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Teen Wolf: Sabotage Episode 3
"The Saboteur"

The sun was shining over Dolores Park in San Francisco. Isaac Lahey perched himself on the grass, looking over the huge number of people filling the space there. It was a Saturday morning in the middle of summer, so families were making the most of the hot weather and spending it at Dolores Park. Picnics, games and sunbathing were occurring all around Isaac. He plonked his huge rucksack on the grass next to him and took in his sights. He locked eyes with a young lad a few metres away. He must’ve been a similar age to Isaac, with dark curly hair and a fringe that almost covered his eyes. Almost is the key word there, as Isaac noticed his eyes quite clearly – he could hardly miss the red glow.

Also starring Linden Ashby, JR Bourne, Ryan Kelley, Victoria Moroles, Michael Johnston, Susan Walters, Devin Druid, Marie Avgeropoulos, Chase Ellison, Austin Butler and Beverly Naya.

Scott backed off away from the door. The guy was following him, baring his fangs and ready for a fight. Scott’s eyes glowed red and his face shifted into wolf form. As an alpha, Scott was used to fighting his enemies, and wouldn’t be giving up easily if it meant he could protect his friends. The guy threw the first punch, but Scott grabbed his arm and threw him across the room, bashing into the door.

Terrified for his life, Isaac was planning to make his escape through the window, but when he peeped outside, he saw a familiar face blocking his exit through the front gate. He laid low and wasn’t spotted, but he was panicking like crazy and Malia was concerned.

“What is it, who’s here?” she asked him.

“We have to get out of here” Isaac ignored her, packing his stuff into his rucksack before picking it up and heading to the door.

“Isaac!” Malia was more firm in her tone, “Speak to me.” Isaac put his rucksack back down and turned around.

“They’re gonna kill us, just like they killed that guy in the woods, just like the others in San Francisco” he explained.

“Who?” Malia questioned.

“Werehyenas” Isaac said, with fear in his voice.

The young lad looked at Isaac for a while. Isaac felt uneasy, as if he was being warned off. He picked up his rucksack and decided to relocate. However, as he stood up, so did the lad. He walked towards Isaac.

“What brings an omega like you here?” he said upon his arrival.

“A fresh start” Isaac answered. The lad smiled.

“Casey” he introduced himself.


“Nice to meet you Isaac. I’ll have to introduce you to the rest of the pack. I’m not sure how they’ll feel about a newcomer but as you’ve seen, I wear the pants around here” Casey explained.

The staircase down to the basement creaked as Hayden stepped slowly down it, blissfully unaware of everything happening above but preparing herself for what was happening below. She swung open the basement door and saw Argent and Stiles. They looked at her, smiled, then glanced at Liam, still in pain, struggling in the middle of the ultrasonic emitters. Hayden immediately rushed towards him.

“Liam, are you alright?” she asked.

“It hurts” he struggled to speak. Hayden looked at Argent.

“Turn it off!” she ordered.

“Like I told him, it’s for his own good. He’s no use to anyone running around Beacon Hills on the run” Argent explained.

“He’s in pain!” Hayden protested.

“Then comfort him” Argent responded.

Lydia glanced at her phone. 23 missed calls from Stiles. She put it back on her bedside table and plumped her head back on her soft bouncy pillows. Her eyes closed as she tried to head back to sleep, feeling unable to go outside after her worrying premonition. However, her plans to sleep had failed when she heard shouting from her mum downstairs. Natalie was calling for help, and Lydia wasted no time in springing herself out of bed and running downstairs, still dressed in her nightie. As she reached the bottom of the staircase, she saw her mum sprawled out on the floor, not moving. She knelt down at her side and checked her pulse. To Lydia’s relief, she felt a heartbeat still. Now her main focus was what attacked her. She had little time to work this out before THWACK! Lydia was knocked out stone cold by a baseball bat.

“What is a werehyena?” Malia asked.

“It’s what it says on the tin, you’re a werecoyote, I’m a werewolf, they’re werehyenas” Isaac tried to explain.

“I know, but what does it mean? Why are you so scared?” Malia continued.

“Scared?” Isaac focused on the wrong part of Malia’s question.

“You can’t deny it” Malia scolded.

“Alright, I’m terrified. They framed me for the murder in San Francisco. They’re cold-blooded killers” he clarified.

It was Isaac’s first day at his new school. He parked outside and strolled up to the doors, seeing so many fresh faces around him. He was excited and invigorated, knowing he had a chance to start again after losing Allison just a couple of months before. He walked into math class and spotted Casey immediately. Casey smiled and waved, inviting Isaac to sit on the desk next to him. Isaac obliged, putting his bag under the desk and pulling the chair out so he could sit.

