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Teen Wolf: Sabotage Episode 4
"Attention to Detail"

The sound of a motor stopped as the car was parked. The door clicked open and out stepped Dr. Deaton. He looked up at his destination. In front of him stood the San Francisco sheriff station, and he had business to attend to. He casually strolled through the doors and up to the reception desk.

“I need to speak to Sheriff Johnson” he spoke to the desk sergeant.

“She’s busy right now, if you’d like to take a seat” he replied.

“It’s urgent” Deaton firmly responded. The desk sergeant looked at him for a second.

“I’ll fetch her now” he said, almost as if he’d been scolded. He returned with the sheriff in tow.

“Alan, it’s been a while” Sheriff Johnson spoke.

“I’d been meaning to call you Marie” Deaton responded, “How’s the wife?”

“I think we can skip the pleasantries, this clearly isn’t a social call” Johnson wanted Deaton to cut to the chase.

“The murders that occurred here, could I take a look at the evidence?” he asked.

“I assume you’re not going to tell me why a respected veterinarian like yourself needs access to such confidential information” Johnson remarked.

“What do you take me for?” smirked Deaton. Johnson walked to the filing cabinet and handed him four folders of information.

Blurred colours was all Lydia saw as she opened her eyes. Her head was throbbing, and she was totally confused about where she was. Slowly, she regained focus, and all she could see was an abandoned warehouse. She attempted to get up, but she was tied up and couldn’t move an inch.

“Don’t try to escape” came a voice from next to her. She looked to her left, and a young man was sat next to her. He must’ve been the same age as Lydia, but she wasn’t paying much attention to the details as she gathered her surroundings.

 “Trust me, I’ve tried every trick in the book” the lad continued. Lydia finally looked at him directly, and saw a pretty face covered in blood marks, although there wasn’t a cut in sight.

“Where are we?” Lydia murmured.

“I don’t know” he sighed, “What’s your name?”

“Lydia” she tried to raise a smile, although it was difficult in the circumstances.

“Nice to meet you Lydia, I’m Casey” he introduced.

Also starring Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Victoria Moroles, Michael Johnston, Susan Walters, Devin Druid, Marie Avgeropoulos, Austin Butler and Beverly Naya.

“We’re gonna find her, I promise” Stiles spoke to Natalie. She was awake now and being carted off on a stretcher towards the ambulance. Stiles walked next to her.

“What if you don’t?” Natalie was downtrodden with worry.

“We will” came a voice from behind them. It was Scott, who’d just arrived with Malia and Isaac. Natalie was lifted into the ambulance and taken away.

“What’s the plan?” Stiles asked.

“We catch her scent” Scott explained.

“Are we gonna split up?” Mason asked Liam.

“You’ve seen these things. None of us stand any chance on our own, we stand a better chance as a pack” Liam responded confidently.

“We have no idea what we’re even looking for” Corey added, getting worked up.

“Trust me, we’ll know when we see it” Liam calmed his friend, “All hands on deck.”

“Where are we going?” Hayden interrogated.

“I’ve got a hunch, trust me” Liam avoided the question, focusing on his senses as the group walked down the streets of Beacon Hills.

Lydia had given up trying to escape after it became clear that the ropes wouldn’t budge.

“What are we doing here?” she asked Casey.

“I don’t know about you but I’ve got a fair guess about me” he confessed.

“You know who brought us here?” Lydia was surprised.

“You could say that” Casey vaguely replied.

“Are you sure we’re going the right way?” Stiles questioned as they walked towards the high school.

“This is where the scent is” Scott firmly replied.

“Agreed” Malia added.

“Same here” Isaac chirped in.

“I was only asking” Stiles got defensive, “Just cause I don’t have supernatural nostrils, you know.”

“What are we actually gonna do when we get there? They’re hardly gonna leave her unguarded” Malia pondered.

“Negotiate” Scott simply responded.

“I was thinking I could take them on” Malia continued.

“No, we can’t. They’ve meticulously planned every detail. I’d love to blast their asses to hell but we can’t do anything rash” Isaac spoke to her. As they approached the school, it was entirely empty, as you’d expect in the summer holidays. As they walked up to the front entrance, Scott turned to Isaac and Malia.

“You two keep guard out here, we’ll go get Lydia” Scott explained.

“Be careful” Isaac warned. Scott shoved at the door and it opened, continuing to walk through with Stiles in tow.

At the animal clinic, Argent, Stilinski, Deaton and Melissa were stood around the operating table. In the middle of them was the pile of folders Deaton had retrieved.

