Fed up of being lonely, Isaac Avery and his mum Elenore explore the woods when a shooting star crash lands next to their house. Isaac is astonished to find a young lad, completely unaware of himself and not speaking a word of English. How will he adjust to life with Isaac? Has he finally found his best friend?

Comments from the author

Lost Boy was the first entirely original series I created. It began in 2019, at age twenty-two, and the idea was formed in one morning at work after a very vivid dream I had. The story ended up nothing like the dream, but it nevertheless gave me the inspiration to create Isaac and Harry's story, which I wanted to be, on the whole, a positive, optimistic tale.

- MarthaJonesFan



When Isaac Avery spots a shooting star landing in the forest next to his house, he meets a young lad who knows no English. Desperate to help him out, Isaac helps him integrate into society. However, when the boys' odd behaviour is noticed, people begin to notice and both their lives are put in danger. Will they be able to survive in the dangerous world with so much at risk?