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The team have just escaped from the rubble of the ARC, but they have to deal with the creature incursion on Oxford Street before even attempting to re-build the ARC. But what other anomalies will the team have to deal with? What creatures will come through? What will happen in the team's romances? Will Cutter finally find the one?


3.1: Creature Incursion

3.2: Snow Joke
3.3: Meet Lily
3.4: Aircraft Anomaly
3.5: Plane Chaos
3.6: Driven Through The Car Park
3.7: Not Quite A Village Meeting
3.8: Escape
3.9: Drowning The Sorrows
3.10: Trapped
3.11: Forget Me Not
3.12: Everytime I Think Of You
3.X: Wedding Bells

3.1: Creature Incursion Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Robyn Addison

Abby, Connor and Mia had gone to pick up Danny and Harry from the hospital. Before blowing up the ARC, Helen shot them both. Everyone lived though, and both of them had finally been discharged from the hospital.

Cutter had been overworked by Lester all through the night, and had only just got out of the Home Office, which is the new temporary home for the team. He decided to have a quick orange juice in the pub as he’d ran out at home.

“Want another?”, came a voice from beside him.

“Yeah, OK”, mumbled Cutter.

“I’m Lily, by the way. Lily Nash”, introduced Lily.

“I’m Nick Cutter, but everyone calls me Cutter”, Cutter introduced himself. Lily passed him his drink.

”So, what do you do for a living?”, Lily asked.

“I’m…I’m a professor”, said Cutter, nearly giving everything away about the anomalies, “And you?”.

“I work in Matalan just down town”, Lily replied. Cutter’s phone rang. It was Connor. Connor told him that the anomaly that was detected before the ARC blew up is still there, with creatures roaming London, and they’d only just remembered.

“I’ve got to go, it’s work”, half-lied Cutter.

“Hang on, here’s my number”, Lily stopped Cutter. She wrote it on a piece of paper and put it in Cutter’s pocket. He then left and went to Oxford Street.

For 2 weeks, the team had been almost blind. They’d been too busy dealing with the ARC to even pay attention to the news and creature reports, and Cutter had been overworked so much by Lester that he forgot the incident with the Future Predator. They hadn’t even noticed how deserted London had got in just 2 weeks. Future Predators, Megopterans and Future Mutts were all roaming the streets of London, devouring anything they came across.

Cutter arrived at the anomaly site at the same time as Connor and co. did. Jenny, Claudia, Lloyd, Sarah and Captain Mitchell were last to arrive, and were quite lucky to survive after a Megopteran nearly crashed the car. Connor saved them by shooting it and Captain Mitchell did an emergency stop.

“How are we going to stop it?”, Mia asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot of work”, replied Cutter. All of a sudden, the anomaly rumbled.

“That’s not done that before”, Danny said, puzzled. All of a sudden, it let out a huge bolt of electricity and sucked all of the creatures in.

“Woah!”, gasped a shocked Lloyd.

“Why didn’t it pull us in?”, wondered Jenny.

“Why don’t we investigate it Connor?”, suggested Sarah. Connor agreed.

“To get the rest of the creatures in, the ones across London, we need to create a big enough shock to pull them all in”, Claudia thought.

“Claudia, you’re a genius!”, Connor praised her, “We need something electrical. Lloyd, see if you can get into that electrical shop and get me something like a TV”. Lloyd did so, and brought it to Connor. The TV reacted with the anomaly, also giving Connor a massive electric shock, nearly killing him, and sent a burst of electricity right round London, pulling all creatures in. But the force was so big, the anomaly sucked itself in and closed up. Connor dropped to the floor. Abby and Mia went to help him.

“Captain Mitchell, you get some soldiers to search all areas of London to be sure they’re all gone”, ordered Danny. Captain Mitchell got right onto it.

They went back to the ARC and were greeted by Lester.

“Next time, pay more attention!”, he scolded them.

Later that day, Cutter arranged to meet again with Lily at the same pub. An hour later, they were both sitting down eating dinner.

“I lied about my job”, blurted out Cutter, purposely, “I’m still a professor, but I work in a place called the ARC, the Anomaly Research Centre. We investigate these rips in time called anomalies. Sometimes prehistoric, or even futuristic, creatures come through and we have to send them back”.

“Interesting. Am I meant to keep this secret?”, wondered Lily.

“Preferably, yeah”, replied Cutter.

3.2: Snow Joke Written by DalekSupreme08

The team were in the ARC after a busy week, and were glad to have a day off. 

“I know Mia’s ill, but where are Lloyd and Jenny?” Connor asked Nick. 

“Oh, Lloyd’s gone to perform at the X Factor Live Tour and Jenny has gone to watch him. As far as I know, Harry’s off sick” he replied. 

After a couple of minutes, the silence was broken by the unmistakable sound of the Anomaly Detector.

“We’re off!” Connor exclaimed, even though he wished they could have a rest. 

“Where?” asked Sarah. 

“Outside.” Danny told her. 

“Well, obviously!” she retorted, but Danny pointed outside. The whole team peered out the door to see snow beginning to settle. People were in the streets, confused. Abby was shocked, but managed to state the obvious. “It’s snowing.... In April!” 

The team put on winter gear and walked down the road towards the anomaly site. On the way, they saw a giant mammoth plodding down the street.

“Not again!” shivered Connor, who remembered last time a mammoth came to the present. As last time, reporters were there to get the big scoop. The team ignored them and jumped in the car, but it didn’t start! 

“Engine’s frozen.” said Danny. “We’ll have to walk.” 

30 minutes later, the team were trudging through a blizzard, along a road. Instead of cars, two mammoths walked down the road. Suddenly, the wind calmed, and loads of children came out to play again. The anomaly was at the end of the road, and just as Connor was about to start setting up the anomaly locker, five wolf-like creatures walked out. 

“What are they?” asked Mitchell. 

“To me, they look like Dire-Wolves.” said Connor, who could identify creatures better than anyone else.

While they talked, a child went over and patted one of the wolves on the head.