“I’ll introduce you to the others at lunch” Casey said. Isaac nodded before class began.

“Who were the others?” Malia asked.

“His pack. He was the alpha. Much like Scott’s pack, it wasn’t just werewolves either” Isaac continued.

The canteen was heaving with students getting their lunch. Casey walked towards a table in the middle, with Isaac following sheepishly behind. There were two empty stools on one side of the table, both at the end. Casey sat on the innermost stool, leaving Isaac at the end of the row. Four others were sat waiting.

“Guys, this is Isaac” Casey introduced him. Isaac smiled.

“This the Beacon Hills kid?” a girl asked.

“Werewolf” another girl added.

“He was part of Scott McCall’s pack, you know, the true alpha” Casey explained.

“You know Scott?” Isaac was surprised.

“Gossip travels fast. A true alpha is rare” Casey told him.

Scott meanwhile was continuing to fight off the blonde-haired lad in the hallway. Shirts were ripped and blood was on show on both boys.

“Shoulda just answered my question” the guy remarked, ready to throw a punch at Scott.

“Shoulda stayed away from me and my pack” Scott responded, catching his arm in the nick of time and twisting it round, almost certainly breaking it. The guy moved away in pain, but after a brief moment of wallowing, he composed himself and charged at Scott. Scott prepared for the attack but instead, the guy fell to the floor, having been tasered. He looked up and saw Stilinski.

“Where the hell is Stiles?” Stilinski said.

“Maddie” one girl introduced. Her loosely-curled auburn hair was flowing down her back, and her green eyes sparkled. She continued, “I’m a werecoyote.”

“Hey, I’m Anita, a werewolf like you” the other girl jumped in. She spoke with a Nigerian accent, and her dark afro hair was tied back into a bun.

“I’m Shane, totally boring and human” one guy laughed. He had wavy dirty-blonde hair past his shoulders. The final guy stayed quiet during Isaac’s first meeting with the pack.

“Oh, and this is Chad, he’s a werehyena too” Casey mentioned. Chad glared at Isaac, before sweeping his blonde fringe away from his eyes…

Parrish had put the blonde lad in handcuffs, and Scott knelt down next to him.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Chad, a friend of Isaac’s” Chad explained.

“Strange kinda friendship you must have” Parrish remarked. Chad sniffed twice in Parrish’s direction.

“You’ve got a hellhound? Wow, you really have got it all covered. The banshee, the werecoyote, and the former host of a Nogitsuné” Chad spoke with arrogance.

“What do you want?” Scott was losing his patience.

“I’ll tell you something you’re missing. A werehyena. Why don’t I join your pack? Then I can keep an eye on Isaac all the time” Chad ignored Scott and continued. Scott lost any remaining patience and grabbed him by the neck, pinning him against the wall.

“Scott, don’t do this!” Parrish tried to intervene. Scott’s eyes glowed red, the alpha inside becoming visible.

“What do you want?” Scott hissed.

“I told you, I want Isaac” Chad smirked.

“You’ve got him” came a voice from down the hallway. Chad looked to his right and saw Isaac. Malia was stood behind him, holding his hand.

The ultrasonic emitters had been turned off in the basement as Stiles and Argent prepared to move Liam.

“Let me go, I can get out of here myself” Liam protested.

“We’ve told you already, no way in hell” Stiles replied, “Now can you stop struggling as you keep stamping on my foot.” Liam calmed himself slightly.

“We’re not leaving you. I’m not letting you run off ever again” Hayden emotionally told Liam. She kissed him, while Stiles looked at Argent, feeling like gooseberries. The moment was interrupted by Stilinski, who burst open the door. Liam and Hayden broke the kiss and immediately looked terrified.

“Stiles, what the heck have you been doing?” Stilinski questioned.

The rest of lunch break proved to be plain sailing for Isaac, as he got on pretty well with Casey’s pack. All of them except Chad, that is. After lunch, on the way to class, Isaac had a quiet word with Casey.

“What’s up with Chad?” he asked.

“He’s like this with new people, don’t worry, he’ll open up when he starts to trust you. He didn’t speak to Maddie for two months after we met her” Casey explained.

“Guess I’d better enjoy the silence while I can” Isaac joked.

“You’ve been harbouring a fugitive” Stilinski was furious at his son.

“Dad, he didn’t do it” Stiles retaliated.

“I’ve been through this with Scott, the evidence suggests otherwise” Stilinski explained.

