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Teen Wolf: Sabotage Episode 2
"The Rescue"

Panic and rush were in the air at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, which was full to the brim with doctors and nurses as a new patient was rushed in. Melissa McCall rushed in behind the stretcher, wearing a stunning red dress with her hair pinned up perfectly. She was greeted by Stiles and Lydia.

“Who is she?” Melissa asked, wasting no time in getting to work.

“Sarah Lewis, 17 year-old, seen her around the school corridors” Stiles explained.

“Anything supernatural I need to be aware of?” Melissa continued.

“I found her, but otherwise nothing we know of” Lydia replied.

“Thank you both, I’ll take it from here” Melissa said as she continued rushing through the hospital with the lifeless body of Sarah. Stiles and Lydia turned around and walked in the opposite direction, helpless while a young girl bled to death.

Also starring Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Ryan Kelley, Victoria Moroles, Michael Johnston, Susan Walters, Cody Saintgnue and Chase Ellison.

Liam was slumped in the animal clinic. It was nearing midnight by this time, and the place was empty. He was feeling lonely, upset and totally confused. He’d chucked his phone away in a nearby bin so it couldn’t be traced, and took refuge in the clinic, despite knowing he can’t stay there for much longer as it’d be one of the first places Stilinski would look.

Meanwhile, Mason arrived at the hospital, having received a text from Stiles to meet him at the reception desk.

“Where’s Liam?” Stiles asked him upon arrival.

“He’s, err” Mason was unsure of whether to tell the story or not, “He had to go home, promised his mom he wouldn’t be out too late” he lied.

“Never stopped him before” Lydia remarked. In that moment, Scott, Malia and Isaac arrived. Stiles and Lydia were shocked to see Isaac for the first time in almost two years.

“What is he doing here?” Lydia questioned.

“Who is he?” Mason perked up, noticing the eye candy.

“Isaac Lahey” Isaac introduced himself to an awestruck Mason, shaking his hand.

“Mason” he smiled, before slapping his own face to remind himself of boyfriend Corey. Isaac turned his attention to Stiles.

“Hi Isaac, good to see you’ve not ditched the scarf, have you washed it since we last saw each other?” Stiles remarked about Isaac’s trademark scarf, positioned perfectly around his neck despite it being summer.

“Nice to see you too Stiles, I hope you’ve not been possessed by any dark spirits since I left” Isaac retaliated.

“Guys we’ve got more important matters right now” Scott scolded the pair for bickering, “What’s the situation?”

“We just found her lying in the lacrosse pitch” Lydia explained.

“Your mom said she’d give us an update” Stiles added.

“OK, guess we’ll have to wait. Where’s Liam?” Scott asked.

“He had to go home” Mason lied again.

At the animal clinic, Liam was preparing to move on. The weather outside had gone south, and began tipping down with rain. Liam zipped up his hoodie and pulled his hood over his head. He crept round the back, hiding in the shadows where possible as he moved to his next location, wherever that may be.

Melissa re-joined Scott and his group, still wearing her red dress and high heels.

“Mom, you look beautiful. Why do you look beautiful?” Scott was in awe at how his mother looked, not used to her being dressed up like this.

“Thanks sweetie, I think. I was out on a date, but I got called in as they need all hands on deck” Melissa explained.

“How is she?” Lydia asked.

“We’ve stabilised her condition, the bleeding has reduced. Between you and me, she’s healing pretty fast, do you know anything more?” Melissa directed her question at Scott.

“No, I’ve never seen her before, but I can try and get a scent” he answered. Mason stayed silent, despite having found a piece of evidence in Daniel’s room that could provide the key.

“As for the rest of you, it might be a good idea to go home and get some rest. You might not have school tomorrow but you need your beauty sleep” Melissa instructed. The group disbanded as Scott followed his mum to the hospital room.

Liam made it to the Beacon Hills forest, where he decided to take refuge for the night. He had little in the way of home comforts, with only a water bottle that he took from the animal clinic. He was hungry, cold and soaking wet as the weather had still not picked up. He burst into tears, having held it in all night so far. There was nobody he could turn to, not without incriminating them too. He felt a hand on his shoulder all of a sudden, and took a frightened look up to his left. He saw familiar face Brett Talbot, another werewolf.

“Need a hand?” Brett smiled.

“So, a date” Scott said to his mum as they entered Sarah’s hospital room.

“Don’t sound so surprised” Melissa joked. Scott had a lightbulb moment as he connected the dots.

