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Teen Wolf: Hideaway Episode 4

It was that time again. Nolan rolled out of bed after the rude awakening of his alarm clock. Getting ready for school, he sighed, feeling even less motivated than usual to get through the school day. Reluctantly, he showered and got dressed, rushing out of the house without eating any breakfast, and hopped onto his bicycle. As he cycled through Beacon Hills towards the high school, all that was on his mind was Liam. He wanted to apologise and become friends, but nevertheless, he knew he still wanted the bite. As he pulled up to the school, swerving in and out of school kids who weren’t looking where they were going, he felt a sense of dread in his stomach. He was scared to face Liam. He took off his cycle helmet once he’d chained his bike to the railing, and was startled as he turned around and saw a guy, who must’ve been a couple of years older, stood right behind him.

“Hi Nolan, I’m Scott. I think we need a little chat” Scott introduced himself. Nolan stared back in fright.

Also starring Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Khylin Rhambo, Cody Christian, Michael Johnston, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson and Richard Harmon.

“Are you sure he’s telling the truth?” Argent questioned. Lydia and Casey had taken Thomas to Argent’s for extra supervision, while Malia and Isaac investigated a call from Eichen House with Sheriff Stilinski.
“His heartbeat was constant, I paid close attention” Casey responded.
“Why would he lie? He has no motive” Lydia added.
“Scott’s a true alpha, that’s reason enough. It’s not the first time somebody’s tried to win over his affections only to double cross him” Argent was sceptical.
“He’s been here for months now, surely he would’ve made his move by now, especially if Coleman’s as close as Eichen” Casey was defensive of Thomas.
“You’re seeing this through rose-tinted glasses, Casey. You see the good in people, but sometimes the evil overtakes the good, especially in the supernatural world” Argent spoke wisely.
“Sure, I like him” Casey admitted, “But I’m a good judge of character. I was an alpha, don’t forget. I’m not stupid.” Argent stood down, realising he wasn’t going to change Casey’s ways.
“I guess there’s one way to find out for sure. Do a background check” Lydia suggested.

In the changing rooms, Mason and Corey were getting ready for morning practice.
“I got a text from Liam last night” Mason began.
“Don’t leave me hanging, what did it say? Grovelling I hope” Corey responded.
“It just said “sorry”, it woke me up at 2am. I forgot to put my phone on silent” Mason explained.
“Looks like he’s regretting it already” Corey seemed pleased.
“He’s not showed up to school though, neither has Nolan. Daan and Cody are over there but there’s no sign of him. I’m worried” Mason expressed his concerns.
“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. I’m sure he’s with Scott or something” Corey replied.
“I know, I just wish he’d keep us updated” Mason continued. The duo were interrupted as Cody walked over.
“Hi, you guys haven’t seen Nolan by any chance have you?” Cody asked politely.
“No, sorry” Mason replied sincerely.
“I’m kinda worried, he’s not been in touch since last night. Things got kinda heated with Liam” Cody detailed.
“What happened?” Corey enquired.
“Nolan started talking about werewolves and stuff, I thought he was having one of his crazy moments but...” Cody explained but stopped himself.
“What? Tell us” Corey ordered.
“He...he proved Liam was a werewolf” Cody whispered, as if he were sharing his deepest and darkest secret.
“Liam? Really?” Mason lied, pretending he knew nothing about it.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you. See you later” Cody left the duo on a warning, but Mason and Corey were worried already, knowing that Liam’s secret was out in the open.

“Why am I here?” Nolan asked, sounding innocent. However, he knew exactly why, as Liam was stood to his right. Joining him were Scott, Stiles and Maddie.
“You wanted in, we’re here to educate you” Scott reminded him.
“Just let me go, I promise I won’t say anything, I swear” Nolan began to protest.
“Interesting. By my understanding, you were pretty keen to become a werewolf last night, so what’s changed?” Stiles probed.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything” Nolan continued, trying to worm his way out of the situation.
“What’s up with him?” Maddie whispered to Liam, noting his slightly conflicting behaviour.
“I don’t know, but this isn’t working” Liam replied.
“Why don’t Scott and I have a word? Might be less intimidating with less of us here” Maddie suggested. Liam nodded, and he and Stiles vacated the room.
“Alright Nolan, it’s just us now. Don’t be scared” Scott was calm and relaxed. Nolan stared back, still on edge. Scott continued, “So you want to know more about being a werewolf?”
“I was just curious, I promise. I don’t mean any harm” Nolan spoke fast, still worried.
“We know you don’t, and neither do we. We’re not the enemy, we’re here to educate you” Maddie spoke softly, turning on her charm. Nolan relaxed, ready to listen.

