of hanging out with your friends?” Argent questioned.

“I never really made any friends out in San Francisco, particularly with a couple of other werewolves taking a dislike to me. I was an omega there” Isaac opened up. The two shared a bond through Allison, Argent’s daughter and Isaac’s lover at the time of her death.

“The lone wolf. I know how difficult that is” Argent was understanding.

“I don’t want to be the omega anymore. I want to rejoin Scott’s pack” Isaac confidently stated.

Everyone had gathered around Daniel’s dead body in the animal clinic. Scott, Stiles, Malia and Lydia were there, alongside Liam and his friend Mason. Dr Deaton led proceedings.

“There’s definite claw marks as you can see here” he began, “and there’s a bite mark here. I’ve taken a sample from the wound to see if I can learn anything more, the results should be back tomorrow.”

“So do you think it was a werewolf attack?” Scott asked.

“It’s hard to say for sure, this test should tell me more. Whatever it was will have left some of its DNA behind when it bit into his skin” Deaton explained.

“Anything you want to add, Liam?” accused Stiles.

“Why would I know anything?” Liam was shocked.

“The last person he called was you. Only you knew where he was” Stiles continued.

“I barely knew him, I spoke to him at a party last night, he left before I did, he was totally out of it” Liam defended himself.

“I can vouch for that, Liam was with me the entire night” Mason added.

“It’s not gonna do us any favours if we accuse each other” Scott spoke with authority, “We need to keep a cool head until we figure out who or what did this.”

While they were speaking, Lydia was examining the wounds in further detail. She picked up a pair of tweezers and grabbed a tiny hair out of the wound. She held it in the light.

“This hair, it’s lighter than any of yours. A blonder colour” she explained.

“I can analyse that also, might help back up any conclusions we can draw from the swab” Deaton mentioned, “Scott, can you get hold of the Bestiary from Argent?”

“Do you think it might be something we’ve not seen before?” Scott was alarmed by Deaton’s change in tone.

“Maybe. This hair doesn’t look like that of a werewolf, although it’s tiny and impossible to tell for certain. Like I said, the tests will give a clearer picture. In the meantime, why don’t you all head home? I can see tensions have risen” Deaton reassured him. The group dispersed, with Liam speaking to Scott on the way out.

“You don’t seriously think I did this, do you?” Liam was worried that he was being framed.

“No, course not, but we’ve got to stay on our toes because whatever killed Daniel is still out there. Make sure you stay safe” Scott spoke to Liam as a mentor figure.

“I’ll keep him safe” Mason interrupted.

“Mason you can’t even keep your cell phone safe half the time” Liam joked.

“It’s the thought that counts” Mason smiled.

Just a couple of metres away, Stiles and Lydia were talking to each other.

“I was wondering, did you wanna, you know, hang out?” Stiles was incredibly sheepish.

“Hang out?” Lydia replied, knowing full well what he meant but being too scared to make the first move.

“Yeah, go for a movie or something, you know” Stiles bumbled. He was worried he’d blown his chance.

“Sure” Lydia beamed. Stiles couldn’t believe his luck. They were joined by Scott.

“Guys, we gotta get to Argent pronto and pick up the Bestiary” Scott stated.

“Sorry man, got a date with a hot girl” Stiles looked like the cat who got the cream as he strolled towards his jeep, holding hands with Lydia. Scott was gobsmacked, having seen Stiles’ borderline obsession with Lydia since they were young.

“Looks like it’s just you and me” grinned Malia.

Mason gave Liam a lift back home. Liam slumped in the passenger seat, notably quieter than his usual self.

“Liam man, ignore them, nobody really thinks you did it” reassured Mason.

“It’s not that, it’s just, Daniel called me before he died. Why did he do that? Of all the people he could’ve phone, he spoke to someone he barely knew” Liam contemplated.

“You wanna investigate?” Mason responded.

“You bet” Liam perked up.

Scott and Malia arrived outside Argent’s flat, ready to pick up the Bestiary. Malia stopped in her tracks, like she’d noticed something unusual.

“What is it?” Scott asked.

“A scent, a werewolf scent” Malia explained.

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know, you try”

Scott sniffed, using his supernatural abilities to pick out any new scents nearby.

“But that’s…” Scott was interrupted by the door opening.

“Hey Scott, long time no see” Isaac said as stood in the doorway.

“Any movies you want to see? I mean there’s this new sci-fi one with robots and, well, it’s probably a bit geeky for you, but there’s this rom-com that you might like, although it looks incredibly soppy, and…” Stiles barely stopped for breath, panicking while driving as he tried to impress Lydia. She cut him off mid-sentence.

