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Teen Wolf: Time Episode 6
"Fresh Start"

The light had gone. Lydia was confused – she’d finally reached Isaac, Daan and Stilinski, but now she was here, surrounded by nothing but the pitch black. It was the total opposite of where she was before. She’d gone from bright white light, to black nothingness all around her. She’d also gained a headache, presumably a side effect from the transition. She stood herself up, and flashes of memories began to return to her. Father Time was there. He’d banished her to another plane to stop her ruining the plan. She looked around, but there was no sign of him here. However, this was no relief. Lydia was terrified of what the darkness held for her, and she couldn’t see a way out.

Lydia gasped. Awake in her bed, she screamed louder than before…

Guest Stars:

Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Orny Adams, Seth Gilliam, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo, Michael Johnston, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Natalia Dyer, Harry Visinoni, Paige Turco, Dylan Playfair and Juanpa Zurita.

Watching on, Scott was anxious. Lydia’s body was placed standing up in front of the three bodies, motionless with her eyes shut. He wanted to speak to her, to ask if she was alright, but Deaton warned that it could complicate the process. All he could do was wait. The problem with waiting was that it was dead time, and it allowed his mind to wander. Naturally, it wandered to his next biggest problem – Maddie. She was sat just metres away, and he hadn’t wanted to talk to her since he snapped about Allison. It was still a sensitive subject for him, even several years on from her death. He knew that he couldn’t avoid Maddie forever though. He just needed to figure out what to say, and what he wanted.

Maddie was sharing similar thoughts to Scott. She so desperately wanted to seize this moment to speak to him, it’s not like they had anything better to do. Equally, there is a time and a place, and this felt like neither.

What do I have to lose? Maddie thought. She stood up and moved towards Scott, who was in the doorway to the main operations room with his back, facing away from her. She tapped him timidly on the back.

“Hey” she sheepishly said as he turned around, “Mind if I have a word?”

“I’m kinda busy” Scott responded apathetically.

“We’ll call you in if Lydia comes back” Deaton interrupted, giving Scott the option to clear his mind, “It might help to use this time for something productive.” Scott nodded, taking the advice from his trustworthy boss. Maddie led him outside the animal clinic, bracing herself for what she was about to say.

Inside the clinic, Corey was interrogating Liam. He had no idea that he and Nolan were an item, or that Liam even had the slightest interest in men. He wasn’t interested in gossiping, but nevertheless, he was keen to know more about his friend’s latest developments.

“So” Corey began, “You and Nolan, eh?”

“Sorry, I was going to tell you” Liam felt bad for not coming to him sooner.

“It’s alright” Corey laughed, “I’m happy you’re comfortable being yourself. Does Mason know?”

“Yeah, I told him a little while ago” Liam revealed, “We’ve not really told anyone else though. Until now that is.”

“What about your parents?” Corey queried.

“Mom knows as of an hour ago” Liam explained, “Dad…I don’t know. I’m unsure of how he’ll react. I’m kinda hoping mom tells him to save me the bother.”

“Fair enough. My dad took a while to accept me” Corey opened up, “He always loved me, he just…didn’t love that part of me. He’s over it now but we’re not as close as we used to be.” Liam looked worried. Corey noticed his now-solemn facial expression.

“I’m sorry. I’m sure your dad won’t be the same” Corey backtracked. Liam nodded, not sure how to reply but he appreciated the concern.

“Where is Mason anyway?” Liam asked, changing the subject.

“He stayed behind for extra study. I didn’t want to disturb him” Corey explained.

“Bet he’s gutted to be missing the action” Liam jested.

Bleak was how Isaac felt, having seen Lydia disappear in front of his eyes. That was his ray of sunshine, and within an instant, that shining hope had gone. What worried him most was that he had no idea of whether the others would even know, or if they could do anything to save both themselves and Lydia. Isaac felt control slipping away from him as his emotions overtook.

“She’s gone, that’s it. We’re done” Isaac was losing his cool. His eyes glowed yellow as he stressed himself out.

“Isaac, you need to calm down, you’re not gonna solve any problems by worrying” Stilinski tried to give him a pep talk.

“I’d say we should take cover but, well…” Daan attempted to joke. Stilinski glared at him, before turning his attention back to Isaac.

“Isaac, remember control. You need to regain control and think of your…what does Scott call it?” Stilinski’s mind went blank.
“Anchor” Daan noted.

