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Dylan Drummond
Played by: Miles Wesley

Shy and retiring, Dylan Drummond only ever dreamed of a quiet life. School was the bane of his life, but he had all the time in the world for mum Caroline and best friend Yasmin. However, when he was bitten by the alpha werewolf, Dylan’s life changes forever and he is forced to adapt to less-than-ideal circumstances. It doubles up with his own insecurities, as Dylan begins a relationship with Jono, his top crush. Not only is he in unchartered territory with his first love, but he has to accept his own sexuality and begin to face the idea of telling his mum. Despite his worries, his relationship brings new opportunities for Dylan. He dreams of becoming a journalist and is thrilled when Jono asks him to assist in running the school paper. With his kind, determined nature, Dylan remains optimistic and knows he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to when he’s in control of his inner wolf.

About the actor

Miles Wesley was born on 17th April 1997 in Marble Falls, Texas. He is best known as a singer, auditioning for ABC's talent show Boy Band. While he was unsuccessful in making the final band, he later released debut project Here Goes Nothing Demos! in 2021.