After an article is published exposing supernatural presence in Beacon Hills, everyone is on red alert. College plans are disrupted for Scott and the pack as the residents of Beacon Hills arm themselves against the unknown. Alongside the danger posed by those around them, they have to keep an eye on each other as their closest allies may not be who they say they are...

Teen Wolf: Outcasts follows the previous stories SabotageHideaway, Beta and Time.
Episode Name
The impacts of Frankie's devastating article begin to be felt as Liam and Nolan face a tough day at school. Scott, Stiles and Lydia attempt to investigate, but are side-tracked as the events of Father Time still weigh heavily on Lydia's mind.
When Frankie turns up at a dead body, alarm bells ring for Scott who suspects he may not be as human as he thought. Elsewhere, Liam and Nolan investigate Jodie's house, with devastating consequences, and Lydia persuades Maddie to assist Scott.
The hospital comes under attack from Gerard as he attempts to take Scott and the pack out once and for all. Melissa struggles to heal Maddie, while Frankie gets to grips with his true identity. Theo faces his worst nightmare, relying on Liam to keep him from harming others.
With the residents of Beacon Hills closing in on the pack, the team find themselves cornered as Frankie faces a devastating attack at school. While Scott, Stiles and Lydia figure out exactly what Jodie is, the rest of the pack pool resources and build their numbers to succeed against Gerard.
The pack assemble to create their plan, but Stiles doubts Scott as he makes a deal with an unexpected ally. Meanwhile, Frankie realises Jodie's intentions and battles to escape her grip.
Events converge on Eichen House, as Scott puts his plan into action. However, important sacrifices must be made if the pack are to succeed.

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