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Teen Wolf: Outcasts Episode 4

Stumbling around, Theo found himself at the high school. He didn’t remember how he got there, but he knew he had to find Becky. She was the only thing that mattered to him. He looked at the corridor ahead. There may as well have been a tumbleweed drifting across – there wasn’t even the hum of the radiators. Theo began opening classroom doors, desperately checking for Becky, but had no luck. Only one door remained – the front entrance. Theo heaved the double doors open, finding it a tougher job than usual. There in front of him stood Liah, pointing a gun directly at his forehead. Theo began to run in the opposite direction, terrified for his life, but Liah fired a shot anyway straight through his back. Theo tumbled onto the floor, crashing into the stone-cold laminate. Liah kept firing, every shot just as painful, not giving Theo enough time to heal, until…

Theo’s eyes shot open. He looked around him, feeling sweaty and startled. He was lying comfortably in Liam’s spare bedroom, where he’d been staying for the past few months. Nothing out of the ordinary was in the room, but everything in his life had changed. For a moment, he’d forgotten what was missing in his life. Never again would he see Becky, and it hurt like hell.

Guest Stars:

Linden Ashby, Seth Gilliam, Ryan Kelley, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo, Michael Johnston, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Ian Bohen, Anjli Mohindra, Paige Turco, Michael Hogan, Dilan Gwyn, Juanpa Zurita, Nesta Cooper, Timothée Chalamet, Cody Saintgnue and Michelle Clunie.

Exhausted from the night before, there was no rest for Scott. He, Stiles and Lydia were with Deaton. They’d had success in figuring out what Frankie was, and now they were hoping for the same luck with Jodie. Lydia had come face-to-face with Jodie, and she was certain that Jodie and Frankie were different beings, not least when it came to their composure. Jodie was experienced and confident in her abilities, and capable enough to use them to murder the young lad in the forest.
“How do Jodie’s abilities differ from Frankie’s?” Deaton asked, hoping for a clue.
“Frankie can summon water, and by the looks of things, Jodie can only excrete it” Stiles detailed.
“And she’s a murderous psychopath” Lydia added.
“Stiles, do you remember I mentioned the siren? I think that’s what we’re looking at here, although like I said, no legend is one hundred percent correct. Instead of singing to attract her victims, it sounds like Jodie lures her victims by sexual attraction” Deaton suggested.
“Like a succubus” Lydia noted, “A mythical female creature that kills people through intercourse.”
“Exactly, although with Jodie, the intercourse isn’t a weapon, merely a tool. This explains how he drowned on dry land” Deaton noted.
“If she can do that, it means her sole purpose is to kill” Scott worried.
“And that is fearsome as a creature like that has no concept of mercy” Deaton added.
“So how do we capture her?” Scott asked optimistically.
“We kinda have already” Stiles mentioned, “My dad arrested her, Francisco and Gerard last night. She’s at the sheriff station, locked up.”
“I worry how long she’ll stay that way. Water can get almost anywhere, if she’s experienced then she’ll have no trouble getting out of a trap like that” Deaton warned.
“We better get there right away” Lydia decided.

Meanwhile, Malia, Isaac and Maddie were making their way through the tunnels underneath the town. It was the best place for a secret meeting and considering most of Beacon Hills was giving the pack strange looks, it was worthwhile taking extra precautions and keeping a low profile.
“Do they not clean this place?” Maddie complained. She’d stepped straight into a puddle, splashing up onto her stylish skinny jeans.
“It’s your choice – you either get mud on your clothes, or your own blood” Isaac responded bluntly.
“Alright I get the picture” Maddie quit moaning, but still wasn’t happy with the situation. As they turned a corner, they heard a familiar voice.
“I hope travelling all the way down here was worthwhile, my new shoes are absolutely wrecked” Peter Hale said with his usual tone of arrogance.
“Dads would go to the end of the earth for their daughters. You’ll survive a five-minute walk down here” Malia put him in his place.
“Alright, what do you want?” Peter ignored her quip and got to the point.
“Your help” Malia responded.
“Gerard’s got a new team of hunters, and it’s only a matter of time until more people join the fight” Isaac added.
“And you want me to join your side” Peter finished, “I’ll save the bother, it’s a no.”
“Fine, let’s get back to the warmth of Argent’s house instead of freezing to death here” Maddie decided, beginning to walk away. Malia rolled her eyes at Peter and followed, as did Isaac.
“Okay, what do you want me to do?” Peter gave in. Maddie smirked, pleased her plan worked.

