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PREQUEL: Primeval 3.10 in Claudia's Universe
XMAS: A Merry Christmas
NR: News Report
COMIC: Short Encounter
XMAS: The Anomaly Of Christmas Presents

Special Episodes from the Primeval Stories Magazine
1: The American Dream
2: Hello Mr. President

Sarah's Story

1: A Missing Page

2: Ripped Pages


Set after series 5 and Sarah's Story, but before The Revival.

PREQUEL: Primeval 3.10 in Claudia's Universe Written by MarthaJonesFan

Primeval 3.10 - Claudia's Universe is a prequel to Primeval Stories, detailing the events that took place just before episode 1.1 starts. It is largely similar to Primeval episode 3.10, but with alterations made as appropriate.


“Right, let’s do this”, Professor Nick Cutter spoke to his team, consisting of his lab technician Stephen Hart, student Connor Temple, zookeeper Abby Maitland, Egyptologist Sarah Page, soldier Captain Becker and civil servant Claudia Brown. They were at a car garage. Helen had just killed Christine Johnson, then she went through an anomaly to the Future. The anomaly at the car garage also led to the future.

“Stun grenades. Don’t be too near when you throw them. Cover your ears, and keep your mouth open”, Captain Becker explained.

“Won’t be too hard for Connor”, Abby joked about the last part. Connor disapproved.

Beep beep. Beep beep.

The handheld Anomaly Detectors rang off. An anomaly was detected.

”It’s at Johnson’s base”, Sarah told them. Cutter sighed.

“Helen could come back through there”, Claudia noted.

“It’s your call”, Connor said to Cutter.

“Right, Abby and Connor, you need to go through and find Helen. Sarah and Becker, go to Johnson’s base. Stephen, Claudia and I will wait here”, Cutter decided.

“But Cutter, I want to go with them”, Sarah moaned, referring to Abby and Connor.

”Let’s go”, Becker told Sarah. They walked off. Abby and Connor got ready, said their goodbyes, and walked through the anomaly.

Abby and Connor stood on the other side of the anomaly.

“Gets me everytime”, Connor said.

“Come on, let’s go”, Abby decided. They quietly crept round through the future town, making sure not to alert any Predators. They heard something. They quickly ran over to where the noise came from.

“Is it Helen?”, Connor asked.

“I don’t know”, Abby replied.

They crept up to somewhere they could hide.

“Can you hear that?”, Abby queried. There was a sound of buzzing. And at that point, a swarm of Megopterans flew into shot, and came at the duo. Abby opened the nearest door, expecting to go inside. But instead, they saw an anomaly. The Megopterans flew straight through the anomaly. Abby and Connor were shocked. The anomaly closed.

Sarah and Becker walked into Christine Johnson’s base.

“What about all the soldiers and stuff?”, Sarah asked.

“It got closed down, it should be empty”, Becker replied. He pointed at the dead soldier body on the level above. It was Captain Wilder.

“There’s something here. Come on”, Becker continued.

“That must be Johnson’s anomaly”, Connor suggested. He and Abby walked through the door, to explore further, and also to keep hidden. Abby pulled the door to. After they crept further in, they didn’t notice a Future Predator open the creaky door, and wander inside…

“Let’s find this anomaly and get back”, Becker mentioned. Him and Sarah were exploring Johnson’s base, checking for any creatures whilst on their way to the anomaly. They were at a walkway, above the entrance area, when three Megopterans flew at them. Becker threw two bags over the edge, onto some stairs. They were to cushion their fall as they both jumped over the balcony. Sarah went first, and screamed. Becker followed. They then ran through the doors in front of the stairs.

“Lester’s been informed of the situation, and let’s just say, he wasn’t exactly laughing by the sounds of things”, Claudia informed Cutter and Stephen.

“Well what does he expect us to do? Let Helen get away with her plan?”, Cutter replied.

“Keep calm. I’m sure Abby and Connor will be fine, whatever Lester thinks”, Stephen reassured Cutter.

“I sure hope so. Or we’ll all be down the job centre tomorrow morning”, Claudia lowered the tone. All of a sudden, they weren’t too happy about the situation.

Abby and Connor were in the dark, bar their torches. They were exploring the place. They heard a growl, and they shined their torches there. There was a Future Predator there. They quickly opened the door next to them, and trapped the Predator in there. Connor nudged open the door and shot it with Becker’s gun. The gun was torn apart.

“That was Becker’s favourite gun. He will kill you for that”, Abby smiled.

“We so need to get him a girlfriend”, Connor laughed. Connor looked at the sign next to him.

“Abby, look at this”, Connor pointed out.

“What?!”, Abby was confused. The sign was the ARC logo…

Sarah and Becker were continuing to make their way to the anomaly, when a Megopteran crept up behind them. Becker tried shooting it, but it pounced on him. He was fending it off with a pole. He hit it, and took Sarah’s hand and run off.

They reached the room that the anomaly was meant to be in.

“The anomaly’s closed”, Sarah announced. They made their way back to the car.

Meanwhile, back in the future, Abby and Connor could hear some computer type noises. They followed them up, and saw a woman with short brunette hair, and a beige tracksuit type costume. They looked at each other, and they both knew who it was. Helen. Connor decided he’d creep up on her, whilst Abby waited in the shadows as back-up. Connor walked in, with a gun, and pointed it to the back of Helen’s head.

“Don’t move”, he said. Helen turned around. She pressed her head against the gun.

“Oh, Connor”, Helen smirked. Connor was giving her an evil stare, but she pressed something to his chest and tasered him. Connor fell to the floor, and Helen picked up his gun.