“Where do we even start?” Stilinski asked.

“There’s a lot here, we’d get through it much faster if we divided it between us, one folder each would work” Deaton suggested, “Everyone grab one each.” All four of them took a folder in turn, and got to work immediately.

“You’re kidding right?” Mason complained as he, Corey and Hayden stared at a crouched down Liam.

“I’m not, give me a hand” Liam ordered. Mason bent down next to him and helped lift up the cover for a hole in the ground. They looked down the hole for a second.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go” Hayden seemed strangely enthusiastic. She headed down the ladder to the tunnels running underneath Beacon Hills. Liam, Mason and finally Corey followed suit.

“Now shall we split up?” Mason said, as they observed two different routes – one to their left, and one to their right.

Scott and Stiles trawled the familiar corridors of their high school.

“Weird to think we only left here yesterday” Scott commented.

“And now we’re back already. Can’t shake it off” Stiles joked. All of a sudden, Scott stopped in his tracks.

“You got something?” Stiles asked. Scott simply looked to the classroom on his right…

Meanwhile, outside the school, Isaac and Malia stood around in a moment of pure awkwardness. Neither of them knew what to say to each other in that moment, but Isaac thought he’d take a gamble and start conversation.

“Thanks” he muttered.

“For what?” Malia responded.

“For saving my life” Isaac continued. Malia smiled but didn’t say anything. Isaac decided to continue the chat.

“I’ve never met anyone like you before” he vaguely stated.

“What do you mean?” Malia was confused, and slightly disinterested in what he was saying.

“You’re quick thinking, smart, strong” he listed. Malia payed little attention still, until Isaac finished his sentence.

 “…and absolutely beautiful” Isaac finished. Malia looked up to him, almost as if she’d been punched in the stomach.

“What did you say?” she said, awestruck.

“I said” he moved in closer, “You’re absolutely beautiful.” Malia blushed as she stared into Isaac’s eyes and they kissed. Malia closed her eyes, savouring the moment, a feeling she’d not felt in a while now.

“Interrupting something?” came a female voice from behind. Isaac spun round, and was aghast at who stood in front of him.

“Maddie?” he uttered.

“Sorry the date got interrupted” Melissa quietly spoke to Argent, while Deaton and Stilinski were sifting through paperwork behind them.

“I’ve had bigger disasters” Argent calmly replied.

“So I’m a disaster now?” Melissa joked.

“Hey, you know that’s not what I said” Argent laughed it off. They paused for a moment, looking back at the piles of sheets in front of them both.

“Scott knows” Melissa confessed.

“You told him?”

“He guessed, I couldn’t lie to him, he’s my son”

“Don’t worry, he was bound to find out sooner or later”

“I was worried, because there’s history, with Allison, you know”

“Trust me, I know” Argent bluntly said, “Scott’s a mature lad, there’s a good head on his shoulders, and that’s thanks to you.” Melissa blushed.

“Well it’s not from his father” she laughed

It had been a couple of hours since Lydia woke up in this warehouse, or so she thought, at least. She’d barely uttered a word to Casey, who seemed friendly but she wasn’t sure she could trust him yet.

“Where are you from?” he asked her.

“Beacon Hills, isn’t that where we are?” Lydia responded.

“I don’t know. I must’ve blacked out because I was in San Francisco and then woke up here. We could be anywhere” he pondered.

“That’s optimistic. There’s got to be some way of getting out, or calling my friends” the cogs in Lydia’s brain began turning.

“I’ve tried everything, I’ve howled, I even escaped out of this rope for a minute but they guard all the exits 24/7, there’s no way we can get out” Casey despaired.

“Howled?” Lydia picked up on the key word in Casey’s sentence.

“You might not believe it, but I’m a werewolf” and Casey’s eyes glowed red.

“An alpha” Lydia observed.

“You know werewolves?”

“You could say that. Kissed a couple of them too” Lydia had a spark in her eye for the first time since she arrived. While she knew she was in danger, she felt safer with someone friendly like Casey, who laughed at her comment.

“You mentioned your friends? Are they werewolves?” Casey asked.

“A couple are. We’ve got a werecoyote too, and I’m a banshee” Lydia explained.

“You’re a banshee? Wow, I’ve never met one before! I’ve heard all the legends, but I didn’t think I’d come across one” Casey was shocked.

“It has its pros and cons” Lydia smiled.

“Maybe, just maybe, we have our way out after all…” Casey speculated.