Sighing, Stilinski geared himself up. Parrish was about to escort Gerard Argent into his office for an interview and, even with the crazy people he’d interviewed in the past, nothing could prepare him for Gerard and he knew it. Parrish ferried him in and handcuffed him to Stilinski’s desk.
 “These handcuffs really are unnecessary” Gerard began, “I’m an old man, Sheriff.”
“If it were up to me, you’d be in a straightjacket” Stilinski quipped, “Let’s begin the interview.”
“Let me get something clear; are you in pursuit of every single detail? Including how I was threatened by two werewolves” Gerard threatened. Stilinski sighed, rolling his eyes to Parrish.

Gripping onto the bars, Francisco was trying his best to find a way out of the holding cell within the station. He tried yanking on them, hoping if he tugged hard enough, they’d break off. No luck. He tried shaking them ferociously. Still no luck. Jodie sat watching him, judging his attempts to break out.
“Pathetic” she laughed.
“If you think you’d do a better job, be my guest” Francisco retorted.
“You think people haven’t tried to escape before? It’s not going to work, or they’d have changed their system. The sheriff department aren’t stupid” Jodie educated.
“What do you propose we do? Liah won’t come for us, she’s too goddamn weak” Francisco was unimpressed.
“How long can you hold your breath?” Jodie proposed.

Perched on a bench outside school, Frankie was staring vacantly into space. Lawrie was glancing at him, wondering why he wasn’t acting like his usual self.
“Sleepy?” Lawrie presumed, trying to get his attention.
“Huh?” Frankie snapped back to his normal self.
“What’s up dude?” You’ve hardly said a word all day” Lawrie pondered.
“I’ve just got a lot on my mind” Frankie shrugged it off. He didn’t fancy telling Lawrie about the hospital, or the fact he drips water every now and then.
“I wasn’t born yesterday” Lawrie caught him out, “Is that Scott guy giving you grief? He stalked me in the library yesterday, all because he’s some werewolf freak.”
“Shut up” Frankie retaliated, raising his voice, “He’s not a freak.”
“What’s gotten into you?” Lawrie yelled. Frankie stood up and stormed off, leaving Lawrie sighing. He was totally confused by the sudden change in heart his friend had had.

Frankie stormed into his maths class, where he immediately saw Cody. He gave an awkward smile but didn’t feel lie chatting. He was living a normal life, at school, where nothing had changed. Anything else could wait until 3pm. Cody was sat with Daan, who Frankie vaguely knew but they hadn’t interacted. However, he was dating one of the hunters. Another water creature, according to Cody. Frankie tried his hardest to forget about everything, but he couldn’t. He gave in and moved two desks in front to be next to Cody, two seats along from Daan.
“I can’t get it out of my mind” he whispered to Cody.
“It’s alright” Cody smiled, “You’ll get used to it.” Frankie made eye contact with Daan and shared an awkward smile.
“Does he know?” Frankie mouthed to Cody, referring to Jodie’s true identity. Cody nodded.
“He’s taken it well so far” Cody whispered, careful for Daan not to hear, “I’m worried about him though.”
“Alright class” Miss Padhi began teaching her lesson, “Open your books and differentiate the equation on the board please.”
“Not until he’s out of here” a lad piped up at the front of the class. He was on the lacrosse team, but not part of Daan, Cody or Frankie’s social circles.
“Jason, what are you talking about?” Miss Padhi interrogated.
“Him” Jason stood up and pointed directly at Frankie, “He’s one of them.” Frankie’s heart dropped. He had done this to himself with his article, and immediately he felt worse than he already did.
“What on earth are you on about?” Miss Padhi pretended not to know, hoping to protect Frankie.
“If you won’t remove him, I will” Jason threatened as he began walking over to a quivering Frankie to the sound of cheers from the rest of the class.

Upstairs, Corey felt similarly uneasy in biology. Miss Finch was going over the previous night’s reading, but he wasn’t listening. All he could see was people staring at him around the classroom.
“They’ll get over it” Mason reminded him.
“But until then” Corey was hesitant to relax, “I don’t feel safe. Where’s Liam? I thought he said he’d protect us.”
“He got held up. Theo needs him apparently. Understandable with Becky I guess” Mason reasoned.
“Oh yeah, way to make me feel better” Corey sarcastically retorted.
“Hey” Mason consoled him, “You’re a badass chimera who can turn invisible whenever he wants. Nobody else in this room can do that.” Mason put his hand on Corey’s, and they smiled at each other, relaxed simply by gazing into each other’s eyes.