“Come out of the dark Abby”, Helen was pointing the gun at where Abby was hiding. She gave in and stepped out with her hands in the air.

”Good girl. I suppose you’ve come here to stop me”, Helen began. She turned around to the computer and pressed the screen.

“I knew you’d follow me”, Helen continued.

“We guessed”, Abby replied. She was not too happy about being found, “What’s the plan, Helen?”.

“You think I’m going to tell you?”, Helen turned and raised an eyebrow at Abby. Abby sighed. She helped Connor off the ground. Connor was in shock slightly, but had almost recovered.

Helen brought out the Artefact, then slotted it into the computer. She then entered a series of numbers into the screen, and the anomaly map appeared as a hologram.

“That’s just amazing. With this, we wouldn’t have to wait for anomalies to appear, we could be there before they even open!”, Connor was excited. It was identical to Cutter’s model that was destroyed in the ARC fire.

“You sound just like Nick, and do you know what? You’re both wrong”, Helen smiled.

“Enjoy the rest of the time you have left”, Helen finished off, taking the Artefact out, “Believe me, it won’t be long”. Helen took a deep breath in as she raised the Artefact above her head.

“No!”, Connor knew what she was going to do, “HELEN!”, Connor yelled as Helen dropped the Artefact, and smashed it. She pulled her Anomaly Opener out of the computer and opened an anomaly. She stepped through it, and then closed it. Connor was lying on the floor next to the Artefact.

Sarah and Becker arrived back at the car. They were about to get in, when another Megopteran stumbled out. It noticed them both, and came running at them. It was going for Sarah, who opened her car door right in front of it and it smashed into her. She ran off with Becker, who noticed a little space, protected by a wired door. They both went inside and slid the doors after them. Of course, it was only a small space.

“There’s no way out! There’s no way out!”, Sarah was scared.

”Wait”, as always, Becker remained calm. The Megopteran was breaking through the wire on the door. Becker got two wires, containing electricity, and zapped the Megopteran. It fell dead on the floor. Both breathed a sigh of relief.

Connor took his Anomaly Opener out of his pocket and inserted it into the computer.

“I’ll keep guard”, Abby said. Connor didn’t know what he was doing. He opened several different windows, and was reading through Helen’s files.

“333, that keeps appearing”, Connor muttered to himself.

“Hurry up Connor, I think there’s something in here”, Abby spoke back to him.

“I’m trying!”, Connor replied to Abby. He finally got it, “Site 333! She’s going to Site 333!”.

”Where’s that?”, Abby spoke, still keeping guard.

“Where the fossils of the first humans were found”

“So Helen’s gone to visit the ape-men, so what?”

“I think Helen’s going to wipe out the human race”

Connor opened Helen’s route. He downloaded it to his Anomaly Opener, but the power was failing.

“Come on Connor!”, Abby was rushing Connor.

“Nearly there, 99%” The battery was on its last bar. It reached 100%.

”Yes!”, Connor jumped for joy. Abby ran back, just as Future Predators appeared. Connor opened the anomaly and they jumped through. Connor quickly closed it on the other side. They were now in a forest type place.

“Where are we?”, Abby asked.

“By the looks of things, it could be the Jurassic, or maybe, maybe Cretaceous”, Connor explained.

“So, err, what creatures are we looking at?”, Abby asked.

“Err, Spinosaurus, T-Rex…”, Connor listed a few creatures. Abby nodded.

“…Raptors”, Connor added.

“Yeah Connor, I’ve got it”, Abby said.

“No really, Raptors”, Connor had spotted three baby Raptors eating something. They noticed them, and came running. Abby and Connor ran off. They split up, the Raptors deciding to chase Abby. Abby tripped, but quickly picked herself up. She met Connor, who helped her up into a tree. The Raptors were jumping up and down, trying to reach them.

“Oh no”, Connor sighed.

“What?”, Abby asked.

Connor pointed to the Anomaly Opener. “It’s dead. There’s no way home”.

“We’ve got more important things to worry about now. Like what to do with our friends down there”, Abby focused.

“Stun grenades”, Connor remembered. He got one out of the backpack and gave it to Abby. She took off the seal, and told Connor told hold on, and cover his ears.

“And open your mouth”, Connor quickly added. Abby threw the grenade. Connor let go, and wanted to add something.

“Hang on, did Becker say we should…”, and the grenade let off an almighty boom. Connor fell from the tree, landing next to the Raptors on the ground.

Helen, who was running ahead, heard the boom. She carried on, as no-one would be able to stop her…

Abby got down to help Connor. He was unconscious, but alive. The Raptors were the same, by Abby’s guess.

Sarah and Becker arrived back at the garage, and were greeted by Cutter, Stephen and Claudia.

“Anything happen yet?”, Sarah asked.

“No, they’re still through. But we need to open the anomaly now”, Cutter was reminded. A soldier pressed some keys on the laptop and the anomaly reopened, ready for Abby and Connor to return when they were ready.

Connor was starting to stir. He spoke to Abby.

”You need to go and stop Helen”, Connor slurred.

“I need to stay with you”, Abby was defiant.

“But if you don’t stop Helen, we won’t even be here”, Connor argued, “I’ll be fine. But you need to go”. Abby nodded, and ran off.

Connor was leaning against the tree he fell down, when a Raptor got up. He threw some bark in its eye.

“That was a stupid idea, I’ve just angered it”, Connor spoke to himself. He leaned to the side and picked up a branch of a tree that had fallen off. He whacked the Raptor round the head with it, and it was killed. Connor breathed a sigh of relief.

