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Teen Wolf: Hideaway Episode 6

Panting and sweating, Scott led the group out of the hospital. Thomas was close behind, while Melissa brought up the rear, ushering her co-workers out of the hospital. The fire alarm was ringing, and finally, the hospital was returning to its usual state. The volume level was increasing, and if Scott focused his hearing enough, he could hear the pitter-patter of feet as the rest of the hospital escaped from the clutches of Coleman and his gang of hooligans.

“Who are all of these werewolves?” Scott asked, referring to Coleman’s back-up.

“The closed unit of Eichen House, he broke them all out” Thomas replied.

“Isaac and Malia are there, I need to warn them” Scott panicked, unaware of Isaac and Malia’s own predicament. Before he could make a move, a large car drove past and parked up beside Scott.

“Hold it right there!” a furious Argent shouted. He took a gun out of his pocket and pointed it in the direction of Thomas’ head.

“What are you doing?” Scott was totally confused by Argent’s actions.

“He’s a traitor, Scott” Argent replied, gun in position. Without thinking, Argent’s finger tightened on the trigger, and with an ear-piercing BANG, the gun was fired...

Also starring Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Ryan Kelley, Khylin Rhambo, Victoria Moroles, Michael Johnston, Aramis Knight, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Richard Harmon and Nargis Fakhri.

“I’m not coming back. You need to leave me alone” Nolan pleaded. He was shaking, and terrified, sat in the middle of the lacrosse pitch.
“I swore I’d look after you, and I’m not leaving you alone” Liam responded, refusing to give up.
“You think I’m weird anyway, I saw the look on your face in the woods the other night. You’re better off without me” Nolan vented his concerns.
“Look” Liam began to explain, “I wasn’t judging you. I was taken aback, I won’t lie, but everything I said to you before was genuine. You’re my friend, and friends don’t give up on each other. I won’t give up on you, Nolan.” Nolan simply smiled back, calming himself down. Meanwhile, Casey was stood watching, just metres away. He was awestruck by the relationship between Liam and Nolan, and the protection Liam offered.
“Let’s go” Liam said, walking up to Casey. No response came, as Casey was too lost in his thoughts, “Casey?”
“Huh?” Casey replied, snapping out of it.
“Let’s go” Liam repeated.
“Where?” Casey asked, having not paid attention to any of the last 30 seconds of conversation.
“I’ve got a plan” Liam answered, “Trust me.” Casey nodded, and followed Liam and Nolan a couple of steps behind.

With little more than a clink, a purple-tinged bullet dropped to the dirty dungeon floor of Eichen House. Ducking on the floor, Malia slowly stood up, followed by Maddie and Lydia. Stood in front of them was Parrish, simmering down from his full hellhound state. The bullet had bounced off him with little issue, but the problem wasn’t over. At the top of the stairs, the nurse was still in position.
“Wanna try again? I’ve got plenty more where that came from” Parrish goaded her.
“I’ll save my ammo, but don’t think I’m out of tricks” she replied. Parrish walked up to the top of the stairs to speak to her.
“What’s your name?” he interrogated.
“That doesn’t matter. This isn’t over, Deputy. You and your little school kid friends aren’t safe” she threatened, before turning around and walking away. Parrish considered following her, but thought better of it and decided to use this reprieve as a chance to escape and regroup with Scott.
“Come on, let’s get him up” Parrish ordered, referring to Isaac, who was slumped on the floor unconscious while the events were ongoing.
“Where’s she gone?” Maddie asked, concerned.
“I don’t know, but we need to get out of here, and fast” Parrish responded, keeping guard while the girls helped Isaac up the stairs.

Confused and panic-stricken, Stiles was fixated on the beast that stood in front of him.
“So Stiles, what’s your decision?” the creature that once made up Coleman growled.
“I...I don’t know, I’m sorry, but you can’t expect me to make a decision like that on the spot” Stiles stood his ground.
“You’ll have to hurry. On my signal, I can have your father’s throat torn out, or your friend slaughtered one by one” Coleman threatened.
“You’re bluffing” Stiles said, not confident of his own words.
“You think? Do you wanna put that to the test?” Coleman continued.
“Alright” Stiles gave in, “I’ll take you to Scott. But on one condition – you let us help you out.”

