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Teen Wolf: Sabotage Episode 8

An ear-splitting sound rocked Beacon Hills that evening. The sound of a roar from an impossible creature. Something that shouldn’t exist but does. And it will cause chaos. It created itself, murdering innocent supernatural creatures to steal their power and energy. It conned and deceived others to let itself into existence. Now it was free in Beacon Hills, escaping the warehouse in which it grew up. Those who met it were driven to new extremes. Burglary, deception and even manslaughter, just to find out more about it. A human teenage boy on first glance, but a werehyena with more power than he’s used to deep down.

This was the abomination.

Also starring Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Ryan Kelley, Victoria Moroles, Michael Johnston, Cody Saintgnue, Devin Druid, Marie Avgeropoulos, Chase Ellison, Austin Butler and Aramis Knight.

“What was that?” Isaac asked, worried as a dark figure rushed out of the main entrance. He, Liam, Malia and Brett were still surrounded by a circle of mountain ash and unable to escape, after trying and failing to act as a distraction.
“I hope the others are OK” Malia pondered.
“I hope Hayden’s OK” Liam added, worried about his girlfriend who he hadn’t seen or heard from in hours.
“She’ll be fine, man” Brett put a comforting hand on his shoulder, “She can defend herself. Now stop being a wimp and let’s focus on how we’re getting out of this”. Liam smiled, feeling reinvigorated.

Hayden however was not feeling so reinvigorated. She was sat on the floor, crouched into a ball. Melissa was consoling her desperately. Anita’s lifeless body sat across the room, almost taunting Hayden, a reminder of what she made happen, regardless of her intentions. Melissa was offering words of comfort, but all Hayden could hear was herself crying. Nothing else mattered, she’d seen that killing someone could change you, but never realised quite how soul-destroying it felt. Parrish finally woke up after being knocked out by Anita, astonished and confused by the sight he was greeted by.
“What have I missed?” he queried, startled.

Keeping an eye out in the hope that a rescue might be on its way, Malia was remaining optimistic.
“What did Lydia say?” Malia asked Isaac.
“She said she’d sort something. She normally does, I didn’t ask anything else” Isaac explained.
“Well, you should have. Now we have no idea if they’re gonna help us or not. They could be dead already in the warehouse and we’re none the wiser” Malia was grouchy.
“Hey, calm down. We weren’t to know this would happen. We’ll be alright, just you wait and see. Then I can take you on a proper date” Isaac promised.
“A proper date?” Malia seemed almost confused, “I’m no good at them.”
“Neither am I actually” Isaac re-evaluated, “We can be terrible together.” They both laughed.
“Are they always this soppy?” Brett asked Liam as they watched from the sidelines. The moment was interrupted as two car lights were visible in the distance, and making their way towards the group. Isaac moved to the front of their small mountain ash cell, with his hand covering his eyes from the bright lights amongst the dark sky. As the car approached, it became clear. Isaac breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Stiles’ jeep arriving.
“They’re here” he announced. The lights went out and car doors were opened and closed before four figures arrived.
“I told you to keep out of trouble” came a familiar voice. It was Argent, and Isaac smiled.
“I guess I just can’t help myself” he joked. Argent used his foot to break the barrier, and the group were free once again.
“Hey, this is all well and good, but I can’t help noticing that there’s five still missing” Stiles pondered.
“Inside” Liam stated. The large group all headed inside, while Argent and Stilinski primed their guns.

Crackle crackle crackle. Twigs were being snapped at a rapid pace as the dark figure continued to rapidly make its way through the woods of Beacon Hills. It reaches the peak of the forest, which overlooks the town. It stopped, and took in the sights for a second. The figure was Chad. He looked at his hands, now normal and human. He was excited to take his plan down to the main town, but he wasn’t done yet. There was one location left to visit beforehand, and it wasn’t an easy one to find…