Helen reached where she had planned to open the next anomaly. But she was distracted by a Pteranodon, which swooped down. Helen got out her knife, and she cut it, but she dropped her Anomaly Opener. Luckily, or unluckily for Abby and Connor, she had already opened the next anomaly. She ran through it. Abby arrived at the place not long after, and ran through the anomaly. Little did she know that she was being stalked by a very curious Raptor…

Abby found herself in a place that had loads of cliffs. She started working her way around. Helen couldn’t have gotten too far. She looked from the top of the cliff, but couldn’t see anyone.

Helen was at the lake. She opened a bottle of poison, and tipped it into the lake. It lead right up to where the first humans were sitting, playing, and drinking from the river…

Abby turned a corner, and saw several ape men. They were all lying on the floor. She went over to one that was still moving. It was struggling. She watched as it died. Abby couldn’t help but let a tear run down her cheeks.

“I see you followed me”, Helen shouted fro, the top of the cliff.

“It’s murder!”, Abby shouted back.

“This planet, full of war, and torture, it’s all caused by humans. Don’t you think, that it might be better without us? Let nature take its course”, Helen ranted.

“You’re killing innocent people”, Abby argued.

“The anomalies have been doing that from the very beginning”, Helen gave a come back that Abby could not reply to. But she was lucky, as Helen turned around to see a Raptor. It pounced onto Helen, knocking her and itself off the edge of the cliff. Abby moved out of the way. They landed with a thud. Abby went over and felt Helen’s pulse.

“Good boy”, she smiled.

Connor had made his way back into the tree. He needed to rest until Abby got back. She’d know exactly where he was.

Cutter and his part of the team were still waiting. They were starting to get worried.

“They’ve been gone for over an hour”, Stephen stated.

Sarah smiled, “I’ve got an idea”.

Abby walked up to the top of another cliff. There was grass here. It looks beautiful. She looked down the other side. A family of hominids were sat there, playing and smiling. Abby grinned, happy that she stopped Helen. She walked back to the anomaly. She saw it was closing. Abby ran for it as fast as she could, and she jumped. She only just made it through. She ran back to Connor.

Connor was asleep in the tree when Abby arrived. She climbed up.

“Connor”, Abby nudged him.

“Mum, I don’t wanna go to school”, Connor joked.

“Grow up Connor”, Abby smiled.

“Damn it”, Connor laughed as well. Abby climbed onto a branch.

“I can’t really sleep”, Connor complained, “Well, I can. But it took ages”.

“Imagine you’re on a beach. It’s really hot and sunny”, Abby helped Connor with a bit of imagining. Hopefully this would send him to sleep.

“Are you there?”, Connor asked, with his eyes closed.

“Yes, if you like”, Abby smiled.

“Are you wearing a bikini?”, Connor questioned.

“Yes…if you like”, Abby knew Connor fancied her, and let him daydream.

”The water’s really warm. It’s lovely”, Connor fantasised.

“Yeah”, that was all Abby and Connor had to say. It was sunset in the Cretaceous era, and they were stuck there. There was nothing more they could do. It was up to the others now…

A Merry Christmas (set between 2.9 and 2.10) Written by MarthaJonesFan with thanks to Sebastian Hamilton

NOTE: This episode is non-canon, meaning it takes place outside the Primeval Stories universe and is just for fun!

It was Christmas Eve, and the team were decorating the ARC with decorations. Mia Turner and Connor Temple were putting up the Christmas Tree, and Jenny Lewis and Claudia Brown were decorating the Detector. James Lester was not in the Christmas spirit, and was moaning to himself in his office. Cutter kept calling him Scrooge! Harry was texting Helen about what was happening. They were going to launch their plan soon.
The ear-piercing sound of the Anomaly Detector rang, and the team stopped what they were doing and ran to the Detector. Mia arrived first, but didn’t touch anything so she didn’t break it again. Connor came over and found out where the anomaly was.
”It’s in the nearest Asda”, Connor told the team. They all rushed out to the cars. Mia, Connor, Abby, Jenny and Lloyd went in Abby’s car, and Cutter, Danny, Harry, Sarah and Claudia went in the main car. Captain Mitchell went with some soldiers in a separate car.

When the team got to Asda, people were still there like an anomaly had never appeared. Normally, the anomaly location would be deserted.
”Clearly, a creature hasn’t come through”, summed-up Connor.
”Or hasn’t been sighted yet”, corrected Abby.
”Let’s find this anomaly and guard it, then we can look for any creatures”, Sarah told the team. Everyone agreed with this idea. They went inside and Jenny asked to see the manager.
“Hi, we’re from the government. We’ll need to look around the back of the store, just a routine check-up”, lied Jenny. The manager went with them and unlocked the gate. The team walked through. As soon as they turned a corner, they saw the anomaly in all its glory.
“It looks more beautiful every time I see it”, Claudia told Lloyd.
“Tell me about it”, Lloyd said back to Claudia.
All of a sudden, a shape started to form in the anomaly. It was humanoid, quite fat looking. It rushed through and startled the team. Connor hid behind Mia.
“It’s…it’s…it’s Santa Claus!”, identified a befuzzled Danny.
“Ho ho ho, Merry Christma…”, Santa stopped. He realised he was somewhere different, “Where am I?”.
“Long story”, sighed Cutter. Santa took off his hat and beard.
”Cutter, he looks like you!”, pointed out Harry, laughing. Cutter frowned at her, and Harry stopped.
“What’s that?”, asked ‘Santa’, pointing at the anomaly.
“Never mind that, who are you and what year did you come from?”, asked Jenny.
“I’m Peter Wilson from the year 2002. I was stuck for work so ended up going for job as Santa Claus at the shopping centre”, Peter told them.
“Anyway Peter, you need to go back, the anomaly’s closing”, Danny commanded.
“Bye then, thanks”, waved Peter and he walked back through just as the anomaly closed.