“What the hell have you done?” Scott yelled. He was kneeled on the floor, next to Thomas’ body. His hands were placed over his stomach, from which blood was pouring out thanks to a gunshot wound.
“I...I...” Argent was lost for words. The gun was on the floor, having dropped out of his hands. His hands themselves were shaking, 
“We need to get him some medical attention” Melissa noted, knelt down the other side of Thomas.
“Deaton can help” Scott interjected.
“Scott, he’s a vet, we need to get him to a proper doctor” Melissa responded.
“No mom, look at the purple around the wound. That’s wolfsbane. Deaton can help him, I promise, then he can start healing” Scott insisted.
“Alright. Argent, get your car ready. Now!” Melissa ordered. Argent picked up the gun from the floor, and proceeded to follow Melissa’s instructions. Scott’s heart was racing as he tried to pick up Thomas, who was barely awake.
“Come on dude, stay with me” Scott spoke to Thomas. All that was on his mind right now was keeping him alive. Any of his previous doubts about Thomas’ identity wasn’t important in that moment and Scott’s number one instinct of keeping his friends alive kicked in.

As the noise level began to rise in Liam’s front room thanks to the arrival of Mason and Corey, A crisis talk had been called by Casey, to help Nolan out, and despite their grievances with Nolan, both lads were keen to help out. Liam had also left a message on Hayden’s answerphone but wasn’t prepared for her to show up. Meanwhile, Casey was speaking separately to Daan and Cody, who had also been invited.
“You know what you saw from Liam the other night?” Casey began, preparing to tell them the news. The duo nervously nodded, almost in sync with each other.
“What you saw was all real, werewolves exist” he continued, showing his claws, “Nolan asked for the bite that transforms you, and, well, he’s changed a bit since you last saw him, let’s put it that way.”
“So he’s a werewolf now?” Daan asked for clarity.
“Yeah, but please don’t go shouting this from the rooftops, we really don’t need all of Beacon Hills knowing about this” Casey added.
“Cool” Daan replied, fascinated and not remotely bothered by the whole situation. Cody was less relaxed.
“Is he dangerous?” Cody queried.
“That’s what this session’s about. We need to teach him control, and you’re his friends, right? We need you two to be his anchors. An anchor keeps you human, without an anchor you’d be a wild animal running through the forest” Casey explained.
“Alright” Cody smiled, ready to get to work. The trio sat down in the living room, on a sofa opposite Mason and Corey. Liam stood at the head of the room, with Nolan perched in a chair next to him. Casey gave Liam a thumbs up, signalling that Daan and Cody took it well and it was time to begin.
“Hi guys, thanks for coming” Liam wasted no time in starting the session, “We’re here for Nolan today, as his friends, to help him get to grips with who he is.”
“Can I see your claws?” Daan interjected, not grasping the seriousness of the situation.
“A time and a place” Casey replied.
“Nolan’s struggling to grasp control so far, and it was the same for me when I first became a werewolf. The first thing I did was find an anchor, something I can hang onto, that I love, that I want to keep me human” Liam explained.
“I don’t have anyone” Nolan responded, bluntly.
“You’re always hanging around with Daan and Cody, why not use them?” Mason suggested.
“I guess” Nolan seemed unfazed. The group were interrupted by a knock at the door.
“I’ll get it. Take five everybody” Liam spoke, before rushing off to the front door. He clicked it open, and to his amazement, he saw Hayden stood in front of him. She was smiling, and Liam’s grin in return was like that of a Cheshire cat.

“He’s not here?” Coleman commented. He and Stiles were stood in Scott’s living room, without a single person in sight. Coleman had shifted back to his human form, but Stiles felt no more comfortable alongside him.
“He’s kinda got a lot on his hands” Stiles remarked.
“Look geek boy, you’ll have even more on your hands if you don’t take me to Scott. You better find him, and quick. Don’t forget our side of the deal” Coleman threatened. Sure enough, he’d agreed to Stiles’ proposal offering help, but Stiles opted to keep Coleman at arm’s length nevertheless.
“Alright, I’ve got a couple more ideas” Stiles reluctantly admitted.