“My anchor is anger” Isaac growled, “It’s not helping right now.” His fangs were on show as he let out an angry roar.

“In that case, out with the old and in with the new. Find a new anchor” Daan suggested.

“Think of Malia” Stilinski added, “Think of what you’ll do when you’re reunited, when we get out of here.”

“If we get out of here” Isaac was pessimistic.

“No, when. Think positive” Daan encouraged, “Come on Isaac. Keep it cool.” Isaac tried his best. He pictured Malia in his mind. He pictured sharing the bed with her, and being the little spoon to her big spoon. He pictured her shy but incredible kisses. Control was back. Isaac’s claws and fangs faded, and his temper calmed down.

“We’ve got to keep ourselves composed. I know it’s frustrating to wait, but I trust Scott implicitly” Stilinski was the voice of reason.

“What’s that over there?” Isaac changed the subject. He’d listened to what Stilinski said, but couldn’t help noticing a shining glimmer from just a couple of metres away. It wasn’t difficult to spot something that wasn’t pure white light, and it helped that it reflected off this small, shiny object. Isaac strolled over to pick it up.

“Lydia’s necklace” he identified, examining it at eye level. Isaac grinned with hope at last.

“What?” Daan queried, unsure why he was so thrilled.

“It’s a connection” Isaac explained.

Composing herself, Lydia took a moment to consider her options, and relive each step towards how she ended up in this place. It was somewhere different, so potentially another plane entirely, and she knew full well that Father Time was able to transcend his sole plane. What’s more is that she was able to travel between planes before, so she could do it again. She looked down at her hand – still holding three particular items. A photo, a bead and a wedding ring. The three very items that allowed her to make the connection in the first place. Surely, she’d be able to do it again, if she tried very hard? It was worth a shot. Lydia closed her eyes, much like the first time, and allowed her banshee self to take over.

Scott looked Maddie in the eye. He could see she was about to say something, but there was an awkward silence between them both. No matter what had happened between them, he still cared for her deeply, and he hated the animosity. One way or another, it had to stop.

“So, err” Maddie began, still formulating her sentence, “We need to talk about us. What we both want. After the other day, I…”

“I’m so sorry for that” Scott interrupted, “Emotions were running high, but that’s no excuse.” Scott’s apology was heartfelt. He wanted to make it up to Maddie, even in spite of what he knew was coming. They were still friends after all, and that was the most important thing.

“It’s alright” Maddie responded, “You loved Allison, you still do. I understand. I’ve lost people before.” Scott smiled at her understanding, but Maddie wasn’t finished yet.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about us, and what I need” she continued, as she looked into Scott’s puppy dog eyes, “I was thinking…maybe it’s best if we’re not together.”

“I was thinking the same” Scott confessed, “I care for you so much, but maybe now’s the wrong time.”

“Too right” Maddie agreed, “I’m sure you’ll find someone who cares for you deeply, Scott.”

“You too. Who could resist?” Scott laughed, “Friends?”

“Always” Maddie smiled a friendly smile, and pulled Scott in for a hug. He embraced her in the cold gentle wind, savouring the moment of calm before the inevitable storm…

Barging through the double doors at the entrance to the hospital, Joanna was on a mission. She was looking for one person and one person only. She’d already tried her house, but there was no sign. She’d heard she worked at the hospital, and it was her only shot now. Approaching the front desk, she spotted her woman.

“Hi” she greeted, catching her attention, “Melissa isn’t it?”

“Hey” Melissa responded, “You’re Liam’s mom aren’t you?”

“Joanna, nice to meet you” Joanna smiled a friendly yet tentative smile, “Mind if I have a word? It’s about our sons.”

Lydia kept wishing herself out of the dark, depressing place she had found herself in. She pictured Isaac, Daan and Stilinski, ensuring she connecting as best as she could with them. The connection had to be strong, anything less just wouldn’t work.

Doing much the same, Isaac had closed his eyes. Ignoring the serene white atmosphere of the plane he was in, he pictured Lydia, wishing her back. Every ounce of hope that he’d held onto was poured into this moment. It had to work. He saw no other route out.

Feeling a gentle breeze around her bare arms, Lydia kept her focus. She noticed the dark lack of light slowly being overcome by a brighter light. A familiar light. It had worked. Cautiously, Lydia opened her eyes, squinting thanks to the large contrast in brightness between the two locations. Adjusting her eyesight, she saw her friends directly in front of her.

“You made it” Isaac grinned.

