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Anticipating the arrival of three new werewolves any day, Dylan Drummond had no time to relax. Although things are going swimmingly in his relationship with Jono, Dylan finds himself embroiled in Yasmin's identity crisis, which in turn attracts the attention of the previously-dormant hunters of Crystalshaw. Furthermore, Dylan does his best to assist the newly-bitten Freddie, although his lack of control proves difficult to overcome. Will Dylan be able to reunite his friends before the hunters and new werewolves close in on him?

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.
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As Freddie's struggles with his new body become more and more apparent, Dylan intervenes and puts himself in huge danger. Lily finds herself attracted to Oli, the new guy in her class, but among her own problems, Yasmin realises there may be more than meets the eye with him.
When Freddie goes missing, Dylan and Jono look for clues that could find out who abducted him. Freddie finds out that it's a familiar face, and not a pleasant one either. Meanwhile, Yasmin and Lily confront Drew about his large pile of secrets.
With Clara persuing an alpha, Dylan has to make a decision that could frustrate the pack. Harbouring Dylan's mum's secret, Jono backs his boyfriend but Yasmin is less receptive after finding a murdered werewolf.
Yasmin begins to doubt Dylan's plan as she worries about the trustworthiness of Clara. Lily goes on a date with Oli, hoping for the best, although Freddie begins to worry as memories flood back from the night before.
Dylan tries to forget about the hunters and Clara on his birthday but struggles with the full moon looming and the potential for Freddie to lose control being high. Meanwhile, Yasmin finds it hard to cope with the shock revelation about her dad.
After Dylan's birthday party is crashed by hunters, he and Jono frantically struggle to find a way to save their friends from inside a house teeming with armed men. Will Freddie survive the full moon? How will Yasmin react when she comes face-to-face with her dad?
Recovering in hospital, Yasmin finally takes a stand against her father, while Freddie admits his feelings at last. Drew finds some unexpected visitors in the bunker, and Jono is forced to admit the truth about Dylan to his parents, but how will they react?
Realising he is at crisis point, Dylan makes one last attempt to look for Drew and Lily before he makes a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, Lily struggles to cope with Clara's plan and Drew attempts an escape.
Desperate to save his friends, Dylan enlists the help of an outsider to take on Mr. Forsyth and Clara. Before long, he is faced with a dilemma that could change his life, entrusting him with more responsibility than he'd ever wanted.

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