Series 2

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Nick Cutter, Danny Quinn and their team have to deal with more anomalies, and more deadly creatures coming through. They also have an intruder in the team, and have to deal with them. Another ongoing problem is Helen Cutter, what schemes does she have planned this time?


2.1: The Underdog
2.2: The Rampage
2.3: Long Journey
2.4: Trouble At Tesco
2.5: The End Of A Search
2.6: The Rescue
2.7: Flying High
2.8: At The ARC
2.9: Lights, Camera, Mosasaur!
2.10: The Forest Of Dean
2.11: Something Is Coming
2.12: The 4 Knocks
2.X: Out Of The Rubble

2.1: The Underdog Written by Dalek-Dan

Guest Star:

Lenora Crichlow

Harriet gripped what little part of the pole she had, and held on for dear life. The carriage smelt awful, it was packed and frankly horrific. Everywhere she turned, others loomed; some smiling, some frustrated, some covering the mouths, everywhere she cast an eye the jumble of people looked down on her almost menacingly. Next to her one even sat quite contently and red, despite the train’s jolty movements, and pressuring others pushes this way and that. “London life.” She muttered under her breath, “Something I’ll never get used to.”
And then, after what seemed like a thousand years, that lag of her journey was complete. She pushed her way through the people to get to the doors, and once out on the platform, she appreciated the gentle breeze from above more than ever.
It had only been a few moments before she was out in the open. The crisp morning air bit into her, yet she didn’t mind. The hoards of people desperately trying not to be late for work seemed to be drifting further away from her, and finally she clear-headedly strolled across the road to the news paper guy, and caught up on the monster cover-ups over a cappuccino.
“Interesting.” she decided a little later sitting at a pleasant little window seat in a cafe she’d discovered while hunting for her precious caffeine; she licked the froth from her top lip, “I’ll have to look further into this.”

Connor gripped his anomaly detector and turned to the team, “We’ve got another one.” And with that overly-used sentence, the team got ready for another wild night.

Once again Abby felt that feeling inside her. She ran as fast as she could go, the feeling, the adrenalin, pumping round her body.
Then, as she turned the corner, she caught a glimpse of the creature. It’s large, dog-like body shifted through the car-park, it’s eye’s scanning the miserable 80’s design with a penetrating glare. Abby froze. She’d only seen it from a distance, and up close, it was magnificent.
Abby fired. The creature howled out in fury, it’s purple mass shifting to the floor as its cry echoed around the car-park. When it was safe, she went in for a closer look. If she hadn’t of been so intrigued by it, she may have noticed the figure watching from the shadows.
It wasn’t soon before Connor and Sarah arrived. Two soldiers had came along with them to secure the creature, and Lester had called three times about the closed off roads, since five other potentially dangerous creatures roamed the night-time streets.
Then, as they piled into the van, Sarah received yet another call from the ARC, this time from Mia.
“Its chaos!” she cried down the phone-line, “They have gone further than you thought. They’re in Oxford Street, and they’ve already killed two.” She paused, a mumble could be heard in the back ground, possibly Danny, “get there now, were on our way as I speak.”
Sarah turned to Abby, Connor and the soldiers, the phone still to her ear, “Were on are way too.”

Jenny, Mia, Cutter and Danny were the first to arrive at the scene. The famous street was now virtually empty compared to what it usually was. Torn police tape fluttered aimlessly in the wind, as a mutilated car baring the same badge lie on its side, piled up with two other smashed cars in a heap to the right of them. To the left, two more cars and an up-turned lorry had landed partially on the pathway, smashing windows of a department store as they had, ruining the budding Christmas displays. Blood splattered the road and pavement, and at least two more dead were visible, one hanging half out the side of his up-side-down lorry, miraculously still holding his mobile in his hand.
“This’ll be a big one.”
Then, Cutter saw what Abby had scene. It was one of the creatures, and it was sliding almost elegantly through another set of mangled cars up ahead.
“There!” whispered Cutter, pointing through the gap in the first set of cars, “Look at that beauty.”
“We all got a gun?” asked a sudden voice, it was Abby, brandishing about three guns clumsily in her arms.
“We’ve got some thanks,” Replied Jenny in a whisper,
“Well they better have tranquillisers in them.” came a generic Abby reply, as Connor caught site of a body and went paler than usual.
“Is back up on the way?” asked Sarah feeling her stomach turn as she did too,
“Yes, but look around there not here yet.”
Suddenly the groan of tipping metal, followed by the almighty crash of it hitting the floor made the team jump. It was one of their cars, and that car, now lie just a few metres up-side down from them. One of the creatures glaring at them atop of it...
Then, before they knew it, two more creatures started to circle them. Their eye’s looked content, and their mouths dripped with blood; the team aimed, and then, the team fired.
A shower of feathery bullets shot through the night in all directions other than theirs. One hit a creature’s left shoulder blade; another received a painful sting, as a bullet directly hit their eye. It let out a terrible cry and fell from its perch on the car’s up-turned bottom. The remaining one cried out furiously, and then came not the suspected last, but three more, all curling their lips back into horrible snarls.
“Out of ammo!” cried Jenny over a fresh shower, crouching down next to Cutter, and scrambling for something else to help the rest of the team, as Abby caught the caller with her last tranquiliser.
“Me too.” She cried as the last few blasts of Connor, Cutter and Danny’s guns rattled out.
Leaving only Sarah with the last few shots at the encroaching creatures. Sarah held the gun tight, she began to sweat, she had to do this it three shots, she’d never be that lucky.
Then the gun was suddenly snatched. She watched in amazement as Danny shot all three with an almost flick of his wrist.
“That...was lucky.” She managed to choke as she watched the three others fall to the floor.
Danny smiled, “I know.”
“This’ll be one hell of a cleanup.” Sighed Jenny getting to her feet, “And think of all the bad news we’ll need to deliver.”
The team nodded in response, and they got to work with the creatures.

It wasn’t long after the first creature had been loaded into the van, when Jenny heard a faint cry. At first she thought it was just her mind playing tricks on her, but as they got louder, she knew it wasn’t. She found herself running through the rubble, following the cries for help, Danny and Connor on her tale as she ran awkwardly towards the right of the street. The cry led her to a small ally, packed tightly between two shops.
“Hello?” she asked, as she reached for her torch and flicked it into life, “I can help. My names Jenny, if you’re hurt I’m sure-”
Jenny clapped her hands over her mouth, and screamed. The phantom caller lay spread out on the floor, covered in blood...

“Next time I go looking for monsters, I only watch.” Muttered Harriet as the woman, Jenny crouched down to help her. She’d definitely got more than she’d bargained for...

2.2: The Rampage Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Lenora Crichlow

Harriet Stafford was bleeding severely, after a dog-like creature had attacked her. Jenny Lewis had ran over to help her after she cried out for help. Connor Temple and Danny Quinn were just arriving, and Connor quickly called an ambulance. The sight was not pleasant. 