Liam led the way down to the basement of the warehouse. There he was greeted by Maddie, tending to an almost lifeless Scott who was slouched over her lap on the floor. Mason and Corey were tending to Casey, while Shane stood between them, gormless and unsure of what to do.
“What’s happened?” Liam asked, as others began to flood in.
“Scott, can you hear me?” Argent rushed to his side. Scott gave a subtle nod, using as few muscles as possible. Argent continued, turning around to face Stilinski, “We need to get them out of here.” Argent lifted Scott up and carried him over his shoulder, while Stilinski did the same to Casey.
“Let’s get them to the hospital” Stilinski suggested.
“You can’t” Liam interrupted, “Hayden’s there, they had Anita to deal with. That’s the last place these two should be going right now.”
“Any news from her?” Mason asked.
“Not a word. I better get down there and check she’s alright” Liam decided.
“I’ll come with you” Brett suggested, “I’m not letting you out of my sight.” The duo left, while Stiles decided to take charge of the situation.
“Alright, take them both to the animal clinic. There’s a whole book with werehyena information there, do some research” Stiles commanded his father.
“And what if there’s nothing? What do we do then, Stiles?” Stilinski queried.
“I…don’t know. I’ll think of something” Stiles was honest. He was totally stumped as to exactly what he wanted to do. However, this was almost reassuring for him. Time and time again, Stiles had managed to bluff his way out of difficult situations. It was his speciality. So when he was faced with danger and had no plan, he saw it as a good thing in a way.
“Maddie and Malia, you help them out” he continued, delegating jobs, “The rest of us, we’ve got to scour Beacon Hills. He won’t have gone far, he was here for a specific reason.”
“I’ll go too” Isaac interrupted.
“Oh no you don’t, scarf boy. I need you and your werewolfness with me” Stiles justified. Isaac turned back to Malia.
“I’ll see you when this is all over” he said, before kissing her on the lips. Malia closed her eyes in the moment. Maddie stood next to them, folding her arms, waiting to leave. They broke the kiss, smiled at each other, and reluctantly let go of each other’s hands.

Unbeknownst to Stiles, Lydia had totally zoned out in the corner of the room. She found herself walking through the Beacon Hills preserve in the dead of night. There wasn’t a sound to be heard, apart from the leaves rustling as she began to walk. One foot went in front of the other, as Lydia walked somewhere. It could’ve been anywhere, she didn’t have a clue; her feet were moving themselves subconsciously. Twigs cracked and leaves blew with the gentle summer night breeze. Lydia was alone, and she knew it. She felt terrified, as she approached a clearing in the trees. An all too familiar clearing. In front of her was a giant tree stump. It was the Nemeton. All of a sudden, she heard her name being called.
“Lydia” it called. She put her hands to her ears, to block it out, but the name calling got louder. “Lydia” it repeated. Lydia blinked, and in front of her was Stiles.
“Stiles” she stated.
“Yup, that’s me” he smiled in return.
“I saw it” she ambiguously revealed.
“You saw what?”
“The Nemeton.” At this point, the only people left were Stiles, Isaac and Shane. They made eye contact with each other, knowing exactly where their next destination would be.

“I think you should call Liam” Melissa softly suggested to Hayden.
“I can’t face him” she cried.
“You’re gonna have to eventually” Melissa continued. They were still sat on the floor of the morgue, with Melissa wrapping her arms around Hayden, embracing her.
“Hayden!” came a voice as the doors burst open. It was Liam. He stopped in his tracks when he saw his girlfriend in tears on the floor. Melissa gently stood up as Hayden avoided eye contact. She escorted Liam back outside to have a word with him. When the door was shut, she began.
“We’ve had a little…accident” Melissa confessed, “With that werewolf girl, Anita.”
“What’s happened?” Liam all of a sudden felt very anxious.
“She’s…dead” Melissa revealed, with regret in her voice. Liam began to walk back into the morgue.
“Liam, wait!” Melissa tried to intervene but he kept on walking.
“Let him go” Brett suggested to Melissa. He’d been listening and taking the information in.

Inside the room, Liam scouted around. Hayden noticed his arrival and still refused to make eye contact. However, Liam wasn’t looking for her. He finally spotted what he was looking for – slumped on the floor at the opposite end of the room. It was Anita’s lifeless body. He simply looked at her, feeling empty inside. After a moment, he stood up and sat himself down next to Hayden.
“Look at me” he said. Hayden ignored him, wiping away her tears with a tissue Melissa lent her.
“Hayden, look at me” Liam repeated, more firmly this time but still remaining calm. Hayden turned around, trying and failing to compose herself.
“Come here” Liam said as he put his arm around her, and consoled his girlfriend.