“So you think the solution is to lock up an innocent boy because you can’t be bothered to deal with the supernatural threat at hand here?” Argent proposed.

“I’m just doing my job” Stilinski added.

“Just give us time. We’ll be able to prove it’s not Liam” Stiles pleaded.

“Alright” Stilinski replied.

“I know you’re gonna… wait, what did you say?” Stiles continued.

“I said alright. Look, I just had to break up a fight between some guy and Scott upstairs. If something’s going on, you guys need to get to the bottom of it and quickly. I’ll hold off on Liam until then” Stilinski suggested.

“Dad, I could kiss you. In fact, I’m gonna” Stiles spoke as he kissed his father on the cheek. Stilinski gave him a pat on the back.

While all of this was happening, Isaac was confronting Chad.

“Why did you frame me?” Isaac spoke with confidence, having composed himself in advance.

“You think I framed you? Why the heck would I do that?” Chad angrily replied, still sat on the floor in handcuffs.

“Is there another reason why you’re hunting me down?” Isaac interrogated.

“You killed him. You killed Casey” Chad yelled. Malia looked in horror at Isaac, who looked visibly moved by Chad’s words.

School days went by and Isaac integrated further into Casey’s pack. Casey had become his best friend, someone who understood Isaac for who he was, which was something he’d feared he wouldn’t find after leaving Beacon Hills. He’d also been staying at Casey’s house, so he was part of a proper family for the first time in his life. Anita was the perfect shoulder to cry on, especially when it came up to the anniversary of Allison’s death. Anita’s older brother had died two years before she met Isaac, so she could sympathise with him. Shane on the other hand was the joker of the pack, someone who’d cheer Isaac up every day. Maddie was flirtatious, constantly going through boyfriends simply because she could – she was the hottest girl in the year. However, she’d started dating Isaac just a few months after they met, and had remained loyal to him the entire time. Furthermore, just as Casey had predicted, Chad did come round to Isaac. He was protective and extremely loyal over his friends, something Isaac admired in him. The main difference Isaac noticed between Beacon Hills and San Francisco was the relaxed atmosphere. Casey’s pack didn’t have to defend itself from other supernatural beings, and lived a relatively normal lifestyle, something Isaac welcomed after the numerous near-death experiences he’d had with Scott and friends. Isaac’s life in Beacon Hills felt further and further away the longer he stayed in San Francisco, and he felt he had everything he needed – a normal life, great friends and a beautiful girl. Of course, things didn’t stay that way forever. Regression to the mean dictates that life couldn’t be all good, and Isaac knew this in the back of his mind. Killings began to be reported on the local news, initially described as a one-off rare animal attack but when more were discovered, at a more frequent rate, Isaac began to feel startled. However, he didn’t expect one morning in spring break to find his body lifeless and covered in blood, as if he’d been ripped open with claws.

“Who is Casey?” Scott asked.

“An alpha. The alpha of my pack in San Francisco” Isaac explained.

“You said you were an omega? Why did you lie?” Scott was concerned for Isaac.

“Because the truth is much more painful” Isaac confessed. Scott placed his hand on Isaac’s shoulder as a sign of comfort, while Malia clenched his hand tighter.

Isaac’s first thought was to call the police. He had to, it was the right thing to do, so he took out his phone and dialled 911, his hands shaking with shock. Then he called the others to let them know, deciding face to face would be better. Maddie, Anita, Shane and Chad arrived in Casey’s living room, startled and uncomfortable when they noticed their alpha was missing. Isaac explained what he’d seen, and the others were stunned into silence, with grief and terrific sadness being displayed across their faces. Maddie sobbed, furious at the loss, pushing Isaac away when he tried to hug her but eventually giving in, allowing herself to cry on his shoulder. Chad didn’t shed a tear, but he didn’t say another word and ultimately left without a goodbye. The group barely saw each other for the rest of spring break. Isaac went to stay with Maddie so Casey’s parents and sister could have room to grieve, but he kept replaying the moment over in his mind.

“There’s more of them outside” Malia added.

“Not any more” Parrish yelled from the doorway, having checked outside, “They must have scarpered.” Stilinski arrived back from the basement.

“Did you speak to Stiles?” Parrish queried.

“Yup, he tested my patience as always but that’s my son, I wouldn’t have him any other way” laughed Stilinski. He turned to Chad and ordered him to stand up, before escorting him to the car and driving back to the station.

Back inside the house, Scott, Isaac and Malia had sat down in the living room.