The team went back to the ARC and had a Christmas party, much to Lester’s disapproval. Everyone gave out presents, even Lester got one from everyone! Jenny and Lloyd were spending the night together, and Abby, Connor and Mia planned to stay up until midnight and open all of the presents straight away. Sarah planned to have an early night ready for the long day ahead when everyone else came round. Danny was going to see his cousins, and Harry was going to secretly see Helen before watching some TV. Cutter had no family left apart from Helen, and she wasn’t going to see him, so had planned to just sit back and enjoy the comforts, until Claudia invited him round to hers for the night.

Peter Wilson © Sebastian Hamilton - Owner of Doctor Who Figures Online and creator of Timeslip
Peter Wilson originally from the Doctor Who episode "Rose"

NR: News Report (set post-series 2 finale) Written by MarthaJonesFan

VOICEOVER MAN: This is the ITV Evening News at 6:30.
NEWSREADER 1: A government facility was bombed earlier today, with no explanation as to why.
NEWSREADER 2: Some people were left inside. Their names were revealed earlier on today as Nick Cutter, Danny Quinn, Connor Temple, Mia Turner, Claudia Brown, Jenny Lewis, Abby Maitland, Lloyd Daniels, Sarah Page, Sir James Lester, Harriet Stafford and Captain R. Mitchell.
N1: The government facility was also named as the ARC.
N2: Lloyd Daniels was a contestant on The X Factor, and according to his old mentor Cheryl Cole, had joined this facility just before he got voted out. We had a chat with Cheryl about the ARC.

INTERVIEWER VOICEOVER: Cheryl Cole mentored Lloyd Daniels on The X Factor, but when he got voted out, she saw him into his new job, at the ARC. Here’s what she says about it.
INTERVIEWER: So, Cheryl, what was the ARC like?
CHERYL: It was pretty big! But I can’t say much more.
INTERVIEWER: What can you say about the team?
CHERYL: They were all pretty brave. The girls seemed to like Lloyd! Especially Jenny. He told last week when we spoke on the phone that he’d been asked out by Jenny.
INTERVIEWER: Did you try and get down there to get him out?
CHERYL: I got there, but was told to stay away. I tried to get past, but couldn’t. I ended up going back home.
INTERVIEWER: Thanks Cheryl.

N1: Thanks for that. We have just heard that many more of these bombs have been placed around the UK, but we have been told not to fear, as they can only be set off by a control, which was presumably destroyed in the explosion.
N2: The ARC has exploded before, but Helen Cutter, who was never found, set off the bomb. Police presume she is to blame this time as well.
N1: Now we have a quick chat with Claudia Brown’s sister, Katie Smith, who’s in the studio with us. Hi Katie. Have you heard from Claudia?
KATIE: Sadly, no. Well, you wouldn’t when you’re trapped in a building that’s on fire.
N2: What was Claudia like when you last saw her?
KATIE: She was efficient, but more casual since the last time I saw her. She was brave, and would never give up.
N1: Sadly, that’s all we’ve got time for. Thanks Katie.

N2: Thanks for watching, good night!

COMIC: Short Encounter (set post-series 3 finale) Written by MarthaJonesFan, filmed and edited by DalekSupreme08

Click to enlarge.

XMAS: The Anomaly Of Christmas Presents (set post-series 3 finale) Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Stars:

Cheryl Cole and Robert Lowe.

Connor Temple and Mia Turner were cuddling up on the sofa. It was Christmas Eve and they were celebrating their first Christmas together. They recently got married, and despite Mia now being Mia Temple, she preferred to use her maiden name for work. 

“Morning!”, Abby smiled as she came down the stairs.

“Morning”, Connor and Mia replied. Connor was almost jumping up and down. He loved Christmas, and was like a big kid.

Beep beep! Beep beep! 

Connor, Mia and Abby’s phones went off.

“It’s Cutter”, Abby announced.

“Why now?!”, Connor moaned. Why did he have to work on Christmas Eve? He still had to get presents for everyone! 

“Tell Cutter I can’t make it. I’ve got some business to do”, Connor said to Mia.“He’s gone to buy Christmas presents, hasn’t he?”, Abby said after Connor left. Mia nodded and laughed. Her and Abby now got on very well. Connor was also pleased not to be in the middle of constant arguments between the two of them.

Nick Cutter was in the nearby woods. He, along with Danny and Captain Mitchell, had found the anomaly. Sarah, Lloyd, Claudia, Jenny and Harry soon arrived. Abby and Mia were last to arrive. While they were walking, they’d been giggling away. 

“Are you two feeling OK?”, joked Harry. 

“Harhar, very funny”, Mia replied.

The team were waiting around the anomaly for about 15 minutes. Nothing much happened. They were about to leave and let the soldiers guard the anomaly but something started appearing. Mitchell and the other soldiers primed their guns. The team stopped and turned around, but getting ready to run. A woman with short brown hair stepped through, with a bag. 

“Helen?!”, the team all said in unison. They weren’t happy with who came through the anomaly. Recently, Helen had wiped Cutter, Jenny and Danny from existence. In a nutshell, they weren’t best pleased. 

“Don’t worry, I’m here trying to do something good”, Helen broke the shocking news. 

“WHAT?!”, the team said in unison again. It was something they never thought they would hear her say. Ever. But then Helen started to get pixelated. It wasn’t Helen after all. 