Meanwhile, at Eichen House, Isaac and Maddie carefully approached the domineering front gates. Even in daylight, the large building sent shivers down both their spines.
“This place seriously gives me the creeps” Isaac stated.
“Consider yourself lucky you’ve not been a patient here” Malia responded.
“Sorry, I forgot” Isaac apologised.
“Don’t worry, I was one of the lucky ones” Malia tried to be optimistic about her past, “Anyway, what are we waiting for? We’ve got a robbery to investigate.”
“Like TV detectives. I’m Sherlock, you’re Watson” Isaac joked.
“Exactly. Except I’m Sherlock” Malia laughed. The duo approached the front entrance, acting confident to hide their worries about the soul-crushing mental institution.

Making demands, Casey and Lydia were stood in front of Sheriff Stilinski’s desk.
“He’s been lurking at Scott’s for months, all we need to do is a quick background check. It’ll take ten minutes, max” Lydia used her best persuasive skills.
“You can’t just stroll in here and look at personal files” Stilinski was adamant.
“Aren’t you the Sheriff? You can do what you want, we’ll just be innocent bystanders” Casey winked as he spoke, putting ideas into Stilinski’s mind.
“Close the blinds” Stilinski approved, setting the plan into motion. Casey shut the blinds, and the duo stood either side of Stilinski’s chair as he fetched a large folder from his filing cabinet.
“Better pull up a chair, this might take a while” Stilinski warned.

“That’s about it, do you have any questions?” Maddie calmly stated, having assisted Scott in explaining as much about the supernatural as possible.
“OK, so do you, like, transform every full moon?” Nolan queried.
“It’s complicated but sometimes, yes. It’s about control” Scott responded.
“That’s never been my strong point. I don’t think I’d make a very good werewolf” Nolan spoke harshly of himself.
“Hey, don’t say that. Liam, he had to learn control, it took him a while but he got there eventually, and he’s amazing at it now” Scott smiled.
“I mean, I can’t even control my own life. Stupid Nolan” Nolan looked frustrated with himself.
“What’s up?” Maddie asked, politely, without sounding intrusive.
“I guess we all have our problems, but I’m sure I have more than most” Nolan was vulnerable, “I’ve been to see doctors and consultants more times than I can remember.” Maddie pulled Scott away for a private chat, just a few metres away from Nolan but out of his earshot.
“What’s he on about?” Maddie asked.
“I think he’s mentally unstable, and if he wants to become a werewolf, that’s gonna be a problem” Scott responded, slightly worried about Nolan’s fragile mind.

Just metres away, in the kitchen, Stiles and Liam were reflecting.
“I was so scared last night, I thought he was gonna hurt me” Liam confessed.
“Dude, you’re a supernatural werewolf with ultra-fast healing powers, and you’re scared of a kid giving you a bruise?” Stiles teased.
“I’m being serious, it was dark in the woods” Liam wasn’t in the mood for laughing.
“It’s alright, I get it” Stiles responded, more seriously. A few moments of silence passed, before Stiles changed topic, “I went to see Hayden yesterday.”
“You did what?” Liam was taken aback.
“She told me, about everything. About Anita” Stiles revealed. Liam was unsure of how to react. He’d not seen Hayden for months, and was feeling emotional at the mention of her name.
“Did she say anything about me?” Liam asked, keeping calm.
“She loves you” Stiles smiled, “I mean the soppiness almost made me throw up, but yeah, she loves you. She’s just worried about what you think of her.”
“How can I change that? Liam was keen to listen.
“You’ve come to the right place, I am an expert in the world of romance. I always knew Lydia would be my girlfriend and look where we are now” Stiles bragged, “You need to create a gesture, something she’ll truly appreciate. Something that can prove that you’re not phased by what she did.” Liam nodded, having been given food for thought. They were interrupted by Scott, who poked his head round the doorway.
“Guys, I think we’re out of our depths here. Nolan’s mentally unstable” Scott mentioned.
“Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out” Liam remarked.
“So we just refuse him the bite?” Stiles suggested, as if it were that easy.
“I wasn’t so keen myself, I was hoping to put him off by telling him the horrible details, but he still seems keen, thinking it’ll heal all of his problems” Scott was genuinely worried.
“I know where we can get help” Liam perked up.