“Keep back from it!” warned Nick, but it was too late. Mitchell reacted instinctively to the death and aimed his gun at the pack, which was approaching the other children.

“No, don’t! You could harm a child!” commanded Danny. Luckily, the anomaly closed, and the sound distracted the wolves. 

“It’s getting warmer...” noticed Sarah.

“The anomaly was bringing the cold!” realised Claudia.

However, seeing as the children had all ran indoors and the wolves could not go back, they turned on the team, and chased them down the street. Abby slipped in melting snow, and a wolf started biting at her toes. Connor tried dragging her away from the wolves, and she just managed to scramble out of the way before Mitchell shot the wolves. 

“That was a close one!” sighed Nick. “Back to the ARC.” .

3.3: Meet Lily Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Robyn Addison

Cutter was meeting Lily again in town.

“Hiya, nice to see you again”, Cutter greeted her.

“Hey. I was wondering, could you show me where you work? I want to meet all of your friends”, Lily asked.

“I suppose so. Lester will go crazy when I tell him that you know about what we do”, sighed Cutter.

10 minutes later, Cutter and Lily arrived at the ARC. Mia, Connor and Abby were just arriving.

“Connor, Abby, Mia, this is Lily”, Cutter introduced Lily.

“Oooh, so this is the lucky lady then!”, joked Mia.

“Pleased to meet you”, smiled Lily.

”Oh, and glad to have you back Mia. Is Harry back?”, Cutter added.

Mia smiled, before answering, “Her car is here, so she must be in”. They all went inside.

“Who’s that girl?”, asked a very observant Lester from his office.

“Just a friend”, Cutter replied.

“Would that just a friend just know about what we do here?”, further questioned Lester.

“She just does, yeah. Anyway, I can tell her if I like. She’d find out eventually. Oh, and by the way, she has a name. It’s Lily”, retaliated Cutter.

“How nice”, moaned Lester.

“Anyway, this is Harry, Jenny, Claudia, Sarah, Danny and…”, Cutter pointed to everyone, introducing them to Lily, but he got cut off.

“…Lloyd Daniels!”, cried Lily, screaming.

“Err, hello!”, laughed Lloyd. Jenny rolled her eyes.

“Anyway…”, Cutter stopped her from hugging him.

”Oh, and why do they look the same?”, Lily asked, pointing to Claudia and Jenny.

”Long story, I’ll tell you later”, Cutter replied.


The ear piercing sound of the Anomaly Detector rang out.

“What’s that?”, wondered Lily.

“It means we’ve detected an anomaly. Wanna come?”, Cutter explained. Lily nodded and smiled.

The team all scrambled into the cars and arrived at the anomaly location. It was a pub. They all went in, and saw the anomaly in all its glory on top of a table.

“Mitchell, set up the Anomaly Locker, we can’t risk anything coming through”, ordered Danny.

“All this fancy tech”, commented Lily.

“I’m really starting to hate her”, Claudia muttered to Jenny.

“Me too. Cutter has done worse though”, Jenny whispered back.

“What about when he kissed me?”, wondered Claudia.

“Much much better, even if I do say so myself”, laughed Jenny. Claudia giggled aswell. Harry spotted something out the back.

”Guys, there’s a dinosaur back here”, said a worried Harry. Sarah and Connor went to see.

”It’s a Dryosaurus from the Late Jurassic era. Don’t worry, it only eats plans”, identified Connor. Harry breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’ll re-open the anomaly so we can get it back”, Sarah decided. Lloyd, Cutter and Abby went to lure the creature back to the anomaly. Lily jumped onto a table, scared stiff. Jenny rolled her eyes to Claudia. The Dryosaurus walked towards the trio and as they moved to the sides and the rest of them behind it, it had no choice but to go through the anomaly, so it walked through. Sarah locked the anomaly again.

They all went back to the ARC.

“I’m surprised you didn’t see the opportunity to push that Lily-girl through the anomaly”, remarked Lester to Jenny and Claudia.

“We did, trust me”, replied Jenny, laughing. Lucky for them, Lily said she had an appointment. Cutter offered to drop her off, but she declined, saying she needs to be alone.

That appointment of Lily’s was with the person the team hate the most at the moment: Helen Cutter. Helen had set Lily up to play along with Cutter to find out more about the team’s plans after Harry “went native” as she likes to say. Lily gave Helen a report.

“Excellent. Just carry on as before”, Helen smirked.

3.4: Aircraft Anomaly Written by MarthaJonesFan & Abby Rihanna Fan

Guest Star:

Robyn Addison


The Anomaly Detector in the newly rebuilt ARC went off, and Sarah Page went over to locate the anomaly. She tripped over the legs of the chair there and fell right into the Detector, knocking it down. She cut her arm when she tripped.

“Sarah, are you OK?”, Lloyd asked as he ran over.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing?!”, barked Lester. Connor ran over, in shock.

“Oh no! But never mind Sarah, accidents happen”, reassured Connor.

“I don’t care whether it’s an accident or done on purpose, that cost me an arm and a leg!”, moaned Lester. Sarah started to cry and stormed off into another room of the ARC. Connor and Claudia followed her. Watching from the shadows was Helen Cutter.

Cutter was on his day off, so he decided to spend it at home with Lily. He was watching a scientific movie, much to Lily’s disapproval, but she actually found it quite interesting. He got a call from Jenny saying that Sarah had tripped into the Detector and was upset, and that they needed to get to an anomaly. The call was interrupted with a voice saying “Hello Nick”, but Cutter just dismissed it. Before he put the phone down, he heard a fire alarm go off.

“I’ve got to go, it’s an emergency with work”, Cutter told her.

“OK then, I’ll call you later”, Lily replied.

Meanwhile, back at the ARC, everyone was evacuating the ARC, except Sarah and Connor. Mia had decided to go out with the rest of the team, but Sarah was too upset to even move from her laptop.

“I’ve booked a flight to Morocco to see my family, and it’s one-way”, she confessed to Connor.

“When are you leaving?”, Connor asked.