Claudia Brown had a day off, and she decided to go out shopping in Oxford Street. She heard barking, looked down an alley, and saw an anomaly.

“Can I get one normal day off anymore?”, she asked herself. She sighed, and dialled Mia’s phone number.

“Hello?”, answered Mia.

“Mia, it’s Claudia. I’ve found an anomaly. It’s down an alley on Oxford Street”, explained Claudia.

“OK, we’re investigating it now and are locating it with the detectors. Wait there”, commanded Mia.

Cutter, Mia, Sarah, Abby and Captain Mitchell were running towards the anomaly. They saw Claudia, and she pointed to the anomaly. There it was, in all its glory. All of a sudden, the creatures started racing through. They pounced onto Claudia, and they attacked her. Captain Mitchell shot them dead, and just in time too, as Claudia was only just alive. She was unconscious, with blood everywhere. Mia phoned the ambulance, and Cutter held Claudia’s hand.

Harriet was picked up in the ambulance, just as another one went past, to get Claudia. Jenny went with Harriet, who said she prefers to be called Harry, and Cutter went with Claudia. Connor and Danny ran up to meet the others, and Connor and Mia hugged tightly. They were relieved to see each other. Suddenly, more creatures came out, and ran past the team. They were heading out of Oxford Street.

“Future Mutts”, laughed Connor. That’s what they decided to call them!

The Future Mutts were racing out of Oxford Street, and down to the train station. They ran through the barriers, and down the stairs. They ran out onto the track, and WHAM! A train hit them. 

The team got caught at the barriers. None of them had their Oyster card, or any money, so they couldn’t get through. Mia pulled out her pass, saying they were from the government, and they let them through. They walked back to the anomaly. Waiting there, were Cutter, Claudia, Jenny and Harry. They had been let out, as they were all plastered up, and were perfectly fit now.

“What’s she doing here?”, asked Abby.

“We had to tell her, and she wants in”, answered Jenny. Then, a huge roar came, and another Future Mutt came through. Harry took Connor’s gun and shot it, just saving Jenny.

“Thanks!”, said Jenny, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Don’t mention it”, replied Harry, proud of herself.

James Lester spoke to his team, announcing that Harry had joined the team, but had to stay at home for the night.

“What? I was attacked too, so shouldn’t I be off?”, cried Claudia.

”She had a not from the doctor, you don’t, so therefore she has to be off”, explained Lester. Claudia sighed.

Harry wasn’t at home. She was outside the car park at Oxford Street, waiting for someone. A black car drove up, and Harry got in. Inside, was Helen Cutter.

”I got onto the team”, Harry told Helen. Helen smirked. She had broken through the glass in the Torchwood cells, and had sneaked out using Toshiko Sato’s old pass. Now Helen had an accomplice again, who hadn’t failed her.

“Excellent”, Helen replied, “Now just act normal, and try and get me as much information as possible. I need to know their plans”.

“Yes ma’am”, answered Harry, and she got out of the car, and started walking home. Helen drove off, smirking.

2.3: Long Journey Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Lenora Crichlow

Professor Nick Cutter was busy studying some artefacts when Harriet Stafford knocked on his door.

“Come in”, Cutter said, in a tired manner.“Hi Professor. I was just coming to say thanks for letting me join your team, and I hope I can do really well for you”, thanked Harry.

“You’re welcome”, smiled Cutter. Harry left, and smirked outside.


Connor Temple, Mia Turner and Abby Maitland rushed over to the Anomaly Detector.

”The anomaly is in…Lincoln?”, said a surprised Connor, “But that’s miles away!”.

“It’s gonna take us ages to get there”, Abby told everyone.

”Don’t worry”, called down James Lester from his office, “I have my contacts. They will keep an eye on it until you get there. I will give them your number so if it closes, you can turn back”. The team wasted no time. Cutter, Abby, Connor and Mia got into one car, Danny, Claudia, Jenny and Harry went in another, and Captain Mitchell and Sarah went in the last car. They set off on the long journey to Lincoln. 

Katie Smith had received a phone call from her boss. A man called James Lester wanted her to get together a team of trained and armed soldiers to watch something called an anemone.

”I thought they were those things in the sea”, Katie thought out loud. Still, she got together that team of soldiers, and went to the location. It was an alley way, and very dark apart from this one shining light.

”That must be the anemone. Guard it”, ordered Katie.

3 hours later, the team arrived in Lincoln. Mia had fell asleep on Connor, and Connor then fell asleep the window, hitting his head when the car shook. He slept through it! Abby just stared at disgust. She hated Mia more everyday. Cutter had to wake them up. They got their guns ready, and headed towards the location. They saw a woman with long ginger hair, standing behind a group of armed soldiers.

”Katie?”, cried Claudia and Jenny at the same time.

“Claudia! And, erm…”, stuttered Katie.

“Jenny”, firmly said Jenny, looking disappointed.

“And you know each other, how, exactly?”, questioned Connor.

”We’re sisters. She got married, so clearly has a different surname”, answered Claudia.

”So, Claudia, you have a secret twin then?”, said Katie, looking at Jenny. Jenny scowled. Back in her world, Katie was her sister.

“She’s not my twin. It’s a long story”, quickly said Claudia.

“Anyway, were you sent down to deal with this anemone?”, asked Katie.

“What anemone?”, asked Claudia, looking confused. After a few seconds of thinking, “Oh, you mean the anomaly! You must have misheard. Just like you”. Katie scowled.

“Now, enough catching up, we’ve got an anomaly to deal with”, commanded Mia. Claudia explained the anomaly situation to Katie, and all about Jenny.

All of a sudden, a creature started coming through the anomaly. It was a rhino shape.

”Get back!”, cried Harry, as a massive rhino came charging through.

“Embolotherium”, identified Connor. The Embolotherium started rampaging around the streets, scaring the people off.

“HEY!”, cried Connor. He tried to get its attention. It turned round, and came running towards him, as Connor was standing still on the spot, scared out of his wit. Katie dashed out, and pulled him over, just as the Embolotherium went past, and back through the anomaly. It was missing home.

The team said their goodbyes to Katie, who had been given the idea to open another ARC in Lincoln, to deal with anomalies there. They got into the cars, and drove off. Claudia waved to Katie, well as Jenny sulked. She told Claudia her story. Claudia put her arm around her as Jenny started to cry.

Harry rushed off as soon as they got back. She went to the same place, waiting for the same car, with the same person driving it. When the car drove up, she opened the door and got inside. Helen Cutter was waiting for her.

”They’re opening another ARC in Lincoln”, announced Harry, “With Claudia’s sister in charge”.

“Excellent. We’ll have to deal with them now aswell”, revealed Helen. Harry got out and walked home. The car drove off.