“Now we’ve got to make it back” Lydia replied. She was still translucent to Isaac, Daan and Stilinski, she wasn’t more than an image, but her consciousness was there. That’s all she needed to guide the others home.

“Grab onto me” Lydia ordered. All three wasted no time in grabbing onto Lydia’s arm. Time was short, and Father Time could re-appear at any moment, so they had to be quick. Perhaps returning would be less simple if he banished Lydia again.

“They’ve been ages” Stiles commented. He was concerned that an hour later, nothing had changed. Lydia was still frozen in place in front of the three bodies, and there were no life signs.

“There was no indication that the process would be quick” Deaton responded, “It could take all night.”

“They say no news is good news” Theo added, “Just injecting some optimism, don’t mind me.” Almost on cue, Lydia took a gasp of breath as she opened her eyes. She was animated once again, and she immediately looked around as Stiles rushed over to see her. Slowly, Isaac, Daan and Stilinski began to sit up too. Deaton, Theo and Scott jumped to their aid, taking hold of Stilinski, Daan and Isaac respectively.

“Scott” Isaac spoke slowly, adjusting back to the world he was used to.

“Welcome back buddy” Scott smiled. He was so pleased to see Isaac back. Stiles moved his attention from Lydia, having checked she was fine, to his father. As Stilinski sat up, he found an enamoured Stiles wrapping his arms around him.

“Hey kid” Stilinski patted him on the back as they hugged, “It’s good to see ya.”

“Don’t ever do that to me again” Stiles was half-joking. He was more relieved than anything else that his dad was back. Nevertheless, his joy was short-lived, as his attention was drawn back to Lydia. From what Stiles could tell, Lydia was fine immediately after she returned. However, in the moments since, she appeared to have taken a turn for the worst. She was shaking, as if she was having an extreme allergic reaction to something.

“What’s happening?” Stiles asked, posing the question to Deaton as he stood flustered. Before Deaton could formulate a response, a white gas began seeping out of Lydia’s mouth. She stared gormlessly up at the ceiling as her mouth was gaping wide, allowing the gas to swirl out as if it were being steered. It began to circulate in the main room, much like the familiar winds that Isaac, Daan and Stilinski had felt before. In the middle of the room stood Father Time, and the fob watch was seconds away from hitting midnight.

Taking a break from the usual hustle and bustle of the hospital, Melissa had taken Joanna into one of the spare patient suites. Melissa had a feeling in her gut about what it would be about. She was now intrigued to see if she was correct.

“I assume Scott’s spoken to you about his…err…condition” Joanna was unsure of which word to use.

“You’ll have to be more specific” Melissa knew exactly what she meant, but at this stage, she wasn’t entirely certain that Joanna actually knew about what Liam and Scott are.

“He’s told you that he’s…” Joanna paused again, now lowering her voice to a whisper, “A werewolf?” Melissa breathed a sigh of relief. Her suspicions were confirmed.

“Yes” she answered simply, “Has Liam finally told you?”

“You knew about Liam? Am I literally the last one to know?” Joanna ranted, letting out her frustrations.

“If it helps, I don’t think your husband has any idea either” Melissa informed, before turning her attention back to the matter at hand, “Look sweetie, it took me a while to get used to who Scott was, but I realised that he wasn’t any different. Whether he’s a human, a werewolf, an alien from outer space, it doesn’t matter to me. He’s my son, and I adore him.”

“I’m scared of what Liam isn’t telling me” Joanna confessed, “If he’s hidden this, what else is he hiding?”

“I’m not sure it gets much more shocking than your son being a werewolf” Melissa noted, “Make sure you’re there for him. Don’t do what I did. Support him in every step, because you’ll regret it when the time comes to make a stand.”

Remaining as silent as always, Father Time simply glanced around the room. Stiles and Scott had ensured everyone else in the central room was behind them, protecting them all, particularly those who had just arrived back from the alternate plane. He swivelled his head to the doorway, where the rest of the pack were watching on. In an instant, Father Time’s hand shot out in front of him, and clenched the throat of the nearest person. Before he knew it, Casey was witnessing Archie being strangled. In his other hand, Father Time held up the fob watch. The seconds were ticking closer and closer to the 12 o’clock mark. Casey wrestled his way past the rest of the group to try and reach Archie, who was unlucky to have been at the front of the group. It could’ve been any of them in that spot. Lydia watched on, and couldn’t help her eyes being drawn to the fob watch, as if it had a great deal of importance. It was as if a lightbulb went off in her mind.

