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Brett Sutton
Played by: Fin Argus

Brett had been good friends with Drew from the start of high school. They bonded over the basketball team at Crystalshaw High, of which they were both members. However, Drew shielded his true identity from Brett, keeping his werewolf secret out of the view of anybody who didn't need to know. The matter is taken out of Drew's hands, though, and Brett begins to follow the crowd - there were werewolves in Crystalshaw, and they were bad. They were roped in by Dami to fight against Dylan, but proved they had a conscience after all and helped the pack defeat Dami's terrible plan. Brett, while sometimes immature, has proved a reliable addition to Dylan's pack and that they can be depended on.

About the actor

Steffan "Fin" Argus was born 1st Septmber 1998. As a teenager, they were cast as one of the five Kidz Bop kids, a role they kept between 2011 and 2013. Since then, they have acted in several short movies, including Perception and Carma, as well as television series Total Eclipse, all while releasing their own music alongside. In 2020, Fin starred as Zach Sobiech in a film adaptation of his journey with terminal cancer entitled Clouds, released on Disney+.