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College beckons for Dylan and the pack, giving each of them the chance to start afresh. However, when a professor is drowned at a party, they soon realise that their old life may not be so easy to escape. What do Yasmin's increasingly vivid visions mean? How will Sammi and Jeremy cope at school alone?

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.
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With college beginning, the pack settle in to their new accommodation, though Dylan finds it difficult to adjust to his new surroundings. Jono attempts to help Dylan settle, but will he succeed? Meanwhile, Freddie struggles to move on from Sammi, and Sammi herself faces an unexpected problem at school.
Desperate to find the girl from the party, Freddie enlists Josh to help search. When a professor is found dead among a flooded restaurant, Yasmin's visions could provide a clue to the killer. Dylan finds the transition to college overwhelming, while Jeremy takes a huge step to trusting Felix, against Sammi's better judgement.
Courses begin for the pack, but there's immediate trouble when Lily finds a dead body in the lecture theatre. Dylan leads the investigation, hoping to find a link. Yasmin struggles with her increasingly vivid visions, while Josh spots strange behaviour in Freddie. Felix asks Sammi on a date, but what's his ulterior motive?
When Freddie vanishes, Dylan enlists the entire pack to help search, and an old memory unlocks a clue. Jono and Lily face their own demons in the form of their parents, Oscar makes a new friend, and Josh persuades Yasmin to try an alternative method of searching. Meanwhile, Sammi makes a crucial decision.
Stuck in a vision, Yasmin finds herself in more danger while trying to save Josh and Oscar. Freddie attempts to outrun Summer, but can Dylan reach him in time? Meanwhile, Sammi makes a decision on who she truly loves.
Using Yasmin's powers, Dylan takes Jono to see a long-lost familiar face, but it's not as easy as he thought. Freddie adjusts to life back in the dorm, convincing Oscar to take a leap. Sammi and Jeremy realise the worst case scenario has happened at school.
Taking advice and heading out on his first date, Oscar is blindsided by a new threat. Dylan and Lily notice strange behaviour in Jono, while Yasmin's enhanced visions catch up with her. Jeremy attempts to prove himself when school turns violent.
With Jono's life in the balance, Dylan takes matters into his own hands as he probes Summer for answers. Yasmin's visions intensify and Sammi is surprised when Jeremy asks for advice on romance.
Fighting a battle against the clock to save Jono's life, Dylan, Lily and Freddie devise a risky plan. Sammi looks for advice while Jeremy takes a stand. Yasmin pieces the information together - will she be able to help out in time? Can Jono be saved?

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