“It’s the watch!” she yelled, “That’s the key.” Isaac reacted instantly, leaping past Scott’s barrier and grabbing the fob watch out of Father Time’s wrinkled left hand. There and then, Isaac chucked it to the ground, ensuring it would receive as much damage as possible. He stomped his shoe on it for good measure, and just as he’d hoped, it was now in smithereens on the floor. Reacting instantly to this, Father Time let go of Archie’s throat. It was almost as if he’d been caught misbehaving by a teacher at school. He turned to face Isaac, but before he could react further, the gusts of wind picked up for one final time. Among the white winds, Father Time vanished, and the animal clinic was left in silence.

Perched on the doorstep outside the clinic, Scott and Lydia were enjoying some fresh air in the middle of the night. It had been a stressful time for everyone, but no-one more than Lydia.

“I don’t know if I can go on” Lydia confessed, “I feel weak. Every time I come back to Beacon Hills, something bad happens and I’m at the centre.”

“Of course you can go on” an enthusiastic Scott encouraged, “The pack would fall apart without you. You’re the brains.”

“And the beauty” Stiles interrupted, joining them and plonking himself down the other side of Lydia.

“I just wish we could have a normal holiday for once” Lydia continued.

“Since when have we ever been normal?” Scott responded.

“Speak for yourself Scotty boy” Stiles jested. Scott raised an eyebrow, contradicting Stiles’ remark.

“How’s your dad?” Scott changed the subject.

“He’s alright, I think he just needs peace and quiet at home. I think that means he wants me to stay at yours for a few days” Stiles joked, looking at Lydia.

“I better warn my mom” Lydia smiled.

“There we go, a smile at last” Stiles replied, switching the subject back, “You were amazing, just like you always are.” He leaned in for a kiss with Lydia, who reciprocated. Scott watched on, feeling a mix of emotions. Happy for his friends, but already missing having his own girlfriend to adore in that way.

As dawn approached, the pack separated. Excited to head home at last, Isaac was driven back by Malia. She pulled up outside Argent’s front door, ready to say goodbye.

“You don’t have to go home. You could always stay” Isaac suggested.

“My dad’s expecting me home” Malia replied, disappointed.

“I’m sure he won’t mind on this occasion” Isaac was a bad influence on Malia. He winked, urging her to stay the night.

“Alright” she gave in, “If he moans at me, I’ll use these.” Her claws shot out of her fingertips as if she were ready for a fight.

“You make it sound like he doesn’t approve of me” Isaac read between the lines.

“It’s not that” Malia responded, “I think he’d be the same with any other boy. Besides, I guess my other dad will approve of you at least.”

“Peter” Isaac recalled, not sounding enthused, “Do you even speak to him?”

“Not in a while. I think we only contact each other when we want something” Malia explained.

“Is that what you want?” Isaac probed.

“I don’t know. I spent years caring for myself and myself only. Now I’ve got others to look after, and I’m still learning” Malia justified. She turned her attention back to the subject at hand, “Right now, all I want is to feel the comfort of your bed.” Isaac grinned, stepping out of the car. He grabbed Malia’s hand and led her to the doorway. Before he could turn the key in the lock and open the door, the door sprang open. Argent stood in the doorway, as if he’d been waiting on tenterhooks for their return. Without saying a word, Argent opened his arms wide. Isaac went in for a hug. They grabbed each other tightly, still retaining their masculinity but not afraid of showing their obvious bond.

“Good to have you back kid” Argent simply stated.

“Nice to see you boss” Isaac responded.

Having arrived home already, Archie and Casey were sat upstairs in the latter’s bedroom. They were perched on the end of Casey’s bed, contemplating the events of earlier.

“This is your life?” Archie queried, sounding disapproving.

“Not always. But yeah, I guess it’s a pretty big part” Casey replied.

“I don’t know how you do it. I’m beginning to think you’re insane” Archie had a tone of despair in his voice. He was torn between two options – Casey, or a quiet life. However, maybe there was a chance he could have both. Casey had no response to what he’d just said, and he sat awkwardly in silence instead.

“Why don’t you come and stay at my house? You know, when we’re not at college” Archie suggested. He thought he might as well try to do Casey a favour and lure him away from the dangers at Beacon Hills.

“This is my home, I can’t go swanning off to England” Casey responded.

