When Nick Burkhardt starts seeing creatures he cannot explain, he learns that he comes from a long line of people known as grimms, tasked with keeping the balance between humans and those creatures, known as wesen. He forms an unlikely friendship with a wesen called Monroe, and meets more and more wesen on his job as homicide detective alongisde his best friend Hank Griffin.

Comments from the author

I wrote a single Grimm story in 2019, just before I turned 22 years old. I focused the story on Adalind, my favourite character, with the potential for further stories, though they never developed.

- MarthaJonesFan


Adalind's Story

Called in by Nick to help out on a case, Adalind finds herself torn between her head and her heart when she meets a young zauberbiest, unaware of his identity. Can she help him realise who he is before it's too late?

1: Maternal

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