“Stiles, you’re trying too hard. Just relax. I’ll tell you what, let’s ditch the movies and go for dinner” Lydia suggested.

“Dinner would be cool” Stiles was calm now, “Did you wanna go home and dress up?”

“Is there something wrong with what I’m wearing?” Lydia queried.

“No, not at all, I just thought you might, you know” Stiles quit while he was ahead and composed himself again, “No, you look beautiful.” Lydia smiled from ear to ear.

Scott and Malia entered Argent’s hallway, stood opposite Isaac.

“What are you doing here?” Scott asked, slightly worried.

“Nice to see you too” Isaac remarked.

“No, but you were in San Francisco, you said you’d never return to Beacon Hills after Allison, why are you back now?” Scott was confused.

“Times change” Isaac bluntly stated, before looking at Malia, “It’s Malia isn’t it? We barely met before I left. Nice to properly meet you.” Malia snarled, not entirely trusting him. Argent walked in, dressed unusually smart in a dark blue shirt and grey trousers.

“Mr. Argent, you look…great. Why do you look great?” Scott complimented him.

“I’ve got a date with a beautiful woman. First one in a long time. Isaac will you be alright here tonight?” Argent explained.

“Sure, looks like I’ve got company anyway” Isaac replied. Malia rolled her eyes and cut to the chase, looking directly at Argent.

“We need the Bestiary, it’s important” she stated.

“It’s in my office, turn left at the end of the hall and it’s the first on the right. I’m already late so I’ll see you later” Argent said before rushing out the door. Isaac showed the others into the living room, sitting down on the sofa.

“Looks a little more than a visit” Scott noticed the huge suitcase plumped on the floor.

“I guess it is” Isaac wasn’t giving anything away.

“Come on Isaac, I know something’s up” Scott was quieter now, sympathetic in his tone. Isaac took a breath, before telling his tale.

“When I moved to San Francisco, things were fine for a while, I was the new kid in school but I could handle that. It didn’t last though, and things took a sour turn when the werewolves of the area caught onto me. I wasn’t part of a pack anymore, I was a laughing stock” Isaac was upset.

“Why now? I mean, you’ve been away for a year and a half” Scott pushed for more answers, knowing Isaac still wasn’t telling them everything.

“People started to be killed. The authorities put it down to animal attacks but the body count kept increasing. I didn’t think much of it until one day, one of the werewolves said they found one of my hairs at the crime scene. Not just any crime scene either, one of their own pack” Isaac opened up.

“Well did you do it?” Malia was less patient.

“Of course not” Isaac snapped, “I kept my distance, minded my own business.” Isaac was visibly scarred by the events. Scott put his hand on Isaac’s knee to comfort him.

“It’s OK, you’re here now. Why did you return?” Scott asked, with kindness in his voice.

“They said they’d be coming for me, so I ran. I knew this was where I had to come to stay safe” Isaac confided. He was trying not to show his sadness but a tear slipped down his cheek. Scott hugged him, and Malia watched on, understanding his situation at last.

Meanwhile, Liam and Mason were parked outside Daniel’s house.

“This feels wrong. Breaking into a dead kid’s house” Mason commented.

“If you’re worried about what Corey might think – what he won’t know won’t hurt him” Liam explained. Mason nodded, and Liam continued, “We need to find out more and this is the perfect place to start. Worry about your morals later”.

“See you in hell” Mason added as they got out of the car. The coast was clear, nobody was in sight, and there were no lights on in the house. Liam and Mason walked around the side of the house and spotted an open window, slightly above head height.

“Give me a leg up” Liam demanded.

“Liam I’m not your slave” Mason commented back.

“Are we gonna spend the night stood outside arguing, or are we actually gonna get the hell on with this?” Liam’s temper shone through.

“Alright alright” Mason muttered as he got in position. Liam planted his foot in Mason’s hands and got a boost up to the small stained glass window. Liam clambered through, planning his landing carefully having noticed the toilet was right below. He stood on top and pulled Mason through. After they composed themselves, they took their phones out and turned the torch option on – not wanting to turn the main lights on to attract attention. The duo got to business, quietly creeping through the house. First stop: the living room. It was a large room, with the sofa placed in the centre of the room on top of a brown rug. The walls were cream coloured, complete with a large TV mounted on the wall. Mason picked up a family photo.

“Looks like he had a loving family” he commented. Liam walked over to look.

“Mum, dad, two sisters” Liam added, “Let’s go upstairs.”

