After a deadly virus wipes out most of the population, the survivors must band together to stay safe. Led by Abby Grant, who's on the look-out for her missing son, the new family come face-to-face with the best and worst of what remains of humanity.

This two-part Survivors story is set between the first and second episodes of the show's second series, aired on BBC One in 2010.

Comments from the author

My interest in writing Survivors stories was limited - I wrote two episodes when I was 13 years old, and I distinctly remember trying to attempt the title sequence artwork on Paint while I was on holiday and without access to my usual programs! It didn't work out. Nevertheless, the stories are far from my best work, but I'm keen on including all of my completed work on this website, to show progress if nothing else!

- MarthaJonesFan


1: Accusations Against the Family

2: Getting Out of Trouble


Julie Graham as Abby Grant

Max Beesley as Tom Price
Paterson Joseph as Greg Preston
Zoë Tapper as Dr. Anya Raczynski
Phillip Rhys as Al Sadiq
Robyn Addison as Sarah Bowyer
Chahak Patel as Najid Hanif
Nicholas Gleaves as James Whitaker
Geraldine Somerville as Fiona Douglas
Nikki Amuka-Bird as Samantha Willis

1: Accusations Against the Family Written by MarthaJonesFan

The Family of survivors were looking for a place to rest. It was getting dark, and they still had to find Abby and rescue her. Greg was wounded from a gunshot. They saw a house up ahead, and decided that if no-one was there, they’d spend the night there, and then continue the search for Abby. Tom went in first, to check that it was safe and no-one lived there.

“It’s clear”, announced Tom, and the Family filed in, with Al and Anya helping Greg.

In the Lab, the scientists were getting ready to experiment a little more with Abby Grant. They were looking for a vaccine and had recently discovered that they need to keep re-infecting Abby with the virus to get the vaccine from her. James Whitaker was watching from the window with Fiona Douglas. Abby was struggling and trying to get free, but she was belted down, and couldn’t move. She slowly fell into a deep sleep.

“We need to find Abby”, Najid told the team for the millionth time, “She wouldn’t give up looking for me, why should we do it to her?”.

“Naj, we will continue tomorrow, we need to rest now”, Al told him.

“I’m fed up of being treated like a little kid around here”, Najid muttered to himself. Al went over to Sarah, who was looking shaky sitting on the window ledge.

“Are you OK?”, Al asked her.

“I’m fine”, Sarah replied. Al didn’t think Sarah was in the mood for a conversation, as always, and walked away.

“Guys, a car has just pulled up”, Anya warned the Family. They all went to the window to take a look.

“Hide!”, commanded Tom. The Family went to hide all around the house. Three people walked in the door, armed with guns. Tom primed his gun from his hiding position. He got up and pointed the gun at them. Anya sighed.

“Alright, we can either do this the hard way or the easy way. The easy way is if you drop the weapons and let us stay the night with an injured man, or you don’t drop the weapons and you make me fire this”, Tom told the people.

”We live here, you are the intruders”, the man at the front explained.

”One of our friends is injured, at least let us stay one night then we’ll leave tomorrow”, pleaded Anya, who had stood up from her hiding place, “We also have a child with us, he needs somewhere to stay tonight”, she gestured at Najid to stand up. He stood up with Al and Sarah.

“Where’s this injured man?”, asked another one of the men.

”He’s upstairs”, Anya revealed. The man started walking up the stairs.

”I’ll go with him, to make sure he doesn’t hurt Greg”, Al decided. They both went upstairs.

“They were telling the truth, there is an injured man up here”, the man shouted down. The man and Al came back down the stairs.

“OK, you can stay tonight, just the one night though”, the first man said, “Oh, and by the way, I’m Jacob Atkins, who are you all?”.

“I’m Anya Raczynski, this is Tom Price, Al Sadiq, Sarah Bowyer, Najid Hanif and upstairs is Greg Preston”, Anya introduced everyone.

“Nice to meet you all”, Jacob said politely.