“Jack?!”, Abby was shocked. Why was her brother there? 

“Sorry guys, I picked this up when I came to the ARC last week. I wanted to play a bit of a prank on you. I also took an Anomaly Opener to get through an anomaly”, Jack explained. 

You could’ve been killed”, Abby moaned.

”Let’s just be glad he’s back safe now”, Cutter calmed Abby down. 

“What’s in the bag?”, Lloyd asked. 

“Presents for you guys, of course!”, Jack told them. Everyone’s faces livened up.

They all went back to the ARC and were joined by Connor. When Mia and Abby saw him, they gave him funny looks. 

“What?!”, he asked them in a high pitched voice. They both raised their eyebrows. Connor laughed.

”I knew it!”, Mia sussed him. 

“Just count yourself lucky you’ve got presents!”, Connor laughed. 

Everyone else sat down and they exchanged presents. Even Lester got the team presents and got some in return! They decorated the ARC. 

“Hi guys!”, came a Geordie accent from behind them. It was Cheryl Cole, Lloyd’s X Factor mentor. She had brought them presents aswell

For Christmas Day, the team had plans for themselves. Abby, Connor and Mia had Jack, Caroline Steel and Duncan around. Claudia, Jenny and Cheryl were invited around to Lloyd’s house. Danny, Harry and Sarah went to see their relatives. Cutter was at home, until Claudia called in on her way home from Lloyd’s. They spent the evening together, watching Christmas TV. Christmas at the ARC is never boring. Shame every other day isn’t as fun and easy as this…

Special Episodes from the Primeval Stories Magazine 

The Primeval Stories Magazine ran for 14 issues in 2009 and 2010. These two short stories were exclusive to the magazine and written by DalekSupreme08.

1: The American Dream

The Detector went off in the ARC. 

“Where is it, then?” asked Lester impatiently.

The screens zoomed out to show the world, then zoomed back in at America. It was in Washington DC!

“Well, it’ll be Friday by the time you get there, so I’ll get some plane tickets for Friday’s team.” he said.

Soon they were on American soil. They pulled out their handheld Detectors and followed the interference. They walked round a corner.

“The anomaly should be in the next building.” Connor assured. But the building wasn’t just any old office block.

“Wow, it’s the White House!” said Sarah.

“Yeah, and that’s where the anomaly is! We’ve got to find a way inside or who knows what could happen!” replied Cutter. At this, they headed off inside.

Mia went to persuade the security guard.

“Look, we’ve got passes from the British Government.” she said.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but no-one gets in without an appointment. Even if you’re ‘dinosaur hunters’ or whatever.” 

Suddenly, they heard a scream, and a screech came from within the corridor. 

“People are in danger, we’ve got to help them!” she told the guard, and he reluctantly let them in.

The team had no time to admire the decor as they ran down the corridor to where the anomaly was. A woman had locked the door to the room the creature was in. It started smashing against the door, and it burst through!

“Oh no - Raptors” Connor cried, as about 4 raptors came out. Cutter had a gun, and shot one, but the others scattered into different hallways.

“Split up!” Cutter ordered, following one with the head security guard, who was called Captain Tyler. Connor and Mia followed the second Raptor and Sarah and Jenny went after the third. They reached the end of the corridor, and looked around. It was nowhere to be seen. Then they noticed that the door to the President’s office was open, and heard a yell!

2: Hello Mr. President

Jenny rushed in and shot the Raptor, killing it. A familiar man got down off his desk.

“Jenny Lewis and Sarah Page, right?” said the President. The women were shocked.

“You know our names?” they said.

“Yeah, your Prime Minister told me all about the ARC. Those were dinosaurs, weren’t they?” Obama replied. 

“Yes. We need to get you to safety.” Jenny told him, and he followed them. Meanwhile, Cutter and Captain Tyler were searching for another Raptor. On their way they bumped into Connor and Mia. 

“Both Raptors must have gone the same way!” Cutter realised. They knew it was only a matter of time until the Raptors caused more damage. So the race was on. The four ran down the corridor, and heard a screeching noise from within a room.

They flung the door open to discover the two Raptors, feasting on the body of an intern. Before Cutter and Captain Tyler could draw their guns, one Raptor jumped on Captain Tyler. Digging in its sharp claws, the Raptors tore him apart. 

“Oh my god, that’s horrible!” said Mia, disgusted.

“That’s nature.” replied Cutter. “Quick, while they are distracted!”

Cutter and Connor both drew their guns, but they seemed to be taken out of their hands, flying away into the anomaly which was in a room behind them. They were now unarmed as the Raptors finished their meal and edged towards them. Mia kicked one round the head, and it was knocked out!

“Nice work Mia!” Connor smiled, but the other Raptor was still there, ready to pounce. 

Meanwhile, Jenny, Sarah and Obama were running out of the White House. They got onto the lawn, but no-one was there.

“They must still be inside!” said Jenny, dropping her gun and running inside with Sarah. The President noticed the gun, and ran after them to give it back to them. Jenny and Sarah saw Connor, Mia and Cutter trapped against the wall by a Raptor. Jenny noticed she didn’t have a gun – until Obama ran up and gave it to her. She shot the two Raptors, saving the team.