Scott was actually at the animal clinic. He and Melissa heaved a still-unconscious Thomas onto the central table, while Deaton immediately sprang into action. Argent slumped in behind them, still in shock over his own actions. It had been an awkward car journey, with Melissa driving while Scott tended to Thomas in the back seat. Argent sat in the passenger seat, too shaken to drive safely. Melissa refused to speak to him, unsure of the right words to use.
“He’s been shot with wolfsbane” Melissa explained to Deaton. Scott glared at Argent, stood behind him in the doorway. He was filled with anger just by looking at him, and was baffled as to how someone so intelligent could make such a thoughtless move.
“Alright, Scott” Deaton tried to call Scott’s attention, but Scott was still looking behind, “Scott!” Deaton called again.
“Huh?” Scott’s head spun round, having zoned back into the room.
“I need you to look in the bottom draw over there” Deaton pointed, “Get me my flame torch, quickly.” Scott wasted no time, rushing to the draw, but his attention wasn’t focused for long as the surgery became very crowded all of a sudden.
“We need help, urgently” Malia intruded, helping assist a barely conscious Isaac into the surgery with Maddie.

Sat awkwardly in Liam’s living room, Casey was finding it hard to focus. His mind was working overtime, considering the Thomas situation and every emotion he’s experienced since finding out Thomas was a fraud. He closed his eyes, trying to focus, and out of nowhere, a lightbulb moment came to Casey.
“I’ve got it” Casey exclaimed, breaking the silence from the rest of the group.
“Are you alright dude?” Daan asked, unsure of what Casey was on about.
“I need to get to Thomas. Now” he stated, making his way to the front door.
“Wait, I just got a message from Lydia. They’re at the animal hospital, Isaac and Thomas are badly hurt” Corey shouted. Casey felt a sense of dread in his stomach, but nevertheless, he stormed out of the door in pursuit of his answers. Nolan followed sheepishly behind, not wanting to be left out.
“You don’t need to come” Casey retorted, as soon as he saw Nolan behind him.
“I’m part of this now, you can’t exclude me” Nolan replied confidently.
“Alright. Thomas mentioned this guy, Coleman, he’s been causing trouble all round Beacon Hills, and based on what Thomas told me, I think I can find out a way to stop him” Casey explained, feeling energised.

“What are you doing here?” Liam asked Hayden. They were stood opposite one another in Liam’s kitchen, separated from the rest of the group.
“I had to see you. I’m so sorry, I’ve been so stupid” Hayden began to cry, tears slipping down her cheeks like mini waterfalls.
“It’s alright” Liam comforted her, bringing her in for a calming hug, “I know it’s been hard coping with what happened at the hospital, but I meant what I said. I’m not going anywhere.”
“I love you Liam Dunbar” Hayden smiled.
“I love you too” Liam grinned back, leaning in to kiss Hayden for the first time in too long. They were interrupted however by Mason, who rushed into the kitchen to pass on some news.
“Nolan just ran out of the house after Casey” Mason announced, “They’ve gone to the animal clinic, Isaac and Thomas are in trouble.”
“I better get down there. Are you alright here?” Liam looked at Hayden.
“Sure, I’ll be waiting when you get back” Hayden responded. Liam took one last look at Hayden, before dashing off to help his friends.

Panic levels were rising in the animal clinic as Deaton’s usual calm nature was being tested. He had two barely conscious werewolves lying on his operating table, with the same life-threatening injury, and no indication of how long they may survive.
“Come on Doc, do something!” Maddie urged a flustered Deaton.
“I’m worried, and I think you need to prepare yourself for the worst, all of you” Deaton began to explain, “I can save both of them, but it’s a question of how long they’ll survive in the meantime.”
“Don’t waste any time, get going” Scott rushed Deaton as calmly as he could, encouraging his boss.
“Isaac” Thomas murmured. He could barely speak, but was forcing the words out as best as he could, “Save Isaac.”
“Where’s Thomas?” Casey came rushing in, making the already crowded animal clinic even busier than it already was. He looked at the operating table and saw Thomas lying there, barely awake and drifting in and out of consciousness.
“Hey, what happened?” Casey lowered his voice, speaking gently, “Look, I know it’s not the right time, but I need to ask. How did Coleman lose his alpha status?”
“He never really went into much detail” Thomas croaked, speaking slowly, “I know it involved a massive fire. Arson, in fact. He said his power was taken from him.”
“So what was the problem?” Scott pondered, listening intently.
“Humans face irrational fears. Mine was always fire, and someone took advantage of that” came an unfamiliar voice from the lobby. Casey stepped out of the operating room, and Stiles stood next to a scruffy man in ripped clothing.
“He’s here to get help, I promise” Stiles tried justifying himself.
“He’s Coleman, isn’t he?” Casey asked, immediately feeling himself fill with rage, “The guy who killed Thomas’ parents?”
“Listen, we’ll deal with that later on, but right now, we’ve got a serious problem, and he needs your help.” Stiles pleaded.
“I don’t mean to intrude, but could I ask you all to wait outside? I need to concentrate, this is a very complicated procedure and the slightest distraction could prove fatal” Deaton requested, of the large crowd around him. Casey ushered Stiles and Coleman outside, where they can continue their chat. He was interested in how he could help but nevertheless, he knew he had to keep Coleman at arm’s length.

