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Danny Quinn, Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, Sarah Page, Jenny Lewis and Captain Becker come back through an anomaly and find themselves in a different world where Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart are alive, the ARC hasn't been built, and Claudia Brown (who looks exactly like Jenny) exists. Together, they have to tackle more anomalies, while also trying to stop the biggest threat ever to the human race.


1.1: The Return
1.2: Time Gone Wrong...Or Right?
1.3: The Start Of The End
1.4: The Unravelling Plan
1.5: Reversing The Actions
1.6: Locked In
1.7: No Time For Playing Around
1.8: Not As Easy As It Seems
1.9: Clueless & Jobless
1.10: Not Part Of The Act
1.11: Home Is Where The Anomaly Is
1.12: The Raid
1.X: Doctor Who? (non-canon)

1.1: The Return Written by MarthaJonesFan

Danny Quinn howled in anger, as the anomaly back to the Cretaceous era (and Abby & Connor) had closed. They had been following Helen Cutter through 2 anomalies to stop her from destroying humanity, by poisoning the first humans (or hominids). She only succeeded in killing the first family, and then was knocked off a cliff by a Cretaceous era Raptor that had followed Danny through the 2nd anomaly. Both Helen and the Raptor died. Then Danny made his way back to anomaly, but noticed it was closing, and made a run for it. He was too late, as when he just got there, the anomaly had closed.

Back in the Cretaceous era, Abby Maitland and Connor Temple woke up from the tree they were sleeping in. Connor had fell down another tree when they had to throw a stun grenade at some juvenile Raptors. Abby had urged Danny to go on to stop Helen, while she looked after the unconscious Connor. When Connor woke up, they hid up another tree from other Raptors, and drifted off to sleep. Abby helped Connor down the tree, and they made their way to where the next anomaly should be.

Meanwhile, Captain Becker was listening to Sarah Page’s idea of how to find Danny, Abby and Connor at the racetrack in the present day. Becker got another soldier to lend him a phone, and he dialled the number of a Miss Jennifer Lewis.

Danny decided to take a walk around the Pliocene era. He decided not to drink from the river nearby, as Helen had poisoned it in her plan to poison the first family. He saw some birds flying in the sky, and the beautiful view from a clifftop. It was perfect, without being a busy place with cars and pollution.

Abby & Connor got to where the anomaly was meant to be, and were not surprised to find no anomaly.
“He’s closed it,” said Connor, stating the obvious, as usual.
Abby thought otherwise. She thought that the anomaly could possibly closed itself, as they had no device to lock it with, if it was dropped here. Connor quickly swept up the device, and sorted out the controls, then opened the anomaly, and just waited.

James Lester was getting impatient at the Anomaly Research Centre. None of the team were answering their mobiles. He tried dialling the numbers once more.

“OK, what do you want me for?,” wondered Jenny Lewis as she arrived at the racetrack.
“We need your help,” replied Sarah.
“Well yeah, I guessed that, but what for?,” snapped Jenny.
“Danny, Abby & Connor have gone to stop Helen from destroying humanity, and they have been too long. They were meant to be back an hour ago. We are thinking about going through, but we wanted your help,” answered Becker.
“OK then,” Jenny said after a few minutes of thinking.
They all got ready, and walked through the anomaly to the future.

Danny heard a familiar noise behind him. It’s some sort of an anomaly! He thought. He ran back, and to his delight, there was the anomaly. He sprinted for it, and landed back in the Cretaceous era, in front of Abby’s feet. Connor jumped back in fright. Abby gave him a stern look.
“Woah!,” said Connor, catching his breath after his fright.
“Come on,” mentioned Danny, “we need to use that thing to get back!”

Jenny, Sarah & Becker got through to the Future, and started looking for Predators.
“So this is the future?,” said Jenny, shocked.
“Yup, it’s hard to give an estimate of how far in the future though,” answered Becker.
“Predator!,” yelled Sarah in fright, as a few Future Predators were leaping towards them. The trio ran for it. Becker tried shooting them, but he ran out of bullets.
”Don’t make any noise!,” whispered Becker, in their hiding place.

Danny, Connor & Abby ran to where the first anomaly was, and Connor quickly put the co-ordinates in, and opened the anomaly. They ran through, then Connor sealed the anomaly again. They were back in the future version of the ARC. They made their way through back outside, and heard some shuffling noises. Then hid, and saw Jenny!
“What are you doing here?,” asked Connor.
“She’s with us, and we were coming to find you guys. Are you all OK?,” interrupted Becker.
“Yeah, we’re fine,” replied Abby.
All 6 of the team ran back through to the anomaly, and just ran through as some Megopterans started chasing them. The anomaly was locked by the soldier on guard.
“Phew!,” said Danny, with a large grin on his face.
“Abby, Connor, you’re back!,” said a familiar voice.
The team turned round in shock, and all saw Professor Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart standing side by side.
“Did you stop Helen?,” Stephen asked.
“Yeah,” answered Connor, “but you’re both dead, how can you be here?”
“Oh I knew I should have booked those mental health checks,” remarked Lester as he walked through, with a ginger-haired woman at his side. She was dressed smartly, and the team recognised her.
“Jenny, how can you be in two places at once?,” said Sarah, in shock.
“I don’t know, but I have a feeling that’s not me, that’s…” trailed off Jenny.
“You lot have a bad memory. I’m Claudia Brown, remember? From the Home Office.”
Danny, Abby, Connor, Jenny, Sarah & Becker had blank faces. They were shocked. Not any one of them had an explanation for this.
“May I ask, why there’s a twin of me?,” asked Claudia, “well, you can explain back at the Home Office.”
”What about the ARC?,” asked Danny.
“The ARC plans haven’t been approved yet, remember?,” Lester butted in.
“Oh my god! It’s all true!,” said Connor, looking at Abby.

1.2: Time Gone Wrong...Or Right? Written by MarthaJonesFan

Danny had a puzzled look on his face. He and his team had just landed in the wrong universe, or one that had changed, where Professor Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart were still alive and Claudia Brown exists. Jenny was the most shocked of all, she had met someone who looked just like her in every detail, but had a different name. Everyone was confused.

After half an hour of being confused, the team went back to the Home Office. They sat down and Danny and Jenny explained who they are.
“My name is Danny Quinn, I am an ex police officer. My brother was killed by the Camouflage Creature. Lester recruited me to be the new leader of the team. But that doesn’t matter now, we’re in a different universe,” explained Danny. Now it was Jenny’s turn.
“I am Jennifer Lewis, I am a Public Relations manager, and Lester recruited me to stop the public knowing what they’re not meant to.”
All of a sudden, the Anomaly Detector went off. One had been built for this universe, and handheld ones were made aswell.
“It’s at a town centre,” announced Claudia.
Cutter, Abby, Connor and Claudia all got detectors and got in one car. Jenny, Stephen and Becker went in the other car. Cutter led the way, with Jenny following behind.

When they got to the town, no-one was there.
“Guys, look here,” said Connor, in a frightened voice. There was a dead body on the floor, and blood everywhere.
“Right, we know a predator’s here,” summed up Cutter, “know we need to find where and what it is.”
And as soon as Cutter finished the sentence, a Future Predator jumped up behind them. Becker tried shooting it, but it didn’t work. They ran as far as their legs could take them, broke into a closed down Woolworths and hid. The Predator passed them.
”Phew!,” Claudia whispered. Jenny stared wide-eyed at her, still amazed at how much she looked like her.
“Hey, give me a gun,” said Jenny, determined to be better than Claudia. Becker gave her the gun and she went out and gave the Predator a few shots. The Predator turned round, and made a leap for her. Claudia came out and gave it a shot in the head and it died at Jenny’s feet.
“Ta!,” said Jenny, breathing a sigh of relief.
“Don’t mention it,” answered Claudia, “it’s not everyday you meet someone who looks exactly like you”.

They all went back to the Home Office, and met Sarah and Danny.
“Well, thanks again,” said Jenny to Claudia.
“Don’t worry, really. I wouldn’t let you die, in fact, I wouldn’t let anyone die,” replied Claudia Brown.

But watching from the shadows, was a familiar face, not spotted by anyone…

Helen Cutter.

1.3: The Start Of The End Written by MarthaJonesFan

Jenny Lewis walked up to her house. She noticed it was for sale. I didn’t put it up, she thought. Then she remembered that she was in a different universe, where Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart were alive, and her doppelganger Claudia Brown existed. Jenny dialled Claudia’s number on her phone.
“Hey, do you mind if I stay at yours for a bit? My house…well, it’s a bit confusing,” Jenny asked.
“OK, it’s just I hope you don’t have much stuff, I’m short on space,” replied Claudia.
Jenny flipped down the phone.