Deflated, Theo sat on the end of his bed. He was still in his boxer shorts that he had slept in, not feeling the motivation to get dressed. There was no point, he thought, as Becky wasn’t there anymore. Knocking gently on the door, Liam poked his head into the room.
“Room for a small one?” Liam raised a friendly smile.
“Do I have a choice?” Theo sighed.
“No, it’s my house” Liam chuckled, joining Theo on the end of the bed, “It gets better you know.”
“I don’t know, that’s just it. I’ve never felt like this before. This is grief? It sucks” Theo confessed.
“I remember when my nana died, it felt like my world collapsed” Liam revealed, “I was only six years old.”
“Your point is?” Theo impatiently questioned.
“You get over it. You don’t forget, but it hurts less and you think of the good times” Liam advised.
“Is this how everyone feels? When they lose someone they love?” Theo questioned, “Every life I’ve taken. They had families too.” A tear fell down his cheek. It was the first time Liam had seen Theo so vulnerable. He opted not to answer the question, not wanting to kick Theo while he was down. He simply placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Interrupting the vibe, the doorbell rang downstairs.
“I’ll go” Liam decided. He calmly closed Theo’s bedroom door and jogged downstairs.
“Honey, one of your classmates is here” Joanna mentioned from the kitchen, “She’s in the lounge.” Liam was intrigued. If it were Scott or one of the pack, Joanna would have mentioned them by name. He cautiously walked into the lounge and immediately closed the door behind him, having seen just who was stood in the centre of his living room. Liah was stood in front of him. Liam was furious that she had the audacity to turn up and invite herself in. The last thing he wanted was for Theo to see her.

Taking deep breaths, Nolan was hovering in the boys’ changing rooms. He had made a phone call to a guy Liam had told him about once, via Liam’s phone when he was asleep.
“I assume you’re Nolan?” came a voice from the doorway. Brett Talbot stood their casually.
“Yeah, thanks for coming” Nolan awkwardly greeted him.
“What’s this about? I guess you’re a friend of Liam’s. We’ve not always seen eye-to-eye and he’s a total douchebag, but I kinda like the kid. Don’t tell him I said that” Brett smiled.
“I need advice. Liam’s my boyfriend” Nolan explained.
“You learn something new every day” Brett responded nonchalantly, “Are you public?”
“Kinda. That’s why I wanted to talk to you. We don’t know each other, so you won’t judge me” Nolan continued, “How should I tell my parents?” Brett contemplated.
“I told them pretty casually that I was bisexual. I tried not to think too hard about it or I’d get paranoid” Brett recalled.
“I’m worried that my mom will hate me. She’s already quite frosty with me, we’re not close. My dad left years ago, I don’t see him much” Nolan specified.
“I’m sorry dude” Brett said sincerely, “Honestly, that makes it better. What do you have to lose? No matter what, you’ll have Liam and Scott.”
“Thanks” Nolan smiled sweetly. Brett had taken an instant liking to Nolan and his reserved nature. Now was his chance for some information in return.
“What’s this about hunters? News travels fast but I’ve not heard details” Brett questioned.
“Gerard Argent” Nolan responded. That was all he needed to say for Brett to feel worried for himself and his pack.
“How can I help?” Brett immediately questioned.

Desperately rushing into the sheriff station, Stiles had no qualms about interrupting his father’s interview with Gerard.
“Dad, I need to speak to you right now” Stiles insisted as he burst into the office.
“Stiles, can’t it wait?” Stilinski complained.
“No, if it could wait, I’d have waited” Stiles wasn’t budging. Stilinski sighed and stood himself up, leaving Gerard placed where he was, securely handcuffed to the desk. Closing the office door behind him, Stilinski still kept his voice to a whisper in case Gerard listened in.
“What’s the problem?” he questioned.
“It’s Jodie. She’s a creature called a siren, her sole intention is to kill, and that cell won’t hold her for very long” Lydia explained quickly.
“What do you propose?” Stilinski asked, open to suggestions.
“Sheriff, there’s a leak here” a deputy in the corner of the room announced. Sure enough, a flow of water was making its way into the room.
“The cell” Scott identified the direction it was coming from. He led the way to the cell room. Water was trickling quickly through the closed door, both underneath and from either side.
“It’s getting higher” Lydia noticed. Sure enough, the stream from the sides of the door was rising higher and higher.
“Do we open it?” Stiles wondered.
“It would flood the entire station” Stilinski reasoned firmly, “Absolutely not.”
“Francisco’s in there, he could drown” Parrish added. Scott weighed it up in his mind.
“It’s flooding anyway, look at it. Clear out the electrical equipment. We’re going in” Scott ordered.