2.4: Trouble At Tesco Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Lenora Crichlow

A helpless mother was dealing with her baby daughter, who was wailing away outside Tesco, at 11pm. The mother was getting stressed out; her baby would not keep quiet. She heard a slight shimmer, and looked in the direction it came from, and saw nothing. All of a sudden, the baby wailed even louder, in a different way to how she did it before. It sounded like the baby was scared. The mother now saw a light, with things that looked like shards of glass floating around it. A shape was appearing in it, and a crocodile-like creature came walking out. The mother ran for her life, and came to a dead end. There was no way out…

Harry Stafford was busy sending secret ARC files to Helen Cutter. She was undercover, to give Helen the ARC’s plans and what they are doing, so she will know when to pounce on them next.
“What are you doing?”, came a voice from behind. It was Mia Turner. The 2 had become great friends, but Harry had not told her the secret. She knew Mia would tell Connor, who would tell Abby, who would tell Sarah, who would tell Jenny, who would tell Claudia, who would tell Cutter. That would not be a good thing.
”Oh, nothing. Just texting my mate, making up an excuse why I can’t go out tonight”, lied Harry.
“OK”, replied Mia, suspiciously. She could pick out a liar in a massive crowd of people who all look the same.
The 2 ran out to the Detector, and found Connor already typing in the co-ordinates.
“It’s at the nearest Tesco”, he announced. Cutter and Danny ran straight out, with the rest of the team following behind. Connor was even further behind, he forgot where his coat was! Mia waited for him, while an impatient Captain Mitchell hurried him.

The mother lay unconscious on the floor. She woke up. It was the sounds of the baby crying that woke her up. Her head was bleeding.
“What happened?”, she muttered to herself. She got up and saw to her baby, “It’s OK Stacey, you’ll be fine, mummy won’t let you get hurt”. She stroke Stacey’s cheek and kissed it. Several cars pulled up, and out came the team. Jenny ran over to the Stacey and her mum.
“Hi there, are you OK? What are your names?”, asked Jenny, with a smile.
“I’m Lily, and this is my daughter Stacey”, replied Lily, being helped up by Mia.
“I’m Jenny. Don’t worry, you’ll both be fine. Just follow me and you can tell me exactly what happened”, reassured Jenny. Lily pushed Stacey’s pram and followed Jenny. Claudia started walking after them, but Cutter stopped her.
”Just to stop her getting confused between the 2 of you”, laughed Cutter. Claudia sulked.

The crocodile-like creature was rampaging around the Tesco store. The store was empty, everyone legged it when it broke in. It strolled up and down the aisles, trashing anything in it’s way.

“Guys, come and see”, yelled Sarah. She had spotted the hole in the glass.
“Right, Cutter, you take Abby, Captain Mitchell and Harry to find the anomaly. I’ll bring Connor, Mia, Sarah and Claudia to hunt it down”, ordered Danny. Everyone rushed off to do what they were meant to.

Cutter led his part of the team round the back of the store, tracking down the anomaly. Abby was holding a Detector in one hand, and a tranquilliser gun in the other. Captain Mitchell was all armed and ready. Harry was texting Helen, keeping her up to date.

And at her secret location, Helen smirked. She knew where the team were, but thought she’d wait until a bit later on until she attacked. Helen flipped down her phone.

Danny and his half were wandering around the store. They saw loads of products on the floor, from Ben 10 and HM Armed Forces figures to bananas and chicken. They saw something move, and ran to it. A crocodile creature turned round, and started running towards them, and stood up on it’s hind legs.
“It’s a…”, trailed off Connor.
“…Pristichampsus!”, completed Sarah. She did a big boasting smile at Connor, and stuck her tongue out.
“Not now Sarah”, Claudia told off Sarah, like she was a little kid misbehaving.
Connor pulled out his gun, and shot it. It fell to the floor, groaning and moaning. The team tied it up, and put it in a small shopping trolley. They carted it to find the others, to put it back through the anomaly.

The others had found the anomaly, and had set up the Anomaly Locker, and locked the anomaly. Danny and co. had pulled up with the Pristichampsus in a shopping trolley. Abby and Captain Mitchell laughed. Suddenly, the Pristichampsus stirred, and started moving. It broke through the ropes, and started getting up. Harry unlocked the anomaly, and pushed the trolley through the anomaly, with the Pristichampsus on top of it. She locked the anomaly again.
“Good work Harry!”, congratulated Abby. Much better than Mia, she thought.

Back at the ARC, they all got a nice cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits. They decided to go home to bed, as it was about 1am! Connor was only just staying awake. Abby dragged him home.

When Abby and Connor were at home, someone rang the doorbell. Abby answered it. It was Mia.
”Whaddya want?”, asked Abby, quite rudely.
“Connor said I could stay here for a bit. I’ve been kicked out of my flat,” answered Mia.
“Oh, did he now. I suppose you better come in then”, Abby said, reluctantly.
Connor came down the stairs and hugged Mia. Abby scowled at him.

2.5: The End Of A Search Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Lenora Crichlow

Mia Turner awoke with a very wet face. She also found a piece of cabbage on her forehead. When she opened her eyes, to her surprise, found Sid and Nancy dawdling up the edge of the bed and onto her.

“ABBY, WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT!”, yelled Mia. Abby giggled from the living room. Sid and Nancy quickly walked after her.

BEEP BEEP! Connor, Abby and Mia’s phones all rang at the same time. It was Cutter. A new anomaly was detected at Forbidden Planet, in Shaftesbury Avenue, London. The trio got into Abby’s little car and drove off.

Harry Stafford had forwarded the text onto Helen Cutter. She was being loyal to Helen, and keeping her up to date. She then set off aswell. Helen decided to wait a bit longer to pounce, making sure her plan was perfect.

At the shop, people were running left, right and centre after this big ball of light appeared. The shopkeepers so scared they forgot to lock up! The team arrived, and the whole street was empty.

“This is like a ghost town”, said Danny, stating the obvious.

”No, you don’t say”, commented Mia, being very sarky. Danny frowned at her.

“I’ve found the anomaly!”, cried out Jenny, feeling pleased with herself. And there it was, in all its glory.

“This is something you can never get used to”, added Mia, still amazed at each anomaly she saw. A slight glimmer appeared, and a humanoid shape was forming in the anomaly. Captain Mitchell aimed his gun, ready to shoot. It was a person, with a face mask and black clothes on. He started running when he saw the team.

“After him”, cried Danny. A suited figure appeared and stopped him.

“Lester?!”, the whole team cried in astonishment.

”I thought I’d better help. This is in a very popular and public place you know. Lucky I was here to catch your little friend!”, Lester explained. The team laughed. Lester pulled of the mask.

”Hang on, I know you!”, cried Connor. Indeed he did. It was Matt Jackson, Helen Cutter’s old apprentice.

“Yeah, it’s Matt. Don’t shoot, I’m not with Helen anymore. After she cloned me, I gave up. In the middle of the fight, I quickly opened an anomaly, and stepped through. I wanted to find you lot, to help you fight against her. What happened to Carl?”, explained Matt.

“He died”, quickly said Claudia.

“OK”, Matt replied.