Abby Maitland and Connor Temple returned to their flat, and found the old tatty flat that they used to live in. In their universe, Abby’s flat was much nicer, and had just bought the downstairs flat too.
”Woah, this is different,” commented Connor.
Rex flew down and landed on Abby’s shoulder. Sid & Nancy came running to Connor’s feet.
“At least these guys are still here!,” cheered Abby.

In the street where the last anomaly had opened, Helen Cutter stood, planning out what to do next. She had a piece of technology that she picked up from the future on her when she fell. It was a small device, that can stop you from dying, but if you do get shot or badly wounded, you can pretend to be dead by letting it stop your breathing and pulse, and the device will keep you alive. Helen had this on her when the Raptor knocked her off the cliff. She used it to stop her breath and pulse, but stayed alive. That’s why Danny thought she was dead.

Back at the Home Office, James Lester was having a go at Claudia for using a gun the last time there was an anomaly.
”But Stephen can use guns,” moaned Claudia, sounding like a little kid not being allowed sweets.
“He’s had practice, you haven’t. You...” shouted Lester, not continuing his sentence, as the Anomaly Detector went off. Lester dialled Abby and Connor’s phones.

Becker and Claudia arrived at the anomaly site. It was an old abandoned office building. Abby and Connor pulled up in Abby’s stylish car behind them.
”Hang on, I know this place!,” said Connor, trying to think where it was.
“It’s Johnson’s base, you nutters,” replied Claudia, giving Connor a funny look.
“Hey, do you know where it is yet?,” came a voice from behind. It was Nick Cutter, with Stephen and Danny following behind him.
”Yeah, it should be up there,” said Connor, looking at his detector.

Back at the Home Office, Lester and Sarah were discussing the plans for the ARC. Sarah was trying hard to make it like it was back in the “real” world, where Cutter was dead.
“The detector can go in the centre of the Operations room, with some tables in front of it with research on. Cutter needs an office aswell,” mentioned Sarah.
“But what about me, I’m more important than Cutter,” moaned Lester.

Helen Cutter picked up a signal on her detector. It was an anomaly.
”At Christine Johnson’s base. Perfect,” said Helen, thinking out loud. Her plan was unravelling in her head.

The team made their way up to the room where the anomaly should be. And just as the detector said, the anomaly was there. Becker set up the Anomaly Locker, and locked the anomaly, to stop any Megopterans or Future Predators coming through.

Helen sneaked into the office block. She noticed a dead soldier on the floor, and stole one of his guns. She kept it for self defence. She went up to the room where the anomaly was, but decided not to go in as the team were in there. But when she got there, Danny and Stephen saw her and ran up to her. Helen got out her gun, and backed them into the anomaly room.
“How, what, why?…,” stuttered Danny, shocked to see Helen.
“Oh, just a piece of future technology,” replied Helen, not saying much else.
“Helen, just leave the gun. You don’t need to do this,” said Cutter, trying to reason with his wife.
“Oh, Nick, I’ve only just started,” answered Helen, with a devious tone in her voice.
Becker tried to shoot her, but she got there first and shot him. Becker lay in pain on the floor.
“Helen, why did you do that?,” shouted Connor, angry at Helen.
”I can’t let anyone stop me from my work,” said Helen, proud of her work.
Stephen tried to get her from behind, but again, Helen got there first. Stephen also lay on the floor.
“Open the anomaly,” commanded Helen.
Abby opened the anomaly.
“Now give me the Anomaly Creator. Do it now and don’t waste time,” ordered Helen.
Jenny reluctantly handed it to Helen. Both her and Claudia had a look of disgust in their face.
“My my, both Claudia and Jenny in the same place at the same time, with the same expression on the face. How extraordinary,” commented Helen, when she didn’t need to.
”Helen, we will stop you. It’s just a matter of time,” said Claudia, with a tone of confidence in her voice.
“Oh, time isn’t always on your side, as we know more than anyone,” said Helen.
She stepped through the anomaly, and closed it on the other side.
“We’ve lost her,” said Danny, annoyed.
“We need to find another creator. There must be one somewhere!,” thought Connor.
”The racetrack!,” said Abby, with a grin on her face, “there must be one in the future ARC.”
Jenny was desperately helping Becker on the floor, and Cutter was urging Stephen on. Becker shut his eyes, and Jenny felt his pulse. He didn’t have one. Cutter then felt Stephen’s, and his pulse had gone too.
“They’re both dead,” said Jenny, with tears forming in her eyes.
Abby cried on Connor’s shoulder, and even Cutter was starting to cry.

Lester had been informed about the deaths.
“Looks like we needed Jenny and Danny after all,” said Lester, feeling a little dull.

Helen was thinking through her plan one more time, in the future ARC. On the computer, it showed she had a big route to go through. Several visits to the Cretaceous, Permian and many other eras. She was planning to stop the deadly creatures from dying out, so they would kill all the humans. Her 3rd attempt to kill humanity.

1.4: The Unravelling Plan Written by MarthaJonesFan

Helen Cutter stumbled through the anomaly at Christine Johnson’s base. She quickly closed it, to stop anyone following her through.

Back at Johnson’s base, the team were just packing up, and crying over Becker and Stephen’s deaths. They went back to the Home Office, and Lester explained the plans for the ARC.

Helen got to her first anomaly, opened it, and went through. It was to the Permian era, where the Gorgonopsids died out. She saw a few left, and waited a few minutes, out of sight. Then she saw some Future Predators. What?, she thought. Some baby Predators were left in the Permian era after the Gorgonopsid and adult Predator fight. No-one noticed the 2 left. But now they were fully grown, and came and had a fight with the few Gorgonopsids. These adult Predators had had babies during the time away aswell, and they joined in the attack. Helen shot the Predators with the gun she stole of a dead soldier. They lay dead on the floor. She knew that the Predators caused the death of the Gorgonopsids. That’s one part of her mission accomplished.

The Anomaly Detector rang out. It was the town centre one again. Cutter, Abby, Connor, Claudia, Jenny & Danny went to investigate it. Sarah complained, as she never got to go out. Instead she studied some papers.

The team arrived at the town centre, still as empty as ever.
”It’s probably so quiet cause the anomaly’s open,” suggested Claudia, who had finally got a gun.
“Watch out for Predators,” warned Danny.
The team found the anomaly, and the team decided that some of them must go through it, and they can try and stop Helen. They decided Cutter, Jenny, Abby & Connor would go through, with Danny & Claudia keeping guard. So Cutter, Jenny, Abby & Connor got ready, and walked through the anomaly. They were in the future world.
“Déjà vu,” remarked Connor, with a grin on his face. Abby disapproved.

Helen opened her next anomaly, and stepped through it. Then she instantly closed it. She was in the Cretaceous era, when the Deinonychus (or Raptors to you and me) died out. She instantly saw the last few Raptors, chasing after this little creature. Then, believe it or not, there was a Predator swinging round the trees! Helen tried to shoot it, but it was too quick for her. It managed to kill one Raptor. Helen got the Predator this time.
“It’s amazing how easy it is to kill them with a gun,” muttered Helen to herself. She opened the next anomaly and stepped through.

Cutter and his 3 companions wondered around the future world, keeping an eye out for Predators or Megopterans. They made their way to the future ARC, and got in. Abby locked the door so no creatures could get through. Connor looked out for an Anomaly Creator, and, just his luck, he found one. He ran up to the computer, got it working, and programmed in the route. He was too excited to stop himself jumping up and down. Jenny had a look of disapproval on her face. Connor gave the Creator to Cutter, who opened the anomaly. Connor had programmed it to go straight to the very late Cretaceous era, as they would have missed Helen in the Permian and Cretaceous eras. The 4 friends stepped through the anomaly.

Helen also arrived in the late Cretaceous era, ready to stop the extinction of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Once again, Predators appeared. Helen realised that the Predators must have found several anomalies, and caused the deaths of all the prehistoric creatures. She hoped that’s what happened to humans too.

Cutter and his team also saw Predators, and seemed confused. Jenny shot some, and they fell to the floor, dead. Then the team saw Helen Cutter, shooting Predators. Then came a roar, and a T-Rex came stomping in! Jenny and Abby looked petrified, but to be honest, who would blame them? They ran over to Helen, who had killed the last of the Predators. They quickly opened an anomaly back to the town centre, and met Claudia and Danny. The pair also looked terrified, as they saw Gorgonopsids, Raptors and T-Rex’s roaming the town! The team and Helen hid in a shop. Helen had succeeded, now all she needed was for them to kill all humans.