Sarah's Story (set after series 5, before Farewell)

1: A Missing Page Written by BoltOf3

Guest Star:

Jade Ellis

Saturday December 1st 2012 AM

Dear Diary, Today Is the first day of Christmas. I’m so excited to be seeing Rachel and her two children. I think we’re going to set up the Christmas tree and Decorations with Mum and Dad. It’ll be great to have some time to myself, as the ARC has been my number one priority for many months now. We’re so close to finding the reasons behind the Anomalies. From what we’ve found we can’t seem to predict any Anomalies over the coming week, but we are still in prototype stages. I’ve yet to tell Rachel and the rest of my family about what I do, they still think I am researching into artefacts from the museum. Well, I have been, but not to do with the museum. I just hope they never get in danger because of so.

Sarah lifted her pen from her chocolate brown leather diary and read through her morning entry. She has written in this diary since her first day working at the ARC, keeping account of all the encounters with pre-historic life and future creatures. If this book slipped out of her hands, then the whole Arc cover could be blown, that’s why there is a gold buckle opened with a key only Sarah has. She placed it in the bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet, under all the paperwork in there. 

A black Volvo XC90, the standard car issued by the ARC for its entire staff, was resting on the driveway to Sarah’s house. It did the job- drove fast and looked slick. Sarah left her house wearing a dark tan duffel coat and dark blue washed jeans. She climbed in to her car and tucked the end of her coat in before heading off to her parents’ house. 

A gentle tap could be heard in the Arc against the keys to the Detector. The hands were Connor’s. 

“If I just…” He said to himself, programming the Anomaly Detector to hack into a buildings security and seal the room with the Anomaly in. This way, whatever comes through, stays in one place. Now all he had to do was wait for an Anomaly, to see if it worked. “Guess I just have to sit around and wait.” He walked over to pour a coffee from his metal flask. It slipped from his hands, the collision with the floor echoed throughout the ARC. Connor looked over his shoulders to save the embarrassment. He picked the flask up and sat back down on the chair. He put his legs up on the desk and relaxed. 


Connor jumped up his seat and spilled his coffee down his front. Abby stared at him with a smirk. 

“I’ve told you not to do that Abby!” He groaned. 

“Come on, help me and Mia put up the decorations. Relax for once Connor” 

“I’m nearly done, I’ve just got to…”

“Wait? How long will you be waiting for Connor? Sarah and Nick haven’t predicted an anomaly for the next month. You’ll be waiting a long time” She interrupted. Like a naughty schoolboy he bowed his head and followed Abby.

“They could be wrong, you know?” 

“And the chances of Sarah and Nick, the super geniuses, getting something wrong are?” 

Sarah pulled up outside he parents house and could see her sister was already there with her children. She knocked on the door, Rachel answered.

“Sarah!” She cheered with glee before flinging her arms around her and giving her a big hug. “I miss not seeing you as much. You do far to much work” 

“Yes, well, I’ve got to pay my way somehow. Can we go inside?” 

“Yeah sure. I like the car” She murmured as they entered.

A fresh scent of cinnamon hung around Sarah’s nose, while the lights all sparkled. An old CD played that filled Sarah’s ears. She could taste gingerbread in the air before walking over, leaning in and stroking the branch on the tree, the small leaves rubbed against her hand and several fell into her palm. Christmas euphoria. 

“Sit down Sarah!” A voice snapped at her. 

“Mum” Sarah yelled with great joy. She ran over and gave her a hug and kiss, which was returned.

“Baby, I’ve missed you” Her mum chirped, “You’re doing far too much work!”

“I’m committed mum, can you blame me?” Sarah replied. Her mum stared at her and laughed with the impression that she’ll never change. Two voices came from the kitchen area from around the corner of the living room. 

“Auntie Sarah!” Both exclaimed with glee. It was Sarah’s niece and nephew, Emily and Ben. They were both toddlers with bundles of energy running around Sarah’s legs, pulling on her jeans. She knelt down to their level and clenched her arms around both of them. A ring came from her pocket. She stood up and walked to the corner of the room to check her phone. 

“I’ve got to go!” She whispered loudly so that everyone heard. She grabbed her coat and ran out of the house and jumped into her car before driving off without saying goodbye. 

“Sarah” Rachel sighed “Couldn’t you just stay with us for 5 more minutes?”

“Don’t worry about it Hun, why don’t you make a cup of tea and then we can put the topper on the tree?”

Rachel sighed lightly before walking off into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and stared at various fruit and vegetables, along with a selection of Dairy and Meat products. 

“I’ll have to go get some milk. Can you watch the kids for a bit mum?” She called out. 

“Of course! We’ll have a whale of a time, wont we kids?” Both of them nodded in agreement. 

Rachel left promptly and sped off down the road.

“Sarah, do you read? The abandoned warehouse down the bottom of the High Street” Jess reported to her on her phone which was on loudspeaker “Nick and Danny are on their way with the others. We can’t get hold of Abby or Connor though,” Sarah acknowledged with a simple ‘OK’ before hanging up and turning a sharp corner. Within a few minutes she was at the bottom of the High Street as it was the closest end to where she initially was. She pulled over to the side of the road; the other cars were already there. Mia was waiting outside. 

“Mia, where are they? Have they gone in yet?” Sarah asked sharply with a feel of urgency. 

“Yeah, they’ve gone inside. They said to wait inside until they’ve secured the Anomaly and checked for a possible incursion.” Mia replied with sweetness in her voice.

“I don’t understand how there can be an anomaly. There’s nothing due until at least January next year” Sarah panicked.