Outside the room, Melissa and Brett were sat in anticipation. Parrish was next to them, holding an ice pack to his head that Melissa had fetched for him.
“Well, it’s quiet in there” Brett optimistically stated.
“Is that good or bad?” Melissa was sceptical. A moment passed, before she turned to him, “You’re fond of him, aren’t you?”
“I guess you could say we have a love/hate relationship” Brett confessed, “He’s a loose cannon and a total headcase at times, but he can’t help that.”
“IED’s a tough thing to live with” Melissa agreed, “But I’d say he’s found his anchor in her. She’s broken right now.”
“We’ve all done bad things in our lives. It’s pretty hard to keep your slate clean in a supernatural world” Brett added.
“Scott’s managed it” Melissa said, almost bragging.
“Scott’s one of a kind, we all wish we were like him” Brett laughed. Brett noticed a bite mark on Melissa’s arm. “Did she bite you?”
“Yeah, but it’s alright though isn’t it? Cause she’s not an alpha” Melissa hoped.
“As far as I know, yeah. I’d get it checked out later anyway, to be on the safe side” Brett said with a friendly smile.
“At least you’ve not got concussion” Parrish joked.

The atmosphere at the animal clinic was chaotic as the central desk was cleared and both Scott and Casey’s bodies were placed on it. Deaton was working late and immediately took a look at the duo.
“Gentlemen if you could cut open their shirts with the scissors to your left, that would be much appreciated” Deaton ordered, “Ladies, the Bestiary is at the end of the desk there. There’s no time to waste, any information would be valuable.” Malia and Maddie looked at each other, both concerned at having to work with one another, but they got to work at rapid speed. Deaton began to examine their bodies.
“Breathing is normal, but skin looks exceptionally dry, it looks like they’re dehydrated. All the symptoms seem to be there, but this is extreme” Deaton reported on his findings, “However, Casey seems to have noticeably deteriorated further than Scott.” He turned his attention directly to Casey.
“Casey, if you can hear me, I need you to summon all of your strength and show me your wolf eyes” Deaton instructed. Casey looked like he was struggling, forcing every inch of energy to his eyes, and sure enough, they glowed. There was a startling difference, however, as instead of the deep red colour of an alpha, it now displayed the bright yellow of a beta.
“Chad’s not just taken his power, but his status too. Scott’s safe because he’s a true alpha but Casey has fallen back to being a beta” Deaton explained.
“Look doc, is there anything you can do?” Stilinski asked.
“I could try and hydrate them, but that’s all right now, unless the girls can find anything of note in the Bestiary” Deaton had hope in his voice.

“No pressure then” Malia commented under her breath, from the other end of the room. She focused back to the translations.
“This is really difficult” Maddie complained, “This stupid phone won’t do what I want!”
“Is that what you’re used to? People doing what you want?” Malia snarled.
“Look sweetie, I don’t know what your problem is, but there are far bigger issues at hand” Maddie retaliated, keeping the chat hush still.
“I hate to say it but you’re right. We’ve got to save them” Malia looked at Scott in despair.
“I guess dying’s a valid excuse for him to miss our date” Maddie joked, of Scott.
“You can’t be serious” Malia missed the joke, already short-tempered.
“Relax, it’s humour. I can’t help trying to lighten the mood. I’m not all bad you know” Maddie smiled.
“I guess Isaac saw something in you” Malia contemplated.
“And he sees something in you too. I trust him, that was my biggest mistake before and I won’t let it happen again. He’s still a friend of mine” Maddie explained.
“I get it. I guess I’m just not used to human interaction” Malia confessed. The two shared a smile for a moment, before getting back to work.

Separate from the rest of the group, Mason and Corey were prowling through the streets of Beacon Hills, in search for Chad.
“Do you think Scott will make it?” Corey asked.
“He always pulls through. He’s strong enough to overcome this” Mason had faith.
“His luck’s gotta run out at some point though, right?” Corey was less optimistic.
“Liam’s never doubted him, I guess I have no reason to either. We’ll all make it through this” Mason smiled, before leaning in to kiss Corey. The moment was ruined however, when they heard a deep growl coming from nearby…