“Well, what are we doing with this anomaly?”, asked Abby. And just as she said that, a Mer-Creature jumped through the anomaly. Captain Mitchell shot furiously at it. The team backed out, with Danny shooting it too. Many more came through. Lester, Mia, Sarah, Abby, Connor, Matt and Harry all ran for their lives, with Jenny and Claudia lagging behind in their high heels. Cutter, Danny and Captain Mitchell were still shooting. The shop was getting wrecked, as the Mer-Creatures were falling onto the floor. Matt came back, ducking the bullets, and kicked the last remaining Mer-Creature, which was terribly strong. If it got out, it could wreck the whole of London. As the anomaly was closing, it fell back through, but grabbing Matt. Danny and Cutter tried pulling him out, but the Mer-Creature was so strong, and pulled those 2 through aswell. The anomaly closed. The team were left shocked.

2.6: The Rescue Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Lenora Crichlow

Nick Cutter was furious with Matt Jackson. Matt was fighting away a Mer-Creature, who then grabbed Matt’s legs. Danny and Cutter tried to pull him back, but they failed and the Mer-Creature dragged them all through the anomaly, just as it closed, leaving the whole team in shock.

“Why did we even bother?”, Cutter was shouting at Matt, pushing him, “We shouldn’t have saved you. You helped Helen with her evil schemes. Why should we believe you’ve changed?”.

“Stop it!”, commanded Danny. Cutter stopped, leaving Matt to gather himself together.

Harry Stafford was letting Helen Cutter know about what has happened, as usual. Mia Turner was getting very suspicious. She thought about going over to her, but she changed her mind.

“There’s a time and a place”, muttered Mia under her breath to herself. Meanwhile, Connor Temple and Abby Maitland were busy with the Anomaly Opener.

“I need to type in the co-ordinates”, Connor told Abby.

”Well do it then!”, shouted Claudia, who couldn’t help overhearing.

“I would if I knew what they were!”, replied Connor, stressfully.

“I can help”, came a voice from behind. It was James Lester, who had arrived in time to stop Matt Jackson escaping. He got onto his phone, and asked someone at the ARC for the co-ordinates of the last anomaly detected. He passed the phone to Connor, who got told the co-ordinates and typed them in. He tried opening the anomaly, but all of a sudden, the battery went flat!

”Damn!”, cried Connor.

“There’s another one at the ARC, but that will mean a delay in getting them back”, Jenny told them.

“I’ll go back with some men now”, answered Captain Mitchell, running to one of the cars.

“What do we do then?”, asked Sarah.

“Just sit here and wait, I guess”, answered Mia.

Danny, Cutter and Matt were busy walking around the in the future, hiding from the odd Mer-Creature. They got to the top of a cliff, and looked down. It looked beautiful, except for one thing. The Mer-Creatures.

“How did they evolve?”, questioned Matt.

“We don’t know”, simply answered Cutter.

The trio got into a conversation, with all three arguing over who they want to win The X Factor.

“Olly to win!”, shouted out Matt.

“No way, Joe should win!”, argued Cutter.

“Look, why don’t we just settle this and say Stacey to win?”, suggested Danny.

“No way!”, shouted the other 2. Cutter and Matt ended up agreeing on one act they thought was good: John & Edward, much to Danny’s disapproval.

While they were discussing this (and the fact that Abby, Jenny and Claudia all fancy Lloyd), not one of them noticed a Mer-Creature creeping up behind them. It lunged at Cutter, but Matt jumped out and pushed Cutter out of the way, standing right in front of the Mer-Creature. Matt got knocked off the edge of the cliff, along with the Mer-Creature, and landed with a thud. Cutter and Danny stood in shock.

Claudia was staring at a picture of Lloyd that she carries around with her, and was about to kiss it when Captain Mitchell arrived back with the Anomaly Opener. She quickly put the picture away, and whistled innocently. Connor laughed.

”Here it is, sort it out quickly!”, commanded Captain Mitchell. Connor quickly typed in the co-ordinates that Abby wrote down (she also wrote I ♥ Lloyd, but Connor ignored that). He opened the anomaly.

“Now all we have to do is wait”, summed up Connor.

Cutter and Danny heard the noise of an anomaly opening, and ran back to where they came through. A whole hoard of Mer-Creatures were chasing after them. They ran, and jumped through to safety.

“Close it!”, shouted Danny. Connor shut it just as a Mer-Creature poked its head through, which was now chopped off and lying in the middle of the shop

“Where’s Matt?”, asked Jenny.

“I’ll explain later”, replied Cutter.

They all went back to the ARC, with Harry texting Helen yet again. Helen was not pleased when she found out Cutter and Danny got back. Cutter and Danny told their story, then listened to Connor’s story. Then they ended up discussing X Factor all over again! Captain Mitchell and Lester walked away, as they’re more Strictly Come Dancing fans.

2.7: Flying High Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Stars:

Lenora Crichlow and Cheryl Cole.

Jenny Lewis and Claudia Brown were busy arguing over who fancied Lloyd Daniels from The X Factor more. Abby Maitland interrupted.

“You both know I love him more”, claimed Abby.

“Will you three just stop arguing”, moaned Cutter. Connor smiled. He had a surprise for them, which was due in a few minutes. He couldn’t wait to see their faces.

“What are you laughing at?”, asked Mia Turner. Connor whispered the surprise into her ear. Mia laughed aswell.

Captain Mitchell was at the security gate outside the ARC. A young blonde man was trying to get in with a woman who looked a lot like Cheryl Cole. The man claimed Connor, who had been alerted by Captain Mitchell, called him here. Connor came rushing along.

”Don’t worry, I invited him”, reassured Connor.

He and his friend followed Connor inside. As they reached the Main Operations Area, Abby, Claudia and Jenny all stopped arguing and just stared open-eyed at the man.

“It’s…it’s…it’s…”, stuttered Claudia.

“Lloyd Daniels!”, cried Jenny. Abby nearly fainted.

“And Cheryl Cole!”, exclaimed Danny. Indeed it was. The woman who looked like Cheryl was indeed her. She came with Lloyd. Connor introduced everyone, and explained why Lloyd was there.

“I invited him because I knew how much you three loved him, and wanted to be nice”, explained Connor, pointing at Claudia, Jenny and Abby.

“What a naff reason”, interrupted Lester, “although I suppose he’ll have to stay, now he’s here”.


“What’s that?”, asked Lloyd. Sarah explained.

“Let’s go”, commanded Danny, “but where’s Harry?”.

“She phoned in sick”, Lester told them.

Harry was not off sick. She was busy making plans with Helen Cutter. They had 2 ARC’s to destroy, and it wasn’t easy work.

Cheryl and Lloyd came with the team, as Claudia begged Danny and Cutter to let them come. The anomaly was at the golf course, where an anomaly had previously opened.

”I remember those bird things attacking us”, Claudia reminded Cutter.

Lloyd stared in amazement when he saw the anomaly.