“Calm down Sarah, I’m sure there’s a logical explanation behind this.” Mia tried to steady Sarah who was getting stressed about walking out on her family; Mia continued, “There’s got to be”

Rachel was cruising along the road in her flashy car, even if the weather wasn’t suited to showing off. She headed for the top end of the high street where a metro supermarket was. It took her longer than Sarah as she wasn’t speeding down the roads. When she entered the lower end of the high street she saw Sarah’s car. Rachel pulled over slightly further up as there was no space. A row of the same car was parked- one of which was Sarah’s. Rachel could see people outside the warehouse so walked down hoping to find Sarah. She ducked behind several of the cars, not wanting to be seen. Rachel watched as the two people entered the abandoned warehouse. She ran out across the road and went to enter after them. 

“Sarah? Are you there?”

Mia and Sarah followed a red dot on their Anomaly Detectors after they were given the all-clear 5 minutes beforehand. A cold wind brushed over their shoulders. The silent screaming of the generators and the distorted echoes of the rest of the team from the Arc were all that could be heard. 

“This is quite spooky” Mia worried “Luckily there aren’t any dangers, we just need to get to the anomaly and scan it”

“Yeah…if only things were that simple Mia” Sarah muttered under her breath. 


“What was that?” Sarah exclaimed, “Is someone there?” 

A dark silhouette came out from behind the shadows.

“Sarah? What’re you doing here?” The voice called.

“Rachel?” Sarah stammered, “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same question” Rachel replied with a cheek.

“You need to get out of here!” Sarah rushed. 

Another noise was heard from a further distance. Rachel asked the same a Sarah “What was that?” 

Several, rhythmic, footstep got closer. Not the footsteps of a human though. There were the familiar sounding footsteps of a Raptor. 

“Quietly, RUN” Sarah called out. 

The three girls bolted away down past some of the large generators. Mia was ahead with Sarah following and Rachel at the back

“Come on!” Mia called. 

They struck a dead end of a tall cargo block. Mia immediately started climbing up and heading for a large gap higher up where no boxes blocked the way through. 

“Up here!” She shouted while acknowledging the tower. Sarah started climbing after Mia.

“Rachel, come on,” said Sarah with panic and urgency. 

“I can’t…its…heights” Rachel said with disbelief.

“Ignore the heights Rachel, you need to get up here!” Mia yelled down, “And fast”

The loud tracks of the Raptor were behind them. It stared up at Mia who was near the top of the structure before lowing its eyes to Sarah who was midway up. It then centred it eyes on Rachel. It leapt. Sarah screamed. 


2: Ripped Pages Written by MarthaJonesFan

Devastated. That was one of the many feelings rushing through Sarah Page’s head at that moment in time. She’d just  seen her sister Rachel devoured by a hungry Raptor. Her mind was like a motorway with all the thoughts. What will happen to her kids? How do I tell mum? Do I tell her about the anomalies? Could she still be alive? But ultimately, all she wanted to do was break down in tears. However, right now, she had more important things to do - prevent any more deaths. It was her job, after all. There was one major problem though - how does she escape? She was with Mia on top of a large cargo block, with the Raptor staring right at them below.


Nick Cutter had shot the Raptor stone dead. Normally he doesn’t kill creatures or even consider it, but he had seen what had happened to Rachel, but it was too late for him to act. He helped the girls down from the block and Sarah knelt down to Rachel’s body.

“She’s gone”, Sarah cried. All she could see in her head was her niece and nephew. How could she tell them her mum was dead? It was a scary thought for her.

“Sarah, I’m so sorry”, Mia rested her hand on Sarah’s shoulder.

“It’s OK, you couldn’t have done anything more”, Sarah smiled, trying to hide her feelings, “Right, are we gonna sort this anomaly or what?”

“Cutter, report! Danny, report! Anyone?”, Jess shouted with frustration into the communications system.

“Is everything OK?”, James Lester asked, wandering over from his office.

“I can’t get through to any of the team, the comms are working fine but they just aren’t responding, something might have happened”, Jess explained.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve gone for a coffee having already sorted the anomaly. Why bother coming to work when you spent half the time drinking hot beverages? Typical freelancers”, Lester ranted. Jess just stared at him blankly before returning to her work.

Connor was setting up the locking mechanism to prevent any more Raptors coming through. The last thing they wanted was for another incursion. When the mechanism was activated, however, the anomaly just separated into two and then locked.

“Woah…”, Connor was shocked.

“What’s happened?”, Cutter asked.

“I don’t know, it just separated into two”

“Right, so they could be to two different places. We need to check the rest of this place for any other creatures, and pronto”

Sarah went with Abby, Connor and Mia to investigate round the back, leaving Cutter, Danny, Harry and Lloyd to search the front. Claudia and Jenny were both back at the ARC as they had paperwork to do. Sarah heard a crash behind her, to find another Raptor. Fear was in her eyes, and her heart was pounding. She was more terrified of them now than she ever was before. She stared it in the eye.

“Connor”, Sarah gently whispered, to try and get Connor to come over with a tranquilliser.

“Why are you whispe-“, Connor strolled over and got cut off by the fact that he was now being faced by a Raptor.

“Shoot it”, Sarah ordered.

“I left my gun in the car”, Connor admitted. Sarah let out a huge sigh.

“On the count of three, we run”, Sarah decided, “3…2…1!” She and Connor ran for their lives, in the direction of Abby and Mia, to make sure they were safe.

“Where’s the fire, guys?”, Mia joked as the two ran to her and Abby.

“It’s more like a Raptor than a fire”, Connor explained, just as the creature reared its feathered body from around the corner. Abby wasted no time in shooting a tranquilliser bullet right at its neck. It let out a loud wail and thudded to the ground.