Abby was resting in the Lab. Whitaker came to the window.

“How do you feel?”, Whitaker asked her.

“What do you care?”, retaliated Abby.

“Of course I care”, answered Whitaker.

“Yeah, you care about getting the vaccine, not about me. I can feel that you’ve re-infected me, now just let me get some sleep”, Abby argued. Whitaker left her alone. She tried to get back to sleep.

Later that night, when the Family were all asleep, Jacob made a phone call.

”Hello, I need to speak to Samantha Willis. It’s about the whereabouts of Tom Price”, Jacob spoke into the phone. Little did he know that Sarah was watching from the staircase.

In the morning, the Family were woken up by several men. Tom was taken away. Samantha Willis walked into the living room where the rest of them had been gathered.

”Where have you taken him?”, asked an angry Anya.

“You could come back with us, all of you. Tom has been arrested for breaking the law. He will be put on trial”, Samantha explained. The Family looked shocked.

2: Getting Out of Trouble Written by MarthaJonesFan

The Family were at Samantha Willis’ organisation. Tom had been taken away for “breaking the law”, and they were desperately thinking of a way to get him out. Samantha came over to them.

“Greg, Al, why don’t you join the jury? Anya, you could stand up for him. Gives him more of a chance of getting out. The rest of you can watch”, Samantha told them.

“What is Tom even on trial for?”, asked Najid, who was a little confused.

“He murdered Gavin and several other people. This is against the law”, explained Samantha.

“What law? There is no law anymore”, Anya fought back.

“My law. We are here to uphold it and keep order. Anyone who breaks the law will be put on trial, like before”, answered Samantha, who then turned around and walked away. She told Dexter to take them to their rooms. Dexter came over with his gun and led them away.

In the cells, Tom sat there, thinking what to do. He was handcuffed, and his feet were chained together. He had to way of escaping. He had to rely on the rest of the Family.

Abby was also relying on the rest of the Family to get her out of the Lab. She had survived the re-infections of the virus, but it was getting worse each time. She did not know how much more she could take. Whitaker was watching her from the window. Abby woke up, and looked at him.

”When are you going to be finished with me”, Abby asked him.

”Don’t worry about that, just keep resting”, reassured Whitaker. Abby sighed. She couldn’t wait to get out of there.

It was Tom’s trial day. He was released from his cell, and tried to break free. He punched some soldiers and started to run. In the court room, Samantha, Anya, Greg and Al were getting themselves ready. Sarah and Najid had arrived and were watching from above. Someone told Samantha that Tom had escaped.

“Everyone, the court hearing has been postponed until further notice”, Samantha announced. Everyone seemed shocked and were wondering why. Najid and Sarah looked at each other before looking down at Al, Anya and Greg, who looked just as confused as them. Anya went to ask Samantha.

“Why is it postponed?”, asked Anya.

Samantha looked around to make sure no-one was listening in, then whispered, “Tom has escaped”. Anya smiled at this.

Tom was running as fast as he could. He had to quickly but quietly run through the shallow river that ran in front of the building. He made it through without anyone seeing him.

Anya told the rest of the Family that Tom had escaped.

“He will have made it across, I know. We need to drive out of here now”, Anya told them.

“But what will we tell Samantha if she asks?”, Al asked.

“We’ll just tell her we’re going out for a little drive”, Anya replied. They all nodded to that, and ran to the car.

Tom was extremely tired from running, so sat down in the middle of the woods on a log. A car pulled up. Tom thought it was Samantha’s men, and that they had seen him, so he hid behind a tree. When he peeked, he saw Anya.

”Anya, I’m here”, yelled Tom, waving. Anya looked relieved, and went to hug him. They all got back in the car.

“We need to get away from here. We need to hide so they don’t find us again”, Tom said, trying not to show his fear.

“Where’s Anya? And the rest of them?”, Samantha wondered.

“They drove off half an hour ago”, someone told her.

“You need to find Tom”, Samantha gave orders to Dexter. He went off with some soldiers to find him.