“Woah!”, gasped Lloyd. Cheryl was speechless.

“DUCK!”, cried Captain Mitchell, who saw something fly through the aerial anomaly. Everyone ducked. It was a Pteranodon.

“It’s harmless, but we need to get it back”, ordered Cutter.

Claudia, Jenny and Abby took Lloyd and Cheryl to find the anomaly, while Cutter, Danny, Connor, Mia, Sarah and Captain Mitchell watched the anomaly.

“You can’t trust those three with Lloyd”, remarked Connor to Mia. Mia giggled.

Claudia and her half of the team were walking through some woods. They saw some bat-like creatures on the trees.

“What are bats doing in this wood?”, queried Cheryl.

“They’re not bats…”, trailed off Claudia.

“OW!”, cried Jenny, who had cut her finger. The bats reacted to it, and started chasing them. They ran for their lives.

”They’re Agnurognathus!”, Claudia told them as they ran.

The Pteranodon was on it’s way back. Mia was wearing a red jacket, so Cutter told her to take it off. He waved it in the air, and the Pteranodon was flying towards it. It flew up, and through the anomaly, just as Claudia, Jenny, Abby, Lloyd and Cheryl came running back, with a swarm of Agnurognathus chasing them. Claudia, Jenny, Abby and Cheryl ducked aside, and Lloyd carried on running, with the Agnurognathus chasing him. Lloyd knew what he was doing. He ran under the anomaly, just as it was closing, and the Agnurognathus flew through the anomaly, and it closed. Lloyd caught his breath back. Jenny came up to him, and thanked him.

Claudia called Lester and told him about Lloyd’s heroism. Lester decided to give him a place on the team. Lloyd was shocked when he got back and found out this.

“I’ll take it!”, cried Lloyd in delight, “as long as I can still take part in The X Factor”.

“I suppose so”, Lester moaned.

“Good luck!”, Cheryl said as she hugged Lloyd, “and I’ll see you in the studio later for rehearsals!”. Lloyd laughed. The team decided they’d let Harry know when she got back.

2.8: At The ARC Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Lenora Crichlow

Lloyd Daniels was settling in to life at the ARC after a couple of weeks, not caring about the fact he was out of the X Factor. He was just glad Joe McElderry went and won it for the boys and Cheryl Cole. Jenny said she cried when Lloyd went out. Lloyd just laughed.

“Sorry I was off sick!”, burst a voice from down the corridor of the ARC. The doors swung open, and out flung Harry Stafford.

“Who’s she?”, Lloyd asked Jenny. Harry heard.

”Oh my god, it’s Lloyd Daniels! I voted for him every week”, Harry mentioned.

“Thanks”, Lloyd said to Harry with a smile on his face.

”Hang on, what are you doing here?”, Harry asked, all of a sudden.

“I was recruited a few weeks ago”, Lloyd told Harry, “I’ll tell you the whole story later”. Harry nodded.

Upstairs, Lester was sitting in his office, doing some paperwork. He was about to go downstairs to check on the team (and ask Harry why she was off for 2 weeks), but he heard a noise as he got up. He turned round, slowly. Lester jumped when he saw what it was. He tried getting at the door, but it was jammed again.


Lloyd jumped out of his seat when he heard that sound, now pretty familiar to him. Connor got there first and located the anomaly.

“It’s…it’s…it’s in here!”, Connor told the team.

“What?!”, exclaimed Cutter.

“I’ll run a diagnostics check to see if anything is wrong”, mentioned Connor.

”No need”, Mia said with a bit of fear in her voice, “The anomaly is in Lester’s office!”. The team all looked up to Lester’s office. They saw Lester trying to get open the door.

Connor, Abby, Captain Mitchell and Sarah all ran up to the door to try and open it. Captain Mitchell tried bashing at the door, but the glass was far too strong. Something came through the anomaly, and grabbed Lester, dragging him along the floor through the anomaly. The anomaly flickered and then closed.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!”, shouted Connor.

The team sat around for an hour thinking of something to do, when Claudia thought of an idea.

”The Anomaly Openers!”, Claudia shouted all of a sudden.

“Huh?”, shrugged the team in unison. Sarah got it and explained.

”We use the Anomaly Opener to re-open the anomaly”, explained Sarah.

“But how do we know the era?”, asked Danny.

“We don’t. All we need are the co-ordinates”, reassured Connor. He ran over to get the Opener, and got Abby to read out the co-ordinates. He typed them in, and ran up to Lester’s office to open the anomaly. Sure enough, it opened. They decided that Cutter, Danny, Connor, Mia, Abby and Lloyd would go through. Jenny moaned as she didn’t get to go with Lloyd, but Danny was strict on her, and told her to stay behind. The six of them went through.

“This is the Pliocene era, I’m guessing. One of the most likely candidates for this time would be the Phorusrhacids”, identified Connor.

“Well, let’s find Lester and get out of here”, Mia said, as she didn’t like the feel of the era.

“There he is!”, pointed out Lloyd. Sure enough, it was Lester. He ran towards the team, but he was being chased by Phorusrhacids.

”Run back through!”, cried Lester. The team obeyed and ran back through, with Lester trailing behind. He took of his shoes and through them at the Phorusrhacids. He fell through the anomaly, but was being pulled by the feet back through by Phorusrhacids. The team pulled him back, and got through. Connor closed the anomaly.

Later that day, Lester was back in his office with his new doorstop so he couldn’t get jammed in again. Jenny was talking to Lloyd, and she ended up asking him out. Lloyd said yes, and they kissed, as Claudia and Abby watched on in disgust.

2.9: Lights, Camera, Mosasaur! Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Lenora Crichlow

Tap tap tap tap. Harry Stafford was tapping her leg. She was tapping it 4 times. Little did the others know that it meant something. Lloyd Daniels had spent the night out with Jenny Lewis. They had gone on their first date, and were late into work. They sneaked in, hoping Lester wouldn’t notice. Nick Cutter did though.

“You’re late!”, moaned Cutter.

”Shhhh!”, Jenny hastily said to him.

“OK, I won’t tell Lester”, promised Cutter.


And off the Anomaly Detector went. And guess what, Connor was straight up there first with Mia.

“It’s at..what? It’s at the BBC Television Centre!”, Connor announced.

The team wasted no time. They ran to the cars and drove off. When they got there, police officers were outside. The team walked up and showed their passes. They got let through. One of the police officers recognised Lloyd.

“You’re Lloyd Daniels off The X Factor aren’t you?”, questioned the police officer. Jenny came rushing over.

“Sorry, no time for chat!”, she said with a smile.

“No time for this Lloyd, he may want your autograph if you identify yourself!”, she whispered to Lloyd. They both laughed afterwards. Claudia looked on in disgust and jealousy.

The anomaly was in a control room. A creature came though, crocodile-like. It bashed the door down and started walking round the centre.

Captain Mitchell and his soldiers were also bashing doors down, but to look for the anomaly.

