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Dylan's relationships are pushed to the limit as his mum now knows his secret. While he struggles to cope with her disapproving reaction, Dylan learns to rely on Jono when a mind-twisting threat arrives in Crystalshaw. With Drew suffering from the side effects of the Téras, will the pack be able to survive?

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.
Episode Name
When Noah goes missing, Freddie enlists Drew to help him track the rabid beta down, unaware of Drew's own diminished abilities. Meanwhile, Dylan and Josh figure out how to move forward now that Caroline knows their secret.
Making amends, Dylan and Josh settle into their new normal at home, while Drew starts to figure out how to get his abilities back. Frightened while looking after Noah, Lily calls Dylan for a hand, but has she unwittingly led him into a trap?
Jono learns to pull himself together when Dylan wakes up not knowing who he is. Making a new friend, he vows to find out exactly what attacked Dylan and why. Meanwhile, Drew distracts Dylan by visiting Mrs. Johnson's contact. Will she be of any help?
As Dylan tries to adapt back to normality, it's up to Jono to keep the pack together as Caroline figures out the truth about Dylan's condition. Freddie grows suspicious of Noah, while Drew visits Edwina again. Will her solution have consequences?
Trapped in the sheriff station, Dylan and Jono must unite to face the Fenrir, but will Dylan's memory loss affect the faith he has in his pack? Freddie is faced with an out-of-control Noah, while Drew experiences a learning curve after seeing the results of Edwina's remedy.
A week after the Fenrir attack on the sheriff station, five bodies turn up in seemingly random locations around Crystalshaw. Dylan and Yasmin divide the team up to find clues, piecing together one alarming piece of information.
With Dylan struggling to find himself, Jono finds help in a surprising confidante. Drew and Lily investigate the clues left behind by the murderer, landing them in a dangerous life-threatening situation...
With Lily's life in the balance, Drew meets new allies that could make or break their situation. Yasmin, Freddie and Josh find themselves in trouble during a rescue mission, while Dylan takes Jono on a trip to help reclaim his memories.
Diego's plan is in full swing, with Yasmin and Noah in danger at the mysterious Nemeton. Dylan regroups the pack to make a stand. Meanwhile, In a heart-to-heart, Lily opens up to Jono for the first time.

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