“Are you dating Argent?” he asked, recalling Argent saying he was heading out for a date earlier. Melissa was shocked that he’d realised.

“Have you got a problem with that? You know I’ll always put you first honey” she explained.

“No no, it’s fine” Scott re-assured her.

“I mean I know there’s history there with Allison and everything” Melissa continued.

“Mom, it’s fine” Scott looked into her eyes, speaking out of care. Melissa smiled. They held the moment, mother and son sharing an innocent few seconds before they got back to business.

“OK, can you get a scent?” Melissa asked, snapping out of the moment. Scott inhaled.

“She’s a werewolf” Scott confirmed, “These slash marks across her chest too, they look pretty identical to those on Daniel, except she’s healing.”

“So you think they could be connected?” Melissa questioned.

“Maybe” Scott answered, just as a new thought sprung into his mind, “Can we have a quick search over the body, there was a hair that Lydia found on Daniel that didn’t match his own hair colour or length, OK Deaton’s sent it off for analysis but there’s only so much you can find out from that”

“You’re inferring it got planted on him?” Melissa pieced the information together.

“I think so, and the evidence so far is pointing towards…” Scott was cut off as Stilinski burst through the doors with Parrish in tow.

“Scott, where’s Liam?” Stilinski queried.

“Come with me, I can give you somewhere to stay” Brett explained.

“You can’t be seen with me” Liam protested against his kindness.

“We’ll keep in the shadows then. I’m not leaving you out here on your own, in a storm like this” Brett continued. Liam obliged, following Brett through the woods.

“So what’s the story?” Brett asked.

“He didn’t do it!” Scott yelled at Stilinski.

“Scott, we’ve got conclusive proof that the hair on that boy’s body matches Liam’s DNA” Stilinski explained.

“I know Liam, and I know there’s no way he’d have murdered his friend” Scott continued to protest, “Wasn’t he at the party with Mason?”

“I spoke to the girl who organised it and she said she didn’t see either one of them, we’re investigating further but a kid with anger issues missing on the night his hair was found on a dead body, it’s not looking good” Stilinski explained calmly, “So do you know where he is?” Scott was left confused, feeling a lot like he’d been kicked in the stomach.

“Mason said he had to go home” Scott scrambled to put some words together, “But now you mention it, Mason was acting pretty weirdly.”

“Is it something supernatural?” Parrish asked.

“I don’t know, but I’d take a good guess at yes” Scott replied. As he finished his sentence, he felt a hand clench his wrist tightly. He turned around quickly, and saw that Sarah had woken up.

“What’s the deal, Liam?” Brett asked as he closed the front door to his house.

“I told you, it’s nothing” Liam protested.

“I know you’re lying, your heart is beating like mad” Brett replied. Liam sighed.

“I’m…on the run” Liam reluctantly admitted.

“Steal a bottle of pop did you?” Brett laughed.

“It’s not a joke!” Liam became angry, before breathing and calming himself down, “It’s for a murder investigation, the Sheriff’s after me, but I didn’t do it, I swear.”

“I believe you” Brett was sympathetic.

“You do?” Liam was surprised.

“Your heartbeat was still. I believe you” Brett repeated, with a friendly smile on his face.

Mason paced around in his bedroom, worried sick for Liam. He wanted to go and look for him, but he wouldn’t have the first clue where to begin. He took his phone out of his pocket and opened his contacts. He hovered over Corey’s number for a few seconds, but closed the app when he saw the time was 3am. He slumped on his bed and tried to sleep, but deep down, he knew he had a rough night ahead.

Also having a sleepless night was Hayden Romero, Liam’s girlfriend. Every night, without fail, she’d receive a goodnight text from him, but she’d not heard a peep out of him that night, leading her to believe something was wrong.

Sarah was breathing heavily, as if she was clinging onto life by a thread.

“W…w…” she tried to speak.

“It’s OK, don’t say anything” Scott comforted her, taking hold of her arm. His black veins came into view, as he took away her pain as an act of kindness.

“Wer…” Sarah continued.

“Don’t speak honey, it’s not gonna help” Melissa tried explaining.

“Werehyena” Sarah finally said, before her eyes became lifeless and her breath ran out. Scott looked horrified as he stared at her totally still body, with only one word spinning around his mind in the moment.

Liam was curled up on Brett’s bedroom floor, sleeping peacefully, putting his worries aside until the morning. The door was shut and Brett was outside, speaking on the phone.

“Yeah, he’s here” Brett revealed.