Inside the operating room, Deaton had been left alone with only a small crowd. Thomas and Isaac were still side-by-side, half naked so Deaton could access their wounds. Malia stood to Isaac’s right, holding his hand.
“When we get out of here, you’re gonna have to take me out for some retail therapy” Malia commented.
“Since when have you been interested in shopping?” Isaac spoke slowly.
“Hanging out with Lydia and Maddie does things to you” Malia laughed, before confessing, “I don’t know what I’d do if you didn’t make it.”
“You don’t have to worry” Isaac smiled, as Deaton approached him.
“Isaac, this will hurt for a few minutes, but it’s the only way to remove the wolfsbane” Deaton explained. Isaac nodded, before Deaton turned on his flame torch. The blue flame was incredibly hot, and Isaac felt it even from a few centimetres away. His eyes were shut, preparing for the pain to come, and sure enough, when it hit, he yelled in agony. Thomas was lying next to him, not making a sound. He was still conscious, barely, but his eyes were shut, struggling with his own pain. Nolan stood just a few centimetres away, as Liam arrived behind him, panting and out of breath.
“I was worried” Liam said sincerely, skipping any form of greeting.
“I’m sorry. I just wanted to help” Nolan responded.
“I’ll tell you what. Lesson number one, the best way you can help anyone” Liam spoke softly, contrasting with the loud shrieks coming from Isaac’s mouth. He picked up Nolan’s arm, and placed his hand gently on Thomas’. All of a sudden, to Nolan’s amazement, Thomas’ arms began to display black veins of blood, as he felt a tingling sensation.
“What am I doing?” Nolan curiously queried.
“You’re taking his pain away. You see, we’re not all monsters, we can do good things too” Liam explained. A tear fled down Nolan’s cheek, as the emotion hit him like a tonne of bricks. He was in awe of this revelation, and for the first time in a long time, he felt comfortable in himself.

Now sat on a bench several metres down the road from the animal surgery, Melissa had taken Argent for a breath of fresh air.
“What if he dies, Melissa?” Argent worried.
“Deaton’s got it under control” Melissa calmed him, “I know it was an accident.”
“I could have killed him” Argent cried. Melissa wasn’t used to Argent crying, it was a sight she hadn’t seen before from a man who usually kept himself composed.
“It’s alright” she said, pulling him closer.

