Returning from college for Christmas, Scott and the pack find themselves under pressure instantly as an old man holding a fob watch begins to terrorise them. It's a race against time, but will the pack succeed? Meanwhile, as control continues to be an issue, the pack face new unexpected personal dilemmas.

Teen Wolf: Time follows on from the previous series Sabotage, Hideaway and Beta.

Episode Name
As Scott and the pack return from university for the Christmas break, Liam struggles to keep the recent events under wraps. Lydia and Isaac find themselves terrorised by a ghostly figure, but who is it and what could it mean?
The pack band together to save Isaac with the help of Bibles and mountain ash, but will their efforts be enough when they learn who they're fighting? Meanwhile, Nolan tracks down Krishna but not without his own struggle for control...
Struggling to cope with a drastic loss, the pack have to regroup and consider their options. Will Stiles and Argent find any important information to solve the problem? Meanwhile, Liam invites Nolan for dinner, but a lack of control could prove difficult in front of his mum...
Another pack member down, Scott frantically tries to piece everything together. Casey recounts the memory of how he became a werewolf to Archie, but will he be convinced?
To rescue her friends, Lydia realises she's the key the pack so desperately need. Liam faces his toughest hurdle to date when Joanna interrogates him, and Cody struggles as Frankie pursues a dangerous game.
Having found herself in a difficult position, Lydia has to get to grips with her powers to bring her back to Isaac. Events converge at the animal clinic, but who will escape unscathed and whose lives will be changed forever?

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