“I’ve got something!” Casey exclaimed, having been trawling through a large pile of paperwork. Stilinski and Lydia gathered around him, waiting to learn more.
“He said his name was Thomas Frost, right? There’s absolutely no sign of him on his school records” Casey explained.
“Why would he lie?” Lydia wondered.
“He’s on the run isn’t he? Makes sense that he’d use a fake name” Stilinski explained.
“But that’s just it, it’s more than a fake name. There are photos of every student from the past few years, and there’s not one photo of him. It’s more than a fake name – he’s lied about pretty much everything he’s told us” Casey detailed, sounding worried.
“So a kid turns up on Scott’s doorstep, on the run, and tells him a bunch of lies to allow him to stay” Stilinski summarised.
“Meaning that everything else he’s told us should be taken with a pinch of salt” Lydia added.
“Including all this stuff about that Coleman guy” Casey was horrified.
“He’s been friendly with you, right? Did he ever say anything that you doubted?” Lydia asked Casey.
“No, not that I remember. His heartbeat didn’t jump once either” Casey replied, before his face turned sour, “I guess he was too good to be true.”

Waiting in a damp and dingy warehouse, Liam and Maddie were looking around. They’d only just arrived, and were waiting for one person in particular.
“Where is he?” Maddie was growing impatient.
“He said he’d be here. It won’t be long now” Liam re-assured her.
“Didn’t think I’d be hearing from you any time soon” came a voice from the shadows. Maddie looked around, startled, and confused as to where it was coming from. Liam looked directly ahead, as footsteps grew louder and louder. Out of the dark, Theo Raeken emerged.
“Hello Theo” Liam greeted, through gritted teeth.
“Oh come on, be a little more cheerful, it’s like a family reunion” Theo smirked, as he noticed Maddie silently watching him, “And a new face. I don’t think we’ve been introduced.”
“Maddie” she introduced herself. Theo picked up her hand, as if he were about to kiss it. However, before he managed that, Maddie slapped him. Theo stepped back in shock.
“She’s good” Theo commented.
“She’s taken” Maddie retorted.
“Look Theo, we need your help with a kid called Nolan. He wants the bite, he knows everything” Liam began to explain.
“Just give it to him, tell Scott to stop being so stingy” Theo replied flippantly.
“It’s more complex than that. Scott’s wary at the best of times, he knows the difficulties, but there’s more to Nolan. He’s mentally unstable, he admitted it himself. We need to show him it’s not right for him” Liam pleaded.
“So you came to me. Show him the very worst of werewolf-kind and he’ll be put off” Theo put two and two together.
“No” Liam responded, “You’ve been through more than most. Just talk to him.” Theo reflected for a second.
“What’s in it for me?” Theo replied.
“You wanted Scott’s trust. This is a massive step forward” Maddie responded.
“Who says I want anything from Scott?” Theo asked.
“You helped us with the ghost riders. Something tells me that wasn’t a fluke” Liam persuaded.
“Alright” Theo replied, “I’m in.”

Step by step, Malia and Isaac made their way through Eichen House. Lights were flickering on and off rapidly, and the drip-drop of water could be heard nearby. The domineering staircase glared down upon them both, but they faced their fears and headed upstairs. They stepped off the staircase on the second floor and approached the cells.
“Alright, now I get why this place scares you” Isaac admitted, “I don’t get a good vibe at all.”
“Would you expect anything more from a mental institution?” Malia queried.
“Expect? Maybe not, but I’d certainly hoped for more” Isaac reflected. They approached the mountain ash barrier, which requires a keycard for a human to pass through.
“How are we getting through that?” Isaac asked.
“We aren’t. We’ll send someone else in” Malia suggested.
“Great idea. Well, it would be, if anybody was actually around” Isaac noticed. He was right, there wasn’t another person in sight. Not even anyone unconscious on the floor.
“Something’s definitely up. Let’s keep looking” Malia decided, getting her claws out.

