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Oscar Madden-Whelan
Played by: Texas Watterston

A late arrival during senior year, Oscar meets the pack during a difficult time. With Dylan dead and the pack grieving, Oscar's kind nature quickly becomes the saving grace for each of them, particularly Jono. Scared to admit his true feelings, Oscar and Jono finally go on a date, but when Dylan turns up alive, their relationship is set onto a new course. Oscar sees the good in everyone and is keen to keep the mood positive among his friends, meaning Dylan warms to him very quickly. This proves necessary when Dylan is forced to bite Oscar, saving his life but making him his new beta in the process. With Jono by his side, Oscar adapts to his new way of living, and above all else, he is protective of his friends.

About the actor

Texas Watterston was born 9th November 2001 in Australia. At age 14, Texas was signed to Giant Model Management, before graduating from Stella Adler Acting Academy in 2016. He later starred in hit TV series Nowhere Boys and Neighbours.