Phone lights guiding them, Stiles led the rest of the group through the Beacon Hills forests. They knew exactly what they were looking for, but the Nemeton wasn’t easy to find. It would only allow you to find it if it wanted to.
“Which way, Lydia?” Stiles asked.
“I don’t know, I’m a banshee, not a Sat Nav” she remarked.
“Alright, just askin’” Stiles flippantly replied.
“This is a waste of time, we should be out there looking for Chad, not some stupid cut down tree” Shane moaned.
“Look, if you’re gonna whine, then you might as well leave us to it. Trust us or find your own way out of this mess” Isaac lost his temper at Shane.
“We wouldn’t be in this mess if Casey hadn’t faked his own death, we could’ve worked it out like adults” Shane responded.
“When has life ever been that simple?” Isaac yelled.
“Well it’d be a hell of a lot simpler if I was still human. Look at me, a werehyena against my own will. My anger, my rage, I’ve got to control it because some idiot took away my humanity” Shane spilled out all of his emotions. Isaac calmed down, looking a little ashamed of himself.
“It’s alright” Isaac comforted, in a much quieter tone of voice, “Scott will teach you control. He’s the best, trust me.”
“If we make it out of this alive, that is” Shane added.
“Look, as nice as this counselling session is, can we please get a move on?” Stiles interrupted.
“Careful, he’ll go all Nogitsuné on us” Isaac laughed to Shane.
“What did you say?” Stiles asked.
“Nothing” Isaac grinned.
Ring ring! The sound of Lydia’s phone went off – it was Mason.
“What?” Lydia rudely answered the phone, after it interrupted her train of thought.
“We’ve, err, found Chad” Mason whispered. Stiles took the phone out of Lydia’s hands.
“Get him to the Nemeton, now!” Stiles ordered.
“Where’s the Nemeton?” Mason asked, with a tone of fear in his voice.
“We don’t know, just bring him to the forest, we’ll find it eventually” Stiles said, before snapping down the phone.

Mason and Corey wasted no time in running towards the woods. Out of the bushes came Chad, in werehyena form. His orange face and fans was a sight to behold, and the dangerous red glow in his eyes made him all the more fearsome. As they ran, Corey grabbed Mason’s hand and they turned invisible together.
“You think your silly little invisibility power is gonna work against me?” Chad shouted, threatening as he began to catch up with them. They picked up the pace, afraid of being caught.

“A-ha!” Maddie exclaimed. She had a big grin on her face as she held her phone out to Deaton.
“What does it say?” Malia asked.
“It’s a possible solution” Deaton told them.
“I mean it’s not all good news” Maddie revealed, before reciting from the translation, “the abomination possesses the combined strength of every supernatural it has killed. It can transform at will and when it reaches its maximum, it will permanently shift into a new form.”
“What new form? It’d help if it was a little less vague” Argent picked out flaws in the information.
“I don’t know, it doesn’t say, but at least we know what we’re up against” Maddie responded.
“But we can stop it?” Malia wanted to know more.
“You can, but first, you need to get to the Nemeton” Deaton said.

The glow of Isaac’s phone light wasn’t as revealing as he’d hoped. He’d never expected to want to see a giant tree stump as much as this, but he trusted in Lydia’s instincts. He only wished they’d given them a clearer picture of where to go.
“Are we nearly there yet?” Isaac asked.
“I…I think so” Lydia replied.
“Guys” Shane called from behind. He was stood looking to his right, and sure enough, there was the clearing for the Nemeton. They glanced at each other before stepping through the clearing and walking towards it.
“Now what?” Stiles asked. They were interrupted by the screeching of car breaks, as Malia’s car pulled up. She and Maddie wasted on time in getting out of the car, and they each assisted one of Scott and Casey.
“Did you find anything?” Isaac enquired.
“Yup, we might be able to solve this” Malia replied, “Now give us a hand!” Isaac and Shane assisted in helping Scott and Casey towards the Nemeton. They were placed lying down on the stump.
“OK, what happens now?” Lydia was bemused.
“Now for the tricky part” Maddie responded.