“You know what they say. Home is where the heart is” Archie nudged. It had certainly given Casey some food for thought.

Nine days later: New Year’s Eve.

“Oh come on, it’ll be fun!” Maddie nagged.

“Absolutely not, I’d rather gauge my eyeballs out” Isaac complained. Maddie was tugging on his arm, begging him to join her on a night out in town. It was New Year’s Eve, and Maddie wanted to celebrate in style. Specifically, she wanted a hot guy to share a new year kiss with at exactly midnight.

“Do you have any better plans?” Maddie fought her case.

“Malia and I were planning to…err….” Isaac tailed off. He had no plans. Malia was indeed coming round, but they had nothing lined up.

“Text her and tell us to meet us there” Maddie ordered. Isaac gave in. He could make an excuse after an hour if he wanted to. Maddie was a close friend after all, and they hadn’t spent quality time together for a while. Isaac distracted himself as he noticed Casey trying to sneak out of the house. Suspiciously, he was carrying a suitcase.

“Going somewhere?” Isaac queried.

“I hate goodbyes. I didn’t want to put you through it” Casey justified, walking towards Isaac.

“Please tell me you’ve not faked your own death again” Maddie butted in. Casey laughed, seeing the funny side.

“Archie’s asked me to stay with him during the holidays. You know he’s only here to study, his parents are at home in England, right? He wants me to live with him there” Casey explained, “And I’ve said yes.”

“What about all of us?” Isaac’s mood dropped. He was gutted at the thought of losing such a close friend all over again.
“You’ll always be my friends” Casey replied sincerely, “We’ll always have our memories. Besides, you can’t escape me that easily. Don’t forget the group chat.” Maddie laughed, but Isaac wasn’t in the mood for jokes.

“Goodbye guys” Casey gave a friendly smile. He was about to turn around and walk off, but Maddie launched herself on him, giving him a warm hug. Isaac watched for a second, until Maddie signalled for him to join too.

Meanwhile, Lydia had given Liam the keys to the lake house for the evening, much to her mother's disapproval. It was the night of the full moon, and while he was proud of the progress Nolan had made with Scott, Liam wasn’t taking any chances. Nolan was chained up in the basement, while Mason, Corey, Daan and Cody chilled upstairs.

“I was thinking you might like this” Mason mentioned to Corey as they sat on the sofa, chilling to a playlist from Mason’s phone attached to the speakers. He took something out of his pocket. To Corey’s delight, it was a key.

“You got him a car?” Daan interrupted. Cody elbowed him, knowing exactly what it was.

“It’s my front door key. I figured you’d be needing it” Mason smiled, dropping it into Corey’s hand. Corey felt quite excited inside – this was a milestone of sorts in their relationship. Coincidentally, he had a key to give to Mason too. He took it out of his pocket and placed it in Mason’s palm.
“What a coincidence. I can’t take the credit, Cody said I should give you a key” Corey confessed.

“He told me the same” Mason became suspicious. They both glanced at Cody.

“Oh come on you guys, if Daan and I have each other’s front door keys then yours are long overdue” Cody protested. Corey smiled, delighted that Cody had looked out for him.

Downstairs, Liam had finished chaining Nolan up. It wasn’t a task he enjoyed, and he hoped it wouldn’t have to happen for much longer, but it was necessary nonetheless.

“Come on, I’ve learnt control now” Nolan argued.

“We’ll put it to the test then” Liam responded, sitting himself down on the floor in front of Nolan. They sat opposite each other, eye-to-eye.

“This is gonna be our year, isn’t it?” Nolan made conversation.

“It sure is” Liam grinned.

Casey arrived at Scott’s house. It’s where he told Archie to meet him, and where they’d asked the taxi driver to pick them up from. Casey wanted the chance to say one last goodbye. He and Scott were sat outside, just down the road on the bench where Casey had his first proper chat with Thomas several months back.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Scott asked, keeping Casey’s best intentions as his top priority.

“I’m positive. I need a fresh start. Almost losing Archie gave me some perspective. I’ve had a pretty terrible love life, just look at Thomas” Casey laughed as he reminisced, “But Archie cares for me, and I care for him too. I want to make this work.” Scott nodded, and held out his hand. Casey’s hand met Scott’s and they firmly shook, before embracing in a quick hug as Archie approached.

“There you are” Archie greeted in his chirpy Manchester accent, “Taxi’s on its way, I saw it down the road.”

