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Separated by necessity for seven years, Dylan and Jono have built their own lives. Dylan has a new boyfriend and a new flat, while Jono's still struggling to move on, but when an unexpected event brings them together again, will the magic still be there? Can the pack reunite in time to stop the Forsyth cult? Will the Nemeton's curse ever be broken?

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.
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Dylan helps Harry prepare for his gig, which serves as the perfect night out for the whole pack - except Jono, who, seven years on, is still in London. A visit from Lily perks him up slightly, but when unexpected news arrives, how will he react?
Reeling from a surprise attack, the pack have to pick themselves back up, but with his gig the target, Harry feels guilty. Dylan comforts his boyfriend, while Jono hears devastating news from Lily and makes a bold decision. Yasmin is deflated as her date ends in disaster, and Freddie feels lost when Jonah breaks his rules again.
Dylan and Yasmin's worst fears are confirmed when the forensic evidence from the explosion arrives. Harry confronts his demons, while Jono arrives back in Crystalshaw for the moment he'd been dreading. Elsewhere, Freddie is intrigued by his new job, and Brett comes to a realisation about Cody.
With the news spreading about Jono's return, Dylan struggles to cope with his emotions. Can he resist the urge to see him? Harry's anxieties get the better of him, while Jeremy makes a startling discovery about the basement at Freddie's job. Brett worries about an absent Oscar.
As Jono and Lily receive bad news, the hospital goes into lockdown and Lily has to protect herself and her mum while Jono makes a decision about his future. Dylan struggles to understand his emotions, putting Harry in an awkward position, while Oscar is disorientated and Yasmin is forced to think outside the box.
Time is ticking for Dylan and Jono as they explore their final lead. Will they find a solution? Freddie relies on Yasmin to help lift the hospital lockdown while Lily is forced to act quickly to save the life of one member of the pack.
Dylan feels helpless as the life of one his loved ones hangs in the balance. The school comes under attack, putting Sammi in an awkward position with Jonah. Yasmin and Jeremy make a breakthrough, and opportunity arrives for Brett, leaving Oscar with a big decision to make.
Nervously awaiting an update, Dylan relies on Jono as his emotions spiral. Lily leads the pack on a mission while Oscar has a difficult conversation with Cody, and Freddie and Sammi decide what to do about Jonah. Yasmin finds herself and Jeremy in a dangerous situation, but can she use it to her advantage?
Reeling from a devastating loss, Dylan must fight once more to protect his friends. Lily and Freddie come to Yasmin and Jeremy's rescue, but Brett learns that the cult are one step ahead. Will they pass the test? Can the pack band together in time?

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