“Today”, she replied. She got up and ran outside, picking up her coat. What she didn’t know was that Helen had slipped a tracking device into her pocket.

Helen Cutter was busy searching the now empty ARC after sending them on a fake anomaly trail and making the fire alarm go off. She needed an Anomaly Opener. She found one, and decided to flee before she was caught.

Sarah and Connor got outside and were greeted by Lester, who was still annoyed at Sarah.

”Oi, don’t think about coming back later. You’re fired”, he told her unsympathetically. She ran off, and Connor nearly lost his temper with Lester, but ran after Sarah instead.

At the anomaly site, Cutter, Danny and their team couldn’t find the anomaly anywhere. They were near the River Thames, and they had checked every inch of the area, and no sign.

“Let’s just go back”, Harry thought. They all got back into the cars and drove back.

Sarah got into her and drove off before Connor could stop her. He decided to use Abby’s car and follow her. They arrived at the airport. Connor hadn’t any tickets, or a passport, but used his ID to get through, saying he’s from the government. He nearly had his gun and Detector confiscated, but once again he showed his ID. He told another guard that he needed to get onto the plane to Morocco.

“I need to get on there, it’s important”, Connor told the guard. As he reached the gate for boarding, he saw a mysterious woman dressed in black with 2 cages. She seemed familiar to Connor, but he couldn’t put his finger on who it was. He hesitated, thinking about whether to ask her, but decided he had more important things to do. He saw Sarah sitting with her hand luggage, and he sat next to her.

”What are you doing here?”, she asked him.

“I need to stop you”, he said, “I love you”. But before she could say anything back, the plane took off. After a few minutes, they were allowed to undo their seatbelts and turn on any electrical goods. Suddenly, an anomaly opened behind them.

“That’s not just a coincidence, is it?”, Sarah thought. She went to the toilets. When she was doing her hair, she saw Helen in the mirror. She turned around, but no-one was there.

“I must be hallucinating”, she murmured to herself. While she was in there, Connor was controlling the anomaly situation, calming everyone down.

“Damn, I didn’t bring my Anomaly Opener!”, he exclaimed. Connor heard a growl from behind, then a gunshot. He looked behind, and saw 2 Future Predators and Helen Cutter.

“Hello Connor, and look, it’s Sarah coming out from the toilets. How lovely”, Helen smirked.

The rest of the team arrived back at the ARC.

“Where are Connor and Sarah?”, Abby asked.

“Sarah’s been fired and Connor went after her. She was talking of the airport”, Lester told them.

“Which airport?”, Danny yelled.

“Gatwick, as far as I’m aware”, Lester replied.

“Abby, come with me”, Danny commanded and they drove off.

3.5: Plane Chaos Written by MarthaJonesFan & Abby Rihanna Fan

Guest Star:

Robyn Addison

Danny and Abby were frantically driving to the airport. They had to stop Connor and Sarah getting onto the plane. Little did they know that they were too late.

Meanwhile, on the plane, Connor and Sarah were being confronted by Helen Cutter and two Future Predators.

“Kill them”, Helen commanded in a deep heartless voice.

“Hold on, hold on, hold on”, Connor insisted, “What do you want exactly?”.

“I want you all to die”, she replied with an evil stare. She unleashed the Predators.

“Oh, did I tell you? One of them has a present for you inside - a bomb”, she added, smirking. Connor tried fighting one off, but he just got bitten in the arm. Helen set off the bomb, and the plane went up in flames. Most of the passengers survived the bomb, but with injuries. The other Predator survived aswell, but Helen was gone. Connor had cuts all over his face, he shouted for Sarah, who could not be seen amongst the smoke. No reply came. Connor started to worry about other things. Is the pilot still alive?, he thought to himself. He went to find out, and his answer was clear - no. The plane was crashing, and the Predator was still eating the assistant pilot. Connor fled, closing the door and locking it. He saw Sarah, and went to help her. She was unconscious. The Predator broke through and Connor started shooting it.

Danny and Abby arrived at the airport, to find they were too late. The plane had taken off. Danny was extremely annoyed. They decided to go back to the ARC.

At the ARC, the team were watching the news, and were surprised to see that there was breaking news of a plane heading out of control. It was said to have been on the way to Morocco.

“That’s where Sarah wanted to go”, Lester remembered.

Back on the plane, Connor was multi-tasking. He was dragging Sarah away and shooting the Predator. Someone else started to come round. He stood up.

“Can I help?”, he asked.

“Yeah, could you drag Sarah to safety please”, he requested. As he said this, the Predator leapt onto Connor. He dropped the gun, and shouted to the man.

“Shoot it!”, Connor shouted. The man was hesitant, but picked up the gun and shot the Predator. It fell back off Connor. The plane was nearing the ground. It hit the concrete pavement, smashing into smithereens. Connor was just about alive, and he checked Sarah. She was aswell. He was lucky to be conscious.

10 minutes later, a familiar vehicle pulled up. It was some cars from the ARC. Connor had helped Sarah out of the plane, and they were lying on the grass, too weak to go any further. Cutter helped Connor up, with Jenny and Lloyd helping Sarah to the car. The Predator appeared, and Mitchell shot it, and it ran off into the smoke. They drove off just as the police arrived with ambulances and fire engines. They went to hospital, and Connor told them all about it.

Helen had escaped through the anomaly on the plane. She was in her new hideout with Lily.

“It was a success, let’s just hope those 2 didn’t survive”, she grinned. Lily smiled.

A few days later, Connor and Sarah decided to investigate the idea of anomalies always opening near the team.

“We only get the odd anomaly opening somewhere that’s not near us, like the Forest Of Dean and Lincoln”, Sarah suggested to the team. Lester had offered her the job back, and was impressed with this theory. He let them investigate it.

3.6: Driven Through The Car Park Written by MarthaJonesFan

Sarah Page and Connor Temple were busy in the ARC investigating their new theory. They had the idea of “if you’ve been through an anomaly, you pick up some genes that stay in your body and draw anomalies to open near you”. Lester and Cutter were impressed by this idea, and said it would explain a lot. They were interrupted by the ear piercing sound of the Anomaly Detector:


Lloyd reached the Detector first.

