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With the knowledge of the mysterious Nemeton, Dylan's world is opened up to new supernatural threats as those closest to him take on personal and emotional challenges. Their comfort is put into jeopardy as a new generation of hunters infiltrate Crystalshaw, however, and with a new creature on the loose, Dylan is forced to make tough decisions if he wants to save his friends.

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.
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As their junior year begins, Dylan's pack begins to settle into the new normal. With some assistance from Jono, Dylan begins to make some discoveries about himself. Yasmin struggles to control her nix powers, while Noah realises being a werewolf isn't all it cracked up to be. Drew enlists Josh's help with a malicious homicide.
Another homicide leads Yasmin to question her place in the pack. Josh and Drew come face-to-face with their killer when an unexpected ally arrives to help out. Dylan and Jono track down a missing Lily and become worried when they realise there's more to two of their classmates than they thought.
With Josh unable to move, Drew finds support in Allyn at long last. Lily recovers in hospital while Dylan investigates Dami and Josh further. Yasmin and Freddie find themselves in danger as they piece together the two murders.
Joining forces with Sierra's pack, Dylan and his pack ride out the full moon out of view of the hunters, but they have their own plans. Lily and Noah worry about shifting, while Yasmin leads the charge to find out more information about the creature targeting them.
With the kanima's identity known, Dylan worries about saving everybody while Freddie takes drastic measures to reach George. However, cracks in the alliance begin to show early on when crucial information is withheld.
As a member of the pack prepares to say goodbye, Dylan fight with every ounce of energy to escape Dami's captivity. Drew discovers a startling fact about the kanima. Yasmin finds an unexpected ally.
Jono struggles to adapt to new changes in his life, despite Dylan's attempts to help out. Yasmin and Josh are attacked by the kanima at the sheriff station, while Drew and Freddie track down Dami.
As Dami and Jake's plans move into motion, Dylan launches the fight back, though Jono is worried when he is kept at arm's length. Jono makes an unlikely ally to join the fight back. Yasmin is left with an impossible choice.
With Drew and Allyn's lives hanging in the balance, Jono has to hold his own against the kanima. With back-up, Dylan gets to the bottom of the hunters, but can he stop Mr. Forsyth's plan to eradicate all supernaturals from Crystalshaw?

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