Surrounded by nothing but the dark, Lydia was walking through an alleyway. The rain was tipping down on her, leaving her red hair drenched and her nightie sopping wet. This alleyway seemed to be pretty long, with no clear end in sight. She kept walking, however. She was surrounded by brick walls, walls that seemed to be getting closer and closer to her, moving inwards. Finally, after a couple of minutes of walking down this strangely long alleyway, she saw a figure. Not that of a human, for sure. It was on four legs, but there was too little light to tell any further details. She timidly moved in closer and saw the black spots on its yellow fur, before focusing on its huge teeth. Then, right in front of her eyes, it shifted shape. The creature became humanoid, but with a difference. Those spots and teeth were still present. She was a metre away now, and the creature let out a huge roar in Lydia’s face, before she woke up in her bed and let out the loudest scream you’ve ever heard.

The rain continued throughout the night, slamming against Isaac’s bedroom window. He was fast asleep, but completely unsettled as he fidgeted the entire night, almost as if he was experiencing a nightmare. Unknowingly, he had his werewolf claws out, and he dug them into his chest, allowing the blood to seep out all over the bed.

8am. Liam stirred, waking up on Brett’s bedroom floor. Brett’s bed is empty, so he decides to make a quick getaway. He picked up his jacket and headed for the door, but a familiar face blocked it.

“Going somewhere?” Scott asked.

“How did you find me?” Liam was annoyed.

“I followed your scent” lied Scott.

“You lied” Liam replied, “Your heart’s beating really fast.”

“Alright, Brett called me, but don’t be annoyed, he was worried about you” Scott confessed. Liam turned around, his wolf eyes glowing yellow, as he ran to jump out of the window. He landed smoothly, but was handcuffed instantly by Stiles and Malia, who were hiding by the front door.

“Nice try” Stiles remarked.

“I didn’t do it!” Liam protested, trying to shake off the handcuffs.

“Liam, we’re not arresting you, we’re trying to help” Malia added. Liam calmed a bit and co-operated.

“Has anyone managed to get hold of Lydia or Isaac?” Scott asked, re-joining the group.

Lydia had barely moved from her bed all morning. She was traumatised by her dream, although she knew it wasn’t really a dream and more a banshee premonition. Her phone had been buzzing all day but she was purposely ignoring it. There was a knock on the door, and Natalie entered the room.

“Lydia sweetie, are you feeling OK? You don’t look too good” she said. Lydia looked towards Natalie and nodded, barely moving but enough to get her point across clearly.

“Do you want me to call Scott?” Natalie continued. This time, Lydia shook her head.

“OK honey, you get some rest” said Natalie as she stood up and left the room, closing the door behind her. She despaired, unsure of what was best for her daughter, 

Scott, Stiles and Malia had taken Liam to Argent’s house, knowing he has the means to keep Liam safe for the short-term. Argent answered the door and invited them through.

“Where’s Isaac?” Scott asked.

“In his bedroom, hasn’t been out yet, I guess he’s still asleep” Argent replied.

“I’ll go check on him” Malia decided. Scott and Stiles escorted Liam into Argent’s basement and tied him to a chair.

Malia walked up to Isaac’s room and knocked on the door, but there was no response.

“Isaac!” she called. Still no response. She pressed down on the doorknob and entered Isaac’s bedroom, horrified at what she saw. There was black blood draping the sheets, with Isaac looking barely conscious despite his supernatural healing powers. She ran to his side, and pulled his claws out of his stomach.

“Isaac, wake up!” she called, holding his cheeks. He didn’t respond.

“Are you sure that’s gonna be secure enough? He can be pretty aggressive when he wants” Stiles asked. Liam was surrounded by four lighted pillars, less than a metre high each, laid out in the corners of a square with Liam’s chair sat directly in the middle.

“Absolutely” Argent replied, “The ultrasonic emitters are going to be painful for any supernatural lifeform, so you better head upstairs” he continued, looking at Scott specifically. Scott nodded and headed back up, while Stiles stayed with Argent to keep an eye on Liam. Argent pressed a button on one of them and turned them on, lights flashing around the top. Liam immediately looked hurt by the noise, a noise that was so high in frequency that only supernatural creatures could hear. Argent and Stiles were totally unaffected, watching as Liam squirmed, unable to cover his ears.

“Turn it off, please, I promise I won’t try to escape” Liam pleaded.

“It’s for your own good” Argent explained.

“Do me one favour at least” Liam continued, his yellow wolf eyes now on show, “Call Hayden.”