1.5: Reversing The Actions Written by MarthaJonesFan

Nick & Helen Cutter, Claudia Brown, Jenny Lewis, Abby Maitland, Connor Temple & Danny Quinn were hiding in a closed down shop, after Helen had stopped Gorgonopsids, Raptors and even the Tyrannosaurus Rex from becoming extinct, in her plan to kill every human alive, seeing as she thinks the creatures are better than humans.
“Helen, what have you done?”, asked Cutter, frustrated with her.
“Oh Nick, I’ve only just started. I need to stop a whole load more creatures from becoming extinct. And you can’t stop me”, replied Helen, with her usual devious tone in her voice. At that moment, Connor, Cutter & Danny grabbed hold of Helen, and Jenny and Abby pointed 2 guns in her face. Claudia searched her, and removed a Gun and a Knife, aswell as her Anomaly Opener and Detector. Claudia then called Lester.

“What now, don’t tell me, Cutter and everyone have been stuck though an anomaly and have been crushed by a dinosaur”, moaned Lester.
“Actually, no, even worse”, Claudia replied.
“Well, we can all dream,” said a disappointed Lester.
”Helen’s plan has partly succeeded, she has stopped the Gorgonopsids, Raptors and T-Rex’s from becoming extinct, we need backup. She’s being restrained by Cutter, Danny & Connor, and I’ve removed her weapons, but we need armed soldiers now”, ordered Claudia. She ended the call.

Meanwhile, back at the Home Office, Sarah had called the soldiers, and had told them the location. She got into one car, with some soldiers. Lester stayed behind, moaning to himself.

Abby saw a young girl running. She had short, funky hair, and looked a bit goth like. Abby waved at her. The young girl came running over.
“What’s happening?”, she asked, with a worried tone in her voice.
“We can’t tell you. I’m Abby, and I’m 26. What’s your name?”, asked Abby.
“I’m Mia, Mia Turner. I’m 26 aswell”, replied the girl.
Just at that point, Sarah and the soldiers turned up, with a Raptor chasing after them. A soldier quickly got out and shot it, but it didn’t work. The soldier was brutally killed. About a dozen more soldiers started shooting it, and the Raptor lay dead on the floor. Sarah ran in towards the team, and a solider handcuffed Helen and took her back to the Home Office. The team discussed their plans. They decided they needed to reverse the actions done by Helen, but travelling back through the anomalies and stopping her each time.
“The route should still be on the Anomaly Opener”, suggested Connor.
“But how do we stop her?”, enquired Jenny. Everyone fell silent.
”Well, we must just take her hands behind her back and let whatever’s meant to happen actually happen”, suggested Cutter. Everyone agreed.
“What about me?”, asked Mia, who was being extremely quiet, “Don’t ask me to forget about all this, I never will. I’m coming too.”
“She can’t come, it’s too dangerous,” said Abby, who didn’t like Mia very much.
“Well, I could do more than you ever could,” said Mia with an aggressive tone in her voice. She moved in to hit Abby, but Danny held her back.
“She can come”, said Danny, clearing things up. Abby and Mia glared at each other.

Lester was informed by Claudia.
“Why do they always decide things before they tell me”, he moaned to himself.

Connor opened the first anomaly, which was to the Permian era. They all stepped through it, and instantly saw Helen, moving in. Cutter ran up to her, and grabbed her from behind. He watched as the Future Predators attacked the Gorgonopsids, who lost. Cutter had stopped one creature from surviving.
“Now to the next”, he muttered to the team, as he approached them. Connor entered the co-ordinates, and they stepped through. Cutter did the same again, to stop Helen saving the Raptors.
“Right then, the hard bit now. We can’t see ourselves, so either Sarah, Claudia or Danny has to do this”, suggests Abby.
“Or me,” suggests Mia, and as soon as she stepped through the anomaly, she ran off and held Helen back, but a T-Rex heard her! It came stomping towards them, and Abby pulled out a gun, and tried shooting it, but it was too strong. Then in came the Predators. They attacked the creatures, until they were bleeding to death. Mia let go of Helen, before the earlier version of the team came over.

They all went back through the final anomaly, and Connor closed it. They were back at the town centre, and everything seemed to be back to normal.
”Thank you”, Mia said to Abby, despite their grudge against each other.
“What for?”, asked Abby, who had forgotten what she’d done.
”For saving my life. Distracting that T-Rex”, reminded Mia.

Back at the Home Office, Lester lectured the team about their last adventure, and he mentioned that Helen had been kept locked up. Afterwards, Cutter asked Mia if she’d like to join the team.
“I need someone as courageous as you here in my team. You are brave, and never give up. Not many people are like that”, Cutter told Mia. Mia nodded.
”Yes, I’ll join, but Abby doesn’t seem to like me”, Mia replied.
“Don’t worry about Abby, Connor can talk her round”, reassured Cutter.

The guards in the Home Office cells were on their way back from their break. They came back to find that one of the cells has been broken out of. It was the one that Helen Cutter was in.

1.6: Locked In Written by a64

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
In the quiet main room of the Home Office headquarters, the anomaly detector started to ring. Sarah Page heard it first. She called for the rest of the team, who came slowly from their various jobs.

“There’s an anomaly, really close from here...” said Connor to the team, “in fact, if I trace it...” He pressed a few buttons on the keyboards, and the map on the screen zoomed in to a specific place. “That’s odd,” he continued, “It says here the anomaly is coming from inside the Home Office itself!”

A guard was patrolling down a corridor. He had paced up and down for the last few hours, and was really getting quite bored of it and was waiting eagerly until the end of his shift in around half an hour. Suddenly, he noticed a flickering light from the end of the corridor, like a candle. The guard moved towards it, but just when he went to look at it, it vanished and the corridor was dark again. Puzzled, he moved back to his shift, pacing up and down. He did not notice, however, what had come through the anomaly...

“So am I right in saying,” James Lester slowly said to the team, “we have an anomaly inside this building? And you don’t know where it is?”
Connor nodded. “It’s the building – it’s shielded from communications and satellites, so people can’t detect the dinosaurs we have stored here. But, we can’t either!”
Nick Cutter chipped in. “I think what Connor’s trying to say is, we should all split up and try to contain the anomaly, and whatever came out of it.
“That’s if something did come out of it,” said Claudia. “It only lasted about a minute. It could have been nothing, just a blip!”

A reptilian shape moved in the darkness. It had found its way inside an air vent, and was lost in the mirrored network of tunnels already. It was starving, having not eaten for weeks. It looked around and soon found its prey – a long red wormlike creature. As it moved its teeth towards the object, it felt a buzzing, humming sound coming from it. Regardless, the dinosaur devoured the cable – and chewed right through it.

The effect was instantaneous. The entire Home Office floor was plunged into darkness.
“What’s happened?” everybody wondered. Within seconds, backup generators kicked in, causing a blue ethereal glow to form on the team’s faces.
Danny spoke up – “A power failure – and I bet you it’s connected to the anomaly.”
Lester sighed. “Okay, you win. We’ll split up and try and find out the cause... besides, I can’t do anything here since the computers are down, and we’re sealed in!”

There were three groups – Danny, Jenny and Sarah went around the perimeter to search for any intruders. Nick, Claudia and an irritated Lester were to search the middle section of the Home Office, including their leisure facilities. Connor, Abby and Mia meanwhile were left to check the anomaly detector and to help find out more about the cause of the power failure.

“Why are we sitting here fiddling with that thing?” Mia complained, as Connor worked on the detector. “I’d much rather go and find this dinosaur or whatever.”
Abby ignored her, so she wandered off. Something round here must be more interesting than sitting around...

“What were you doing when the anomaly detector went off? You’re usually the first to notice.” Abby inquired.
Connor raised an eyebrow. “Why do you want to know?”
Abby persisted. “I was with Mia. Looking over some, uh, records. Of dinosaurs.” He told her.
This sounded unconvincing to Abby. “You like Mia then?”
“Yeah... she’s cool.”
Abby still thought something was up, but she left it for the time being.

Danny’s group was lost. Jenny said they were to go right, but it came to a dead end. He wished the comms were online – without them, they had to rely on their own navigational skills. Which turned out to be pretty basic, in hindsight.
“Danny, look!” The shout came from Sarah, who was investigating a small hole in the wall.
“Teeth marks!” Jenny exclaimed. “Must have been a small creature, about a foot high. They could have disrupted the wiring.”
Sarah was puzzled. Was that the cause of the power failure? And where was the creature now?
Almost in reply to her thoughts, a roar came echoing down the corridor!

