When Isaac Avery spots a shooting star landing in the forest next to his house, he meets a young lad who knows no English. Desperate to help him out, Isaac helps him integrate into society. However, when the boys' odd behaviour is noticed, people begin to notice and both their lives are put in danger. Will they be able to survive in the dangerous world with so much at risk?
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When a shooting star crashes just metres from his house, Isaac Avery meets a young lad, who nicknames himself Harry, who doesn't speak a word of English. As his mum, Elenore, investigates, Isaac takes Harry under his wing. How will Harry cope in school? Is Isaac right to be worried about him?
With guards from Riverhampton's Security Precint asking around about strange goings-on in the forest, Isaac's number one concern is keeping Harry safe. However, Isaac realises he needs more than one pair of hands, even if it means embroiling best friends Arlen and Ava in something dangerous.
After being shut out by Isaac and Arlen, Ava takes matters into her own hands and investigates Harry further. She realises her wildest theories may not be so wild after all. Isaac is faced with a new challenge to protect Harry, but the emotion weighs heavier than ever.
Emotions piling up, Isaac tries to make sense of his feelings towards Harry, and vice versa. Having heard nothing from Ava, he and Arlen launch a mission to rescue her, though it involves someone very close to home for Isaac.
Finding help in an unlikely source, Isaac learns more about who Harry may be, and with Ava's help, makes a difficult decision to ensure his safety going forward. However, when Arlen finds Harry experiencing a seizure, Isaac's world changes forever.
Shellshocked, Isaac begins to learn more about Harry as he and his friends are forced to team up with the precinct. When an impossible decision is given to Harry, will he be up to the challenge?
With Bella threatening the entire precinct, Harry is faced with his toughest decision yet - how far will he go to save Isaac? Meanwhile, when investigating a new arrival, Ava is kidnapped, leaving Arlen and Newton to put aside their differences. Can they work together to save her?
Bella's plan begins to come together as her army gathers and she manipulates Harry, putting his relationship with Isaac to its biggest test yet. Ava, Arlen and Newton are forced to work together with a surprising ally to save themselves and the precinct from the oncoming army.

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