Sat opposite Nolan, Scott was feeling sympathetic. Nolan was silent, and hadn’t spoken since his confession about his mental illness.
“Are you alright?” Scott asked him.
“Yeah. When can I go home?” Nolan nervously asked.
“Soon, I promise. You’re not a prisoner you know, we’re your friends” Scott smiled.
“I know” Nolan nodded, “So how did you become a werewolf?”
“Well, it’s a long story. Stiles and I, well, we were being a bit too nosey for our own good” Scott reminisced.
“Hey, there’s nothing quite like trawling the woods for a dead body” Stiles interrupted.
“We got separated, it was dark, and I got bitten that night. I was alone and scared” Scott recalled.
“I think I fit that description” Nolan sounded glum.
“You’re not alone” Liam said from the doorway, “We’re worried for you, that’s all. I’ve got someone who’d like to speak to you.” He stepped aside, and Theo walked in.
“Hi Nolan” he said, as his eyes glowed a deep shade of blue.

Casey was feeling upset. He’d had his heart set on Thomas for a while now, and Thomas had even showed the tiniest of signs back, but now he was a massive fraud. He was sat outside Stilinski’s office, head in his hands. He wasn’t crying, just reflecting. Lydia came and sat next to him.
“Hey, it’s OK, there are so many guys out there. Guys that deserve you more than he does” Lydia tried to cheer him up.
“I thought he was the one, you know? I’ve never really been in love, I guess I don’t really know what it’s like. Besides, the guys I fancy all seem to be straight” Casey laughed.
“It’s alright, my ex is living in London with a man now” Lydia joined in the laughter, “Just hold it together a bit longer. We’ve got to play it cool, tell Scott and think of a plan of action.”
“Just my speciality” Casey smiled, perking up.

“Do we have any clear plan for him?” Stiles queried, wondering exactly where the Nolan situation was heading. Theo and Nolan had been left alone in the living room, while the rest of the pack congregated in the kitchen.
“I don’t know, I’ve been playing it by ear. I don’t want to bite him, but I guess it depends on Theo” Scott was concerned, because ultimately he had no idea what to do.
“Great, we’re relying on Theo Raeken of all people” Stiles was unhappy.
“He’s trying guys, let’s be optimistic” added Liam. The foursome stood in silence, anxiously waiting for the outcome.

Slowly but surely, Malia and Isaac crept down into the basement of Eichen House. There was still no sign of any staff or patients, and the silence was deafening. The basement was blocked by a wooden door, which Malia opened by digging her claws in and pulling it off its hinge, while Isaac stood back, impressed. Together they walked in, using their wolf vision to see clearer in the damp, dingy cellar. However, they didn’t get much of a chance to look around, as a loud BANG ruptured through the room. The next thing Malia knew, Isaac was lying on the floor, having been shot. She turned around, panicked, and saw a shadowed figure running off, but it was impossible to tell who it was. Malia tried to run after them, but was sent flying backwards after she ran into what felt like a brick wall. Having rebounded off the wall and onto the floor, Malia wasted no time in getting up, and she went to check the exit again. To her horror, she noticed a mountain ash barrier.
“Damn it” she shouted, before turning back to Isaac. Kneeling down at his side, she noticed the gunshot wound in Isaac’s stomach. A purple glow surrounded it, and Malia knew exactly what that meant.

“Wolfsbane” she muttered in despair.

“I assume Scott’s told you about the benefits of being a werewolf” Theo spoke softly to Nolan, something he wasn’t used to doing.
“Yeah. Enhanced senses, faster running, healing power” Nolan summarised.
“Great. They sound amazing, right?” Theo did his best to be gentle. Nolan simply nodded in reply. Theo continued, “It’s not all good though, and I’m living proof I guess.”
“Tell me” Nolan urged him.
“I’m a chimera - genetically I’m both a werewolf and a werecoyote. I’m an experiment from some mad scientists known as the Dread Doctors” Theo recalled.
“Did it hurt?” Nolan asked.
“I don’t know, I don’t remember much of it. What hurts more is the fact I’m, well, I’m a murderer” Theo was honest, and his eyes glowed blue, “Blue eyes mean you’ve taken an innocent life. I’ve taken more than I can count.” Nolan reflected for a second, without saying anything.
“I guess I can’t blame being supernatural for all of that, but it plays with your emotions, the full moon in particular. If you don’t know how to control yourself, you could take innocent lives” Theo informed Nolan, who was listening intently.
“How do I learn control?” Nolan asked.
“It takes a long time for people to learn, I’m still getting around it myself. However, you have something I don’t, and that’s Scott” Theo smiled, “But remember this, being a werewolf isn’t all good. There are evil creatures out there.”
“Just like humanity then” Nolan added. Theo nodded, knowing Nolan wasn’t wrong.

