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Harry Callahan
Played by: Charlie GIllespie

When Harry first met Dylan, he was at one of his lowest points. Losing the love of his life had set him back, but Harry wasn't put off. His kind nature and gentle touch helped build Dylan back up, and they set off on a new adventure - together. Thrown in the deep end into a world of werewolves and the supernatural, Harry keeps his cool, keen to help Dylan and the pack in any way possible. A keen musician, Harry earns his income through playing gigs at the local pub, though he dreams of more. Dependable and reliable, Harry is just what Dylan needs... until Jono arrives back in Crystalshaw, and jealousy begins to show - on both sides...

About the actor

Charles "Charlie" Gillespie was born 26th August 1998 in Dieppe, Canada. His first acting role came at sixteen, when he appeared in The Outlaw League, but things became more regular in 2017 with recurring roles in Degrassi: Next Class and 2nd Generation. Charlie is perhaps best known for his lead role in Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms, which arrived in 2020.