Claudia turned round when she heard the roar. It was faint, but through the walls unmistakably that of a dinosaur, and an aggressive one. “Cutter...” she said, nervously.
He had heard it too. “I’ve got a plan – here, if we break into these lockers...”
“Hey, those are government property!” said Lester. But inside, were an assortment of guns and weapons.
“Now let’s catch that monster!”

Connor gave a shout. “Yes – the anomaly detector is connected to the backup generators . We’ve got power!”
They crowded round the screen. A grainy CCTV image was updating, surveying the entire Home Office. They tried to spot anything at fault.
“There’s Danny’s group, down that corridor. And there’s Claudia and Lester.”
A blurry shape moved past the screen. “Was that...?” Abby exclaimed. Connor wound back the footage. Unmistakably, the screen showed a fully grown Raptor running down a corridor.
“Raptors!” shouted Connor, “In the Home Office! We’ve got to tell the others!”

Mia had wandered to the main boardroom, but with none of the computers online it was useless. She decided to find Claudia and Sarah and the others – perhaps they’d found something worthwhile.
Something moved just inside her vision. She turned, and a spiny tail went round a corner. Ignoring anything she had been taught as a child, Mia crept towards the corner, and watched in astonishment.
There was a Raptor, with a scrap of something in its mouth. It looked like meat, and it was feeding it to a baby. The scene would have been adorable if it weren’t for the blue scaly skin and sharp teeth, something Mia was slightly unnerved by.
As she stepped backwards, the Raptor turned round. It gave a unearthly roar as it noticed, and ran towards her!

Nick’s group met Danny’s as they went towards the location of the roar.
“Here, take these guns – you might need them!” said Nick, and they raced ahead.

Mia kept eye contact with the raptor, conscious of her heart beating unnaturally fast in her chest. She was scared, sure, but she had always seen in films never to let it show. The reptilian eyes followed hers, and she tried not to make any sudden movements, moving backwards slowly and steadily.

Connor and Abby met up with the rest of the team quickly.
“It’s a raptor!” Connor said. The others didn’t need telling twice, and quickly loaded the weapons specifically.
Jenny was the first to ask: “Where’s Mia?”
“I thought she was with you.” Said Abby.
They ran down the corridor after her.

The raptor was now advancing further, pinning Mia into the corner. She couldn’t escape. It was so close that she could hear its breathing, and its heartbeat....
And then suddenly it moved back. The baby raptor had reminded its parent that it had been forgotten about by uttering a small squeal. Mia opened her eyes to see the two ugly dinosaurs cutely eating the scrap of meat they had, and her heart melted.

Bang! Bang! Two shots rung out as the team approached the dinosaurs from around the corner.
“Mia! Are you all right? Did they hurt you?”
Mia just stared at the two lifeless bodies of mother and child that moments ago were embracing.
“They weren’t attacking...” she stuttered, “They were living. Mother and child – and you killed them!”

There was a depressive mood among the Home Office when the power came back on. The grand rescue the team had planned turned out to be two seemingly harmless creatures, and Mia was the most disheartened of the group.
“I’d better call Whitehall,” Lester said, “to tell them we haven’t been eaten alive.”

Connor was moping about with Abby.
“I was going to say something to Mia earlier... something to cheer her up.”
“She’ll get over it,” Abby said a bit too optimistically. Seeing a T-Rex was bad enough for her, she thought, but a baby dinosaur, like a Raptor... she reckoned that she might have quit the job at the ARC if that happened to her.

Lester came back from his office.
“Everyone – we’ve got a high priority alert.”
“What, an anomaly?” said Connor. “But the detector hasn’t gone off?”
“Not an anomaly – not yet at least.” Lester sighed. “It’s Helen Cutter. We’ve found her.”

1.7: No Time For Playing Around Written by MarthaJonesFan

Nick Cutter, Danny Quinn, Connor Temple, Claudia Brown, Jenny Lewis, Abby Maitland, Mia Turner and Sarah Page were on their way down to some tennis courts at the local park, where Helen Cutter was detected just a few minutes ago, after they got trapped in the Home Office where an anomaly opened. Danny, Connor and Jenny got their guns ready, and they got out of the car.

Helen Cutter was busy trying to make her exit from the tennis courts. She ran into the main park, and saw loads of children playing, and their parents watching. All of a sudden, an anomaly opened, just by the slide.

The Anomaly Detector went off in the Home Office. James Lester quickly dialled Cutter’s mobile number.
“What do you want?”, Cutter greeted Lester.
“There’s an anomaly, in the nearest park. It’s called the London Recreation Ground”, answered Lester.
“Abby, what’s this park called?”, asked Cutter, putting Lester on hold for a few seconds.
“London Recreation Ground”, replied Abby.
“OK”, answered Cutter. He out Lester back on, “It’s at the same park as us. We’ll be on to it now.” Cutter ended the call.

Helen saw the anomaly, and made a run for it. Connor caught her on her way, and the team started running after her. She got through in time, but that didn’t stop the team. They all followed her through.
“Connor, what era are we in?”, queried Claudia, looking scared.
“It looks very much like the Silurian era, which means there could be those horrible Scorpion thingies here”, said Connor, looking at his surroundings.
“I remember this place”, said Cutter, thinking out loud, “Stephen and I were here rescuing that little girl. It looks exactly like this.”
“Well, tread lightly then, and we should be able to see Helen’s footprints”, suggested Danny.

Helen Cutter ran as fast as she could, not noticing something moving under the sand behind her. Suddenly, it jumped out, and Helen ran even faster. She couldn’t do much else, as the team removed her weapons, Detector and Opener. Jenny saw the creature, and shot it. Little did she know that the creature was chasing Helen. I’m sure she would have let it have her otherwise! As the Giant Scorpion lay dead on the floor, they spotted Helen, and vice versa. Helen tried running off, but she couldn’t go very fast, as the Scorpion had injured her leg. Cutter managed to get to her first, and he held her back. She kicked him, and tried running again, but Danny and Connor restrained her. Jenny held the gun to her face.
”This seems very familiar”, said Connor, sarcastically.
“Sarky pants”, laughed Mia.
Suddenly, a huge sandstorm came over them. They ran for the nearest shelter. But Helen got free, and ran off into the sandstorm. They waited ages for the sandstorm to pass, but when it finally did, they noticed the anomaly was closing, so ran back to it. Giant Scorpions were surrounding it, and the path to get there. Cutter and Danny didn’t care, they just kept on running. A Scorpion leapt out in front of them, but they ran round it. They got through. Connor, Jenny and Abby ran next, and just got through. Claudia, Mia and Sarah were too scared, but managed to get running. Claudia got through, but only just, as the anomaly closed just as she got through, leaving Mia and Sarah stuck in the Silurian era.

“AARGH!”, shouted Mia, who was crying on Sarah’s shoulder. Sarah was also crying.
“Don’t worry, they’ll find a way to get us back”, suggested Sarah, who was hopeful.

Cutter, Danny, Connor, Jenny, Claudia and Abby looked behind them, and saw the park empty, except for a few things. Giant Scorpions had got through, and scared off/eaten the people there! Now, people both sides of the closed anomaly wanted it to re-open.

Helen Cutter had found another anomaly, and quickly went through it. It was back to the present day, just round the corner from the Home Office.

Lester had also picked up the signal, and got someone to get the surveillance cameras up for the road behind the Home Office. There he saw Helen Cutter. He rang Cutter’s mobile, but he couldn’t get through. Lester ordered some soldiers to go and arrest Helen.

Helen let herself into the back entrance to the Home Office, and sneaked through to where the weapons are kept. She noticed her stuff was there, picked it up, and also picked up the biggest gun she could see. She ran up to the main floor, and cornered Lester and the Home Office workers. She had no-one to stop her now, at least, not before she could kill everyone there. She wanted to kill Cutter again, but this time with the rest of his team, so she could put an end to this, and also have no-one to stop her from destroying the human race, for good.

1.8: Not As Easy As It Seems Written by MarthaJonesFan

James Lester was raging with anger. Helen Cutter had just ran in and cornered him and his colleagues at gunpoint. For once, he actually wanted Nick Cutter to be there.

But Cutter was already occupied. 2 members of his team, Sarah Page and Mia Turner, had just got stuck through an anomaly. Then the remaining members of the team got back to find a load of Silurian era Giant Scorpions roaming the London Recreation Ground.
“Pinch me, I’m dreaming”, muttered a shocked Connor. Abby took the opportunity and pinched him.
“Ow! I didn’t mean literally!”, said Connor, wailing like a little boy.
“Oi, this is no time for playing around”, said Danny, sternly.