The door to the classroom squeaked open, as Scott and Stiles inched it open. It was a science lab, totally empty with stools stood on top of desks after the cleaners had been in. However, on the middle desk, drooping around a chair leg, was a red jacket. Scott and Stiles looked at each other, before walking over towards it. Stiles then unravelled it and picked it up.

“This is Lydia’s, she was wearing it yesterday” Stiles mentioned.

“This is where the scent leads” Scott added.

“So where is she?” Stiles began to get agitated.

“I don’t know” Scott was angry, “We’ve been set up.” He stormed out of the classroom, and an upset Stiles followed.

Meanwhile, Isaac was shell-shocked to see his old flame stood in front of him.

“Didn’t take you long to move on from me then” Maddie remarked.

“You dumped me” Isaac retaliated, “Last time I checked, you didn’t have the right to invade my private life.”

“I thought you murdered someone” defended Maddie.

“Hold on, slow down, you thought? That’s past tense” noted Isaac.

“I need a word, about Chad” Maddie calmed herself, “In private, away from your new werecoyote lady friend.” Malia growled and flung herself at Maddie, but Isaac put his arm out to block her.

“I’ll talk, but only if you promise to co-operate” Isaac made a deal.

“Sure, whatever” Maddie agreed. Malia calmed down, but still made it very clear that she was unhappy about the situation by glaring at Isaac. At this moment, Scott came storming out of the school doors. He didn’t say a word to Malia or Isaac, and just kept on walking. Stiles followed seconds later.

“Where is she?” Malia asked.

“She wasn’t there” a glum Stiles admitted, “The scent led to her jacket. We’ve been set up.”

“I have an idea where they might be” Maddie piped up. Scott immediately stopped in his tracks and turned around.

“Who are you?” he asked, calmer than before but still meaning business.

In the tunnels, Liam and Hayden had taken one route while Mason and Corey had taken another. Mason had taken this time to fill Corey in on his antics with Liam in Daniel’s house after he’d died.

“You did what?” Corey whispered as sternly as he could.

“We had to figure it out, he wasn’t supernatural, there’s no reason for him to have been attacked that night” Mason pondered.

“Not like it got you anywhere. You could’ve been arrested” Corey was concerned for his boyfriend.

“I know, things still don’t add up. Why did they kill him? The other girl, Sarah, she was a werewolf, there’s no pattern” Mason thought aloud.

“Why can’t it just be random? Werehyenas on a killing spree doesn’t sound too unlikely a story” Corey played devil’s advocate.

“They’re calculated though, everything they’ve done so far has been planned to the last detail. They don’t do things randomly” Mason debated.

Down the other tunnel, Liam and Hayden were having a similar chat.

“You broke into a dead kid’s house?” Hayden was aghast.

“What? It’s not like he’ll know” Liam flippantly remarked. Hayden whacked him on the arm.

“I actually can’t believe you did that” she was shocked, but ultimately burst into laughter. Liam was totally confused.

“Why are you laughing?”

“You’re so ridiculous, and it’s why I love you” she grinned, and leaned in to kiss him.

“I’ve got something!” Melissa exclaimed. Everyone crowded round her as she laid out pictures of all the San Francisco victims, as well as Daniel and Sarah’s injuries.

“What do you notice about their injuries?” Melissa asked.

“Well they’ve gotta hurt” remarked Stilinski, lost for any other suggestions.

“Look really closely” Melissa continued.

“They’re all the same” Deaton noticed, and he was right.

“Every injury across all of these people is the exact same, from the slashes to the chest, to the positions their legs are left in. Every element is identical” Melissa explained.

“How could that be possible?” Stilinski wondered aloud.

“I expect it’s no coincidence. Every move the werehyenas have made so far has been meticulously planned, almost too perfectly, and this matches that pretty well” Argent added.

“There’s something not right though, because for something to be this identical, it’s almost like they wanted us to notice” Melissa suggested.

“It’s a distraction” Deaton said, with a tone of worry.

“Where are we going?” Scott walked side-by-side with Maddie, who was on his left. At this hour, it was starting to get dark across Beacon Hills, and night time was beckoning.

“There’s an abandoned warehouse at the end of the road here, right?” Maddie asked.

“Right…” Scott wearily confirmed.

“Chad’s mentioned it before. His father used to work there before it got closed down. He spent a lot of time as a kid playing in the office on sick days” Maddie explained.

“Chad grew up in Beacon Hills?” Isaac chimed in, stood just behind them as they walked.

“His parents came from here, but they moved to San Francisco when he was 10” Maddie continued.

