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With his pack assuming he's dead, Dylan's survival depends on himself as he's trapped within the dangerous Lunar Sanctum, but what is it that they want? With Jono slowly but surely moving on, and the pack distracted by a deadly new creature, Dylan teams up with Jeremy and a new friend to save himself. Will he escape? Will the pack reunite?

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.
Episode Name
Living inside the Lunar Sanctum, Dylan's escape plans accelerate when a new arrival desperately needs his help. Brett takes a big step, and encourages Jono to do the same. Yasmin and Sammi struggle with their emotions, while Lily and Alex's bubble is burst at college.
Not losing sight of an opportunity, Dylan attempts to find his way out of the Lunar Sanctum. Jono's forced to confront his feelings with help from Brett and Lily. Freddie probes Josh over his whereabouts, while Yasmin struggles to cope.
Outside the Sanctum, Dylan takes a risk to protect Liam and Jeremy. Jono takes the next step with Oscar after much deliberation, while Josh tries to make amends with Yasmin. Lily tries to make a good impression on Jamal but is left worried by his response.
Confronted by an unexpected shock, Dylan's return to Crystalshaw hits a bumpy start, leaving Jono to figure out where his heart really lies. Lily panics as Jamal makes his position clear. Sammi and Nolan reunite with their loved ones. Yasmin finds herself working with Josh to investigate a new creature sighting.
Tasked with gaining access to the Lunar Sanctum USB, Freddie feels the pressure while Sammi is forced to handle a difficult situation. Back in Crystalshaw, Lily recruits Dylan, Jono and Yasmin to help investigate Jamal. Brett's forced to stage a recovery mission when Johnny is abducted.
Brett and Yasmin consult the Bestiary to learn more about the basilisk, but with a quick attack, it leaves Dylan a decision to make with one of his friend's lives in the balance. Without his daily medication, Freddie loses focus inside the Lunar Sanctum. Will Ed and Liam rescue Freddie, Sammi and Josh before they're found?
Desperate to help a friend, Dylan and Jono remember the difficulties of a brand new beta. Freddie confronts his demons when an unexpected ally shows up. Johnny leads the way in confronting the basilisk, while Nolan finds support in Lily when Monroe tracks him down.
Regrouping the pack, Dylan comes up with a plan that involves facing his biggest nightmare. Yasmin and Sindy discover a shared ability, while Freddie learns more about the history of the Lunar Sanctum and Sammi has to make an impossible decision.
Dylan and Jono make a final stand against the Lunar Sanctum as their true intentions are revealed. As lives hang in the balance, Lily has to choose between the two people she loves most. Yasmin learns more about her powers, but will she use them before Monroe prevents her?

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