Mia and Sarah were crying their eyes out in the Silurian era. Suddenly, something beeped. Sarah went through her pockets, and found an Anomaly Opener! Connor gave it to her for safe keeping, but he didn’t get it back! Just as well really. Sarah entered the co-ordinates, and opened the anomaly! The pair stepped through, but they weren’t in the play area, they were in another era altogether!

The Giant Scorpions noticed Cutter and his part of the team, and they ran towards them. The group ran as fast as they could. One of the Scorpions caught Jenny, but Abby shot it and Jenny broke free. Claudia helped her catch up. Connor and Danny rushed up the slide, while Cutter and Abby jumped over the swings and headed for a tree to climb. Jenny and Claudia ran towards the car, and only just got inside. The Scorpions were snapping at the windows, trying to get in.

Lester ordered Helen to drop her weapons, but she shot the man next to Lester. Just as she did that, the soldiers who went out to arrest her came back and handcuffed her. Lester breathed a sigh of relief.

Mia and Sarah were surrounded by loads of gas at their feet.
“It stinks!”, remarked Mia, holding her nose.
“You can say that again”, replied Sarah. She had another go at entering the co-ordinates, and opened an anomaly. This time she peaked through it first, to make sure it was the right era, then they went through. They ended up in the park again. Mia spotted Connor and Danny sitting at the top of the slide. She waved at them, and they waved back. Sarah nearly forgot to close the anomaly, but remembered just as she looked round. A Scorpion was on its way over to the girls. Mia screamed, well as Sarah ran. Mia took off her high heels, and went off after her. They jumped up and caught hold of the monkey bars, and pulled themselves up.
“How did you get back?”, Connor shouted over.
”Remember you gave me the Anomaly Opener? Well, I used that!”, Sarah shouted back. All of a sudden, soldiers from the Home Office came in and shot the Scorpions. Sarah let go and landed on her feet. She opened an anomaly to the Silurian era, the soldiers tried getting them back in. Only one Scorpion ended up dead, after a soldier shot it. One Scorpion gobbled up another soldier. That too ended up being shot, but the rest got through. Sarah closed the anomaly.

The reunited team all went back to the Home Office, to find a shocked Lester sitting in his office.
”What happened?”, asked Cutter, trying not to laugh.
“Your wife happened, Cutter. She came in and had us cornered at gunpoint. She shot my PA! Who can make me cups of tea now?”, moaned Lester.
“He’s fine”, whispered Claudia to Mia, who didn’t know Lester as well as the others.
“And where is she now?”, queried Abby.
“Locked up in jail, where she belongs”, answered Lester.

In the nearest Police Station, Sergeant King was busy patrolling the cells. As he passed Helen Cutter’s cell, Helen sneaked her hand out of the window that as accidentally left open, and takes Sergeant King’s gun and keys. She put the key in the lock, opened the door, and shot Sergeant King. Helen left a bomb in her cell. She ran over to the front desk, shot the policeman, and took back her belongings. She opened her anomaly, and ran through it, and just as the station blew up, Helen closed the anomaly. But where did she go?

James Lester heard reports from the Minister that the nearest jail had been blown up. It was the one where Helen Cutter was in.
”Do you think it’s to do with Helen?”, asked Claudia, worried.
“Most likely”, answered Lester, “The CCTV videos are still intact, and they are being sent through now. Aha, here they are”.
The team watched the one that was surveying Helen’s cell. They saw a hand coming out her cell, and stealing a gun and the keys. Then they see Helen coming out, and running off. Then all they see is an explosion.
“And that’s all we’ve got”, cleared up Lester.
“Helen’s free again, and she’s gonna be looking for revenge,” muttered Cutter.

1.9: Clueless & Jobless Written by MarthaJonesFan

Off went the Anomaly Detector, a sound that Mia Turner was now very familiar with. She had come across the team while trying to escape from some savage creatures, which was part of Helen’s plan. Nick Cutter asked her to join the team. Although, Abby Maitland didn’t like her much, she had become fantastic friends with Connor Temple, Sarah Page, and the 2 people who are identical but not related, Claudia Brown & Jenny Lewis. Mia ran over to the Detector, and started locating the anomaly. Suddenly, the screen blanked out.
”What did you do?”, asked Abby, running over. Connor followed.
”I’m sure she didn’t do anything, must be some technical fault”, answered Connor, reassuring Mia that she hadn’t done anything. She had learnt to ignore Abby now though.
“Oh, that’s strange”, said Connor, rather confused, “There’s nothing wrong with the wires, and the batteries in the screens were put in yesterday, so it can’t be them”.
“Must be interference”, suggested Danny Quinn, who had recently been appointed joint leader of the team, with Cutter. Although he was used to being a leader, as he was the team leader back in the world with the ARC, Jenny’s world, the world without Cutter.

The London Dungeons were very busy. It was a horrible day, with a massive storm, so people decided to take this opportunity to look around the Dungeons. Inside, a little light appeared, not noticed by anyone. A massive cat kind of creature wandered through, and went out to the place where they do the boat rides. A group of people were waiting to get onto a boat, looking scared. They looked even more scared when the cat came and gobbled them up, aswell as the staff there. The creature proceeded round the Dungeons.

“You’re telling me that we have an anomaly alert, and we can’t detect where it is!”, barked James Lester, who appeared to have a sore throat today, “And Mia was the one using it when it went off!”
“It wasn’t Mia’s fault”, said Connor, determined to stick up for Mia.
“I don’t care. The repairs for it can come out of her wages, and if she doesn’t agree, she can walk out right now”, croaked Lester.
“Who’s she, the cat’s mother?”, shouted Mia, bursting into tears, “and if you’re like this to me, I’m out”.
“Mia, you can’t go!”, cried Sarah. But Mia had already made up her mind. She stormed out.
“Now look what you’ve done”, Connor said in an angry voice to Lester.
“You can get lost too”, replied Lester, who was in a really bad mood today. Connor stormed out after her.
“Well, if they’re going, I am too!”, Sarah immediately said. And off she went!
“Me too!”, said Jenny, not letting Lester be like that.
“Oh great, we only have 4 left in the team now. Thanks Lester”, summed up Danny.

After 10 minutes of sulking, Nick Cutter decided that the remaining 4 should go on a rampage across the area, checking everywhere.
“Mia said that the anomaly was around the area of the London Dungeons, so we should go up there, and check everywhere. Danny, you go into the Dungeons themselves, and Claudia will go round the shops nearby. Abby will check the train station, and I will look round the nearby buildings. We will all have some armed soldiers with us. OK?”, revealed Cutter.
“Got it”, answered Claudia, Danny and Abby in unison.

Mia sat outside her house. She was having such a good time at the Home Office, and was really annoyed to be sacked. She was happy, though, because she heard Connor shouting at Lester after she’d gone, then loads of footsteps leaving the Main Floor. Connor followed Mia, with Sarah behind, and Jenny even further back. Connor got to Mia, and sat next to her.
”Thanks, for sticking up for me”, thanked Mia.
“Don’t mention it”, replied Connor, “He sacked me, and Sarah and Jenny walked out. We all stood up for you, and are disgusted at Lester”.
Just as Connor finished the sentence, Sarah came up, and Jenny was jogging behind. Mia hugged all of them, and gave Connor a special kiss.
“Woah!”, said a shocked Connor, blushing. The girls laughed.
“So, should we go and find the anomaly ourselves?”, queried Sarah, missing the action already, not that she shared the action that much.
And before you could say Coelerusauravus, they were off on their way to the London Dungeons.

Danny had found the anomaly, and told the soldiers to get some lights on, and lock the anomaly. He spoke to Cutter, Abby and Claudia through the comms. They went to meet him. All they had to do now was to search the area, to find out if anything had come through.

10 minutes later, Connor and his half of the team arrived at the Dungeons, just as Cutter, Claudia and Abby went in. They tried shouting, but it was too late. They just followed them in. Little did they know how dangerous it would be inside.

James Lester was filled with anger, after he lost 4 members of his team. Believe it or not, he was feeling a little bit of regret. He just drank his cup of tea and filled out the final forms for the ARC to try and get over it.

Danny came across Cutter, Abby and Claudia, who had got their guns at the ready.
“Something’s down here, I’ve seen loads of bodies. We need to tell the people to get the lights on”, Danny told the others.
“I’m onto it”, efficiently replied Claudia. She walked back out, and to the main office there. The rest of that part of the team went on looking around.

