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When Dylan Drummond's curiosity gets the better of him, he finds himself attacked by a creature in the woods and begins experiencing increased senses. With the help of his best friend Yasmin, Dylan realises he's a werewolf, but when he finally makes a move on his love interest Jono, things do not go to plan and he realises he has no control over his abilities. Will Dylan regain control before Jono realises what his lover is?

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.
Episode Name
After a nasty bite from an animal in the woods, sophomore student Dylan Drummond is bewildered as he notices some strange happenings with his body. With claws, glowing eyes and an unusual healing ability, Dylan learns that he is a werewolf. He confides in best friend Yasmin, but the less friendly Drew proves a more valuable asset where answers are concerned. Additionally, Dylan finds himself in detention alongside his number one crush Jono Chadwick.
Reeling from his awkward encounter with Jono, Dylan vows to make it up to him, and ends up with an invite to Jono's sister Lily's party. Much to Drew's annoyance, Dylan attends the party, but soon realises that Jono could be causing him to shift.

After a tragic event at the party, Lily struggles to regain her composure. and matters only get worse when she is being stalked by an unidentifable creature. When she asks Jono and Dylan for help, Dylan is left confused and is determind to track Drew down.

With the full moon hours away, Dylan finds he has a wider support network than he realised. Jono invites Dylan to meet his family, and once again, Drew warns him off, offering to assist him with the full moon himself. Meanwhile, Yasmin researches exactly what the full moon might mean for Dylan and is shocked by the potential outcomes.
After a tumultuous full moon, Dylan realises that the alpha is closing in on him and his friends, leaving him with an impossible decision to make.
On the run from the alpha, Dylan must face his worst fears as he risks losing Jono for good. Meanwhile, with Dylan having accidentally hurt Yasmin, she has to come to terms with what the repercussions may be.
With Drew in danger, Dylan uses his initiative to find clues to his whereabouts. However, with the news breaking about werewolf hunters in Crystalshaw, he realises his problems are bigger than expected.
Dylan is disgusted as Drew makes a pact with the enemy, but faces a tough decision when Yasmin goes missing. Jono and Freddie investigate the alpha further, and figure out a clue for the grand plan.
Decision time arrives, and Dylan stands his ground. However, with an attack looming, he knows he needs a plan. With Yasmin out of action, it looks increasingly unlikely that he can defeat the alpha. With the help of the rest of his friends, Dylan must think fast to survive.

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