As mysterious portals, nicknamed "anomalies", begin to appear over the world, Professor Cutter and his team find themselves facing threats from the past and future.

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Nick Cutter
(Douglas Henshall)

Connor Temple
(Andrew-Lee Potts)

Abby Maitland
(Hannah Spearritt)

Jenny Lewis
(Lucy Brown)

Sarah Page
(Laila Rouass)

Jess Parker
(Ruth Kearney)

Sam Dunbar
(Daniel Sharman)

James Lester
(Ben Miller)


Danny Quinn
(Jason Flemyng)

Claudia Brown
(Lucy Brown)

Mia Turner
(Annabel Scholey)

Harry Stafford
(Lenora Crichlow)

Lloyd Daniels
(Lloyd Daniels)

Captain Becker
(Ben Mansfield)

Stephen Hart
(James Murray)

Helen Cutter
(Juliet Aubrey)