“It’s in the car park for the Castle Cross Shopping Centre”, Lloyd announced.

“Not there again”, Abby sighed.

“What happened last time?”, Jenny asked.

“An anomaly opened to the Cretaceous era in the shopping centre itself. We had to deal with some very angry Raptors”, Cutter told her.

“Well, at least it’s outside this time”, praised Harry.

“It could still be the same one. Remember my faultline theory?”, Cutter remembered.

“I do. It was very good actually”, Claudia answered. They all went out to the cars, except Sarah who stayed to do some more research.

They arrived at the car park just 10 minutes after they left the ARC. The anomaly was right in the middle of the car park, and no cars were about.

“Everyone must have been scared away”, Connor said.

“Let’s just hope no-one accidentally drove through it”, Danny hoped.

“Anyway, we’ll need to split up. Captain Mitchell, you and your soldiers go through the anomaly to check for anyone. Come back straight away if it is unsafe”, Cutter ordered. Mitchell and his soldiers went through.

“Claudia, Jenny, Lloyd and Harry, watch the anomaly. Danny, Abby, Connor and Mia, come with me”, finished Cutter. They all nodded.

Round the back of the shopping centre, something was running about, scavenging for food. Cutter’s half of the team were walking round to there, when they heard the creature make a noise.

“What was that?”, worried Mia.

“Shhh”, ordered Cutter. They quietly made their way round there, and saw a creature roughly their height looking for food.

“That’s a Ceratosaurus from the Jurassic era. Just a baby, the adults are much taller”, Connor told them. The Ceratosaurus saw them, and felt a bit scared so ran off. Abby phoned Claudia to let them know it was heading their way.

Back at the anomaly, Captain Mitchell and his soldiers had arrived back, and found no-one. Claudia got a phone call, with Abby telling them to hide behind the cars. They did so, when the Ceratosaurus came and ran home through the anomaly. Connor pulled out his Opener and closed it, but the Ceratosaurus had peeped through again quickly, and his head got sliced off when the anomaly closed.

They all went back to the ARC to see Sarah and how she was getting on. Nothing new had come up, except the fact that anomalies aren’t always drawn to people with genes, such as the Forest of Dean anomaly and the Lincoln anomaly. Lester was very impressed. They all had a nice break and told each other their stories.

3.7: Not Quite A Village Meeting Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Robyn Addison

Harriet Stafford awoke. She was in the ARC. The team had worked a long hard night, and Harry fell asleep there. Next to her were Connor, Abby and Mia, who also slept there. Standing behind her was James Lester, who seemed furious.

“Who said you could sleep in my ARC?”, moaned Lester.

“Calm down Noah, you overworked us!”, Mia laughed. They were saved when Danny walked in and made a large bang opening the doors.

“Alright, alright! Keep your leather jacket on!”, smirked Connor.

”Ha ha very funny”, said a sarky Danny.

Ten minutes later, the rest of the team had arrived, and had no sooner left to go and investigate the next anomaly. Sarah explained her theories to the team on the way there.

“So we all have them then, have we all been through an anomaly?”, Jenny asked. Lloyd shook his head.

“What about you, Harry?”, Abby asked.

“When I first met Helen, I followed her through one”, she replied.

“So, if Lloyd were to move away, anomalies wouldn’t open near him?”, Claudia wondered.

“That is correct. Apart from the odd one. I need to investigate the chance of one happening far away. The only ones that have opened far away are the Forest Of Dean and Lincoln ones”, Sarah explained.

“That reminds me, remember my sister Katie? Well she is very busy up in Lincoln with anomalies. It must have affected her and/or her team”, Claudia told them.

They arrived at the anomaly location, which was the town hall. As with many anomaly places, it was empty. They went inside and saw the anomaly right in the middle of the hall.

“Let’s just have a quick scout around to see if anything’s come through”, Cutter told them. So, the team went looking around. They saw no anomaly, despite the Detector still beating.

“Guys, the anomaly should be here”, Sarah told them. Nothing was there, but the Detector was frantically beeping.

“Let’s have a look”, decided Connor and walked towards it. Suddenly he disappeared.

“Connor?!”, Mia worried. Connor reappeared.

“Woah, I was in the Cretaceous era!”, said a shocked Connor.

“Must be some sort of an invisible anomaly”, Sarah thought.

”You need to investigate more when we get back to the ARC. Try using the readings from the Detector and compare them to the ones on a regular anomaly”, Danny suggested. Sarah nodded.

“Look, what’s that?”, asked Lloyd. He was pointing at a creature.

“That’s a Raptor. I suggest you all stay still and quiet”, Cutter advised.

“Can you breathe a little quieter please?”, Abby asked Connor, who, despite meeting the Raptors 4 times before this, was a quivering wreck.

“I give up, RUUUUUUN!”, cried Connor. Harry facepalmed. Everyone ran outside, and so did the Raptor. It got distracted by a bus that went past and ran off into the street.

“CONNOR!”, shouted an annoyed Jenny, “We’ve gone and lost it now!”.

“Not quite, I can get Captain Mitchell to go and find it”, Abby remembered. She got out her mobile and phoned him.

The Raptor was frantically running around the town. It had attacked 5 people. Everyone else had time to run.

10 minutes later, Captain Mitchell arrived. He and his soldiers went scouting around the town to find it. They went down a dark alley, with the team following at a distance. The Raptor was there, eating some meat that it had picked from someone’s bin.

“Don’t shoot it”, Cutter whispered.

“Well, what do we do? Ask it nicely to come back with us?”, joked Mitchell.

“I bet we won’t even find the anomaly again”, joked Harry.

The Raptor saw them. It came running towards them. The soldiers tried shooting it, but it didn’t work. The Raptor ran out of the alley. It got distracted again and ran into the road, getting knocked over by a red bus.

Back at the anomaly site, Connor was setting up the Anomaly Locker. The soldiers had closed off the road until they had cleaned everything up. Connor pressed the button and the anomaly was locked. It was still unseen, thank goodness.