“I guess this is it then” Casey stood up, bracing himself, “A fresh start.” Casey smiled at Scott as the taxi parked in front of the bench. Casey and Archie both climbed in, and within a few seconds, they had gone. Scott watched on as the taxi faded out of his eyeline. Breaking the quiet moment of reflection, Scott’s phone buzzed. It was a text from Isaac. “Club tonight, be there.”

Sure enough, the club was packed solid. Scott arrived through the front door and immediately saw a bunch of familiar faces who were current or ex-students of Beacon Hills High.

“McCall!” a very familiar voice yelled. Scott looked to his right and saw Coach approaching him from the direction of the bar, “How’s college?”

“It’s good Coach” Scott responded, “Happy New Year.”

“It would be if I didn’t have to stay on the orange juice” Coach responded. Scott awkwardly laughed before continuing his mission to find his friends. Finally, he saw Isaac stood awkwardly in the corner. He approached and stood next to him.

“She roped me into it, I promise” Isaac said, pointing at Maddie. She was grinding against a man who must have been a similar age to her. He had short dark hair with luscious looking curls, and a fine physique on show through his plain white t-shirt.

“As long as she’s having fun” Scott smiled. Malia, Stiles and Lydia arrived with drinks from the bar.

“What do we do now?” Isaac questioned, sipping from his pint glass.

“Let’s make the most of it. Party like it’s one of my birthday extravaganzas” Lydia answered, leading Stiles into the middle of the dancefloor to groove to the extremely loud EDM music playing.

“Wanna join them?” Malia said to Isaac.

“No, I don’t think…” Isaac tailed off as Malia dragged him to the dancefloor too. Scott watched on as his friends let their hair down and enjoyed themselves. He may not have a partner himself, but there was no better reward than seeing people he loved having a good time. He checked his phone – 23:59.

Nolan was beginning to feel the effect of the full moon. Its peak time was approaching, and he felt the intensity building up inside his body. His eyes were glowing a bright yellow, and he had shifted into his werewolf form.

“Remember your anchor” Liam reminded him. Nolan thought of Liam, and the things he liked about him. Just like Scott said – the reasons that he fell in love in the first place. The reasons why Liam always calmed him down if he was angry. Liam’s kindness, thoughtfulness and acceptance. Nolan felt himself regaining control, and sure enough, he felt more at ease. He focused again on Liam’s face, sat directly in front of him.

“You did it” Liam replied. He was right – there was no sign of the wolf in Nolan any longer, “Just in time too, 30 seconds to go.”

In the club, the music had stopped for the countdown. The DJ led the way as the countdown approached its conclusion.

“10…9…” he shouted as everybody in the club joined in. Maddie gazed into her dance partner’s eyes as he held her in his arms. Stiles had Lydia firmly in his arms too as they both continued counting down.

“8…7…6…” Isaac was thrilled that the music had stopped and finally they were doing what they’d came to do. He and Malia were seeing the new year in together, and it was a feeling that made both of them delighted.

“5…4…3…” Liam counted down for everyone at the lake house. He and Nolan had re-joined the group, all of them with a glass of alcohol in hand ready to toast.

“2…1…” Scott watched on, not taking part in the countdown but anticipating the start of a new year. Yes, he was single, but he thought of everything he had planned for 2018. College was going well, and he was never too far away from some form of excitement in life.

“Happy New Year!” the DJ yelled, as the music resumed in the club. Maddie wasted no time in snogging the perfect lips of her dancing partner, setting free all of her inhibitions in that moment. Malia and Isaac had done much the same, as Isaac felt more at ease than he had all evening. While they had shared a kiss at midnight, Stiles and Lydia then went back to join a noticeably lonely Scott in the corner.

“Happy New Year dude” Stiles grinned as he approached.

“Happy New Year” Scott responded, “A fresh start.”

Exactly at midnight, the latest article of the Beacon Hills High newsletter was made available. Frankie Hartman sat at his desk at home, admiring the work he had just finished. He’d spent the past week perfecting the article, and finally it was at the standard he’d hoped for. The headline was punchy and catchy – “Time’s Up!” – and the content was more than gripping. After all, he now had proof that supernatural beings existed, and they gathered at the animal clinic with a suspicious veterinarian. Everyone had to know about this, backed up with the proof of his mobile phone camera. Scott hadn’t even noticed Frankie watching on as Lydia’s séance took place. Now he had everything he needed. First the school would know. Then, the world.

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