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Joshua "Josh" Rayner
Played by: Israel Broussard

When Josh first met Dylan, they were starting high school together. Both of them were new to the area, but Josh wasn't there by choice. His foster home placement had fallen through, and not for the first time either, so he was back in the system. Josh made friends with Jono and Freddie, but they weren't aware of his ulterior motive in Crystalshaw. Josh bad become the alpha of his old pack and was sent on a recruitment drive by Clara, the bully daughter of his old alpha. He bit Dylan, and later Freddie, both of them becoming werewolves and in theory, part of his pack. However, Josh became increasingly unstable, resenting his own actions. Dylan took away his alpha status, and though he sought revenge, he quickly realised that he needed to be on Dylan's side. Since then, Josh has been situated firmly at Dylan's side, earning a place in his pack and later, a place in his family, as his adoptive brother. Josh is loyal and strong. He is quick to learn from his mistakes and trusts Dylan more than anybody.

About the actor

Israel Broussard was born on 22nd August 1994 in Mississippi. He begun his acting career in 2010 with a small role as Garrett Einbinder in Flipped, and has since appeared in films including Good Kids, Happy Death Day and To All the Boys I've Loved Before, and TV series including Sons of Anarchy and Fear the Waking Dead.