Everyone went back to the ARC. Sarah did some more investigating. She remembered all of the recent anomaly leads that have happened.

“We’ve had an anomaly that leaps out and grabs anything from it’s own era, we’ve had genes from anomalies and now invisible ones. Before we haven’t had anything else different”, Sarah lectured the team, “Something must be happening. We need to find out why”. Lily Nash, Cutter’s new girlfriend, interrupted them.

“Did you forget? We’re going to the cinema tonight”, Lily reminded Cutter.

"Ah yes, I must go”, laughed Cutter. Sarah continued her lecture.

While Lily and Cutter were at the cinema, they didn’t notice someone in the shadows at the very back watching their every move. Helen Cutter.

3.8: Escape Written by MarthaJonesFan

Abby Maitland was chatting to Connor Temple and Mia Turner. She got a call on her mobile. Abby’s facial expression declined. She flipped down her phone.

“Remember we put the Dracorex in that special place?”, Abby asked.

“Yeah, the place where they keep the Mammoth aswell?”, Connor remembered.

“Well, the Dracorex has escaped”, Abby broke the bad news.

”What?!”, said a shocked Connor.

Mia and Abby told the rest of the team, and Lester.

”You need to go out and find it then!”, ordered Lester.

“We would, if we knew where it went! It escaped last night, remember?”, retaliated Claudia.

“Hang on”, said Connor, who had just received an e-mail, “I have a reported sighting of it. It was quite near the canal”.

“The canal?!”, gasped Abby, “What if it drowns?!”.

“Well, you better get down there quickly then”, sighed Lester. The team wasted no time.

Several speed limit breaks later, the team arrived at the canal. There was no sign of the Dracorex.

“What if it’s already in the canal?”, worried Abby.

“We’ll send Mitchell and his soldiers out to look. Connor and Mia, go with the soldiers and take Abby with you. The rest of us will look on foot”, Danny decided. Everyone obeyed.

Abby, Connor, Mia, Captain Mitchell and the soldiers got into a boat and started scanning the canal. It was teatime before they finished, and nothing had come up.

“But what if it has started running around London?”, quivered a freezing cold Abby.

“Calm down! We’re going to find it. It’s been missing hours, so it can’t have gotten to Newcastle, can it?”, Mia said.

“I suppose”, re-thought Abby. 

A search party was sent out around London, only within 20 miles, to look for the Dracorex. When the troops came back at morn, there was absolutely no sign of it.

“It must be in hiding”, Sarah suggested.

“Well, if that means it’s safe, that’s good news”, Jenny tried to reassure Abby.

“Yeah, they say no news is good news”, continued Lloyd.

“See! There’s no need to worry”, Connor put his hand on Abby’s shoulder.

“Stop being pathetic!”, Mia retaliated, “It’s just a creature that could be dangerous! You weren’t this worried when Rex, Sid and Nancy went through the anomaly at your flat!”.

“That was because it was their own era!”, Cutter argued back. Abby stormed out. Connor wasn’t sure whether to stay and give Mia a ticking off or go with Abby. He decided to go with Abby. He’d speak to Mia later, as he knew Lester would get there before him anyway.

Abby got into her car. Connor followed her close behind in one of the ARC cars.

“She’s going to the canal!”, shrieked Connor. When Abby got to the edge, she didn’t stop. She kept going. SPLASH! She hit the water. As she did, she saw the Dracorex at the side, and started banging on the door. Connor got out of the car, worried sick. It was too late. The car had submerged beneath the water…

3.9: Drowning The Sorrows Written by MarthaJonesFan

Connor was ready to jump into the canal. Abby had driven her car into it. The Dracorex that had broken out of its pen was watching. It clearly felt a connection, and was going insane. Connor quickly phoned Cutter, who said he was on his way. Connor made the dive to rescue Abby.

Mia stayed behind at the ARC. She didn’t give a damn about Abby. Why should she? She was only mean to her.

Connor went underwater, holding his breath. Abby was doing the same, only just conscious. Connor opened the door with a struggle. He grabbed Abby, now unconscious, and brought her to shore just as Cutter and the team arrived.

“Is she OK?”, screamed Harry.

“She’s stopped breathing. She probably has a lot of water in her lungs”, Connor replied.

“That’s the Dracorex there! I’ll take you all to get it. Cutter, stay here with Connor and Abby”, decided Danny.

Danny and the rest of the team were luring the Dracorex towards them with Harry’s chocolate bar.

“That’s to go with my lunch”, she moaned.

”Stop it, you’re scaring it off”, Sarah hushed her.

The Dracorex followed them to a van that Captain Mitchell drove there. It got there, but Jenny’s phone rang and it ran off.

“Noooooooo!”, cried Danny in dismay.

Abby was choking up water. Connor wasn’t helping by letting his tears splash down on her already sopping wet body.

“It was Mia”, suddenly said Connor.

“What was Mia?”, asked Cutter.

“She was rude to Abby. She couldn’t take it anymore, especially after a funny couple of days anyway, and decided to take her own life”, answered Connor.

“I’m sure it wasn’t Mia’s fault”, reassured Cutter, “Abby’s just been having a hard time. Stress dies horrible things to the mind, I know”.

“Why, what happened?”, Connor wondered.

“When Helen left me. I was alone. No family. It drove me crazy. I nearly did what Abby did. I didn’t know where Helen was or anything. I just hope Lily doesn’t do the same”, Cutter told Connor.

“Gosh”, replied Connor.

The rest of the team came to tell them the bad news, as Abby spluttered and opened her eyes. Connor started smiling.

10 minutes later, everyone was on the hunt for the Dracorex again.

“A spot of déjà vu anyone?”, laughed Claudia. Everyone stared at her. She sunk in her seat.

The Dracorex was roaming around town, scaring everyone off. The team soon arrived, and didn’t waste a nanosecond. They scouted around the whole town, but no sign.

“How strange!”, said a puzzled Lloyd. Suddenly, they heard a scream from above the nearby building. The Dracorex was standing at the top.