“Why didn’t you want to talk to me?” Liam asked Hayden.
“I didn’t want you to think bad of me” Hayden revealed. Liam’s heart felt heavy. He didn’t want to cry in this moment, because he wanted to be Hayden’s rock, but he couldn’t stop a tear slipping down his cheek and onto the floor.
“I could never think badly of you” he responded, fighting back his emotions, “You could’ve killed her in cold blood, I’d still have loved you.”
“You mean it?” Hayden was still upset but it was a comfort to know that Liam was on her side.
“Of course” he assured her, and their lips met for a kiss.
“Alright you two” Melissa burst in, ruining the moment, “We’ve gotta tidy up. Liam, if you wouldn’t mind escorting the lady out. Deputy, Brett, you’re helpin’ me.”
“This is against the law you know” Parrish jokingly threatened.
“Well arrest me” Melissa teased. Parrish smiled and he followed Melissa towards Anita’s body, with Brett in tow. Liam and Hayden left the room and sat outside. She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, as if she was about to sleep.
“It won’t go away, you know” Liam told her, “Not yet, that is.”
“What do you mean?” she asked, opening her eyes again.
“Stiles told me, it eats away at you, but sometimes, it’s like a balancing beam” Liam tried to explain.
“You’re not making any sense” Hayden told him.
“I mean that if you do something good, which saves a life, it might counteract the life you, you know” Liam tailed off, unsure of the right expression to use.
“Yeah, I know” Hayden looked deep in thought, as she snuggled back into Liam’s arms and closed her eyes once again.

Maddie sat on the Nemeton, next to Scott. She looked into his closed eyes. He was sleeping, not unconscious, but he looked dead for all the energy he had in him. Maddie put her hand in his, and whispered to him, “Please pull through Scott.” The others were stood waiting, knowing exactly what was coming, but not when it was due to arrive.
“They’re coming!” Isaac announced, using his wolf hearing to keep a listen out. All of a sudden, Mason and Corey came into view, and just a few metres behind, was werehyena Chad.
“What a fantastic turnout” Chad remarked as he stopped running, seeing the huge crowd of people there, “I’d advise you not to fight off the inevitable and let me access that godforsaken stump.” To Chad’s surprise, the group just stepped aside. Mason and Corey looked on, baffled, but the others seemed to know what they were doing. They didn’t try to stop Chad, who strolled up onto the top of the Nemeton, with Scott and Casey at his feet.
“Be witnesses to the creation of the greatest creature to have ever lived” Chad announced, as if he were ticking off a list of clichés to use. He dug his claws into the Nemeton, and the ground began to rumble.
“What’s he doing?” Corey yelled over the noise.
“Stealing the power of the Nemeton” Lydia responded, “It lost most of its power when it was cut down but nevertheless, it’s still active and it could turn him into…”
“The Abomination” Malia completed the sentence, “We read about it in the Bestiary.” They all focused their attention on Chad, who was shrieking a victory shriek. However, what Chad failed to notice, was that two other hands were dug into the stump at the same time. Scott and Casey, whilst sleeping, had their claws sunk into the powerful tree, creating a transaction. Scott’s eyes bolted open, with his bold red alpha eyes immediately on show. He sat up and gave Casey a hand, before standing around to face Chad.
“I bet you didn’t see that one coming” Casey remarked.
“The power of a transaction at the Nemeton. Your power went straight back to us” Scott revealed. Chad dropped to the floor, his claws were still positioned deep into the wood. He tried to yank them out, but he couldn’t.
“What’s happening to me?” Chad shouted over the rumbling noise.
“The transaction’s still going, the Nemeton is taking all of your power” Isaac told him.
“You can’t do this!” he tried once again to pull his claws out, and with a huge yank, he was free from the Nemeton. However, his claws were still left in – he allowed them to be ripped off his fingers instead.
“You can’t stop me that easily, I’ve still got the power of werewolves, werehyenas and werecoyotes, I can take you all on any day” Chad threatened as he was about to step down from the stump.
“No!” came a voice from the back of the group. Shane came hurtling through, pouncing on top of Chad. He pinned him down onto the trunk and pushed the claws of his other hand into the Nemeton.
“You’d do this, to save them?” Chad asked Shane.
“You could only dream of being the people they are” Shane retorted, “You took my humanity, and now I’m taking something back.” His hand was still pressed firmly on top of Chad’s, holding his body down. Chad bit into Shane’s arm, and refused to let go. While he did this, to the shock of everyone else, Chad began to melt into the Nemeton, as his power was absorbed entirely. The fact that Chad’s teeth were biting into Shane’s arm saw the melting continue, as Shane’s body drooped away and was sucked into the Nemeton too. The ground stopped shaking and order seemed to be restored, as the pack composed themselves. Scott took a deep breath, exhilarated and exhausted. Casey gave him a huge hug, before Maddie flung herself at him, overjoyed.

