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Jeremy Chadwick
Played by: Jack Dylan Grazer

When Dylan and the pack first met Jeremy, they didn't learn his name let alone his relation to them. It was only in hospital when he finally reunited with his long-lost twin Sammi, who believed he died when he was young. The truth came out - their father had kept them separate to hide his own deceptions, and had experimented on Jeremy with his manufactured virus to kill werewolves. Disowning his father, Jeremy remained close with Sammi, building up a close relationship with Dylan through their time together in the Lunar Sanctum. Due to his years in the shadows, Jeremy still has a lot of self-discovery to do, but he adds a fresh outlook to the pack with his innocence and kindness.

About the actor

American actor Jack Dylan Grazer was born 3rd September 2003 and was acting by the age of 11. His first role was in an episode of The Greatest Event in Television History and by 2018, he'd been named as one of the top 30 stars aged under 18 by The Hollywood Reporter. Jack Dylan has since secured a main role in TV show We Are Who We Are as well as films Don't Tell a Soul, Shazam! and Disney's Luca.