“It’s gonna jump!”, cried Abby.

“What can we do to stop it?”, instantly mentioned Claudia.

“Nothing! If we walk up there, it will jump. If not, it will jump”, said a pessimistic Sarah.

“I’ll go”, decided Abby, “As you said Connor, it has some sort of connection with me. I don’t know why, but it does”. Abby went into the building.

When she reached the top, the Dracorex turned around.

“Come down. You must feel how I did when I drove the car into the canal. There is a connection. I know it. Don’t jump”, soothed Abby.

“Come on, that’s right, come down”, came a voice from behind. It was Mia. She went and stood next to Abby. The Dracorex had a think. It tried to step down, but slipped and fell the wrong way.

“Noooooo!”, screamed Abby as she went to lean over the edge. Mia cuddled Abby, getting her new t-shirt wet. They both went down to the ground.

“So sorry Abby”, sympathised Cutter.

They all went to the ARC.

“Sorry about what I said earlier”, Mia apologised. Connor was about to go and give her that ticking off, but when he heard that, he decided against it.

“No worries. These things happen”, accepted Abby. They smiled at each other.

3.10: Trapped Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Robyn Addison

Claudia Brown was watching Nick Cutter and Lily Nash flirting at his desk. She scowled.

“That should’ve been me”, she thought aloud. Jenny walked over.

“Doesn’t seem right, does it?”, Jenny said to Claudia.

“What, Cutter and Lily? No. Normally, if you put a young girl who works in a shop with a professor who works at a top secret government organisation, they would clash”, Claudia replied.

“Although, nothing’s right anymore. It’s like I’m talking to myself in the mirror. I’m going out with Lloyd Daniels from The X Factor, who’s 12 years younger than me. That just doesn’t seem right. And Abby and Mia getting on. That’s even more freaky”, Jenny continued.

“That’s the freakiest”, laughed Claudia. They giggled.


Another anomaly had opened.

“It’s at Leek’s base where he stored all those creatures”, Jenny remembered.

“What, who’s Leek? Mia asked.

“Back in Jenny’s universe”, Connor told Cutter.

“He stored loads of creatures there, such as Raptors, the Smilodon, Mer-Creatures, Predators and Scutosaurus, and even Rex”, Abby mentioned.

“OK. Let’s get there then”, Danny said.

10 minutes later, the team arrived. It was deserted. Captain Mitchell had brought all of his soldiers with him to cover the massive area.

“Let’s find this anomaly and get out of here, I need to get back to Lily”, Cutter moaned. Claudia rolled her eyes to Jenny.

“We need to look inside”, Abby suggested.

“Well, nothing’s out here. So let’s go”, ordered Mitchell.

It was dark and creepy inside. No-one was there. No anomaly in sight.

“Must be through here”, Harry said after the whole building had been searched.

They went through the doors. The anomaly was there. But before you could say Coelurosauravus, the anomaly let out a huge bolt of electricity and the team were knocked unconscious.

When they woke up, the team found themselves separated and trapped between red barrier lines. Sarah tried touching it, but she got an electric shock. They were totally and utterly trapped, like sardines as Connor said.

Helen Cutter was with Lily. Helen opened an anomaly, and they looked at each other, before walking through. It was to 50 years ago (15 years before Cutter was born), when Douglas Cutter and Fiona Stirling were at school. Douglas had a crush on Fiona, and would eventually get married and have a baby boy called Nick (the Cutter we know). But Helen, who Nick would go on to marry, intended to stop them from ever dating. There was only one way to do this. She pulled out a gun, and shot Fiona once she stepped out of school. She died later at hospital.

3.11: Forget Me Not Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Stars:

Robyn Addison, Ben Mansfield, James Murray, Cheryl Cole, James Bradshaw and Jake Curran.

Claudia Brown felt weird. She must have fallen asleep at her desk in the Home Office. She sorted her jacket out and got on with her work.

Sarah Page was at the British Museum, with her colleague and best friend Harriet Stafford. The Sun Cage exhibition was moving back, and Sarah wanted to complete her studies. She was afraid her boss, Marion, would stop her again.

Mia Turner was at university, studying music. She had another lecture coming up, and felt like going to sleep halfway through it.

Connor Temple was also at university, studying archaeology. Stephen Hart was going to give a lecture. Connor looked forward to it. He went in with his mates Tom and Duncan.

Abby Maitland was working at the zoo with lizards. Her boss, Tim Parker, was moaning about how they might have to slim down the reptile programme. Abby was not very happy at all.

Captain Becker was training some troops. His best troop was called James Mitchell. He thought he had a bright future.

Lloyd Daniels was sitting at home. He had Cheryl Cole, his mentor on The X Factor, coming round for lunch.

Lily Nash was working in Matalan. She dreamed of quitting the job and owning a mansion somewhere hot, but she knew she was very far off that.

“Try not to fall asleep again”, moaned James Lester, Claudia’s boss. She felt all weird, like there was something she’d forgotten. Something at the very back of her mind. She ignored it.

Mia had returned from her lecture, half awake. She didn’t take down any notes. She saw her friend and just copied them down from her. She bumped into Connor, and they both dropped all of their stuff.

“Sorry!”, apologised Connor.

“It’s OK”, smiled Mia. They walked on. Connor turned around. Do I know her?, he thought. He dismissed that thought.

Sarah went into the room where the Sun Cage was held. Harry followed her.

“I just want to translate these hieroglyphs”, Sarah told Harry.

“Why? Haven’t they already been translated?”, Harry asked.

“Yes, but I think they have been mistaken for something else. I just want to check”, Sarah insisted.

Lloyd was speaking with Cheryl. He felt like there was something he needed to say, but just couldn’t remember it.

Abby felt the same. Her friend Rachel was on the phone to her, but she didn’t listen to anything she said.

Claudia heard a Scottish voice in her head. She thought she might be going mad. She saw two of herself, a blonde haired woman, a geek and Lloyd Daniels from The X Factor among others in front of this light. She held her hands to her head, and shut her eyes.

