Welcome to MJF's Stories! Here, you'll find a bunch of fan-fiction stories written by me, MarthaJonesFan, or MJF for short, that I've written from 2009 to the present day.

I began to realise my love of writing fictional stories in primary school, as it was by far and away my favourite topic in English lessons. I rarely bothered to write any at home, until a huge opportunity presented itself.

Primeval Stories began on 18th June 2009. The first episode was written as a response to the Primeval series 3 finale cliffhanger, which saw Danny Quinn, Abby Maitland and Connor Temple stranded in the past. The show was subsequently cancelled and it was assumed we would never see the resolution of this cliffhanger. It was posted on a website called Doctor Who Figure Online (www.drwhofigures.co.uk/forum), where my username is MarthaJonesFan. The idea came from another fan-fiction series by a member called DoctorWhoDave, which saw the team arrive back in a reality where Claudia Brown exists, as opposed to Jenny Lewis (Primeval fans will be aware that both characters are ultimately the same person played by the same actress, but took on different walks of life).

I was delighted at the reception it received and continued it further, finishing the first series off after episode 12 and a special non-canon episode which crossed over with Doctor Who. During this time I held a competition on the website, asking users to design their own character, an an actor or actress that could be used to "play" them. The winner of the competition was a64 who created Mia Turner, played by Annabel Scholey. Dalek-Dan's character Harriet "Harry" Stafford, played by Lenora Crichlow, was also introduced in series 2, initially as villain Helen Cutter's accomplice but later a fully fledged team member.

Bearing in mind I was 12 years old when I started writing, some of the decisions I'd made throughout were perhaps not too well thought through. The major one being the addition of Lloyd Daniels to the cast. Understandable on its own but the fact he was playing himself is something I look back and cringe at! Furthermore the cast was pretty big by the time series 5 concluded, with 13 main cast members, an overly excessive amount for sure.

Primeval Stories continued with regular episodes until the end of 2011. 2012 was much quieter however, with only a special two-part story (Sarah's Story) being released at Christmas time. After a more muted reaction, and the fact the revived Primeval series on TV was cancelled again in 2011, I had little motivation to continue, and finally wrote a concluding story on 2nd June 2013, entitled Farewell.

Jump forward almost four years to March 2017, and I brought Primeval Stories back. Why? Well I've been watching the old episodes of Primeval on DVD recently and it's reignited my love for the show, and I was reading back through some of the stories I wrote. I wanted to improve on the work I did before, correcting what I disliked and developing what I did like. The cast is smaller, Abby and Connor are finally a couple and there are no X Factor stars in sight! The Revival is the first of hopefully several new stories for Professor Cutter's team, written simply because I love the show and the characters that come with it.

I took this as an opportunity to start writing a larger project. Having recently watched Teen Wolf from start to finish, I began to work on a multi-part story set after the first half of season 6 (the most recent episodes at the time). Teen Wolf: Sabotage was born, as my longest project to date, standing at over 31,000 words. Four further stories followed before I created my own spin-off - Claws Out - and the rest is history. Claws Out remains my primary focus, though I also wrote my first ever entirely original story, Lost Boy, in 2019.

Writing continues to be a hobby for me, not my profession, which means I'm able to go with the flow as I continue to develop my skills and improve my writing. If you read any of my stories, past or present, thank you so much!

- Joseph (MarthaJonesFan)

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