Meanwhile, Mia’s half was also looking around carefully, when they stumbled across the dead bodies by the river aswell. Connor was so surprised he nearly fell into the water. Jenny stared at him, raising her eyebrow, and doing her “He’s mad!” look. Connor gathered himself together, and noticed Danny, Abby, Cutter and loads of soldiers. Suddenly, the cat creature came out of hiding and pounced on Mia! She fought it off, but in the end it was too strong, and scratched her. Connor took Abby’s gun and shot it several times. It lay dead on the floor.
“We’ve encountered one of these before. It was a Smilodon”, remembered Cutter.
Connor was helping Mia on the floor, shedding a few tears. Sarah and Jenny looked worried aswell.
”Abby, call an ambulance”, ordered Cutter.
Abby just stormed out instead, muttering to herself, “Why is it all about Mia? She’s even lured Connor in”.
Instead, Danny called the ambulance, and just as he ended the call, the lights came on and Claudia came back in.
“What’s happened?”, asked Claudia, seeing Mia lying on the floor.
“She was attacked by a Smilodon”, answered Cutter.

Connor was sitting at the side of Mia’s bed in hospital. It was only a few cuts, and the doctor said she could come out later that day. Although, the paramedics did also say she was close to bleeding to death, and if they hadn’t called the ambulance, she would have died. James Lester walked up to Mia’s bed.
“OK, I’m sorry. I’m not feeling well, and am in a grumpy mood”, apologised Lester.
“More than usual”, interrupted Connor. Mia giggled.
“As I was saying”, continued Lester, “You can…oh, I may regret this, but…you can have your jobs back. Tell Sarah and Jenny that aswell.”
Just as he finished his sentence, Connor saw Abby Maitland standing behind Lester.
“Just came to see if she was OK”, said Abby, looking blankly at Connor.
“I’m fine thanks”, answered Mia, “But something hasn’t changed, everyone still calls me she”. Everyone laughed. “Oh, and Connor, I’ve something to ask you. In private”, Mia looked at everyone. They all started walking away, “Connor, would you like to…erm…sorry…would you like to go for a, erm, drink, with me?” After a few seconds, Connor nodded, and they kissed. But hiding in the shadows of London, was a woman, in her late 30’s, with short brown hair. She was drawing out a plan for something.
”HeHeHe. Now I will finally succeed in this plan,” the woman muttered. It was Helen Cutter.

1.10: Not Part Of The Act Written by MarthaJonesFan

It was late on the night of Jenny Lewis and Claudia Brown’s birthday, and they both had a party with the team in…the Home Office!“
Why are we having the party here?”, asked Connor, who didn’t want to be back at work.
“We haven’t the foggiest”, replied Jenny, with a laugh.
“Oh great. Just what we wanted”, sighed Claudia, rolling her eyes. Jenny did the same.
“I thought you unplugged it?”, queried Abby, asking Connor.
“I wasn’t told All I was told was to fix it after it went dead.”, answered Connor. Everyone sighed, especially Mia, who didn’t want to remember that. Lester had sacked her after he blamed her for the Detector cutting out. He also sacked Connor, and Sarah and Jenny had walked out. The team got ready, and went out to find the anomaly in the dead of night, and according to the Detector, was in the nearby theatre.

At the theatre in town, a late night play was being shown. It was a musical; in fact, it was Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. In the middle of the stage, one of the cast was walking across the stage, when suddenly a huge ball of light appeared, with what looked like shards of glass floating around it. The actor didn’t notice it, and walked right through it. All of a sudden, it closed again. The audience all thought it was part of the act, a little twist, but the cast knew something was wrong. The manager of the theatre was watching backstage, and decided to phone the police.

Connor went in Mia’s car to the theatre, carrying his Handheld Anomaly Detector. After a few minutes of it beeping, and annoying the couple, it stopped.
“Must have closed”, concluded Connor. He dialled the number of Nick Cutter.
“Professor, the anomaly’s closed”, informed Connor.
“What, already? OK, thanks”, replied Cutter, who hung up.
Mia’s car got to the theatre first, closely followed by about 3 more cars, carrying the rest of the team aswell as soldiers. They were greeted by the sight of police cars.
“Oh great”, sighed Claudia, “That makes things so much easier on my birthday”.

“Right sir, could you tell me exactly what happened on stage earlier tonight”, questioned DI Smith.
”Don’t tell them anything”, ordered Claudia, walking in to the room, “Hang on, Carl, what are you doing here?”.
“You know him?”, asked Sarah.
“Yeah, my ex fiancé. He dumped me after thinking I was seeing another man. Now let me tell you Carl, I wasn’t. And anyway, you don’t even remember that today is my birthday. You never remembered”, answered Claudia.
”What are you doing Claudia? You have no authority to be here and order us about”, wrongly though DI Carl Smith.
“I work for the government. Way above the police. We have a warrant to search this place and question anyone. You can leave with all your officers now”, smartly said Claudia.
“It’s closed”, reported Connor from the point where the anomaly was meant to be, “Just like I thought”.

“So a member of your cast walked through the anomaly?”, queried Jenny, “And then it closed?”.
“Yes, that’s right”, replied a male, with long shaggy hair (which wasn’t a wig), and wearing rags for his costume. And before you could say “Helen Cutter”, Jenny’s Handheld Detector started beeping.
“Oh no, it’s re-opened”, muttered Jenny, “I’ll have to go now, it’s urgent”.

The team assembled at the stage, where the anomaly was.
“Do we think that this is simply a case where someone goes through an anomaly, and no creatures?”, asked Mia.
“I haven’t the faintest idea, but I think some of us need to go through and rescue him”, suggested Cutter.
”Right. I think Cutter, Mia, Connor and I should go through. Abby, Sarah, Jenny and Claudia need to stay here and evacuate everyone”, put forward Danny.
“Perfect. Let’s go”, finalised Cutter. They got their guns, and went through. The era was foggy, and it stank.
“This is the place where me and Sarah ended up when trying to get out of that beachy place”, remembered Mia.
Connor broke the bad news, “This is the Pre-Cambrian era. Oxygen is limited. There’s abut a 95% chance that the actor has survived”.

Claudia was dealing with her meddling ex. He was tying to get answers.
”Get out of my hair!”, shouted Claudia, losing her patience.
“And it is lovely hair”, remarked DI Carl Smith.
Jenny came over and slapped him.
“Claudia, I never knew you had a twin”, started a startled Carl.
“I don’t, she’s from a different world, where things were different. She’s like me in every way, except we knew nothing of each other”, said Claudia, confusing Carl. Abby and Sarah giggled.

Mia was getting worried. Connor held her hand. But that didn’t stop Mia being scared, as this worm type creature jumped out at them, and squirted black goo at Mia.
“Eurgh, my new dress and my wonderful hair!”, she wined.
“Oh give over”, moaned Danny.
Connor gave the creature a few shots, and they ran for cover. They ended up finding this man in a costume lying on the floor.
”He’s unconscious”, announced Cutter, checking his pulse. They decided to lift him up and take him back through the anomaly, as he looked like the man from the description they got. Danny and Cutter carried the actor, well as Mia and Connor kept guard. A Worm crept up from behind and got Danny’s leg, forcing Cutter to lose his grip on the actor, and all three went crashing to the floor. Mia and Connor quickly helped them up, and Connor stamped on the Worm, crushing it and releasing it’s grip on Danny.
”Right, let’s get out of here!”, decided Danny. The others gave a nod of approval. 

Sarah was watching the anomaly, looked away for a second, and she saw something go through it. She decided to follow whoever it was, and stepped through the anomaly. She instantly started coughing, due to her having asthma. She took a quick puff of her inhaler, and started walking around, and saw this person up ahead with long hair. Sarah jumped on his back, causing him to crash to the ground.
”What in the name of Cutter are you doing here?”, she sternly asked.
”I came to find my colleague”, the man answered. It was the same man that Jenny question earlier on.

Cutter and his part of the team heard Sarah shouting, instantly recognised it, and ran to where the sound came from. There they saw Sarah sitting on top of an actor.
“What are you doing here?”, asked Connor. But there was no time to chat, more Worms were on their way. They all ran, even Matt Jackson, which was the name of the actor. Sarah managed to squeeze that bit of information out of him while having him captured. They stepped through the anomaly, and closed in an instant. Abby, Claudia and Jenny came to greet them, with the unconscious actor, who seemed to be coming round. 

“So, what did you do with that meddling ex of yours?”, questioned Mia.
Claudia sighed. “I warned him to stay away, and he went”.
“Do you think he’ll be back?”
“I hope not, but I think he will”, shuddered Claudia.