”There’s no need to do that, I’ve got the Detector. It will locate the anomaly”, Abby kept telling him, but he didn’t care really.

“I’ve got it!”, called Captain Mitchell. He didn’t need to bash the door down, as it was already down.

“Do you think anything’s come through?”, asked Danny.

”Possibly. I found the door already bashed down, so unless it was the people in here trying to escape from the anomaly, there must have been a creature”, summed-up Captain Mitchell. Danny took Captain Mitchell, Abby, Connor, Mia and Sarah with him to look for the creature, while Jenny, Lloyd, Claudia and Harry stayed with Cutter at the anomaly. 

“Any ideas on what the creature might be?”, asked Danny.

“It bashed down that door, so it must be pretty big and strong”, suggested Sarah.

“If we work out the era, we can have an idea on what the creature is”, Connor told the group.

“I’ll phone Cutter and ask him to peek through the anomaly”, said Mia.

“Oh look at her. Always trying to be on Cutter and Danny’s good side”, muttered Abby under her breath. Connor heard.

”What is your problem?”, Connor whispered to Abby, “Ever since we met her you’ve had that little grudge against her. Ever since…”, he paused, “…I’ve been going out with her. Is this it? Are you jealous?”.

“No!”, exclaimed Abby.

“Then what is it?”, asked Connor. Mia interrupted them.

“Cutter had a look, and he thinks it’s the Late Cretaceous era”, Mia told them.

“A possibility could be the Mosasaur. We’ve come across one of them before, and it was very nasty”, Connor estimated.

”They live in water though, don’t they?”, questioned Abby.

”They can survive out of water, remember when it attacked us?”, Connor reminded Abby.

”Yeah, and you saved our lives!”, Abby said.


“Did you hear that?”, asked Sarah.

Meanwhile, Claudia was chatting with Jenny. The discussion quickly changed to Lloyd.

“Why did you ask him out?”, Claudia asked Jenny.

“Because I loved him”, Jenny answered.

”So did I”, added Claudia.

”You should have asked him out before me then”, Jenny told her.

Danny’s part of the team were slowly turning round, after hearing a really loud creak. When they turned round, they saw a Mosasaur slowly moving towards them. It suddenly started snapping at them, and they turned and ran. Captain Mitchell tried shooting it, but he ran out of bullets. They ran all the way to the end of the corridor, and were trapped. All of a sudden, Cutter and Lloyd came up and shot the Mosasaur.

“We had no choice but to kill it”, Cutter said afterwards, wishing he could have saved it.

They went back to the ARC after a long day. Connor and Mia had asked to leave early so they could catch a movie. Harry had to go early too, little did anyone know that she was going to meet Helen, so they could finalise their plans.

2.10: The Forest Of Dean Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Lenora Crichlow

The Forest of Dean was extremely quiet. Especially in one area, which has been sealed off. This was due to this ball of light appearing there, which, according to experts, is a doorway in time. Security soldiers were standing outside the fence every day, every night, doing long and hard shifts. Suddenly, they heard a shimmering noise. The 2 soldiers standing there turned around, but saw nothing. They just dismissed it and turned back round. They then heard a loud roar, and they turned around again. They saw a massive sabre-toothed creature stomping towards them. They started to run, but it was too late. No-one could hear their screams.


That ringing sound of the Anomaly Detector went off again. This time, Sarah was first there. After all, Connor was busy in the ARC gym.

“It’s in the Forest Of Dean”, announced Sarah.

“That’s miles away!”, exclaimed Danny.

“Not only that, but the first anomaly that we investigated was there”, Cutter told them.

”I remember, it lead to the Permian era, didn’t it?”, added Claudia.

“Indeed it did”, confirmed Abby.

”Well, we better get down there right away. Lester, could you get someone to watch it for us?”, asked Jenny.

“I’ll try and get someone to keep an eye on it for you”, Lester shouted back from his office.

Much much later that day, after several arguments about what music to listen to on the way, the team arrived. The team had to show their passes to be allowed past the security gate. A man in a suit called Sid Rogers greeted them.

“Are you Lester’s people?”, Sid asked them. The team nodded. Sid began lecturing them about the situation, “When I arrived here, I noticed the gate had been broken through from the inside”.

“Something must have come through the anomaly then”, interrupted Mia.

“As I was saying”, continued Sid, glaring at Mia, “2 men were found dead when I arrived, so this must be serious”.

“OK. We’ll get onto it straight away, thanks Mr. Rogers”, said Cutter. Sid went away. Cutter continued, “Right, we need to find this creature as soon as possible”.

“The top suspect for this era is of course, the Gorgonopsid”, Connor told the team.

“We’ll need to find it soon, as it could cause a lot of trouble. We’ll stick to the same teams as the other day for splitting up. Jenny, Lloyd, Claudia and Harry stay with Cutter here, and I’ll take Connor, Abby, Mia, Sarah and Captain Mitchell to look for the creature”, Danny commanded. They headed off.

While they were walking through the forest, Mia and Connor were flirting. Abby had a disgusted look on her face. She eventually got so annoyed with them she put her foot down.

“Will you two stop flirting!”, Abby shouted.

“Abby, what is this about?”, asked Mia.

“Like you don’t know”, rudely replied Abby. She went over to Mia and slapped her. They started fighting. Connor and Danny tried to break it up, but Connor got hit in the face accidentally.

”Why is it that whenever women fight over me, I get punched in the face”, complained Connor. He and Danny carried on trying to break them up. At last, they were pulled apart after several accidental punches in the face for Danny and Connor, and bruises on the face for Abby and Mia.

”Abby, go back to Cutter”, commanded Danny. Abby stormed off in a strop. Mia gathered herself together.

On the way back to the anomaly, Abby heard some stomping. She knew what it was, and started running before it could catch up with her. Abby was stopped in her tracks, as the Gorgonopsid pulled on in front of her. Abby ran back, but she was too slow. The Gorgonopsid bashed into her and carried on running. Abby lay unconscious on the floor. 

The Gorgonopsid was fast approaching Danny’s part of the team. Sarah spotted it.

“You know that Gorgo-whatsit”, Sarah said, sounding worried.

“Yeah, the Gorgonopsid”, replied Captain Mitchell.

“Whatever it’s called, it’s coming towards us now”, continued Sarah. The team split up again, with Connor and Mia going to the left, and Danny, Sarah and Captain Mitchell ducking to the right.

Back at the anomaly, Cutter was chatting with Lloyd.

“So, how are you settling in?”, Cutter asked Lloyd.

“Fine. You get used to the fact that you ate fighting prehistoric creatures after a little while”, joked Lloyd.

Mia jumped out of the hiding place after the Gorgonopsid had passed.

“Hey, Gorgy-thingy! Chase me!”, shouted Mia. She started running back to the anomaly. As she reached the point where Abby got knocked over, Mia also got hit. She got sent flying, and landed next to Abby. Captain Mitchell and Danny carried on distracting the creature, running to the anomaly.