“Let me get this straight” Peter began in a disapproving tone, “You’re fighting a water creature? Do you know how powerful they are? They could put out the fire of a hellhound just by opening their mouths.”
“Exactly. That’s why we need all hands on deck” Malia explained, “Even barrel scrapes like you.”
“I’m glad your sense of humour hasn’t been washed away” Peter sarcastically retorted.
“All we need is some form of trap for her” Isaac noted.
“And a way to divert the hunters” Maddie added.
“When you put it like that, it sounds so simple” Peter continued his sarcasm.
“Nobody said it would be easy, but you can fight better than all of us combined. We need you” Malia pleaded.
“What if I want a quiet life? Do I not get that option?” Peter moaned.
“You’re a werewolf, when is life ever quiet?” Isaac responded.
“Gerard won’t let you rest” Malia debated, “Either you die as a chicken, or fight with us and stand a chance of winning.”
“I fancy our odds” Maddie backed Malia up.
“You fancy most things” Isaac joked. Maddie elbowed him, but she couldn’t disagree.
“Alright” Peter sighed, “But as soon as this is done, you can forget all of these favours.”
“You’re my dad. You don’t escape that easily” Malia reminded him with a smirk.

Shoving Frankie onto the floor, Jason threw his fist into his face. Daan and Cody sprung out of their seats in horror, frozen to the spot and scared that helping him would see them being hurt too.
“Stop right now” Krishna yelled, furious at her students. Jason didn’t care though. He flung another punch towards Frankie, whose nose was dripping with pure red blood. Fed up, Krishna restrained the aggressive Jason.
“Take him out” Krishna ordered to Daan and Cody. They scooped Frankie up and rushed him out.
“You can run, but you can’t hide” Jason screamed after Frankie.
“Get Ms. Martin” Krishna commanded to another student as she struggled to retain Jason. Still listening in, Frankie was terrified. His face hurt like crazy and he was quite sure his nose was broken. What’s more is that he didn’t know if he had the healing powers of werewolves. He was sure to find out soon, though.
“I need to text Mason, we’re not safe here” Cody decided.

Bracing himself, Scott prepared to open the door. His shoes were soaking wet, and the flow of water was still steady through the door. All equipment and important paperwork had been rapidly cleared by the deputies, so they were ready to go. Scott took a deep breath and pressed the door handle down, heaving the door open. It was tough and Scott had to use a surprisingly high level of strength to go against the flow of the water. Watching from outside, Stiles and Lydia still got their feet wet as the water flooded its way out of the cell, through the main office of the station and out the front door, guided by some well-placed cabinets creating a river of sorts. Lydia sighed as she slipped off her posh new shoes, now dripping wet. Scott was soaked from the waist down, but with the doors now open, much of the water filtered away and went back to ground level. Before Scott could investigate the room, he was whacked over the head by a fire extinguisher, out cold. It was Francisco, and he and Jodie rushed out of the room. They came eye-to-eye with Stilinski and Parrish, who were ready and waiting at the entrance with their guns primed. As soon as they came into sight, Stilinski fired a bullet, but Jodie batted it away with a stream of water, which she then directed at their faces. Stiles watched on as Jodie’s skin turned a scaly green, and her eyes became a sea blue. Francisco had vanished in all the confusion, and eventually, the stream of water stopped, giving Jodie the perfect moment to escape out of the back.
“You’ve gotta be kidding” Stilinski complained, composing himself and realising both were out of sight. Scott picked himself up and sighed. Now they could be anywhere and tracking them down was bound to be difficult.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Liam furiously questioned Liah.
“I had to see someone, I’m so sorry” Liah responded, tripping over her own words.
“Theo is upstairs, he cannot know you’re here” Liam was firm. Liah nodded, understanding Liam’s reasoning.
“I’m so sorry. I know words can’t make up for what I did, but I’ve thought of nothing else since” Liah explained.
“You still killed Becky. She had a life, she had prospects, and you took it from her” Liam reminded her.
“I didn’t want to” Liah sniffed, trying not to cry as she knew she had no right, “It was Jodie. She wanted me to kill someone so she could slip under the radar. She didn’t want Gerard to know.”
“What she really is” Liam completed, “So that means Jodie wears the pants, not Gerard, and he doesn’t even know it.”
“He’d be furious if he found out” Liah added.
“Why are you telling me this?” Liam was confused, even if he were grateful for the information.
“I want to help fight Jodie. You’ve already lost a friend, and I don’t want to see that anymore. Besides, I can get insider information” Liah detailed.
“I’d have to speak to Scott” Liam mentioned.
“Sure, whatever you need” Liah smiled, calming herself down. Liam listened to her heartbeat. Nothing was out of the ordinary. It had a regular rhythm, meaning she was telling the truth. Besides, no matter what he thought, the issue wasn’t convincing Scott – it was convincing Theo.