“Isaac, you mentioned killings” Scott added, remembering why he went to Argent’s house in the first place.

“Yeah, it started out as a random attack but more and more people were being murdered. It looked like animal attacks but to anyone in the know, it certainly looked supernatural” Isaac explained, regaining composure.

“Didn’t Lydia find a hair on that guy’s body?” Malia was alarmed.

Liam and Mason crept up the stairs, making as little noise as possible so the neighbours wouldn’t hear anything. When they reached the top of the narrow staircase, they were greeted by four doors – one on their left, one straight ahead and two on their right.

“You take these first two, I’ll do the other two” ordered Liam.

“Why do I get the bathroom?” Mason queried.

“A time and a place Mason” Liam brushed him off. Mason shrugged and proceeded to investigate the solitary room on the left. He pushed open the door, which squeaked louder than he wanted to. He shone his phone around. In the middle was a double bed, perfectly made, and opposite was a wardrobe. Timidly, he walked towards the wardrobe to open it up, terrified of what could be inside. He put his shaking hand on the doorknob, slowly inching the wardrobe open. Mason grabbed every last bit of bravery inside himself, bracing himself for what might be inside. He began to open the door.


Mason almost jumped out of his skin, his hands flinched away from the doorknob and he looked to his right to see Liam.

“Dude, that is NOT cool!” he whispered harshly.

“I’ve found something in Daniel’s room” Liam informed him before turning around and heading back. Mason followed, shaken but regaining composure.

“Maybe we could check out that new place in town?” Lydia suggested, “You know, the one that opened a couple of weeks back.”

“Sure, do you know the way?” Stiles asked. Lydia looked deep in thought.

“Take the next left” she confidently said, staring straight ahead.

“We better get to Liam” Scott decided.

“Who’s Liam?” Isaac asked.

“Long story, we’ll tell you on the way” Malia said as they rushed out of the front door.

Creak! The floorboards of Daniel’s house squeaked as Liam and Mason crept across the hallway to the far end, with Daniel’s bedroom door ajar. Liam went in first, Mason apprehensively following. The room was perfectly tidy, unlike your stereotypical teenage boy. The bed was perfectly made, much like that of his parents, and there wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere. Liam led Mason over to Daniel’s desk, placed at the foot of his bed. Liam held out a piece of paper, printed from Daniel’s laptop.

“Look at that” Liam instructed. Mason took the paper and shone his phone light on it.

“Werehyena” Mason muttered, in a tone of worry.

Lydia sat looking out of the passenger seat window of Stiles’ jeep. She looked lost in thought as he drove them to their destination.

“Lydia are you sure this is the right direction? I feel like we’ve, you know, missed the turning” Stiles queried.

“Keep going” Lydia vacantly said.

Malia drove Isaac and Scott away from Argent’s house. Scott was dialling Liam’s phone.

“Come on, pick up!” he was shouting at the phone, to no avail.

“We’ve got to take this to Scott” Liam said, of the paper. As he and Mason turned to leave, they heard sirens outside, and panic set in.

They ran downstairs, hoping to make a quick exit the way they came in. Mason went first, standing on the closed toilet lid in the downstairs bathroom. He heaved himself up through the window, just as the front door got bashed in.

“Liam, we know you’re in here!” he heard the familiar voice of Stilinski shout, although in a much more serious tone than usual. Liam was terrified, jumping onto the toilet seat and hurling himself through the narrow window in the nick of time.

“Liam man, we’re surrounded” Mason worried.

“Run, you look out for yourself, I’ll get away, don’t worry” Liam ordered his friend.

“But what…” Mason began to protest.

“Go!” Liam shouted. Mason ran for his life, as Liam came face to face with Stilinski, who followed him back through the house.

“Nowhere to run, Liam, let’s get this over with” Stilinski was calmer as he approached him. However, Liam had other ideas, as his eyes glowed yellow and he leapt over the garden fence to his left. Stilinski ran back to follow him but wherever he looked, Liam had vanished.

Stiles and Lydia had arrived at the school. After the school year finished earlier that day, there wasn’t a person in sight. Stiles parked his car and Lydia stepped out immediately.

“When you said restaurant, this wasn’t quite what I had in mind” Stiles remarked. Lydia ignored him and kept walking. Stiles followed her as she walked around the edge of the school, towards the lacrosse pitch. As they approached the centre of the pitch, it became clear. A figure in the middle of the pitch, slumped lifeless on the floor. Lydia stopped in front of it, horrified by the sight of a teenage girl with her throat slashed open.

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