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As the pack experience a heap of fresh starts, including the start of senior year and Lily moving away for college, pressure rises high when an epidemic among supernaturals threatens their existence. In addition, Dylan comes face-to-face with another alpha - one that is not keen to share territory with an existing pack. When two packs collide, who will emerge victorious?

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.
Episode Name
As Lily embarks on a new journey to college, the rest of the pack stumble upon a curious set of clues in Los Angeles. Dylan, Jono and George trace an out-of-control werewolf, while Freddie thinks on his feet to securely remove a dead werewolf from a shopping mall.
For their own safety, Dylan and Josh spend their first of two days in quarantine. Not satisfied with spending a day apart, Jono creatively finds a way to still spend time with Dylan. Yasmin, Sammi and Brett find out more answers about the virus, while Lily comes face-to-face with her own demons at college.
As Dylan's quarantine comes to an end, he and Jono reunite, but their world is rocked by an unexpected arrival. Lily struggles with the pressures of being apart from the pack, while Brett makes a confession and Freddie fears for his own safety.
Sammi is spooked when Uncle David arrives in Crystalshaw. Jono worries about his cousin, while Brett is reunited with an old friend. Lily makes a surprising revelation about Sindy when she asks for help. Realising the virus could affect anyone, Dylan comes up with a plan to raise awareness.
As Dylan, Jono and Josh find themselves in a life-threatening situation at the hands of David, Yasmin and Sammi uncover the mystery behind the boy from LA. Brett is confused by Johnny's actions and intentions. Nicolas declares war on Lily.
When Lily comes home for a week, she's faced with the reality of what both she and her friends have been facing, as well as an important decision. Sammi comes to terms with a revelation, while Dylan demands answers after Yasmin and Josh find a corpse.
Dylan confronts David and is shocked by his intentions. Under captivity, Josh makes a dangerous decision to save Yasmin and Freddie. Sammi gets answers from Jeremy, while Brett and Johnny plan their escape.
As Yasmin attempts to build up a plan, Jono finally faces his biggest secrets in front of his parents. Dylan struggles to hold himself together when faced with Josh. Sammi assists Jeremy through his first day of high school, but when they're used as bait to lure Brett and Johnny out, will they come running back? Meanwhile, Lily's delivered an ultimatum by Nicolas.
Desperate for a way out to save his friends, Dylan is drawn to drastic measures. Lily confronts Nicolas with help from her friends. With Josh lost, Yasmin struggles to cope. Will the pack be able to come together to stop David?

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