“So how long have you known him?” Scott queried.

“Since high school. Long enough to know he’s a total psychopath” Maddie confessed.

“You can say that again” Isaac remarked.

“He’s always been a bit weird, but after Casey died, he seemed hell bent on revenge” Maddie explained, slightly worried.

Lagging just behind the group was Stiles and Malia, almost entirely disengaged from what was going on.

“Is it just me who’s starting to feel like a gooseberry?” Stiles remarked. Malia just rolled her eyes.

“Looking good man, nice to see ya” Casey smiled at the man who entered the room he and Lydia were tied up in. He didn’t respond. Lydia took a look at his youthful face, but didn’t recognise him. He simply left two bottles of water and a bowl of fruit between the two of them, and left. Once he was out of the room, Lydia turned back to Casey.

“You know him?” she asked.

“You could say that” Casey vaguely responded, as he just about managed to reach the bowl of fruit despite the ropes around his arms, and popped a grape into his mouth. A couple of minutes passed, of eating and drinking, and Casey suddenly moved his head towards Lydia.

“OK, here’s the plan” he whispered.

The long and winding tunnel just kept on going for Mason and Corey, with little in the way of clues to the location of any other werehyenas.

“Why did Liam send us down here in the first place?” Corey asked.

“It’s the ideal place to hide. It’s where I’d hide” Mason responded.

“So it’s a hunch” Corey deduced. At that moment, the duo heard footsteps around the corner. Corey grabbed Mason’s hand and became invisible. They watched as a man in his 30s walked around the corner, with a book in his hand. They heard a door slam around the corner. When the man was out of sight, Corey let go of Mason’s hand and they were visible again. They quietly crept around to see where he came from. In front of them was a large door. With their combined efforts, they managed to shove the door open, still making as little noise as possible. Inside was what looked like a small office, packed with books and sheets of paper. Mason noticed one particular book open on the dusty desk. The pages open had a rip in the middle, as if a page had been torn out.

“Hold on, this is the same size…” the pieces slotted together in Mason’s mind.

“As what?” Corey was impatient.

“The sheet we found in Daniel’s room. He was here!” Mason was shocked at what he’d realise.

“Who was here?” came a voice from the doorway. Mason and Corey both jumped out of their skin, before looking up and seeing it was only Liam, “The tunnels both led the same way then”.

“We need this book” Mason suggested.

“What are you waiting for then? Let’s take it and get the hell out of here” Hayden ordered.

As they approached the warehouse, Scott noticed the entrance was guarded.

“We can’t just stroll up” he expressed his concern to Isaac and Maddie.

“Oh I think we can” Isaac said with a tone of realisation, as he saw who it was. They kept on walking, with Stiles and Malia still lagging behind.

“What the hell are you both doing here?” Isaac said as he approached the two guards. They were Shane and Anita, Isaac’s other friends from San Francisco.

“You can’t come in” Anita simply said.

“What are you gonna do? It’s five against two and even then, he’s human” Isaac retaliated, directing the last part directly at Shane.

“You think?” he said, as his skin turned orange with stripes and he showed a new set of fangs. Isaac moved back out of worry, but Scott stayed firm, now in wolf form with his true alpha red eyes on show. Just as he was about to jump into a fight, he heard an ear piercing sound coming from inside the warehouse. He covered his ears, as did everyone, but he knew exactly what it was.

Just metres away, Casey roared his absolute loudest, while Lydia let out her most ear-piercing scream. The combined force of their voices could be heard across Beacon Hills, with Liam and the others even hearing it as they made their way back above ground. As the scream stopped, Stiles managed to pick himself up off the ground and run past Shane and Anita, neither of whom had fully recovered from being so near to the incredible noise. Stiles ran through a couple of doors, frantically searching for Lydia, and sure enough, there she was, looking totally exhausted but nevertheless alive.

“Lydia! I was so worried” Stiles commented as he ran towards where she and Casey were tied up.

“Help get me out” she smiled, make-up running down her face as she was overcome with emotion. Scott followed him into the room, and uses his claws to break through the strong ropes.

“Let’s get out of here” Scott suggested, and the four of them ran through the otherwise empty warehouse. They reunited with Malia, Isaac and Maddie, who had regained their composure, while Anita and Shane were only just coming round.

“Come on, they’re waking up” Malia hurried the group, but Isaac and Maddie were frozen to the spot when they saw Casey approaching.

“Isaac!” Casey was shocked to see his old friend staring back at him, but that was nothing compared to the mixed bag of emotions Isaac was feeling…

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