Abby thought the thermostat was too low. She turned it up, but didn’t think why. She had a name in her head – Rex.

Mia had another name in her head – Danny Quinn. She looked him up on Facebook, but there was no-one of that name.

Lloyd could only see a ginger-haired woman in his head. He saw himself kissing her. Why? He had a name in his head also, but this one was Jenny Lewis.

Claudia also had a name in her head – Nick Cutter. She thought he meant something, but wasn’t sure why. Her head was spinning with pictures of hideous monsters, that shining light, a massive building with some strange computer screens inside and James Lester as her boss in this place. She had a Scottish voice in her head, calling her name over and over again.

3.12: Everytime I Think Of You Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Stars:

Robyn Addison, Ben Mansfield and James Murray.

Claudia Brown’s head was spinning. All she could hear was a Scottish voice calling her name. She saw many pictures, which did not make sense whatsoever. She said out loud:


James Lester looked at her.

“What on earth are you on about?”, he asked.

”Nick Cutter”, she said again.

“Oh, just take the rest of the day off”, he sighed.

Abby Maitland sat herself down. She thought she was having a breakdown. Actually, she didn’t know what she was thinking.

Connor Temple had an address in his head. He left university early to visit it. But he forgot – he couldn’t yet drive. He saw the girl he bumped into earlier – Mia Turner.

“Hey, can you drive?”, he asked her.

“Yeah, why?”, she replied.

“I need you to take me somewhere”, he answered.

Sarah Page had finished translating the hieroglyphs.

”This doesn’t make sense”, Sarah exclaimed.

“What doesn’t?”, Harriet Stafford asked.

“These hieroglyphs”, Sarah replied. She told Harry what they really are and why they don’t make sense. Harry had to sit down.

“Harry, are you OK?”, cried Sarah.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just see some sort of an address in my head”, Harry replied.

“What address? Let’s go and investigate”, Sarah decided.

“No, don’t worry”, Harry insisted.

“No, we need to really. Let’s go”, Sarah ordered.

Lloyd, Stephen, Becker, Mitchell and Claudia all had the same address in their head. They had to go and visit it; see what it was.

Abby had to answer the door several times. 10 minutes in, everyone had arrived at Abby’s house.

“What’s happening?”, Harry asked.

“I don’t know, but we need to tell each other what we can see, if anything”, Stephen added. 1 hour later, they had a list of Rex, Nick Cutter, bright lights, Danny Quinn, James Lester as boss, a government building and Jenny Lewis among other things. Suddenly, a hologram sort of thing appeared. 3 people stood there. One had a Scottish accent. Then they disappeared.

“This is just a hunch, a really wild hunch, but if we concentrate hard enough, they might come back. We were thinking about them really hard when those holograms appeared”, Connor thought. Everyone closed their eyes and said “Nick, Jenny, Danny, Rex”. Eventually, they felt a slight draft, and they were all pulled away from each other.

“Nothing’s ever truly forgotten”, muttered Claudia.

Claudia Brown woke up. She was trapped, with red light beams for barriers. She saw Helen Cutter and Lily Nash watching her. The rest of the team were in separate cages. Everything was normal – Jenny, Danny and Cutter existed, and Becker and Stephen were still dead.

“You did this, didn’t you?”, screamed Claudia, getting a few electric shocks from the sides of the cage.

“You just had a nightmare”, Helen lied.

“Don’t try and make me forget about it”, Claudia snarled. Connor woke up. He opened an anomaly, before throwing the Anomaly Opener to Mia. She did the same. It got passed around the team, and everyone went through the anomaly. It all lead to 27 years ago, when Lily Nash’s parents were about to go on their first date. The team discussed what to do.

“We need to stop Lily being born, because that’s the only way we’ll stop her from meeting Helen”, Connor explained.

“But why Lily? Can’t we stop Helen being born instead?”, cried Cutter.

“Either way, you won’t meet Lily. If you never met Helen, we’d be in the same situation as earlier. The anomaly discovery will never have happened”, Sarah continued. Cutter gave in.

“How do we stop her being born? Distract her parents?”, Lloyd wondered.

“No, because they’d just go on and say they were late”, Mia replied.

“We have to…we have to kill one of them”, Danny reluctantly said, “Mitchell?”.

“I can’t do it”, Mitchell said, “I just can’t. A creature, fine, but a human? I just can’t”. Everyone looked at each other. No-one volunteered to do it.

“I’ll do it”, Cutter said, crying. He took Mitchell’s gun, and waited for Lily’s mum to arrive.

“How do you know what she looks like?”, Jenny asked.

“She showed me a picture of her parents. Maybe she knew this day would come?”, Cutter explained.

Suddenly, someone came through the anomaly. It was Lily herself, just as Cutter shot her mum. Lily cried out.

“I’m sorry!”, she sobbed.

“Me too!”, cried Cutter as he held her hand. He kissed her one last time before she disappeared. Connor opened a new anomaly to the ARC so they didn’t get trapped between the red beams again.

Later that evening, at the ARC, Connor had asked to see Mia. It was a surprise, which is what he told Claudia to tell her.

“What’s this surprise then?”, Mia asked. Connor took something out of his back pocket. He bent down on one knee. Mia cried and laughed at the same time.

“Mia Turner, will you marry me?”, Connor smiled.

“Yes!”, screamed Mia. She held Connor’s hand and rushed into the Main Operations Room.

“WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!”, they both cried in unison.

“Congratulations!”, everyone said, except Abby. She was more jealous of Mia than ever before.

Helen stumbled through an anomaly. She was furious with Cutter and his team. She wanted to kill him more than ever, and this time, she would do it alone.

Connor and Mia had a party down at the pub that night. Everyone from the ARC went, even Lester, except Abby, who complained of a stomach ache. Connor knew exactly what was really wrong, but didn’t let that spoil his brilliant night.

3.X: Wedding Bells Written by MarthaJonesFan

Guest Star:

Cheryl Cole

“I can’t believe I’m getting married today!”, screamed Mia Turner (soon to be Temple).

