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Samantha "Sammi" Chadwick
Played by: Bailee Madison

It had been a long time since Jono and Lily last set eyes on their cousin. She, and her father, had moved around a lot, and it had been hard to keep a track on where they lived. Therefore, when Sammi arrived on their doorstep alone, eyebrows were raised. Her naïve nature infuriated some, but Sammi quickly found a friend in Freddie. Despite all knowledge of the supernatural being kept from her, though, Sammi was roped in by her genetics. She became the Anpao, a deadly spirit that "dances with darkness." The Anpao looked like Sammi, but she was buried deep down. However, with help from the pack, Sammi was saved, and they finally begin to accept her enthusiastic, innocent nature.

About the actor

Bailee Madison was born on 15th October 1999, beginning her acting career at just age 7 in the film Lonely Hearts. She has continued to star in films including Bridge to Terabithia, Brothers and Parental Guidance, as well as television shows including The Fosters and Wizards of Waverly Place. In 2021, Bailee starred in one of the lead roles of Netflix musical A Week Away.