DI Carl Smith and Matt Jackson were waiting in a dark cellar. A female figure approached them. It was Helen Cutter.
”You did well, but not well enough. I need to know their plans, where they’re going, and when an anomaly goes off. You need to be there at all hours”, lectured Helen.
“We tried our hardest, but will try harder ma’am”, answered Matt. Helen smirked.

1.11: Home Is Where The Anomaly Is Written by MarthaJonesFan

The team from the Home Office were busy packing up their things from their desks. The ARC was ready to move into, and they couldn’t wait! The Anomaly Detector had been turned off and boxed up, and Mia was quite excited. But for Danny, Connor, Jenny, Abby and Sarah, it will be like déjà vu. Danny, Abby & Connor had gone through an anomaly to stop Helen Cutter from destroying humanity by poisoning the first few hominids. Sarah and Captain Becker had to go through to save them, with Jenny’s help. When they all came back through, they found themselves in a world where evolution has gone wrong, or even right, as Nick Cutter & Stephen Hart didn’t die, and Claudia Brown existed, instead of Jenny. Also, they were still in the Home Office, instead of the ARC! Since then, Helen has been found alive due to a device from the future, and has shot Stephen and Becker. Mia Turner had been recruited not long afterwards.

At the ARC, Lester was sitting in swivelling chair, in his posh office. He was directing the soldiers where to put things.
“No no no, I told you to put it over there! Gosh, these soldiers can be right pains”, grumped Lester.

Matt Jackson was watching as the team drove away from the Home Office for the final time.
”They’ve gone”, he spoke into his earpiece.
”Follow them”, replied a female voice. It was sinister. So Matt got into his car, and drove after them, but keeping his distance.

Danny, Abby, Connor, Jenny and Sarah didn’t feel as excited as the others when they saw the ARC. It was nothing new to them.
“Woah!”, exclaimed Mia, looking amazed. Claudia stood there shocked at how big it was. A soldier showed the team to their lockers. There were several there, labelled: Professor Nick Cutter, Danny Quinn, Connor Temple, Mia Turner, Abby Maitland, Jenny Lewis, Claudia Brown and Sarah Page. There were a couple more for people such as the scientists or professors. The Detector was being unpacked in the middle of the Main Operations Room, aswell as 4 research desks, with a few more proper desks round the edges, for the team. Only Cutter, Danny, Connor and some other person got desks though. The main research desks in the middle had to be shared. Connor remembers studying the Artefact on one of the desks.

Matt Jackson got stuck at the security gate outside the ARC. He didn’t have a pass, so couldn’t go in. He got back in his car and drove back to his mistress’ base.

The Anomaly Detector had rung off, and Connor and Mia ran over to find out where it was.
“It’s at…it’s at…my house!”, stuttered Abby. And quite right she was, as at Abby’s flat, an anomaly had opened. Rex was nearly knocked off his perch, and Sid and Nancy looked pretty startled too.

The team arrived pronto at Abby’s house. Connor and Abby ran in as fast as they could. Abby called for Rex, well as Connor tried to get Sid and Nancy to come to him. None of the trio came.
“They’ve gone through”, worried Abby.
“Oh god, another rescue mission”, moaned Jenny.

All the team decided to go through this time. They got ready, and they went through the shimmering ball of light. It was a sandy era, with blue skies and a few little plants. A few creatures were gathered together in the distance.
“They’re called the Scutosaurus”, mentioned Connor, to Mia.
“So this is the Permian era”, Cutter told the group, “And Rex, Sid & Nancy are all from the Permian era, so that means we might not be able to find them”.
Abby started crying on Connor’s shoulder. She might be a good kickboxer, but she was a softie inside, not that she liked showing it. She had become good friends with Rex, and couldn’t bear the thought of him not coming back. A group of Coelerusauravus swept over the gang’s heads.
”Maybe try calling Rex, Sid and Nancy to you, then they may respond and come running”, suggested Sarah.
“They’re not Golden Retrievers”, moaned Abby, “But we’ll try”.
They tried calling for them, and sure, enough, Rex flew over, and 2 little Diictodons came running over. But then a roar came, with a load of stamping. A sabre toothed creature came storming over to them.
”Run, Gorgonopsid”, cried Claudia. They all ran as fast as they could, and scrambled back through the anomaly. The Gorgonopsid didn’t stop though, just Connor got through carrying Sid & Nancy, the it followed them through, and started trashing the flat! Connor heard his phone go, and searched his pockets. He found it, and noticed the Gorgonopsid was getting disturbed by it, and looked at Connor, like it was about to lunge at him. Connor threw it through the anomaly, and the Gorgonopsid followed it. Connor remembered something else in his pockets. It was the Anomaly Opener. He quickly put in some co-ordinates and closed the anomaly.
“Phew!”, he gasped.

They all went back, and were greeted by a very distressed Lester.
“Note to self, remember to book proper removal men next time, and not use soliders”, he moaned. Everyone laughed.

At the ARC, Mia was chatting to Connor.
“Would you like to come and stay at mine, while Abby’s house is being re-done?”, asked Mia. Abby’s flat had been completely demolished. Abby had moved in with Sarah, but there wasn’t enough room for Connor too, so Mia asked.
“Yeah, why not?”, replied Connor. They grinned at each other.

Back at the underground base, Matt Jackson was being told off for not completing his task.
“You said you would do better next time, and you did worse!”, his mistress told him.
“I’m sorry ma’am, but I couldn’t get past the security gate”, pleaded Matt.
“OK. Give me a piece of you nails or hair”, ordered the mistress.
“Why? Never mind”, quickly said Matt, and picked a bit of one of his nails off.
“Excellent”, planned the mistress, “Now I can have an army of clones!” She pointed towards loads of clones of DI Carl Smith. The real one standing behind Matt, and they both looked just as shocked.
“Soon, we will be able to stop the work of the ARC, and kill humanity once more”, smirked Helen Cutter.

1.12: The Raid Written by MarthaJonesFan

Professor Nick Cutter was sitting at his desk. He had seen some security cameras from outside the new ARC, and saw this man with dark hair sitting in his car outside. This was a man that Cutter did not know. Helen, he thought.

Mia Turner was talking to Connor Temple. After Abby Maitland’s flat got wrecked by a Gorgonopsid, Abby and Connor were left homeless while the flat was being re-done. Abby moved in with Sarah Page, but she didn’t have enough room for Connor as well, so Mia offered.

Jenny Lewis and Claudia Brown were with James Lester. He was explaining about the car outside the ARC.

“It’s not one of ours”, stated Lester, “So it must be an impostor”.

“Stating the obvious, again”, Jenny muttered to Claudia. They both giggled.

“As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted”, continued Lester, with a stern look on his face, “I have sent some soldiers on the lookout for the car, and we are keeping an eye on cameras so we can see it if it uses a main road”. Lester shooed the 2 identical ladies out.

Abby couldn’t stand the sight of Mia and Connor flirting. She never liked Mia, and is now stealing Connor off her! She thought she’d give Mia a piece of her mind. Abby ran up to her and punched her. Mia fought back, and Connor tried to stop it. Lester looked down angrily at the 2 girls.
”Stop it!”, cried Connor, who kept getting punched in the face accidentally. Some soldiers came along and pulled them away. Mia calmed down and hugged Connor. Abby looked on in disgust.

Jenny was keeping an eye on some cameras. She recognised the number plate of the same black car, and ran to the Main Control Room.

“Guys, we’ve got it”, announced Jenny.

“Where?”, wondered Connor.
”Er…well…I don’t know”, stuttered Jenny.
”Well, we can patch the number plate into the Detector and it will find it for us”, suggested Connor. Jenny told him the registration plate, and Connor typed it in.


The Detector had located the car. The team sprinted towards their cars, and drove to the location.

Helen Cutter was looking pretty pleased with herself. She had successfully cloned Matt Jackson and DI Carl Smith, and now had an army of them. She was expecting the team from the ARC to arrive, as that’s what she wanted. Then she could kill them all. The clones were all given guns and various other weapons.

Some soldiers got to the location. One of them gave the signal, and they burst in, shouting and pointing guns.

“Get down on the ground now!”, commanded Captain Mitchell, new Head of Security (and Becker’s replacement). Helen smirked, as Nick Cutter and his team came in, facing their opposition. Helen gave the command to her soldiers. They started shooting, and so did the ARC soldiers. Cutter and Danny’s team ducked, while Connor tried to be brave and was shooting as well. Mia, Sarah, Claudia and Jenny were squealing, and hurting Danny’s ears. Many of the soldiers were lying down on the floor, dead. Cutter had an idea, and he was telling the team.

