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As the exam season approaches and summer is in sight, Dylan is faced with his most terrifying ordeal yet. He and his pack are stalked by a young girl, with deathly black eyes, causing fear beyond anything they had experienced before. To make matters worse, they are being trolled by somebody who knows their secret. With one team member down, how will Dylan make it through to save his new extended family?

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.
Episode Name
When Dylan and Jono find their classmate Noah traumatised by a young girl with black eyes, they find themselves thrown into a new supernatural dilemma that terrifies the entire pack. They're restricted from even discussing it, as their conversations are being spied on by an unknown troll. Freddie reaches breaking point, assuming his relationship with Yasmin is over.
With Yasmin back for good, she immediately begins to assist Dylan in figuring out what the black-eyed girl is. However, they realise it could be too late. Meanwhile, Drew enlists Jono to help find a way around the troll's tactics, enrolling him in a new skill in the mean time.
Yasmin experiences her first premonition of recent times, taking Dylan, Jono and Freddie to the house of a student at their school. Why is she there, and what has happened to the girl? Meanwhile, Lily takes Josh on an investigation of her own.
Fearing for Lily, Josh and George, Dylan leads the charge back to the school, desperate to save the pack and his brother from the new threat unleashed into Crystalshaw.
When Chase lays his cards on the table, Dylan has no choice but to help him out. However, with Drew still missing, the pack have to quickly pool their resources to get to the bottom of what the creature is and what it wants.
After Jono discovers a post that threatens the future of the pack, the team regroup to share findings. Yasmin has to tackle her mum's house-warming party, while Dylan attempts to save Drew, but with the prophecy of the Téras looming over his mind, will it prove to be too risky?
A surprise arrival gives Dylan a boost, spurring him on to stop Chase's witch hunt. Meanwhile, the rest of the pack have to deal with the consequences, as Lily witnesses something horrific and Freddie teaches himself restraint.
Outcast from society, Dylan regroups his pack. Together, they devise a plan to try and save Drew with the help of Ed. Meanwhile, Lydia leads Scott and Stiles on a premonition. What information could this uncover?
With a new host, the Téras unleashes its plan, and it's up to Jono to lead the charge to finding Dylan and Scott. Meanwhile, Drew begins to discover a host of side effects.

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