When Dylan Drummond's curiosity gets the better of him, he finds himself attacked by a creature in the woods and begins experiencing increased senses. Join him as he discovers he is a werewolf, just in time to save his friends from the power-hungry alpha...

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.

Comments from the author

I consider Claws Out to be the first original series I created. Though I made a spin-off of Primeval Stories, I asked others to help me create the cast. Claws Out felt very much the opposite. I wanted to create a Teen Wolf spin-off because I wanted an entirely new cast of characters, who I formulated over the entire first series. Interestingly, I started writing the first episode with only Dylan, Jono and Yasmin created! Drew was written in as I went through that episode, with Lily in episode 2, and Freddie and Josh later in the series.

Characterisation is a huge part of why I love writing Claws Out so much. The character of Dylan is based on myself, and I made sure Dylan wasn't the typical, alpha-male stereotypical hero, but rather a less confident yet very moral leader who always put his friends before him.

I started Claws Out just before I turned 21 - many years after I wrote Rips Through Time - and Claws Out is the series I remain most dedicated towards, and I feel a huge sense of pride to look at the characters and storylines I've created.

- MarthaJonesFan


Series 1


1: New Rules
2: Redemption
3: After Effects
4: Luna Llena
5: True Colours
6: Fortification
7: Detention
8: The Pact
9: Humanity


When Dylan Drummond's curiosity gets the better of him, he finds himself attacked by a creature in the woods and begins experiencing increased senses. With the help of his best friend Yasmin, Dylan realises he's a werewolf, but when he finally makes a move on his love interest Jono, things do not go to plan and he realises he has no control over his abilities. Will Dylan regain control before Jono realises what his lover is?

Series 2


1: Insomnia
2: Abscond
3: Enigma
4: Patience
5: Birthday
6: Earshot
7: Revelations
8: Infiltration
9: Duty


Anticipating the arrival of three new werewolves any day, Dylan Drummond had no time to relax. Although things are going swimmingly in his relationship with Jono, Dylan finds himself embroiled in Yasmin's identity crisis, which in turn attracts the attention of the previously-dormant hunters of Crystalshaw. Furthermore, Dylan does his best to assist the newly-bitten Freddie, although his lack of control proves difficult to overcome. Will Dylan be able to reunite his friends before the hunters and new werewolves close in on him?

Series 3


1: Privacy
2: Demons
3: Curiosity
4: Canvas
5: Freedom
6: Clarity
7: Assistance
8: Humanity
9: Renewal


As the exam season approaches and summer is in sight, Dylan is faced with his most terrifying ordeal yet. He and his pack are stalked by a young girl, with deathly black eyes, causing fear beyond anything they had experienced before. To make matters worse, they are being trolled by somebody who knows their secret. With one team member down, how will Dylan make it through to save his new extended family?

Series 4


1: Heal
2: Adjust
3: Memories
4: Unity
5: Wild
6: Scorch
7: Comfort
8: Discovery
9: Sacrifice


Dylan's relationships are pushed to the limit as his mum now knows his secret. While he struggles to cope with her disapproving reaction, Dylan learns to rely on Jono when a mind-twisting threat arrives in Crystalshaw. With Drew suffering from the side effects of the Téras, will the pack be able to survive?

Series 5


1: Adapt
2: Control
3: Paralysis
4: Alliance
5: Attack
6: The Bite
7: Beta
8: Family
9: Acceptance


With the knowledge of the mysterious Nemeton, Dylan's world is opened up to new supernatural threats as those closest to him take on personal and emotional challenges. Their comfort is put into jeopardy as a new generation of hunters infiltrate Crystalshaw, however, and with a new creature on the loose, Dylan is forced to make tough decisions if he wants to save his friends.

Series 6


1: Fear

2: Visions

3: The Key

4: Distraction

5: Road Trip

6: Uncovered

7: Detective

8: The Makeshift Army

9: Human


When unusual and horrifying corpses appear around Crystalshaw, Dylan and Jono are thrown into a new investigation. With the discovery of experiments on supernatural creatures, Dylan has to fight to protect his pack, as well as keeping Jono safe as he struggles to control his new abilities. Can Dylan pull his pack together, in spite of missing memories and disorientation, before a new threat is unleashed onto Crystalshaw?

Series 7


1: The Getaway

2: Quarantine
3: Fresh Air
4: Family Reunion
5: Johnny
6: I'm Your Sister
7: Deal with the Devil
8: Sentimentality
9: The Rainbow in Every Storm


As the pack experience a heap of fresh starts, including the start of senior year and Lily moving away for college, pressure rises high when an epidemic among supernaturals threatens their existence. In addition, Dylan comes face-to-face with another alpha - one that is not keen to share territory with an existing pack. When two packs collide, who will emerge victorious?

Series 8


1: New Normal

2: Fire Alarm

3: Almost Home

4: Jono's Choice

5: USB

6: Venom

7: Recruitment

8: Margaret

9: The Power of Three


With his pack assuming he's dead, Dylan's survival depends on himself as he's trapped within the dangerous Lunar Sanctum, but what is it that they want? With Jono slowly but surely moving on, and the pack distracted by a deadly new creature, Dylan teams up with Jeremy and a new friend to save himself. Will he escape? Will the pack reunite?

Series 9


1: Clean Slate

2: Safety Net

3: Lectures

4: Hypnosis

5: The Siren

6: Dad

7: Territory

8: Ranulf

9: Displacement


College beckons for Dylan and the pack, giving each of them the chance to start afresh. However, when a professor is drowned at a party, they soon realise that their old life may not be so easy to escape. What do Yasmin's increasingly vivid visions mean? How will Sammi and Jeremy cope at school alone?

Series 10


1: Welcome Home

2: Genetics

3: Cowardice

4: The Decision

5: Daddy Issues

6: Status

7: The Test

8: Back-Up

9: Together Forever

10: Escape

11: Fatherhood

12: Always and Forever


With the first year of college under their belts, Dylan and the pack return home for the summer, but their break is far from restful. Haunted by visions that start to become true, Jono has to fight to keep control of his body. With Oscar missing and two looming threats about to clash, how will Dylan bring the pack back together to save Crystalshaw?

Series 11


1: Onwards and Upwards

2: Humans Suck

3: Therapy

4: Last-Ditch Attempt


Separated by necessity for seven years, Dylan and Jono have built their own lives. Dylan has a new boyfriend and a new flat, while Jono's still struggling to move on, but when an unexpected event brings them together again, will the magic still be there? Can the pack reunite in time to stop the Forsyth cult? Will the Nemeton's curse ever be broken?