While Scott's at university, Liam's in charge of the pack at Beacon Hills, and he's keen to impress his alpha. However, things take a turn for the worse when his friends doubt his leadership. Meanwhile, Nolan tries his best to learn control but it proves to be a bigger struggle than he thought. Will he succeed or will it prove to be a step too far? How will Liam cope with reuniting the pack, particularly with Theo back on the scene?

Teen Wolf: Beta follows the previous stories Sabotage and Hideaway.
Episode Name
Struggling to split his time between all of his friends, Liam finds himself in a sticky situation as Theo unexpectedly reaches out. Nolan meets a new werehyena at school, while Corey and Hayden begin to feel under the weather during a biology test...
Liam's emotions run crazy when he starts to accept that he and Hayden may not be compatible after all. Hayden meanwhile enlists Corey to discover why their moods are so erratic, while Theo and Nolan bargain with Stilinski for a chance to interview a runaway supernatural first...
While Hayden and Corey speak to Deaton about the Nemeton, Stilinski makes a deal with Angela. Nolan reflects on the previous night, but his plans are interrupted as Krishna delves into his personal files...
As the school is taken hostage by Angela, it comes down to the pack to save everyone else, while Liam, Nolan and Theo escape to the Nemeton. Will they restore the power balance?

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