“Malia?” Scott called as he reached the top of the basement stairs. He strolled up the corridor to the living room, but no sign of his friend. He called out once again, but no response. He walked back up the corridor, and just a few steps away from Isaac’s door, he heard a cry for help.

“Scott!” Malia shouted. Scott wasted no time in rushing into Isaac’s bedroom. He was still unconscious, but the wounds had begun to heal. Scott knelt down next to Malia, in front of Isaac.

“Isaac, can you hear me?” Scott spoke to him. Isaac came round, opening his eyes a fraction.

“Scott?” he slurred, still barely conscious.

“It’s OK, you’re healing” Scott encouraged him, before looking at Malia, “What happened?”

“I found him like this, his claws were dug into his chest” Malia explained, still shaken.

Mason heard a knock on his front door, and went to answer it. It was Corey.

“Where have you been? I’ve been trying to get hold of you, you’re not returning my messages” Corey skipped the pleasantries and started the interrogation.

“I’m sorry, things have been crazy” Mason vaguely explained.

“What’s up? You can talk to me” Corey adopted a more sympathetic tone.

“It’s Liam, he’s got himself into trouble and I’ve got no idea where he is. We found this” he took the now-crumpled piece of paper about the werehyena out of his pocket. Corey stared at it, slightly worried by what he was reading.

“Have you shown this to Scott?” Corey asked.

“Not yet” Mason replied.

“Let’s not waste any more time” Corey suggested.

Liam was struggling, trying to escape the ropes that tied him to the chair. Stiles and Argent watched on in despair, when Stiles felt his phone vibrating sharply in his pocket. He took it out and looked at the screen, where the word “dad” was lit up. He answered the call.

“Hey dad” Stiles greeted.

“Stiles, where the heck are you?” Stilinski interrogated.

“I’m at home” Stiles sheepishly answered, thinking his dad would be at work.

“Well I’m at home and I don’t see you” Stilinski angrily replied.

“Have you…checked behind the sofa?” Stiles joked. While this was happening, the ropes around Liam’s arms were beginning to break, and Argent was re-tying him down with new ropes.

“That noise, it’s so painful” Liam cried.

“I know, just stay calm, it’s a better option than being sent down for murder” Argent calmly explained.

“Is that Argent?” Stilinski said on the other end of the phone, hearing the familiar tones of Argent’s voice.

“No, definitely not” Stiles lied once again.

“Sit tight, I’m coming over” Stilinski ended the call. Stiles sighed.

“We need to get him out of here” Stiles commanded.

Ding dong! The doorbell to the house rang. Scott went to answer it. He flung open the door and Hayden stood in front of him.

“Where’s Liam?” she asked immediately and furiously.

“He’s in the basement” Scott replied, and Hayden strolled past. He continued, “You know he’s on the run, right?” Hayden stopped in her tracks and spun round.

“Wait, what?” she was confused. She calmed down and moved closer to Scott, “Why?”

“He’s been set up, we’re keeping him safe here” Scott answered.

“There was me worrying about him not returning my calls. Really puts it into perspective” Hayden reflected.

“It’s OK, we’re working on it” Scott comforted her. Hayden smiled and walked down to the basement, just as the doorbell rang again. Scott opened it once again, and was met by a face he didn’t recognise.

“Hi” the man smiled. He looked the same age as Scott, a tiny bit taller, with straight blonde hair.

“Hey” Scott replied, warily.

“Does Isaac Lahey live here?” he asked.

“Who’s asking? Scott queried.

“An old friend. He’ll be pleased to see me” the guy smiled.

“Sorry, you’ve got the wrong address” Scott lied and shut the door, but the guy put his foot in the door and kept it open.

“Let’s try that again, shall we?” he became more sinister in tone, “Does Isaac Lahey live here?” His face suddenly turned orange, with black stripes across, resembling a big cat, and his teeth grew into fangs.

Isaac was lying down in his bed while Malia tended to his injuries. He looked into her eyes while she cleaned up the black blood from his stomach. Her eyes met his when she looked up, holding the moment for a couple of seconds.

“What are you staring at?” she asked.

“Nothing” Isaac snapped out of it for a moment. Malia noticed his cut had totally healed, and pulled his shirt down.

“All done” she smiled.

“Thanks” he smiled back. They glanced at each other, and slowly, their heads moved towards one another’s. Malia closed her eyes as her lips met Isaac, kissing him passionately. Isaac was still lying down and Malia positioned herself next to him with her hand on his cheek. They kissed for about 20 seconds before Isaac broke away, terrified.

“What?” Malia asked.

“He’s here” Isaac said, more petrified than ever.

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