After a mysterious werewolf turns up on Scott's doorstep, he makes it his mission to find out exactly who he is and why he's on the run. Meanwhile, Liam makes new friends in the shape of some outsiders, but is there more than meets the eye?

Teen Wolf: Hideaway is set instead of season 6B of the main show.

Episode Name
Two and a half months after his arrival, Scott is concerned that Thomas is still yet to explain who he's hiding from, and considers taking matters into his own hands. Liam befriends the outsiders of his year group, but are Mason and Corey right to disapprove?
Liam decides to hang out with Nolan, but is all what it seems after the events of the lacrosse match? Meanwhile, Casey urges Thomas to talk, but does he shed any light on why he's on the run?
Scared by Nolan's revelation, Liam tries to find his way back to Scott. Thomas reveals all about his past and why he's so scared of a stranger in Eichen House...
With attention split between Thomas and Nolan, the pack see find themselves facing harsh realities and tough decisions. Scott struggles to decide what's right for him and his pack while Liam turns to an unexpected ally for help.
The hospital is under attack as lies begin to unfold, leaving Isaac and Malia in a deadly situation. Will the pack save them in time? Will Nolan cope with the drastic changes in his life?
Events converge at the animal clinic, as wolfsbane-tinged bullets leave the lives of two pack members in the balance. Who will pull through? Will Nolan finally learn control? 

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