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With the first year of college under their belts, Dylan and the pack return home for the summer, but their break is far from restful. Haunted by visions that start to become true, Jono has to fight to keep control of his body. With Oscar missing and two looming threats about to clash, how will Dylan bring the pack back together to save Crystalshaw?

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.
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Returning home from college for the summer, Dylan settles into home life again, but both good and bad bombshells from Jono ensure it won't be such a quiet summer. Presumed missing by the rest of the pack, Oscar is surprised to see a familiar face turn up at his new home. Freddie is confused by a mysterious text.
The arrival of his aunt causes discomfort for Dylan, but it's her surprise plus-one who creates bigger ripples for one of the pack. Upon seeing a strange note, Sammi and Jeremy are shaken, with Yasmin leading an investigation to distressing results. Brett attempts to understand Oscar's relationship with Cody.
Sammi panics as one of the pack goes missing, and a startling clue to the kidnapper's identity is left in her place. Freddie struggles to adjust to a surprise visitor. Dylan is quizzed by Caroline while Brett makes a horrifying discovery, leading Oscar to make a difficult decision. 
Oscar finds himself in the middle of Cody and Dylan as he's left with an impossible choice. Jono and Josh go on the hunt for one of the pack, but are left reeling when all is not what it seems. Sammi and Jeremy are put on edge when they're haunted by a face from the past.
With Dylan by his side, Oscar returns home to face the music - how will he explain his absence? Yasmin and Brett struggle to link all seven murders, while Jono's odd behaviour has Lily concerned. Elsewhere, Freddie faces his fears up close, and Sammi enlists Jeremy and Felix to find clues in town.
A missing pack member causes panic with a familiar but impossible threat on the loose. Dylan faces Cody, leaving Oscar with a decision to make. Jono's erratic behaviour leads him to the Nemeton, while Yasmin goes uncomfortably far to get the answers she needs.
Startled by the Nemeton, Jono is desperate to get back to Dylan, but as the pack reunite, more worrisome news shocks them. Freddie takes the lead in a rescue mission into the bunkers. Oscar finally tells all to his mum, and Brett opens up to Yasmin.
A desperate quest for answers separates the pack, and with a life hanging in the balance, every second is precious. Dylan heads to Beacon Hills to find Scott and his pack as Jono's situation worsens, while Josh, Freddie, Brett and Oscar visit Drew, who provides a surprising link. Yasmin receives startling news from Ed.
Time is running out for Jono as Dylan juggles helping both him and Yasmin find the answers they need, but every truth they uncover only makes their situation worse. Elsewhere, Sammi fears the worst and Jeremy begins to panic, while Oscar's eyes are opened by Drew.
Under attack from their oldest foe, Dylan scrambles to come up with a plan that can save both his family and his friends. Freddie faces a bombshell from his father, while Brett makes a decision to move forward, and Jeremy urgently tries to prove Lily's innocence.
Events converge and two polarising forces contemplate an alliance, but can Dylan stop them before the Nemeton takes matters into its own hands?
With time their enemy, Dylan and Jono celebrate the best day of their lives before the inevitable comes. Freddie ponders the future after the day before, Oscar makes a decision, and Jeremy overcomes his demons.

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