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Yasmin Forsyth
Played by: Emilija Baranac

Strong-willed and intelligent, Yasmin has been a loner for much of her school life. Her so-called “geekiness” distanced her from the popular kids. She never let it affect her though, preferring to bury her head in a book and focus on her grades. She befriended Dylan at the start of high school, taking him under her wing as two outsiders together. She used her kind-hearted nature to help Dylan accept himself as a werewolf, and even when he was out of control, she was there for him. Accidentally, when in wolf form, Dylan scratched Yasmin, and unusually he passed something onto her. Since then, her eyes have glowed a sea blue and she had heard voices in her mind. She enlisted Lily to help her figure out exactly what she is, but the not-knowing doesn’t stop her helping Dylan out when he needs it, often using her quick-thinking brain to come up with all their plans.

About the actor

Born on 4th August 1994 in Vancouver, Canada, Emilija Baranac made her acting debut on Supernatural in 2015. Since then, she has starred in guest roles in Netflix original series Beyond (as Jamie) and Riverdale (as Midge Klump), and has starred in all three movies in the To All the Boys trilogy.