The next morning…

Beep beep! Beep beep! Scott’s alarm clock went off as he woke up in his own bed.
“How’s my little alpha this morning?” Melissa called from the doorway.
“What…what time is it?” Scott asked.
“10:30, I hope your sleeping pattern isn’t gonna get too messed up this summer mister, you can’t forget you’ve got college in a couple of months” Melissa nagged.
“Alright mom, alright!” Scott wasn’t in the mood for nagging first thing.
“Oh by the way, you’ve got visitors downstairs” Melissa added before leaving the room. Scott picked up a top from his cupboard and quickly zipped up a pair of trousers before heading downstairs. He was shocked to see the living room so packed with his friends – Stiles, Malia, Lydia, Isaac, Maddie, Casey, Liam, Mason and Corey were all there.
“What’s the occasion?” Scott asked.
“It’s summer, did you forget?” Liam responded.
“So let’s get this bubbly flowing!” Stiles was ready to celebrate.
“I hope that’s not alcohol!” Melissa shouted from the kitchen.
“It’s just pop, mom” Scott lied, laughing.

The music was playing and the party was underway in Scott’s living room. It might have been a sunny day but the weather was atrocious, so they had to stay indoors.
“Wanna dance?” Malia asked him, 10 minutes into the party.
“It’s not really my thing” Isaac awkwardly responded. Malia rolled her eyes and pulled him up to dance with her.
“So where are you taking me on our date?” Malia asked, with a twinkle in her eye.

Sat together with a glass each, Liam, Mason and Corey were discussing the events of the past few days.
“Has the Sheriff let you off now then?” Mason asked Liam.
“Yeah, I’m off the hook. Which is great as I didn’t really fancy doing time for murder” Liam joked. Mason and Corey laughed, before the former diverted his attention to Hayden.
“Is she alright?” Mason asked ambiguously, although Liam knew exactly who he meant.
“She’s fine, just about. She’s a bit worried about Scott finding out” Liam replied.
“Aren’t you gonna tell him?” Corey queried.
“What Scott doesn’t know won’t hurt him” Liam reluctantly said, taking a glance at his alpha just over the room.

Scott was too pre-occupied to notice Liam’s glance, as Maddie was serenading him by dancing to the music.
“You know you’ll be missing out on more of this if you don’t turn up to that date” Maddie commented.
“I’ll turn up, I promise! When have I let you down before?” Scott smiled.
“Prove it” Maddie taunted.
“What?” Scott was confused.
“Prove you won’t let me down. Kiss me” she ordered.
“Ayy, come on Scotty boy, don’t let the side down” Stiles commented. Scott put a finger on Stiles’ lips to shut him up, while he moved his own lips onto Maddie’s, sharing the moment together. He moved his hand from Stiles to Maddie’s cheek. They broke the kiss, and smiled at each other.
“I mean I trusted you all along but that was worth it” Maddie said. They both laughed, Scott felt slightly embarrassed but he certainly liked her. They both sat on the sofa, next to Casey.
“What’s next for you guys?” Scott asked, as Isaac and Malia pulled up a chair too.
“Err” Casey responded. Maddie and Isaac looked at each other, unsure of their answers.
“I was gonna stop at Argent’s for a while, I didn’t really plan to go back to San Francisco” Isaac revealed.
“I guess I need to speak to my family, they still think I’m dead” Casey reflected, “But I’m not an alpha now. It’s time for a fresh start, and I need a new pack. I mean, we’ve all got college in September, but Beacon Hills is where I belong now.”
“Me too” Maddie smiled.
“I’ll drink to that” Scott raised his glass and clinked it with the others in the group.

Stiles walked away to join Lydia, who was sat on the sidelines.
“Hey, what’s up?” he asked her.
“I don’t know, there’s something not quite right” Lydia responded.
“You mean he’s not actually gone? Please tell me Chad’s definitely gone” Stiles began to panic.
“Calm down, Chad’s gone, I felt it when he got, err, absorbed. This is something else, something new” Lydia said. At that precise moment, Lydia stood up and began walking towards the door. She pushed down the door handle and opened it wide, before letting out a huge scream. Scott and Stiles ran to see what was at the door, and they saw a wolf, with crystal blue eyes – that of a beta who has taken an innocent life. They were shocked and unsure of what to do, but were even more surprised when it morphed from wolf to human form. There stood a naked teenage boy, with long dark hair, and nothing to protect his dignity. He was dripping wet as a result of the rain.
“I’m Thomas, and I need to see Scott McCall” he revealed. Scott was baffled and totally speechless.

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