“Are you insane?” Lydia scolded Stiles.
“I didn’t really have much of a choice” Stiles retaliated, defending his stance.
“What do you want help with?” Casey questioned Coleman. They were all stood outside the animal surgery, a large group all centred around Coleman. Scott, Lydia, Stiles. Maddie and Parrish all watched on as Casey interrogated the mysterious werewolf. Coleman didn’t give an answer to Casey’s question, so Stiles chirped up.
“I saw him at the hospital, he transformed in a way I’d never seen before. His whole body shifted into a giant creature, fur and everything. It was like nothing I’d seen before” Stiles explained.
“And I can’t control it” Coleman piped up, “My body’s been behaving strangely ever since I lost my alpha status.”
“Maybe Deaton can help? He’s seen all kinds of weird phenomena before” Lydia suggested.
“Why should we trust him?” Casey was unusually sceptical over Coleman.
“We’ve got to help, it’s what we do” Scott spoke directly to Casey.
“I know how it feels to lose your alpha status. You feel small, and weak, and like you can’t help in any way. The thing that separates me and him is how far we’d go, and we know he’s already killed people. Where will he stop?” Casey vented.
“You fool” Coleman laughed, while everyone else stared on in confusion, “I didn’t kill Thomas’ parents. They’re alive and well.”
“He lied?” Casey was baffled.
“Yeah, he followed every word I said, including infiltrating your pack. I mean, you never know, they might end up dead soon, but that very much depends on him. And now it depends on you, Scott McCall” Coleman’s demeanour turned from a helpless bystander to an evil, plotting creature, on the lookout for nothing but revenge.
“Why me? What have I ever done to you?” Scott asked.
“Oh, don’t act all innocent. Everybody knows about Scott McCall, the true alpha. I can’t take your status, but there’s a hell of a load of friends you have, and even the humans aren’t immune to a little power boost” Coleman was sinister in his tone, meaning every word he said. The pack all shared a common feeling of dread and horror, as Coleman shifted right in front of them. His body expanded to double its usual size, and fur spouted out across his skin. His face was a bizarre combination of both human and wolf, with fangs larger than any ever seen before.
“Hey, big boy” Casey yelled. Nobody had noticed Casey slipping off to Argent’s car a few metres away, but from the boot, he took out a large jug of petrol, “Take a swig of this.” Without hesitation, Casey lobbed the jug through the air, and into Scott’s arms. Scott unfastened the lid, and chucked the liquid all over the beast that used to be Coleman.
“Is that all you got?” Coleman taunted.
“I think you forgot one key factor” Parrish retorted, before an orange glow began to form around him, “Everybody take cover.” The pack split up, all finding a hiding place several metres away. The deputy became the hellhound once again, and without hesitation, he breathed a flame right onto Coleman’s petrol-soaked body. In the blink of an eye, the fiend went up in smoke, blasting Parrish back against a nearby wall.

Those in the surgery heard the bang nice and clear, as the glass on the front door to the surgery shattered. Deaton had finished operating on Isaac, who was now asleep, and was preparing the flame for Thomas.
“What the hell was that?” Malia asked.
“I’ll check” Liam said, leaping to action. Nolan was about to follow, but before he left, he noticed Thomas’ eyes were shut and he was totally motionless.
“Um, Doc” Nolan sheepishly said, “I think he’s dead.” Nolan was unsure of how to react in this situation, but he knew he felt an immense feeling of sadness looking at Thomas’ pale face. Deaton rushed to action, checking Thomas’ pulse.
“I’m so sorry. Looks like we weren’t quick enough. He gave his life to save Isaac” Deaton announced.

Exiting the surgery, Liam saw nothing but a cloud of smoke. He used his hand to waft it away, in order to improve his vision.
“Scott?” he yelled, hoping for a reply.
“Over here” came the response. Scott was coughing loudly, but he and Maddie emerged from behind the bins. The pack slowly regrouped, as Stiles and Lydia popped up from behind Argent’s car, and Parrish stood up from against the wall. Casey was the last to be found – he was stood over the scorched remains of Coleman. Very little of him was intact, but despite all that went on, Casey felt a sense of remorse. All of a sudden, he remembered.
“Thomas” he exclaimed, before running inside. He opened the surgery door, and pelted into the operating room. Nolan, Deaton and Malia all looked up at him, with the same sense of remorse.
“No, he can’t be” Casey immediately knew what this meant, and he looked at Thomas’ lifeless body. He tried to stop the tears from streaming down, but his attempts were futile.
“I never got to tell him his parents were still alive” Casey said over his crying. Nolan looked on, feeling sympathetic, while Malia rested her head on Isaac’s body, relieved he survived.

Just the next day, Isaac and Malia were sat at the Beacon Hills lookout point. Isaac’s injury had healed at the usual pace – now the wolfsbane was removed, there was nothing hindering his usual supernatural powers. They’d brought a picnic, complete with a bottle of wine, to enjoy together.
“I kinda thought it’d be a restaurant meal but this’ll do” Malia commented.
“You’re always saying how much you’re at one with nature, sorry for giving you what you like. Girls are always so awkward” Isaac moaned.
“Doesn’t mean I don’t value the finer things in life. So what? I can be materialistic too” Malia bickered with Isaac, “This is a nice view though.” Isaac laughed, and leaned in to kiss Malia.

“You were so brave today” Lydia smiled, sat alone with Stiles in his jeep.
“Yeah, I was, wasn’t I?” Stiles grinned, like the cat that got the cream.
“You better drive me home, I need to finish packing” Lydia requested.
“Packing? You going on holiday?” Stiles queried, confused.
“Have you totally forgotten that we’re leaving for college tomorrow?” Lydia answered as if Stiles were stupid.
“Oh my god, I actually forgot. Starting as I mean to go on” Stiles laughed, before pressing down on the pedals of the jeep and driving off.

