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When unusual and horrifying corpses appear around Crystalshaw, Dylan and Jono are thrown into a new investigation. With the discovery of experiments on supernatural creatures, Dylan has to fight to protect his pack, as well as keeping Jono safe as he struggles to control his new abilities. Can Dylan pull his pack together, in spite of missing memories and disorientation, before a new threat is unleashed onto Crystalshaw?

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.
Episode Name
As Jono gets to grips with his new werewolf powers and his cousin Sammi being on the scene, he and Dylan are sent on a new investigation when they come across the most horrifying corpse. Meanwhile, Drew enlists Lily to help piece together a mystery involving Monty, and Freddie makes a new friend.
Haunted by his biggest nightmare, Josh struggles to act as if nothing was happened at Lily's party, leading to a heart-to-heart with Freddie. After struggling with control, Jono realises his relationship with Dylan works both ways. Drew, Lily and Yasmin interrogate their surprising lead.
Dealing with the events of Lily's party, Josh finds support in his friends and family. Dylan, Jono and Drew find a potential survivor of the recent attacks, while Yasmin and Freddie take to the hospital to investigate the existing corpses.
With the hospital under lockdown, Dylan pursues answers with a little help from Brett. Yasmin is forced to think quickly to escape the mysterious, fearsome scientists, but when the pack end up trapped, they face a spine-tingling revelation.
Desperate to save a loved one, Yasmin helps Jono and Lily embark on a trip to discover some answers while she and Dylan investigate another killing. Drew enlists a small army to assist Freddie in the fight back.
Investigating the laboratory, Freddie is disgusted by what he finds hidden by the scientists. Dylan and Yasmin dig for answers when even more questions are raised, while Jono and Lily uncover a relic with unknown significance.
Determined to slot the missing pieces together, Dylan and Jono begin to make links using the scientists' paper trail. Freddie makes an important discovery to track the scientists and the Anpao, while Drew assists Lily in finding the answrs she desperately wants.
Armed with enough knowledge to defend themselves, Dylan unites the pack to fight back against the scientists. However, he and Drew are left stunned when they reveal their true plan. Freddie, Yasmin and Josh come face-to-face with the scientists' creations, while Jono and Lily put family first.
With the scientists' plan in place, the pack have to think fast to outsmart their genius opponents. Freddie faces his toughest dilemma yet, Drew makes a life-changing decision, and Dylan realises that, now more than ever, he has to step up and be the alpha.

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