Twenty minutes had passed, and Scott was beginning to get restless. He wasn’t entirely trusting of Theo, although he had helped defeat the ghost riders and that put Scott’s mind slightly at ease. Nevertheless, he was pacing back and forth.
“Alright sweetie, I’m heading to work, I’ll be back late tonight so don’t wait up” Melissa yelled from the hallway.
“Mom” Scott shouted back, racing out of the kitchen to see her.
“What’s up honey?” Melissa replied, concerned.
“How do you cope with making tough decisions?” Scott vaguely queried.
“Scott, you’ve got a good head on those shoulders, put it to good use. Weigh up the pros and cons, trust your gut, and consider the people around you. Did you want to talk about something?” Melissa informed him.
“No, it’s alright, you get off to work” Scott kissed his mum on the cheek and headed back into the kitchen, where he was greeted by Theo.
“He’s not backing down. It’s your call” Theo stated. Scott sighed, still undecided, but wasted no time in pacing back into the living room to see Nolan.
“Nolan, this is your decision now” Scott meant business as he sat next to Nolan on the sofa, “If you want in, just say the word, but don’t forget that the bite can also kill you.”
“Scott, are you sure about this?” Maddie asked, concerned, as she, Stiles, Theo and Liam stood in the doorway.
“Yeah, I’m sure” Scott replied, thinking back to his mum’s advice.
“I want in. Please. I don’t care if I die, I can’t go on living like this. I need control” Nolan was on the verge of begging as he spoke to Scott. It had been a long, anxious morning for him, and this moment felt like a long time coming.
“Alright. Here we go” Scott transformed into his wolf form, but not without feeling concerned for the future. Ultimately, this was Nolan’s decision and not his, but he already felt a sense of responsibility. Nolan braced himself, rolling up his sleeve. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, preparing for the inevitable pain of the bite. Scott slowly moved in, baring his fangs, and slowly they sunk into Nolan’s pale arm. Nolan screamed in pain but didn’t struggle.
“Let’s go” Maddie whispered to the others, and she left the room, with Stiles and Theo in tow, to give Scott and Nolan some privacy. Liam opted to stay, and he sat the other side of Nolan, holding his hand.
“Come on, almost there” Liam encouraged him to stay strong. Scott pulled his fangs out of Nolan’s arm and immediately left the room to fetch a bandage. Nolan’s hand in Liam’s suddenly felt lifeless, as Nolan’s eyes shut.
“Nolan, are you OK? Wake up” Liam began to panic, and Scott rushed to his side with a roll of bandages in his hand.
“It’s OK, he might be out for a while, he needs to rest” Scott reassured Liam that all is good.
“I didn’t think you’d actually do it” Liam confessed.
“Neither did I, but he was struggling. You could see it in his eyes. Maybe we’ll be able to teach him control?” Scott was hopeful.
“It worked for me I guess” Liam reflected, thinking of his Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Nolan’s arm was now clean of blood, and wrapped safely in a bandage. Liam pulled a blanket over him so he could rest. The nerve-wracking wait began – Liam and Scott were terrified to find out whether Nolan would pull through, but for the sake of their consciences, they prayed he would.

Meanwhile, Melissa sat at her desk at the hospital. She tapped away at the keyboard, logging onto the system for another tedious shift. She was paying very little attention to the hustle and bustle of the hospital around her – working there for so long, she’d perfected the art of zoning out of the noise when necessary. However, she failed to notice a scruffy gentleman sneak past reception, picking up Melissa’s staff keycard on the way in, and use it to access a ‘staff only’ room. Coleman had given himself access to the security room, and using the computer system, he shut off the electrics, plunging the hospital into darkness with the only natural light coming from the moon outside. Melissa was petrified, as the computer clicked off in an instant, and panic ensued from patients and staff alike. Waiting in the wings, carefully positioned around the hospital to cover all exits, were ravenous, mentally unstable supernatural beings...

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