“Neither can I”, muttered Abby in the corner.

It was Mia’s wedding day. She was getting married to Connor Temple. She could not wait. She had loads of people coming, including the team from Lincoln and Cheryl Cole. Jenny and Sarah were bridesmaids, and Cutter was Connor’s best man. It started at 11am.

The guests slowly arrived at the church. Cutter was with Connor at the altar. Him, Sarah and Jenny were to sit on one of the front rows, with Claudia, Danny, Harry, Lloyd, Captain Mitchell and even Lester behind them. Cheryl came and joined them. Scattered around the church were the Lincoln team (even though the only person who knew them all was Claudia - but everyone met Katie), Caroline Steel (Connor’s so-called ex, who was undercover for Leek), Duncan and Abby’s brother Jack. Abby herself, however, was nowhere in sight.

Abby was sitting at home. She was so upset that Mia had “stolen” Connor from her. She was getting on so well with Connor, and never got round to asking him out. Now he’s lost forever.

“Let’s hope they have an argument and split up”, Abby thought aloud. But the thing was, they had never had an argument, so the chances of Connor and Mia splitting up were very slim.

Back at the church, Mia had arrived. She walked down the aisle in her beautiful dress, holding a bouquet of flowers and flanked by Jenny and Sarah. The service began.

“If anyone has any lawful impediment why Connor and Mia may not be married, please speak now”, the vicar said. Connor and Mia were hoping no-one would say anything. Connor hoped Abby didn’t storm in suddenly. Suddenly, the doors burst open. Connor’s heart skipped a beat. He turned around and saw a girl there, not Abby.

“There’s something here!”, she cried. It was Sasha from the Lincoln team. She had gone for a quick walk, but wasn’t back in time for the ceremony. She looked terrified. Katie went over to her and took her outside.

“What are you doing?!”, cried Katie.

“I saw a creature here. It was horrific. It was like a massive fly!”, Sasha said, puffed out after doing some running.

“We’ll try and leave it till after the ceremony, this is important!”, decided Katie. They both went in. It was at the “I do’s” now.

“I, Connor Andrew Temple, take Mia Ashley Turner, to be my lawful wedded wife”.

There was a bash at the door.

“I, Mia Ashley Turner…”

Another bash. Everyone turned around.

“…take Connor Andrew Temple…”

The doors were weakening. Everyone wandered what was happening.

“…to be my lawful wedded husband.”

The doors burst open, and a massive fly stood there. Sarah nearly fainted. She couldn’t stand bugs.

“WHY?!”, cried Mia. But she came prepared. She got Connor to bring a gun with him (as she didn’t have pockets) because she knew of Sarah’s genes theory. She took it out of Connor’s jacket pocket and shot it.

“Can we get on with it now?”, sighed Mia. The shocked vicar nodded.

“I now pronounce you man and wife!”, the vicar happily said. Connor and Mia kissed. Outside of the church, confetti was thrown over them. They were smiling, and looked happier than ever. Which is more than what could be said for Abby, who was sitting in her house. She had chucked Connor and Mia’s stuff out.

The photoshoot got delayed, as the teams (Cutter and Katie’s teams) had to go searching for the anomaly. Not one of them had a Detector. They saw the anomaly round the back of the church.

”What was that thing anyway?”, Alex from the Lincoln team asked, “I’ve never seen anything like it”.

“It’s called a Megopteran”, Danny explained, “It’s from the Future”.

“So we need the Anomaly Locker ASAP”, Claudia said,

”I’m on to it!”, Mitchell (who was in a suit!) got out his phone. Cutter took Katie, Alex and Georgia from the Lincoln team, aswell as Sarah and Danny from his own team, to look for any more creatures that may be around. Mia gave Cutter her gun.

Connor decided to call Abby, to check she’s alright. Mia protested against it, as she thought Abby would ruin the day. Connor still went ahead. Abby’s phone rang at her flat. She looked at who it was.

“Probably ringing to tell me he’s now married just to rub it in”, Abby sulked. She still answered it, and left it on speaker.

“Abby! We need your help. An anomaly has opened, and it’s to the Future. A Megopteran got into the church”, Connor explained, “Please”. Abby hung up. She got her coat and went straight to the car. She quickly stopped and moved Connor and Mia’s bags back in - she thought she could not let down Connor. He has saved her life many times, and if it means putting up with Mia, it would be paying Connor back, and that’s all she cared about. She set off in her car.

The soldiers from the ARC soon arrived with the Anomaly Locker and set it up straight away. Nothing could get through.

“Might be a problem if Cutter finds anything”, Jenny commented.

Cutter and friends had found something. It was a dead person. They were just down the road from the church. They had to carry on searching, as it seemed unlikely that a Megopteran caused this…

Jenny, Connor, Mia and the rest of the team nearly jumped out of their skins. A Future Predator jumped down in front of them.

“UNLOCK IT!”, screamed Claudia. Mitchell did so, but the Predator went for Mike, Jimmy and Sasha from Lincoln. Sasha screamed.

“Shh! It can see sound!”, whispered Connor. The Predator heard Connor, but still went for Sasha, Mike and Jimmy.


A gunshot rang out. Everyone turned around. Abby had arrived, and had shot the Predator. Cutter arrived back. He breathed a sigh of relief.

“I, Connor Andrew Temple, take Mia Ashley Turner, to be my lawful wedded wife”.

“Déjà vu”, laughed Lloyd. He and Cheryl laughed.

“It’s nice though. No interruptions this time”, Cheryl added.

“Yeah, you’re right”, Danny said from next to them.

“Who knows Lloyd, you might be next!”, Cheryl nudged Lloyd.

“Maybe not. Me and Jenny aren’t together anymore”, Lloyd said.

“Oh. Sorry to hear that”, said Lester.

“It’s OK, we just decided we weren’t for each other”, Lloyd explained.

“I now pronounce you man and wife!”, the vicar declared, again.

At the reception, Connor and Mia danced together. Abby didn’t care. She had apologised to Mia, and Mia had done the same back. Everyone had a good evening.

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