The place was double checked by the soldiers from the ARC, and the tranquillised Raptor was sent back through the anomaly. The team were allowed to go back to their homes, but Sarah was feeling quite reluctant to return. She had to break the news of her sister’s death - the hardest task she knew she’d ever have to do. She drove back in silence - no Christmas song could lift her mood, no matter how much she loved the festive season. When she parked up, she had a think about how to break the news. Does she wait for the right time? Or does she say it straight away? Do the kids find out at the same time or does she tell them later?

“Sarah, are you coming in?”, her mum opened the door and shouted to her. Sarah switched off the engine and stepped out of the car. She ran up to the door and into her mother’s arms.

”My my, what’s up with you?”, her mum asked, as Sarah cried on her shoulder.

“It’s Rachel. She’s gone, mum, she’s dead”, Sarah wept uncontrollably.

“What? Don’t be silly, she only went to get some milk”

“She followed me to my work, it’s incredibly dangerous, she got herself killed, I couldn’t stop it, I did all I could”

Her mum was in total shock. She tried to comfort Sarah but she knew that she couldn’t keep strong for much longer.

“Promise me this, sweetheart”, her mum looked Sarah in the eye, her hands on her cheeks, “Don’t tell the kids yet. It’s the last thing they will want on their Christmas”.

After Rachel’s funeral, Sarah fought for custody over the children, instead of their father who had left Rachel years before. The court decided that Sarah was the best person for the job, so Emily and Ben went to live with her full time. 

“It’s what Rachel would have wanted”, she told her mum when explaining that she was going for custody.


The final episode of the regular Primeval Stories series, before The Revival four years later.

Jess Parker was sat in her chair at the anomaly detector. As always, it took pride of place in the centre of the main room at the ARC, or the Anomaly Research Centre in full. Jess wore her favourite outfit, a bright red dress with matching high heels and had her wavy brown hair down to just past her shoulders. She jumped up out of her vibrant swivelling chair to give some paperwork to Sir James Lester, so she strutted down the middle of the room, passing Harriet Stafford and Abby Maitland talking; Connor Temple and Mia Turner, the married couple of the team, flirting with each other; and Danny Quinn, the joint team leader. She gave a beaming grin to each and every one of these people whom she saw on a daily basis and considered her closest friends.

Jess daintily knocked on the door of Lester’s office, and Claudia Brown opened it. Lester groaned and moaned about more paperwork but Jess remained cheerful, as she does every minute of every day. The paperwork concerned Helen Cutter, the estranged wife of the other team leader Nick Cutter, who Jess idolised. She constantly plotted against the team, so despite having to deal with these anomalies, they also had to deal with a batty wife. Looking out for any tricks of hers was part of the daily routine of the team and that didn’t look to change in the future.

After she had left the paper on Lester’s desk, she winked at him and Claudia and bounced out of the room. Next task: deliver a cup of tea to Jenny Lewis. She did this every day in order to go and gossip with Jenny, her best friend. She was greeted by Lloyd Daniels when she arrived at her office. The two had rekindled their relationship, despite an age gap of around ten years. Jess stayed for a while, talking with Jenny and Lloyd about all sorts of things, from EastEnders to Helen Cutter to what they were planning to eat for tea that night. Sarah Page entered the room after ten minutes and joined in the conversation. Sarah was an archaeologist and had just become effectively a mother to her niece and nephew after her sister had died from a dinosaur attack.

Unfortunately for her, Jess had a lot more to do, so she decided to leave the other three to it and make her way to Cutter’s office where she also had to drop the paperwork about Helen. Cutter was extremely knowledgeable - previously a lecturer at a university before the anomalies had come about, he was always able to figure out a solution to any problem the team found themselves in. This worked in contrast to his co-leader Danny Quinn, who worked under the “shoot first, ask questions later” motto. Cutter greeted Jess as she bounded into the room, before they had a short discussion about Cutter’s latest discovery. He was developing Sarah and Connor’s theory about anomalies planting background radiation on anyone or anything that travels through one, explaining exactly why they always appeared in the same place.

Jess then skipped back to her desk and sat down, before being joined by Connor, Abby and Mia. These three had been through a lot over the past few years - Abby was initially jealous of Mia but they’ve developed a very strong friendship through what they have in common, which happens to be their love of Connor. All three of them were always very fond of Jess and how quirky she was. They recalled the moment that they first met Mia - scrambling around a town whilst dinosaurs roamed about. She saved them all right from day one. Connor and Mia kissed while Jess grinned on.

Suddenly, Jess had an incoming call picked up by the detector. It was from the other ARC, situated in Lincoln. Katie Smith, who was Claudia and Jenny’s sister, rang up to announce her good news - she was now engaged to her long-term partner Harry Simpson. She’d been through a lot with regards to marriage, struggling with a divorce initially. She was also there with Alex Johnston, a young adult with long blonde hair. Alex was a very close friend of Katie’s, and she often confided in him when she wasn’t having the best day. He was dating fellow team member Georgia Stevens also. Jess and the others passed on their congratulations, and one-by-one, each member of the team came up to the detector to speak to Katie.

Jenny and Lloyd ran in to pass on their congratulations before running out to get home. Her “sister” (long story) Claudia stopped her paper work to express her happiness for her sister also, as did Lester in a rare bout of happiness from him. Harriet and Sarah expressed their delight, whilst Danny told Harry to “get in there”, leading to Jess stamping on his foot. Abby, Connor and Mia were next, before walking off together to go out for a meal. Jess and Cutter were then the only people left in the ARC as it approached closing time. Jess ended the call to Katie, and she picked up her pink coat from the cloakroom before walking out with Cutter, turning off the lights in the ARC. But as they were leaving, an image flashed on the screen, of a woman with short dark hair, wearing khaki combats. She grinned as the image flashed off...


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