Making their way out of the tunnels, Maddie led the group back in the direction they came. The tunnels were mostly quiet, interrupted only by the sound of water drip-dropping through the cracks in the ceiling. However, the peace and tranquillity was ruined by a vile sound. Maddie immediately covered her ears, sheltering them from the horrific racket. The high-pitched vibrations scraped at their ear-drums, and even when Malia, Isaac and Peter followed suit, they still couldn’t block it entirely.
“It’s an emitter, like Argent’s” Malia identified.
“Hurry, they’re down here” Isaac warned, paying attention to the scents he could suss.
“Who?” Maddie wondered. Most of Gerard’s clan were locked up as far as she knew – this had to be someone else. Isaac paid closer attention to any scent he could pick up, looking for anything familiar.
“I don’t know, I don’t recognise the scent, they’re new” Isaac explained, shouting over the noise of the emitter.
“Whoever they are, they’re experienced enough to use sound against us. I’d rather run than risk facing them” Peter said, before making a run for the exit. The others followed, but soon all four ground to a halt. Just in front of them stood a large, burly man, holding a long shotgun. Peter looked behind, hoping for a quick escape. More gunmen were approaching in that direction, blocking any chance of an exit. Huddled together, the group had no way out.

Waiting at the car park, Daan, Cody and Frankie were joined by Mason and Corey. The school was unsafe for them, and the idea that someone could beat Frankie up in front of the class teacher horrified Mason and Corey when they heard what happened.
“Dude, I’m so sorry” Mason sympathetically said as soon as he saw Frankie’s bloody nose.
“Where are we going? If there are people like this at school, then we’re not safe anywhere” Corey worried.
“We can’t just hide at the lake house, Ms. Martin owns that and they’ll find us in no time” Cody pointed out.
“Who even cares?” Frankie pessimistically stated, “We’ve lost. Everybody hates us, we’ll never be accepted until we’re rotting in the ground.”
“Scott fought hunters before and won, he can do it again” Mason was more optimistic.
“I think I know where we can go. I remember finding somewhere really cool to hang out, do you remember it?” Daan suggested, glancing at Cody.
“It got knocked down, they were building something there” Cody replied.
“A new block of flats, yeah. It hasn’t opened yet. We’d be safe, nobody would think to check for us there” Daan continued. With no better suggestions, the group got into their cars – Daan and Cody in one, Corey and Mason in another, and Frankie in his own. Frankie caught Lawrie’s eye as he was about to open his car door.
“You go off with them why don’t you” Lawrie yelled disapprovingly.
“Get in” Frankie ordered to him, hoping he could explain everything on the way. He wasn’t about to lose his best friend over this. Lawrie rolled his eyes but followed Frankie’s instruction. However, by the time he reached Frankie’s car, there was no sign of him. He checked inside the car, and around other cars in case he was playing a practical joke, but there wasn’t a trace of Frankie, beyond a suspiciously wet area next to the driver’s side of his car, on a sunny, dry day. Frankie was gone, and there was no-one else around to help Lawrie.

Jogging back to the front of the station, Parrish confirmed what they already knew. He’d done a check throughout the station, but there wasn’t a trace of either Jodie or Francisco. The back entrance had been tampered with, despite its security-card locking system.
“The seal is broken, they’ve gone” he announced.
“So much for trapping them” Stiles was deflated.
“They’d have escaped anyway, we just ensured it did as little damage as possible” Scott was optimistic as always.
“Don’t count your chickens until they’ve hatched” Gerard’s spine-tingling voice came from behind them. Spinning around, the group saw Gerard, Francisco and three deputies facing them with guns.
“Deputies, I demand you discharge your weapons” Stilinski commanded calmly but firmly.
“How did he get free?” Stiles whispered to Lydia.
“It must have been one of those deputies” Lydia suggested. They ignored the sheriff’s command, still holding their guns directly at the group.
“Now we have a siren added into the mix, one of our own at that. This gets better and better” Gerard smirked, priming his weapon.

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