“Do you think it’s true what he said? About not killing your friend?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know. His heartbeat remained steady but he’s the type who could’ve learned to lie with ease” Isaac considered.

As the investigation into Casey’s death began, Isaac grew apart from the others in the pack. Even when school resumed, they barely crossed paths any more. The police took DNA samples from Isaac and Casey’s family, so they could rule them out of the investigation, but this is where things started to go wrong for Isaac. He was arrested for the murder, much to his confusion. The sheriff explained to him that they found a hair on Casey’s body that matched his DNA sample, leading them to believe he was the culprit. Isaac was released when Maddie provided an alibi, but she remained sceptical.

“Don’t go thinking I believe you. I just couldn’t bear to see you rot in a cell” Maddie explained.

“You think I did it?” Isaac wasn’t confrontational, just exceptionally hurt.

“Who else would it have been? Things became weird when you turned up. I can’t associate myself with someone like that” Maddie said before turning and walking away, leaving a heartbroken Isaac outside the sheriff station.

Mason came storming into Argent’s house with Corey in tow.

“Scott, it’s werehyenas” Mason panted, handing over the piece of paper.

“I know” Scott calmly replied.

“You…know? When were you thinking of telling us?” Corey jumped in.

“I was too busy fighting one off” Scott laughed.

“There’s more though, just read this” Mason continued, still holding the piece of paper. Scott took it, as Liam and Hayden headed out of the basement.

“Liam, what are you doing here?” Mason exclaimed.

“Stilinski’s said he’ll give us a chance to prove my innocence” he explained.

“What are we waiting for then?” Corey smiled.

“See if you can find the other werehyenas, there were at least two more blocking the exit from the garden” Malia suggested. Liam, Hayden, Mason and Corey set off to work. They had no idea who they were looking for, or where they’d be, but all four were determined to get Liam off the hook once and for all.

Stiles and Argent joined Scott, Malia and Isaac after, the former breathing a sigh of relief.

“Hard work?” Scott remarked.

“Nah, keeping an angry hormonal teenage werewolf locked up is a piece of cake” Stiles smiled.

“See if you can find anything of note in this” Scott handed over the piece of paper.

“Werehyenas? What next, a were-ant?” Stiles jested.

“Try and get hold of Lydia to help, she’s not turned up yet” Scott suggested.

“I’ve been trying to call her all day and she hasn’t picked up. I’m starting to get worried” Stiles confessed. He turned around and headed for the door, and with Argent regressing to his office, the trio were finally alone to have an important chat.

Terrified of the reception he’d receive, Isaac went to collect his bag from Maddie’s house. To his horror, she threw it out of the window. Isaac attempted to call Shane and Anita before he left, but neither picked up. His final resort was Chad, so he paid him a visit on the way. Chad opened the door to a down-trodden Isaac, but tried to close it again when he saw who it was. Isaac put his foot in the doorway, blocking it from closing.

“Hear me out” Isaac calmly said.

“Why should I? You’re a murderer” Chad responded.

“I know we’ve not exactly been the best of friends, but surely you don’t think I’m capable of this?" Isaac pleased. Chad growled at Isaac, who backed off and allowed for the door to be shut. Isaac was left totally alone, and there was only one place he could go for support – Beacon Hills.

“You didn’t have to lie to us” Scott explained.

“I was worried about how you’d react. My closest friends thought I was a killer, you guys had no reason to think otherwise” Isaac detailed.

“You deserve better friends than that. What kinda friends would screw you over at the earliest chance?” Malia was being unusually sympathetic.

“It’s just…everywhere I go, death and destruction seems to follow me. The people closest to me always seem to perish” Isaac began to shed tears. Malia held his hand again, which Scott picked up on.

“You’ve got us now” he comforted Isaac, “Anyway, it looks like you’ve moved on from Maddie already.” Isaac blushed.

The door to Lydia’s house was left wide open when Stiles arrived. He looked around, but nobody was in sight. Worried, he stepped inside the house, wielding the baseball bat he keeps in his jeep, and immediately saw Natalie lying on the floor, sparked out. He rushed to her and crouched down next to her.

“Natalie! Natalie!” he called, but no response. He decided to check upstairs, knowing Lydia could be in danger. He crept slowly up the stairs, baseball bat primed. When he reached the landing, there was still nobody in sight. He checked every single room, cautious in case somebody was hiding, but no-one was there. Lydia’s room was just as empty. Stiles now felt extremely worried and sick in his stomach. His hands were shaky but he took out his phone and called Scott.

“She’s gone” Stiles said bluntly, “Lydia’s gone.”

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