“GET OUT OF THE WAY!”, shouted Danny to Cutter’s part of the team as he approached them. He ran through the anomaly, and the Gorgonopsid followed him. Captain Mitchell had stopped before the anomaly. The anomaly had started to close, and at the last second, Danny jumped back through.

Connor had stayed with Mia and Abby, trying to get them to wake up. He had checked their pulse, and both were still alive. Abby started to come around.

”What happened?”, asked Abby, starting to sit up.

“You got hit by a Gorgonopsid, like Mia”, explained Connor, “Take it easy”. The rest of the team came to find Connor, Abby and Mia. Harry called an ambulance for Mia. Then, Cutter got a call on his mobile. He answered it. After he had ended the call, he told the team the bad news.

”The Gorgonopsid had got out, remember? Well, after we’d met him, the Gorgonopsid killed Sid Rogers. It was one of Lester’s contacts on the phone. Lester had given him my number for emergencies. Luckily, the Gorgonopsid came back in here”, Cutter told them. The ambulance arrived, and took Mia away. Connor went with her.

Harry was texting Helen, and they decided tomorrow would be the day that they launch their plan.

2.11: Something Is Coming Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Lenora Crichlow

Mia Turner had just got out of hospital. She had spent the night there, and was relieved to be out with minor injuries. Connor Temple had arrived to pick her up. He greeted her with a hug. They went to the ARC, as Mia didn’t want to miss any action.

Harry Stafford was at Helen Cutter’s hideout. They were about to take over the ARC with their new plan.

”Here, take this”, ordered Helen, giving Harry a piece of technology. Harry put it into her bag. They both left and went to the ARC.

Harry arrived at the same time as Mia and Connor. Captain Mitchell checked their security passes, and they were let through. Helen stayed in Harry’s car. She sneaked out when there was only Captain Mitchell around, and whacked him over the head with her gun, leaving him unconscious.

Harry had put the bit if technology under the Anomaly Detector chair when no-one was looking. She phoned Helen, to let her know. 

Meanwhile, Abby was chatting with Mia.

“I’m sorry about…you know”, apologised Abby.

“Don’t worry about it”, said Mia.

All of a sudden, Helen came barging through.

”Put your hands up everyone. Don’t try anything clever”, shouted Helen, pulling out her gun and aiming it at Cutter.

”Not this again!”, complained Lester.

“Helen, what are you doing?”, asked Cutter, sounding angry.

“Harry, secure the others!”, commanded Helen.

“Harry?!”, cried the team in shock.

“She was undercover for me all along”, explained Helen. The team looked shocked.

“What?!”, exclaimed Jenny and Claudia in unison.

“This happened when I killed Becker and Stephen”, remembered Helen, “Both of you spoke at the same time”.

“Shut up”, said an angry Jenny.

“Anyway, we’re here to launch our new plan”, announced Helen.

“It will knock 4 times”, Harry told them.

“What will?”, asked Sarah.

“It is positioned at several places all over the country”, Helen revealed.

“Including nearby the ARC in Lincoln”, added Harry.

”Sorry, am I missing something? Another ARC?”, said a confused Lloyd.

”Don’t worry, I’ll tell you later”, reassured Jenny. Lloyd nodded.

Claudia had a brainwave, “So that’s why you weren’t here for those few weeks, you were travelling around putting this “thing” around Britain!”.

Helen clapped sarcastically, “Well done Sherlock”. Claudia got angry.

“Anyway, the big reveal now! The 4 knocks are…a bomb that will beep 4 times before exploding. No time to escape”, revealed Helen with a smirk.

2.12: The 4 Knocks Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Lenora Crichlow

The team were frozen with fear. Harry Stafford and Helen Cutter had just revealed their plan and what the 4 knocks were.

“We will be setting off the bombs in a few minutes”, announced Helen.

”Where’s the nearest bomb?”, asked Sarah.

“In the ARC itself”, Harry told them.

“Which one?”, questioned Mia, hoping it would be Lincoln.

“Both”, Harry said with a dark tone in her voice. The team looked even more scared.

“Quickly, look for it!”, ordered Cutter.


An anomaly had opened. The team ran to the Detector.

“No-one’s leaving the ARC. The anomaly can deal with itself”, commanded Helen. She aimed her gun at the team. Harry also pulled out a gun and pointed it at them.

“Look, you don’t have to do this”, Lloyd tried to reason with them.

“Oh I think you’ll find we do”, argued Helen, smirking.

“PUT THE GUNS DOWN AND GET ON THE FLOOR!”, came a voice from the corridor. Captain Mitchell and some soldiers stomped in.

“We won’t be the ones getting rid of our guns, you will”, Helen told them.

”I could set this off right now”, threatened Harry.

“You were going to do it anyway”, commented Danny. Helen pulled the trigger on Danny, and he fell to the floor. Claudia and Abby made sure he was alright.

“You didn’t have to do that”, shouted a furious Connor.

“Do you want it to happen to you aswell?”, taunted Helen. Connor backed off. He hugged Mia.

Danny was struggling, but hanging on. The rest of the team, including Captain Mitchell and his soldiers, went to look for the bomb.

At the anomaly site, things were hectic. The Oxford Street anomaly had re-opened, and Future Mutts were pouring through. Not only them, but Future Predators and Megopterans were coming through aswell. The creatures were killing everyone in sight, and pretty soon, they were on their way all around London. 

Back at the ARC, the team were panicking.

“Harry, secure the team in one of the rooms here. Leave Cutter with me”, ordered Helen. The team were led away by Harry. Lester moaned away, while Connor and Lloyd helped Danny.

“You can’t do this!”, cried Jenny.

”Oh I think you’ll find I can!”, smirked Helen. Captain Mitchell’s soldiers were moved into another room.

“Why do you want me?”, asked Cutter.

“Last time I did this, I ended up blowing up the ARC and shooting you. You died”, Helen told her husband.

“How come I’m still here?”, asked a confused Cutter.

“Remember when Abby, Connor, Sarah and Captain Becker came back through that anomaly at the racetrack with Jenny and Danny? You never knew them. Danny had taken over from you as leader after I killed you, and Jenny was instead of Claudia. Claudia never existed, except the timelines changed back, you and Stephen never died, Claudia was back and Jenny had never existed”, explained Helen.

“And what’s causing all this?”, queried Cutter.

“I don’t know. It was an accident as far as I know”, guessed Helen. At that moment, Harry came back.

“Harry, activate the bomb in here”, ordered Helen.

“I can’t”, trembled Harry, “I’ve gotten to know these people so well, and I cannot kill them”.

“If you don’t do it, then I’ll have to kill you”, warned Helen.

”So do it then”, said a brave Harry. Helen shot her, and she fell to the floor. Cutter ran over to her.

”Helen, you must have no conscience”, said Cutter, angrily. Helen set off the bomb.