Sat in Thomas’ room at Scott’s house, Casey was packing his belongings into a box. He saw a photo on his bedside table of Thomas and his mother, and decided to keep it in his pocket. He knew he wanted to track down Thomas’ parents, but he’d have to entrust Liam with the responsibility while he was away at college. Casey felt overwhelmed with emotion as he found Thomas’ favourite jacket. He took a sniff, and it still smelt distinctively like Thomas, or more specifically, Thomas’ aftershave. Emotional though he was, Casey felt proud of himself, because although he’d lost a friend, he’d also come up with the plan to defeat Coleman, and that was no mean feat. Finally, he’d found his place in the pack.

“Have you got everything?” Melissa asked, poking her head around Scott’s bedroom door.
“I think so. I told you, I’ve got it covered” Scott wasn’t a fan of his mum’s nagging.
“I’m sorry, I know you do. You were amazing today” Melissa smiled, feeling proud. She took a seat on the edge of Scott’s bed, to his left.
“I couldn’t save everyone. And it’s not over, the woman who shot Isaac is still out there” Scott reflected, feeling down on himself.
“Liam’s got things under control while you’re gone. If she shows up, you can trust him” Melissa reminded.
“He’s already got his hands full with Nolan’s first full moon tonight” Scott remembered, “What’s the situation with you and Argent now?”
“What he did was an accident. Nobody feels more remorse than he does right now. You can’t hold a grudge against him forever, he’s only human” Melissa tried to present a different point of view.
“That’s just the problem I guess. He’s human and Thomas wasn’t” Scott jumped to a conclusion.
“Hey, the hunting days are behind him, don’t forget that” Melissa warned.
“Sorry. Maybe I’ll feel better when I get back”
“I’m sure you will honey. Ah, how will I cope without a messy teenager around the house?” Melissa joked.
“Don’t get too used to it” Scott laughed.
“Hey” came a soft voice from the doorway. Scott looked up, and saw the beautiful sight of Maddie arriving.
“Hey, come in” Scott replied, his face lighting up when he saw her. Maddie sat on the opposite side of Scott, on his right. Scott put his arms around both Melissa and Maddie.
“I’ll miss my two favourite girls” he commented, embracing them in a group hug.

“Hey, you can’t chain me up like this” Nolan yelled, as he sat uncomfortably on the floor of Liam’s bedroom.
“Trust me, the alternative’s worse” Liam responded, fastening the handcuffs attached to Nolan’s wrist to the radiator.
“Is this gonna happen every full moon? Do you tie yourself to the radiator too?” Nolan asked, inquisitively.
“Not quite. You’ve got a lot to learn, and this is where it starts. Just remember this – at all times, remember this” Liam explained, before reciting, “Three things that can never be hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.” Nolan looked at him, considering what it meant, but before he could come to a conclusion, his eyes burst into a bright yellow, and his fangs became visible.
“Repeat it” Liam ordered. “Three things that can never be hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.” Nolan said it, over and over again, as Liam fought to teach him the basics of control. He knew he had a long night ahead of him, but it was worthwhile and every step taken was helping Nolan become a better person. Liam felt a huge sense of pride over Nolan, and would stop at nothing to protect him.

Later that night, at the hospital, a nurse arrived. In her back pocket, a gun loaded with wolfsbane bullets was in place, and her auburn hair drooped halfway down her back.
“Everyone at Eichen House is so sorry for the trouble earlier on. We’ve rounded up all of the patients now and we’re looking into the issue to figure out what caused the blackout in the first place” she explained to the senior doctor.
“No worries Mrs. Frost, thank you for your co-operation with us” the doctor replied, before heading into his office. Mrs. Frost headed towards the elevator, and made her way down to the morgue. Nobody monitored the morgue, for obvious reasons, so this allowed for an easy route in without anyone batting an eyelid. She opened one of the drawers, sliding out Thomas’ dead body, paler than ever with the gunshot wound still visible.
“Don’t worry my love. I’ll avenge your death. You always were a mommy’s boy” she commented, before sliding the draw back in and closing it up.

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