5 minutes later, the team had sneaked out and were sneaking round the side of the base. They were planning to get Helen from behind, as well as the soldiers. Captain Mitchell had come with them as well, and he and Danny were going to secure Helen, whilst the rest of the team shot the soldiers. Sounded easy. When they got there, Cutter gave Captain Mitchell and Danny a count in, and off they were. Helen struggled to break free, whilst Cutter, Jenny, Claudia, Connor, Abby and Mia shot Helen’s soldiers. Danny and Mitchell needed help, so Connor went to help secure Helen. She pulled out a knife, and stabbed Danny. She elbowed Mitchell, and punched Connor in the stomach. Connor and Mitchell recovered quickly, and they went to help Danny. They brought him outside, put him in a car and drove him to hospital. After a few minutes, the soldiers were dead (including the original versions of Carl and Matt), and Helen had scampered. The team were going to the car. They decided to visit Danny, if they could, so they drove over to the hospital. They waited patiently in the waiting room, until a nurse told them that they could see him. They went in, with Connor and Mitchell who had been there the longest, and saw Danny, grinning at them. They all gave him flowers, chocolates and presents.

“Wow, I should let this happen to me more often!”, joked Danny. Everyone laughed. Later that day, the team (apart from Danny) went back to the ARC, and told Lester the whole story. Another day in work for Mia Turner, who was getting used to life like this.

1.X: Doctor Who? Written by MarthaJonesFan

NOTE: This episode is non-canon, meaning it takes place outside the Primeval Stories universe and is just for fun!

James Lester was getting grotty. The door to his office had jammed, and he couldn’t get out. The team found it extremely funny, especially Mia, who had grown to hate Lester. Captain Mitchell was trying to bash open the door, as the key wouldn’t work. Lester was shouting furiously inside. All of a sudden, Abby felt a little breeze, heard a loud noise and saw a faded police box appearing next to the Anomaly Detector, no, wait, it was on the Anomaly Detector! It would break it! The Anomaly Detector disappeared, and a large “Police Public Call Box” had appeared in the middle of the Control Room. A man in a suit and coat walked out.
“Oh, ever so sorry, your computer thingamabob ended up inside my TARDIS”, the man said, smiling. The team looked blank.

The man looked at the team, and the team stared back.
“Who are you?”, asked Connor.
“I’m The Doctor”, replied the man.
“And I’m Martha Jones”, came a voice from inside the blue box. She walked out, and smiled at the team.
”Doctor Who?”, asked Danny.
“Martha?!”, shouted Mia, who recognised her.
”Mia! It’s so good to see you!”, cried Martha, running towards her.
“I went to secondary school with her. We were best friends”, Martha explained after their little hug.
”So, who are you guys?”, queried The Doctor.
“My name is Professor Nick Cutter”, introduced Cutter, “and these people are my team: Danny Quinn, Connor Temple, Mia Turner, Abby Maitland, Claudia Brown, Jenny Lewis, Sarah Page and Captain James Mitchell. And that man up there is James Lester”. Everyone had forgotten about Lester, and he was now red-faced with anger. Martha laughed at the sight of a man in a suit banging on the glass walls with a red face. Mia giggled too.
“I can help with him!”, cried The Doctor, running up the ramp to Lester’s office. He ran up the ramp that led to Lester’s office, brought out this little device, pressed a button, and a blue light came on. The Doctor gave the door a push, and it opened!
”What was that?”, asked Sarah, intrigued.
”Sonic Screwdriver, who’d have laser”, The Doctor mimicked The Master’s weapon, the Laser Screwdriver.
“Right, I need all you guys to help me bring the Detector out of that blue box. I don’t know how it got in there anyway, it’s so small”, said Danny, confused.
“It’s dimensionally transcendental, which means it’s bigger on the inside. It’s alien, and I’m alien. I’m a Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey. Now, you need to know that I am a good alien, never bad, never any weapons. My Sonic Screwdriver can’t kill”, The Doctor spoke quickly while Lester fixed his tie, “infact, my TARDIS is molto bene, did you know?”.
“That’s very good in Italian”, translated Martha.

And boy did the team get a shock when they walked inside the TARDIS! It was massive, with loads of controls.
“Don’t touch anything”, commanded The Doctor, making sure they didn’t end up flying off to another world or time. Connor spotted the Detector, hidden in the corner.
“Right, let’s move it out then find where the anomaly is, and move quickly”, ordered Cutter.
“Ooh, anomaly. What’s this then?”, wondered The Doctor.
“Anomalies are rips in time. They are like portals to ancient times, and dinosaurs and creatures come through. We try to send them back. We control the anomaly operation here at the Anomaly Research Centre, or ARC for short”, Cutter told The Doctor.
The team moved the Detector out, and Connor searched for the anomaly location. It was at a swimming pool.
“I can give you all a lift in here if you like” offered The Doctor. The team nodded vigorously.

So 5 minutes later, the team were losing their balance in the rackety old TARDIS as it transported them to the nearest swimming pool. In less than 2 minutes, they were there. The Doctor and Martha ran to the door, and opened it for everyone. They all stared on in astonishment. They were in the pool room, where the anomaly should be! The Handheld Detectors were going all funny after travelling like that. Connor basked it against the TARDIS handrail, and it stopped. Mia laughed and cuddled him. The pool was deserted, and not even a lifeguard was there. But the anomaly was underwater this time.
”Oh, an underwater one. Any creatures that may come through will be easier to contain if we lock the doors aswell”, suggested Sarah, who immediately sprang into action. Martha stared at the anomaly. She had never seen something like that in her life. But she thought this everyday with The Doctor. She had seen extraordinary things with him, such as Daleks, living Scarecrows, Carrionites and even William Shakespeare, but dinosaurs, this was strange.
“They’re already locked”, exclaimed Sarah, pulling firm at the doors.
Suddenly, the TARDIS started to de-materialise.
”This is a trap!”, shouted The Doctor, annoyed that someone had nicked his TARDIS.
“EXTERMINATE!”, a cry came from outside. The Doctor recognised it instantaneously. Daleks.
“Hahahaha”, laughed a female voice, sinisterly. Cutter recognised this one. It was Helen.
”Helen and those exterminate thingies have teamed up, and they’re gonna be unstoppable while we’re trapped in here”, feared Cutter. At that moment, the anomaly closed. It was just to lure the team there. The Doctor could hear Dalek shots coming from outside. They were on a killing spree, and he couldn’t stop them.
”Take that!”, yelled an American male voice. Then followed the sound of a laser gunshot. There were a few more afterwards.
”Doctor, you’re safe!”, he yelled.
“Jack?! What are you doing here”, stuttered The Doctor.
”I detected the Daleks, and came to investigate. I heard you talking inside, and knew you were trapped. I brought along a friend”, explained Jack.
“Hello Doctor!”, cried a female voice.
”Sarah Jane! Hello again!”, smiled The Doctor, “Now get us out of here you guys!”.
And at that moment, the doors crashed in, but not with Jack and Sarah Jane, with Helen.
“They defeated my accomplices, those guns must be strong. I need to get myself some”, smirked Helen. Jenny snarled at her. Jack and Sarah Jane came running in, and Helen shot Jack. He fell to the floor.
“He’ll be fine”, The Doctor said.
Sarah Jane pulled out her Sonic Lipstick and disarmed the gun. It wouldn’t work. Jack came back to life, but Helen was too busy trying to get her gun to work. Jack sneaked up on her and grabbed her. He took her outside and put her in his car, and locked it. The others rushed out after him.
”So, anyone fancy a ride back in the TARDIS?”, The Doctor asked. Jack had to go with Helen, but he said he’d drop the ARC team off aswell as Sarah Jane.

Sarah Jane was dropped back first. She hugged The Doctor, and thanked him. She ran out of the TARDIS.

Next stop was the ARC. The team clambered out of the TARDIS, to see Lester back in his office, with a doorstopper at the door. Claudia couldn’t hold in her laughs anymore. The team said their goodbyes to The Doctor and Martha, and asked what would happen to Helen.
“Jack will lock her up in one of his cells at Torchwood”, explained The Doctor. He stepped into the TARDIS, and took one last look, and closed the door. The TARDIS started to de-materialise, and the wind was messing up the girls’ hair. Mia complained, as she’d had it done yesterday.

At that moment, Helen was looking dreadful in Torchwood’s cells. Next door to her was this thing called a Weevil. Jack had called her Janet. She got porridge for breakfast, bread and water for lunch and some scraps of meat for tea.
“What joy”, she said to herself, sarcastically. She desperately thought of a way out.

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