“And in other news, a government building known as the ARC has been bombed according to police. The government say this building is connected to the light we saw creatures coming out of earlier. They also say there were several people left in there. These people are Nick Cutter, Danny Quinn, Connor Temple, Mia Turner, Claudia Brown, Jenny Lewis, Sarah Page, Abby Maitland, Lloyd Daniels, Harriet Stafford, Sir James Lester and Captain R. Mitchell”, Katie Smith had her TV on, and she was watching the news. When she heard about this, she felt very worried about her own ARC.

2.X: Out of the Rubble Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Stars:

Cheryl Cole and Eve Myles.

The team were lying beneath the rubble of the ARC, which had just been bombed by Helen Cutter. It seemed like the end for Danny and Harry, who Helen injured before blowing the ARC up anyway. Jenny started to stir. She opened her eyes, but she couldn’t move. She was trapped underneath all of the rubble. She tried calling for help, but no-one responded. She thought she had broken her arm.

Police had arrived outside, along with the press. They put out the police lines, and had officers blocking off the press while they closed the gate. Someone was pushing through the crowds of reporters. It was Cheryl Cole.

“Excuse me officer, but is there any news about Lloyd Daniels?”, asked Cheryl, sounding worried.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Cole, but we have no news of anyone. We don’t know if anyone is even alive”, a police officer told Cheryl. Someone from ITV News asked to interview her in the studio later, Cheryl agreed, and decided to go home and get ready, leaving her phone on incase Lloyd calls her.

Gwen Cooper was sitting at home. Life without Torchwood proved pretty boring. She heard her baby crying.

”Rhys!”, cried a very exhausted Gwen.

“OK, OK!”, shouted Rhys from the bathroom. Gwen picked up her laptop. She had forgotten that she had downloaded the Torchwood software to it. An alert popped up. It read “EMERGENCY! GOVERNMENT BUILDING DESTROYED! GO TO ANOMALY RESEARCH CENTRE, LONDON”. Gwen didn’t feel like driving to London, but decided to in the end.

“Rhys, I’m going out!”, Gwen shouted to Rhys. Then she went out the door with the car keys, just as Rhys came out of the bathroom.

”Goodbye then”, moaned Rhys, as Gwen didn’t wait to say goodbye to him properly.

Lloyd woke up in the ARC. He managed to squeeze out of the rubble and squirm to Jenny.

”It’s OK, you’ll be absolutely fine”, Lloyd reassured Jenny, who looked terrified. Lloyd tried to gently nudge her out.

“OWCH!”, screamed Jenny. Lloyd then tried to lift the massive pillar that fell on Jenny, but he wasn’t strong enough. After that, Mia woke up. She was also trapped. Lloyd tried to free her, and succeeded.

“Could you help me move this pillar?”, asked Lloyd.

”I’ll try, but I won’t be much use”, answered Mia. Before they could do that, they heard someone crying for help, then moaning, but they couldn’t see who it was.

“It’s Lester, only he makes those complains!”, joked Mia. She started digging under the rocks and rubble for him, while Lloyd tried to move the pillar.

Outside, ambulances started to arrive, and paramedics rushed in. The press wouldn’t give up until they got their story, but the police refused to tell them anything. Actually, it wasn’t that they refused; it was that they didn’t know anything in the first place!

The paramedics wrested over the rocks and rubble to get to the main control room. They saw Cutter and Harry lying on the floor, unconscious. They saw that Harry had a gunshot wound, so got to her first, and carried her out, then put her on a stretcher. Cutter started coming round, and some more paramedics helped him out. When he got outside, Cutter was nearly blinded by the brightness of the camera flashes from the press, but what astounded him the most was the Future Predator next to the gate out of sight.

“There’s a Predator there, you need to get out of here!”, exclaimed Cutter. The paramedics took no notice, and thought it may have been an aftershock. Cutter pulled out his gun from his pocket (which was surprisingly still there and working) and shot the Predator, which fell dead and frightened the press to death. Some started running.

”They deserved that”, laughed Cutter. As the press were running, Gwen Cooper arrived, and Cheryl Cole came back. They saw each other.

“Oh my god, you’re Cheryl Cole”, said a starstruck Gwen, “I’m Gwen Cooper”.

“Nice to meet you Gwen”, replied Cheryl.

“What are you doing here?”, asked Gwen.

“I’m waiting to hear about Lloyd Daniels. He works here now”, Cheryl told her, “What about you?”.

“I used to work in Torchwood down in Cardiff. I got an alert about this happening, and came to investigate. Doubt it’s anything fishy. But those creatures do look funny”, explained Gwen.

“Yeah. These creatures do”, agreed Cheryl. Then she saw Cutter, “Oh, Cutter!”, and she ran over to him.

“Hiya. I don’t know about Lloyd, sorry”, Cutter read Cheryl’s mind, and answered the question before she asked it.

“OK. How are you?”, asked Cheryl.

“I’m fine. Just a few cuts and bruises”, replied Cutter.

“Hi, I’m Gwen Cooper from Torchwood in Cardiff. I came to help you”, introduced Gwen.

“Nice to meet you. Let’s go inside and find the team”, Cutter told them.

Back inside the ARC, Lloyd was struggling to free Jenny. Mia had found Lester, and was helping him out. Lester and Mia then started helping Lloyd get Jenny out. Captain Mitchell managed to get himself out, and helped them free Jenny. With his help, Jenny got out. Now they had to find Abby, Claudia, Sarah, Danny and Connor. Cutter, Cheryl and Gwen came in.

“Lloyd!”, cried Cheryl, and she ran over to hug him.

“Where’s Harry?”, asked Jenny.

“She’s on her way to hospital”, Cutter told them.

“What about Helen?”, asked Mia.

“We don’t know. She’s disappeared again”, replied Cutter, “I saw a Future Predator outside. They must have come through that anomaly that we detected but Helen told us to forget”.

“Oh, and this is Gwen Cooper from Torchwood in Cardiff. She came down to help us”, Cheryl introduced Gwen.

“Never mind them, we need to find Danny, Claudia, Abby, Connor and Sarah pronto”, said Captain Mitchell. Everyone started looking around and digging, being very cautious. Even Lester got his hands dirty. They found Sarah, Abby, Claudia and Connor, who were conscious, but they couldn’t find Danny, who was already injured. Paramedics came rushing in and they helped look for Danny, aswell as taking Jenny to hospital to get her arm looked at. The rest of the team were lucky, escaping with a few cuts and bruises. They found Danny, unconscious, barely alive, and the paramedics rushed him out. Gwen helped out a lot.

“Thanks for the help”, Mia said to Gwen when they got outside.

”No problem. Anyway, I must be off!”, she replied. The team said goodbye to her, and she drove off.

The rest of the team (including Cheryl) went to the hospital to see Danny, Jenny and Harry. Jenny was ready to be taken home, and Danny and Harry were alive and well now.

Helen had opened her own anomaly. She also escaped with only a few cuts and bruises. She was now by the anomaly in Oxford Street, where the future creatures were. She planned to help them destroy London.

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